Law of the Devil – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Being Sturdy

Most of the soldiers immediately supported this suggestion!

Being a soldier, there was no fun in the barrack. Sometimes, they might go to the bar and drink some beer nearby, or go to find a prostitute.

As a soldier, there was one more thing that was popular among them, and that was Gambling!

The football game suggested by Duwei had already gained their pleasure…and now, this interesting game could link up with gambling!

Many officers seemed illuminated! And most of the people who had lost in the first round, became happier too!

This Master Duwei…..was f**king interesting! He knew how soldier’s thought too f**king well!

Under the cheers of everybody, Knight Robert, who originally planned to stop this idea, hesitated for a while. Then he looked at Duwei and sighed. Finally, he didn’t speak a word.

Actually, it wasn’t a big deal…and now that they were in the recovery period, it was normal that the soldiers gambled. They usually didn’t care.

Duwei had lots of ideas about gambling!

Only winning and losing? That was too childish!

Duwei immediately explained his ideas…

Simple winning and losing?! After modifications, how many score the winning team would get, with how many score the losing team would lose were at stake! Even guessing who would get the goal! How many goals! When!

They could even bet if anyone would be sent off…there were various options…

The soldiers and officers were confused about these plicated number games. After the explanation by Duwei, they all thought that they had a chance to win money and felt interested. So, they immediately went back and got their money.

Duwei was extremely happy about that.

He studied mathematics in his previous life, and probably no one in this world would understand this number game. In this world, probably no one could understand the Arithmetic, not even the scholars.

But Duwei, by using the calculations and equations, with the imposition of some bet limits, listed out the rates…no matter who won or lost at the end…

Duwei, as a banker, would win the most!

By the way, the salary of the private troops of the Roland’s Family was really high! Most of the soldiers got a few golden coins as extra money, and those officers were even richer. They could easily get three to five golden coins out of their pocket.

The most important was that Duwei had the right timing! After the Spring Drill, the troops just received their salaries!

Most of the soldiers didn’t understand the betting, they just bet according to their favorites. For example, the one who they were closer, or the one they disliked…

The second round ended in the afternoon.

The busiest should be at the registry officer in the barracks, they calculated the betting and the rewards quickly.

After Duwei knew the result, he was so happy.

Most of the soldiers lost money in the ten matches in the second round, only some lucky one won a bit. Finally, 600 gold coins in total were in Duwei’s pocket!

Those rich officers lost the most in betting.

Duwei was very satisfied with the result!

Oh, one thing had to be mentioned, in the last match, both sides were almost tied and this was out of Duwei’s expectation…Even Duwei did some predictions, though it wasn’t exactly accurate. If the result of that match were different from the expectations of Duwei, then Duwei would’ve earned less.

Luckily, before the match ended, someone saved Duwei!

Duwei expected the winning team would get a Kick Request, but a knight ran forward and kicked a curve ball! Directly into the goal!

After the petition, Duwei met that hero in person…he saved the pocket of Duwei!

This hero was under Robert’s Knight Troop. He was a handsome blonde man with great body shape. He was energetic.

“May I ask what your name is?” Duwei asked.

“Your Majesty, my name is David…David Beckham!” This little man was a little bit shy and nervous.

Duwei was shocked and said, “…..%#…$#….”

After earning a huge load of gold coins, the petition on that day ended. After the second round, there were ten teams left. There was a huge roar for the remaining ten teams from the audience. All the football players were very tired, but were still very energetic and looked proud of themselves. If the sky were not almost dark, they would’ve liked to continue.

Next, since there were ten teams left…how would the ing petitions continue?

If the elimination systems continued…ten teams…after the third round, there would be five teams left. But five was an odd number! The game couldn’t continue. There would be one team without any opponent!

Duwei had his plan already. He showed his crafty smile.

“I have an idea! If the elimination system isn’t applicable…then use the league system!”

League system?

Duwei explained the league system quickly. That meant every team had to pete with the remaining teams! If the team won, then the team would get 3 points. If tied, then the team would get 1 point. If lost, the team wouldn’t get any score!

After all the petitions finish, the team that got the highest score would be the winner.

Duwei’s scheme was despicable…

The more matches there were, the more the gambling he could offer!

“Let me say it again…you are really vile.” At night, at the rooftop of the third floor, Saimel looked at Duwei and felt bewildered, “How could you think of this idea?”

PR/N: “Let me say it again…you really are an asshole and should die right now…so how do we keep doing this? *Evil face*

Duwei said, “Hm…I can’t tell.”

