Law of the Devil – Chapter 55

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Law of the Devil Chapter 55: Frozen Forest, The Monster World II

The sky was getting dark, and the sleigh was moving towards the Frozen forest slowly. In the boundary area of the forest, where trees were scattered, it was hard for the sleigh to go through the gaps in the trees.

Duwei was surprised that the magic the old magician had used on the malamutes was so amazing! He didn’t use the whip or slogan like other trainers. He normally just gave some simple orders such as telling them to run or to stop. But sometimes he just whistled or used a simple gesture! The malamutes seemed to understand the human language and the gestures, following every order from the old magician as if they did.

“You… can also use magic on the dogs like using magic on me?” Duwei curiously asked. In these past few days, Duwei liked to ask questions even though he could not get any answers from the old magician for most of them. He knew that as long as he didn’t try to escape, and didn’t make this old man angry, he’d be fine.

“What do you think?” The Magician replied teasingly, “These dogs are more obedient than you!”

The sleigh started decreasing in speed; as the forest in front became narrower, it was harder for the sleigh to move further.

The magician stopped the sleigh and kicked Duwei gently, “Get off the sleigh, kid, don’t just stay here without moving. Has no one ever taught you before that in freezing snow, if you don’t keep moving, you will be more likely to die because of the cold?”

After Duwei had stood up, the old magician looked around and said, “Tonight, we’ll stay here.”

“Stay here?” Duwei couldn’t help but mutter, “You…it’s better to stay in the town, but you insist on living in this forest…I was thinking you planned to travel through the night without stopping! If you don’t have any plan, why didn’t we just stay in the town?”

“Because I like it, does that satisfy your curiosity?” The old magician laughed and answered. He looked at Duwei with kindness, “Now, there is a tent in the baggage under your butt, and if you still won’t stand up, I can guarantee your face will hurt again.”
A painful face…this old man wanted to order him to slap himself again! Duwei couldn’t stop muttering. Although, Duwei was very smart, while facing this old man…this old man was much stronger than him… thousands of times over… so he didn’t have any alternatives.

Duwei was pissed off, so he stood up slowly and opened the baggage, then started barring the tent.

Duwei was very used to barring the tent these days.

The old magician this time didn’t just stop and look at Duwei, he also got busy.

Duwei secretly glanced at the old magician to see what he was doing. The old man brought out a little bottle from his gown, then spread out some green powder evenly.

He spread the powder around and formed a big circle; the tent, the sleigh and both of them were in this circle.

Duwei didn’t know what this powder was, but after it was spread on the floor, the snow immediately melted, and there was some greenish light released from the darkness…like some sort of ghostly fire.

Then Duwei noticed that those Malamutes were scared of the unnatural powder! The calm malamutes became scared. Their bodies hunched, and they kept shaking. They were also making some creepy sounds.

The magician pleted this and felt satisfied. He looked at the green circle, then went to fort the dogs. He just used his thick palm to pet the malamutes, then whispered happily, “It’s fine…don’t worry….”

The dogs then lied down again.

After the tent was done, Duwei went to him and asked, “What is it?”

“Something to avoid trouble.” The Old Magician took the bottle back. He just had a thin gown, so Duwei really didn’t know how he could carry so many bottles. When he just wanted to use one, immediately he could get it out .

The old magician laughed, “Kid, this is the Frozen Forest! There aren’t only plenty of trees, but also numerous Magic Beasts! Most of them you haven’t heard of or seen before. Especially during the night, the magic Beasts love to attack those whose don’t have any defense, and are asleep. There are many adventures who bee the dinner for Magic Beasts, when they are sleeping…then bee feces the next day.”

“But you are such a great magician, are you really scared of those magic Beasts?” Duwei teased.

“I am not scared.” The magician shook his head, “But just the two of us are like two meat bags being thrown to a group of flies! Do you understand? This will definitely attract many things out there, but those things aren’t a big deal. But if more and more ‘flies’ e, it will bee a great disaster. And, as I said…before we arrive at our destination, I cannot use much of my magic power. So, light the fire when we are ready to sleep…but remember before you sleep to do the exercise which I taught you before. Otherwise, you will bee a popsicle by midnight, and I won’t be able to take care of you.”

Duwei was speechless…he didn’t want him to be a robot that was controlled by others, so he just did it himself.

Although this kind of stretch was painful, Duwei knew that it was good for him, therefore he had to plete the whole set of exercises, even if it felt painful.

The old magician looked at Duwei, who was doing the exercises, and once he was satisfied, he brought out a scroll and gently opened it.

This was the wind magic scroll that the old magician had used to form the boundary; suddenly he pointed at the tent, “Okay, now it’s time to sleep.”

