Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 62

Night Mode

Chapter 62: Big Circle Lake Murder

The night on the lakeside was extremely cold. There were trees blocking the cold wind in the forest, but in this open Big Circle Lake, nothing here could block the freezing wind.

Duwei felt quite cold. The freezing wind, and the cold ground, didn’t help Duwei in the least.

But Bein had helped Duwei in these days. When Duwei knew his friend was in trouble, he was willing to stay and help; even when it was freezing, he still stayed with them,

“Actually, you can stay inside the tent.” Bein whispered with gratitude. Everybody knew that magicians were normally weak, and Duwei was such a weak and thin teenager, who still insisted to stay with this strong warrior overnight.

Although Bein was very mad that he lost eleven of his bro, he didn’t lose his mind. The experienced mander understood that the enemy was not easy to handle with as it could make 11 experienced warriors disappear silently.

So, he picked the strongest people as vigils.

The hypothesis of Hein was very reasonable. If that was done by a magic monster, then it should be very strong and powerful! Since it dared to attack a campsite with a hundred people at midnight and killed 11 people, that meant it was not a coward and it probably would attack again!

“Because, in this freezing winter, magic monsters also need food.”

When Bein said that, his eyes were cruel. He knew that why he stayed here was not because he wanted to find the missing eleven people! Under this critical place, these eleven living people had already been missing for a day and a night; they probably died already.

Bein insisted to stay solely because he felt shameful! If after losing the eleven people, he still didn’t know who attacked them and brought all the people away…it would be a great discouragement for the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group! They might have this fear for their entire lives!

As the mander of the group, he could not let this happen. Even if it was very dangerous, he still needed to try and do something.

Duwei didn’t say anything, he was probably the only one who understood the mind of Bein. He just moved his frozen legs a bit, then laughed, “We are friends. Commander Bein. It’s not a big deal to get cold because of friends.”

The campsite of the mercenary group was in silence. Most of the people were holding their weapons tightly. No one was hiding inside their tent. They fully utilized their skills. They dug some holes in the ground for an ambush. Some of them even wore thick coats and hid themselves under the snow.

Chester brought some archers and hid under the big trees nearby.

The Old Cyclops voluntarily acted as the Bait.

The old guy set the fire and sat next to it. He was drinking alcohol, and cooking a large pot of meat on the fire.

Although the smell of alcohol and meat was very nice, no one felt jealous of Old Cyclops as everybody knew that, he was using his life as bait.

This night went on and on as everybody was looking forward to finding something.

The night was too short, as after time passed, they got nothing and they hadn’t notice that the sun had started to shine.

“Obviously, our opponent is smarter than us.” Duwei shook his head, “It didn’t e. Perhaps, it knows that we have prepared…perhaps, it got enough harvest and doesn’t need to attack us anymore.”

Bein grabbed some snow and cleaned the face. He rubbed his face till it was red, the warmness melting the snow. The water was dripping from his beard. But Bein didn’t care about that. He looked serious, “Perhaps you are right, but it’s just perhaps. But we cannot leave like this. Otherwise, our guys will feel defeated with this setback…we aren’t scared of death. As long as we all dare to have this life, no one in the group is scared of death. But we cannot lose our courage, this is the key.”

In the daytime, mercenaries were shifting for having rest inside the tent, and Bein Henrich decided to stay here.

Tonight, there was no harvest too. The well-prepared ambush didn’t have any guests.

Three days passed.

Even the determined mander’s determination was shaken.

He was tired. He hadn’t slept for 3 nights and only depended on the rest from the daytime shifting. Also, since they had been adventuring in this forest for many days, they were all tired.

Even though he was not reconciled to, he understood that if they kept on spending the day there, their hope would be replaced by uncertainties.

“This is the last day. If we cannot find anything tonight, we will leave this place tomorrow.”

Bein didn’t have the choice.

But the last night, it was finally not in vain!

The mercenaries were so tired after working days and nights in these days. Tonight, although most of the people had tried their best to insist, at the late hour of midnight, they obviously were weary.

Bein’s eyes were very red…in these three days, other mercenaries could rest in daytime, but this mander could not. In these three days, he only slept for an hour in the midday.

In the late hours of midnight, some mercenaries could not help to have a small nap, even the old Cyclops also closed his eyes.

Duwei, as a magician, had much stronger spiritual power pared to normal people. Lack of sleep could only affect his physical strength, but not make him feel tired.

He was the most awake one among the hundred people.

He took a deep breath. He felt hurt by inhaling the cold air, but this could awaken him! He looked at Bein next to him, and he felt that the spiritual power of the mander had reached the maximum limit. His eyes although red, were not dispirited. Dardanelle next to him could not help to close his eyes, his chin was also little bit…

Duwei was going to talk to Commander quietly. Suddenly…there was something in his mind.