“Don’t think that I cannot figure out.” Saimel stared at Duwei, “I have calculated the Betting market you made many times! I found that no matter how, you, as a banker, always win the bet…How could you calculate that? These plicated betting markets, a banker, rules. All of these are your idea?”

Duwei didn’t answer and he closed his eyes and started meditating…

Of course, to some extent, he didn’t want to see the secret part of Saimel…Why did this lady likes to sit on the fence so much?

Although her legs were very pretty…

At that night, Duwei still couldn’t feel the “Energy of the Stars”.

But after the meditation, with the spell that Saimel taught him, Duwei felt that his spiritual power did improve!

If it went on, even if he could not learn the Star Magic, he could greatly increase his Spiritual Power.

Duwei could clearly feel the refining of his spiritual power…the word “refine” is hard to be described. But the details were clear…

For example, the vision, the sound, the smell and so on. During the meditation, Duwei could hear the wind. Under the refined spiritual power, Duwei not only could hear the wind, he could determine the virtue of the wind! He could feel even the strength of the wind!

These feelings were really detailed, the spiritual power could capture the details clearly…this feeling was very fortable.

On the third day, the First Session of the football League of the Roland Family began.

Duwei knew that this was not a long term ine source, and he also knew that the betting of these thousand soldiers could not be too high. Since the soldiers were not rich and the salaries were limited. It was too despicable if he kept on winning their money.

So, Duwei thought that if he want to earn big money…the only way was to extend the scope!

After negotiating with the officers in the barrack, they got the agreement.

That day, Mard was ordered to go to the towns nearby and publicize the posters.

In a little town, Duwei used the status of the Roland Family to borrow the square in the town for a day.

Afterwards, Mard brought two troops and came to the city today…they performed football tricks to grab the attention of the people.

The three-day football match Competition had successfully caught the interest the people in this town.

Then, under the authorization of Duwei, Mard brought the people before the match and started the betting!

“I am the inventor of football in this world..also the organizer of the first gambling group.” Duwei evaluated himself.

Despicable or noble, he didn’t care. After seven or eight days, Duwei had already earned more than ten thousand gold coins!

In this town, there were lots of monopolies. The rich merchants also thought that this gambling way was very interesting. These people bet for more than hundred gold coins usually!

The news brought by Mard made Duwei unspeakable.

First, there was someone intimidating.

This sport spread out quickly, and there were some people starting to play this game, there were even casinos trying to form their own teams and attract more customers.

Second…which made Duwei more disappointed…there were someone trying to control the result of the petition! Someone tried to bribe the soldiers! Some casino even operated an outside bet.

Who dared to pete with Duwei?

The money from Duwei could not be stolen by others!

This was the only ine source for Duwei. He didn’t aim at promoting the Gambling industry. He also didn’t want the Gambling to be strengthened in the territory of the Roland Family.

So, Duwei came up a solution quickly!

After two days, there was a notice in the town:

Exclusive Operating Right!

Within the Roland Family’s Territory! No one was allowed to operate in the gambling activities related to football! The right of operation could only belong to Duwei, who was the inventor of this game!

If there was anyone operating in this kind of action without permission, he/she would be fined by the executive and tax department strictly!

This order was issued by the executive officers nearby!

Was the exclusive right patible with the Imperial Law?

What a Joke!

This was the Roland Family’s territory! All the officers got paid by the Roland Family! If the little master of the Roland Family requested, no one would say no.

So, Duwei became the monopoly of this game!

With plenty of money, Duwei was more generous. He first gave out three thousand gold coins to the one thousand soldiers in the barrack at one time.

This was treated as the pensation for winning their money before, and the reward for the physical consumption involved in playing football.

He won cheers from the soldiers in the barrack! Although the football game was very fun, this game cost them too much. Which led to some dispute among the soldiers.

Now, with the shiny gold coins…all the soldiers were satisfied. Most of the soldiers got back the money they lost before.

Duwei kept the remaining coins as cash flow, and placed in the magic laboratory..

What was Solskjaer researching for?

He had two tasks now. Firstly, he had to refine a certain amount of “Fire Element” everyday, that’s the Sulphur Duwei mentioned.

Secondly, he was now researching a new method to strengthen his magic power.

Before, Solskjaer could make some magic element and use those elements for practicing low level magic. Since the sensitivity was limited, he could not use the advanced magic. Now, he had an idea…

This idea…If this idea could succeed, even if he was to go bankrupt, Duwei still thought that this was worth it!


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