“ I still want to ask…what is the green powder?”

“Are you curious? I worry that if you know this, you won’t fall asleep.” The old magician maliciously smiled.

“…Please tell me.” Duwei said, “I am very curious, if you don’t tell me, I can’t fall asleep.”

“Ok! That is…the poop of a dragon.” The old magician shrugged his shoulders, “You don’t mind sleeping around the poop?”

Duwei, “…”

Dragon’s poop?

That explained it…Most of the animals relied on smell and taste of feces and piss to determine the others’ boundaries. Dragons, undoubtedly were the strongest creatures in nature.

By spreading the dragon poop here, other Beasts would think that there was a dragon!

Which magic Beast dared to cause trouble for a dragon?

Although this method was good…Duwei shook his head. Luckily, the poop was not smelly.

In the middle of the night, Duwei woke up because of the cold.

Inside the tent, the old magician had his eyes closed, slept gently, and breathed evenly. There was a crystal ball hanging inside the tent. The old magician was kind enough that he used the Fire Magic Scroll and turned this crystal ball into a heater, so it was getting warmer inside the tent.

But in the middle of the night, the heat of the crystal ball had been used up, and Duwei was freezing and got out of the tent to exercise once again.

After pleting the whole set of the exercises, he felt warm again, and sighed,

“If you would have met me earlier and did this exercise twice every year, you would have been stronger.” In the tent, the old man suddenly said while his eyes remained shut.

Duwei was not surprised…this old man could seem fast asleep, but could still hear all the things around him! For this point, Duwei had confirmed a few days ago when he tried to escape.

“Never thought that…The family of Proud Knights, the next generation of the Roland family, could have such a weak kid.” Old Magician finished his words and then continued sleeping.
Duwei sighed, he was standing in the snow and looking at the sky…

The moon was in the sky, the moonlight shined on the forest and on the snow; it was actually quite pretty.

In the forest, it seemed there were something howling further away, didn’t know which kind of magic Beast was howling. But those Malamutes were sleeping well. Duwei tiptoed to the side.

In the midnight, he wanted to pee, so he found a big trunk inside the circle of the dragon poop, dressed off his trousers and pee, and shuddered fiercely.

People said that if heading further to the north, the weather would be even colder, and it was dangerous to even pee! Under such cold weather conditions, no one dared to pee in the outside, as their little penis would be frozen!

Duwei sighed and looked back to the tent…When would this end?

This old man kidnapped Duwei and then didn’t answer anything, Duwei had lots of questions already. He didn’t even know where he was going to.

Revenge for his apprentice? To be honest, Duwei treated Vivian very good except cheating her for some magic tools. When they suffered on the isolated island, he took care of that little lady.

Even he wanted to get back on this old magician. Duwei had suffered lots in the journey, thus the old man should feel much better.

So, did he want to blackmail the Roland Family by kidnapping Duwei?

Duwei laughed…This old man should have a very great background, and even though the Roland Family was powerful, he might not care, so what else did he want?

So….was it because of the prisoner Chris? But this old man should know more than Duwei! It was meaningless to kidnap him.

Duwei kept thinking for a while, but still didn’t get any idea, then as he was ready to go back to sleep…

Suddenly, in the dark forest, there was a sound that shocked him!


Duwei shook! His spiritual power was very good now, and he was very sensitive to the surrounding! He stayed at the barracks near the castle for many days, and from that sound…that was the sound of archery!

Then, there were some people screaming far away!

Among the screams, there was something howling, then more people screamed…

The location should be on the Northeast side. Duwei saw that there was a red light flashing in the darkness! It was just like something was on fire!

Then, there was a roaring sound, followed by the sound of people running…the sound seemed very desperate, like they were escaping…

Duwei frowned, then crouched down and listened…

1…2…3…Seems there were five to six people, they were breathing shortly, and running in panic. They were approaching Duwei now!

Among the howling…seems like there were some animals howling, then there were people screaming again, seems the animal had caught a person…

The stepping sound was less than before, one more person should’ve been killed…

After just a few seconds, the stepping sound was nearby. Duwei saw there were four people running out from the forest, they were dressed in leather coats, with a corset and a knife…but the knife was cut in half!

The last one was the poorest one. Half of his body was in red, and Duwei couldn’t figure out if that was his blood or the others. He was carrying a bow, running and screaming, “Faster! Faster! It’s nearby! It’s close! It killed the leader! Run!!!!!”

The man at the front had already run through some trees, and when he looked at Duwei he yelled, “Someone’s here!”

Duwei still didn’t respond, while the four Malamutes had already woke up and started barking at those people…


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