A special feeling! Just like he felt something!

This feeling was very amazing! Duwei with the strong sensitivity power felt that there was a breeze behind him!

He immediately noticed that there was something ing!!

He immediately opened his eyes and looked around!

At night, the snow on the ground was still relecting the light. On the lake surface far away, the ice sometimes cracked and made some sound, also the windy sound…

At that time, Duwei suddenly felt scared!

He saw it!

Far away, just on the surface of the Big Circle lake. There was a sound of ice cracking! Then, in the dark far away, Duwei saw a blurred shadow ing up from the lake!

The acute sensitivity power made it so that Duwei could hear the friction of it…even the cracking ice with the water dropping sound…

“What…is that…” Duwei couldn’t stop to murmur, he was going to remind Bein Heinrich and Dardanelle. But at that moment, there was a weird sound!

A moan, which also seemed like a sigh.

Right. The sound was like someone was moaning…It sounded sad, but abnormally soft and nice. Duwei suddenly felt the sound was alive, entering his ears and invading his mind!

The sound was long and relaxing with an unexplainable mystery! After the sound invaded the mind, the body and the mind started to relax out of control…

The body became softer and softer, the mind was getting blurrier…

That sound kept on and on, just like a nice music. It was like the soft and cool moonlight; it was like the breeze at night. It was irresistible; it was like a dancing lady, it was so attractive…

Then, the sound changed to be mellowed, it’s like a invisible hand hooking someone and people couldn’t help turning their heads…It was like their ears were going to follow the sound…then the mind…then the body!

Since Duwei was a magician and his spiritual power was the strongest, after a short losing moment, he immediately woke up by instinct!

Then he surprisingly found that his body had stepped away a bit uncontrollably and he really forgot when it was that it happened!

It also shocked him! It was just a few second ago, that he was still sitting there!

Then, he looked around. There was something creepy happening!

The mercenaries inside the tent, the mercenaries hiding inside the forest, the mercenaries hiding under the snow…these people were walking out one by one, then wandering on the snow, like they were having sleepwalk. Everybody’s eyes were very large but blank. They only had a dull expression on their face with blankly eyes, wandering towards the lake…one step, two steps…they walked towards the lake slowly!

No exception!

Even Bein Heinrich and Dardanelle were the same!

The calm mander with non-focus eyes, his weapon on hand had been left on the snow. He was a little bit clumsy and loose. He was moving further…Dardanelle seemed like he was drunk. His hands were like grabbing something at the front with a dull-witted appearance. Half of his eyes were halfly opened…

Duwei was trying to stop Dardanelle, but he was pushed by him!

He was looking at the mercenaries at the front arriving to the lakeside, and one step was already on the ice layer of the lake. Duwei shouted loudly!

He tried his best to shout, but didn’t get any response from them!

Duwei ran towards there and tried to pull one mercenary. Duwei even kicked him on the floor. But that man was trying to climb up, and seemed like a zombie, which Duwei saw in a the movie from his previous life. Their steps were steady and walking towards to the lake!

“Shit! Oh my god! What’s going on! Wake up! Wake up!” Duwei was yelling and jumping, but they seemed deaf and everybody seemed like they were crazy!

Duwei could not wake them up, so he immediately ran towards the lake and cast a spell. Then a fireball was thrown toward the shadow on the lake!


The fireball passes through the darkness and lighted up the scenery! With the fire light, Duwei could see how that thing on the lake looked like…Although it was blur, Duwei was sure that it was a human!

Right! It looked like a human!

Also…that appearance of that human: It was wearing a wet mercenary coat with wet hair sticking on the forehead…its forehead was with a hole! He smiled miserably and mysteriously…

Half of his body was under the ice, and half was above the ice…Duwei was frightened. The look of that man was the mercenary that had died on the first day of their arrival!!

Duwei saw his corpse thrown into the lake by others in person!

……Was it a ghost?

Duwei also thought that his thought was too ridiculous.

But, what he saw really frightened him!

The tragic death of that mercenary with a miserable face, his face was swelling from soaking in the water. The terrible green colour with a sad grin, was staring at Duwei!

The weird, nice and erotic sounds were ing from him! All the mercenaries under this sound lost their minds and became puppets walking towards the lake!

The fireball shot by Duwei could not reach the target. After falling on the ice, the fireball scattered. The ghost on the ice…just calling him that, was staring at Duwei with his vicious eyes!

Duwei saw that the eyes of that guy were brimming with a vicious teasing, teasing Duwei ‘s overconfidence!

No matter how much Duwei tried, he still could not stopped the mercenaries from walking onto the ice layer of the lake. Then, a big hole appeared on the lake! The mercenaries at the front fell into the lake and sank into the lake!


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