Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: The Richest Widow in the Empire

Duwei thought for a while.

Duwei had heard of The Marquise Lister before. Her title was not hereditary, but life-long. Such a title was only valid when the person was alive, and their descendants could not inherit it.

The Marquise Lister was a widow originally. Her husband was the uncle of the current King of the Empire Austin VI, who was a Duke. But, amazingly, this Duke was much younger than the King Majesty…This was not surprising in such a huge royal family.

Mrs Lister was born in a famous Sea merchant family in the Empire. She was very beautiful. When she was 15, she married the uncle of the King, who was forty something years old. But, when she was 22, she became a widow.

The Duke was very weak, and died when he was fifty. After the Duke died, the king entitled this poor widow a royal title…’Marquise’. According to the Empire Order, this life-long title was not hereditary.

Later, there was a rumour that the King of the Empire Austin VI loved this beautiful Marquise. A few years ago, this rumour was spreading over the world.

Finally, the Marquise had to move out of the Empire City when she was 30. She moved to the ancestral house in the Northern land alone in order to get rid of the rumour.

The Marquise after being a widow, used her previous last name, Lister. The Marquise Lister was very rich and famous among the Noble Circle in the Empire!

Although she could not inherit the title of the Duke, since the Duke didn’t have any child, all the possessions was left to this young wife. The father of Ms. Lister, the Sea merchant, also left an incredible amount of wealth to his daughter!

Even in the Noble Circle, there was an indecent nickname about this woman, called the Richest widow in the Empire.

This was all the information of Marquise Lister Duwei had heard before.

“Oh, Marquise Lister. I heard of her name before.” Duwei tried to act casually, and asked, “May I ask, which disease the dear Marquise has?”

From this question, Dardanelle and the other people were angry, but Dardanelle still talked about that, “Sigh, this was the most shameful thing of the Lister Family!”

But, he still told the truth.

The Marquise was now 33. Seems like the God of time* loved this woman a lot and offered her incredible beauty. Although Duwei hadn’t meet her before, he heard that she was very beautiful before.

TL Note C In the raws, it was actually referred as the Time/Light Lady which can be termed as the God of time/light.

People said the Marquise had skin soft as a baby, as smooth as milk. Her eyes were as pretty as gems. Her hair was as shiny as the sunlight reflected by the river…you could not find any mark to show her actual age!

This woman had captured the hearts of many nobles, even the King.

To get rid of the rumour, Marquise moved to her hometown, but she still could not get rid of the trouble because of her beauty. Just two months ago, Marquise was hiking with her retainers when she met a lecher.

To be more accurate…This lecher was an asshole!

According to the description from Dardanelle, that old man was wearing a green gown, with a green flute. When he saw the Marquise, his eyes were blinking and immediately approached her. He not only praised the beauty of Marquise with some frivolous words, he even requested to play music for the Marquise.

This behavior made the retainers of Marquise angry. In the hearts of the retainers, the beautiful Marquise was like a goddess to them…

“Shall we check the style of the gown of that old man, and if he looks like the magician…we will throw this old bastard into the river!”Dardanelle said.

“Magician?”Duwei frowned.

“No, I don’t think he was a Magician.” Dardanelle shake his head, “That gown was similar. But I have never meet a magician with a green gown. Mr. Potter, you are a magician…May I ask, in the Magician level in the Magic Union, what level of magician wears a green gown? Seemed like none!”

After a while, Dardanelle explained, “We didn’t punish him because he was a magician, it’s because the Marquise was too kind. You should know that on that day, there was a Holy Knight from the Bright Temple protecting Marquise, a real Holy Knight, whom was called Knight Geoffrey! Mr. Geoffrey was a great knight, whose martial art was very famous in the Empire. He came here for appreciating the great donation to Temple from the Mistress. With Mr. Goffey, not to mention the fake magician, even a strong magician, Mr. Goffey was still able to deal with.”

For this point, Duwei had nothing to say.

Great Knight was the top of the Knight unit. He was even the Holy Knight from the Temple of light! From Duwei’s knowledge, the Holy Knight from the Temple of light was much stronger than the normal knight. It was because the weapon of the Holy Knight was supported by the Light Magic, and had a special effect. The senior Holy Knight could even use some magic skills!

A Great Knight was also a Senior Holy Knight. He could defeat a normal magician.

“Marquise was kind, and didn’t put any difficulty on that guy, but if that guy continued to muddle…”

The result was so simple.

That Goffey was obviously an arrogant man. As a knight, when he saw his beautiful Marquise being harassed, he should express his Knight spirit well.

So, Mr. Knight “punished” that fake magician in green robe.

According to what Dardanelle described, seems the knight didn’t get any benefit as the fake magician escaped fast.

But, when the fake magician left, he dropped a word, “You won’t be good because you offended me. Just wait for my curse! You are beautiful, but I will freeze your beauty…just like a stone!”

Dardanelle felt sad, “Although that guy didn’t look like a magician, his curse was real!”

Three days later, Marquise got sick. Her skin was being stiff and petrified! It was just a small part at the beginning, but then it spread over the whole body,,,The Listers were afraid, we had found all the doctors, but they could not help. Finally, with the answer from a Magic Pharmacist, they found hope. It may be the Petrifaction Magic. It’s not a normal petrifaction, even the magicians could not help with that.

To lift this curse, unless it was lifted by the person who cursed, or…

“Or, go to the Frozen Forest and find a magic monster called Golden Eye Python, and get its eyeball, that can help.”Dardanelle looked decisive, “Marquise is the goddess of the Lister Family! Every honor knight working for Marquise is willing to die for Marquise! So, we came to this place.”

Duwei sighed, but he was not as calm as he looked like!

Curse? Was that the Curse?!

Seems Dardanelle really didn’t understand the magic well!

That guy in green gown might be a Magician! Also a very powerful magician!

Curse was the most difficult magic! Even some senior magicians could not learn this magic in their lives!

Duwei thought a bit and looked around, the old magician had gone already. But Duwei believed that if he tried to go home, he would probably be caught again.

It was because that old man said he would e back! So he could not escape…

“Ok.”Duwei sighed, “I am ready to look around in the Frozen Forest, and perhaps, I can go with you. Maybe I can help a bit.”

Although he said these, he thought, “This old man must be looking at me. As long as he is here, I won’t get hurt.”

The medicine Duwei gave Dardanelle was very effective. Under the effect of the Magic medicine, the wound on Dardanelle’s body had been cured. But, the granuloma was quite disgusting.

But the warrior was not as lucky as him, the toxic fluid of the zombie monster could only be removed by the Light Magic in the temple. So, after discussion, only Dardanelle and Duwei stayed in the forest and continued to find the golden eye python.

The other injured just went back.

Then Duwei did something strange on the people of the Lister Family. He got an empty bottle from the back, then went to the burnt dead body of the zombie monster and extracted some toxic fluid and put it into the bottle.

The toxic fluid had the effect of being rotten and erosive. Perhaps, it might help in the future.


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