Law of the Devil – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 C The Unusual Saimel

Duwei did have his suspicions, he had imagined something was sealed in this oil painting.

Saimel used magic to leave behind an “illusion” to explain that this was the magical creature left by Saimel.

Perhaps, it was a ghost? A monster? Even the speaking skeleton left by Saimel, all of those had not shocked Duwei.

But this was unforeseen!

The thing that came out from the oil painting, was Saimel herself!

Looking at this lady with silver hair and her red gown, Duwei took a deep breath and murmured, “Never expected… Never expected…”

“What did you never expect?” Saimel asked. Her voice sounded just like the voice in the magic illusion, very soft and gentle, mature and husky.

“I never expected you to seal yourself in the painting.” Duwei forced a smile. He had already experienced many amazing things. He recovered quickly from this little shock. He looked at this lady and asked, “How should I call you? Great Star Reader Saimel? Or… My great great grandmother?


Saimel laughed. When she smiled, her eyes were curved like the crescent moon.

“None of them.” This lady with silver hair looked at Duwei. She spoke to Duwei politely, “I am not Saimel, I am a… Clone.”

Duwei was confused.

“Saimel left the guidance to me… I am the magic creature that inherited part of her knowledge… to be exact, I am a spiritual creature, I don’t have a body. I mean physically… I am a shadow only, an illusion.” She looked at Duwei and smiled, she then held out her hand towards Duwei slowly and touched his face.

Soon, her small hand ‘went through’ Duwei’s head.

“Look, my body is immaterial but with a solid form… I was cloned with part of the memory of Saimel. My appearance…” She blinked a bit and said, “ I choose this. My memory is the memory of Saimel, the memory of lady Saimel was the only one I have seen… To a certain extent, I was part of Saimel. So, I finally chose my shape and decided to meet in the appearance of Saimel.“ Up till now, this ‘Saimel’ looked at Duwei and whispered, “My… Master.”

God was witnessing that when this creature was saying ‘Master’, its eyes were flashing with a cunning light.

Duwei immediately sensed that this creature was not so simple… It didn’t seem inclined to pletely obey!

Not the real Saimel…

Duwei relaxed a bit. He had faced so many things already.

If there was one more resurrected granny, it would be troublesome.

“Can you change into another appearance?” Duwei sighed, “Your current look gives me disfort… And if others saw how you look.”

“No worry, I was released by your spell. That means only you and I have a spiritual connection… No one else can see me.” She laughed.

“So, what should I call you? You must have a name, right?”

“Saimel.” She thought for a while, “I like this name, call me Saimel.”

Duwei felt helpless… Still, my great great grandmother.

“Can you teach me Star Magic?” Duwei frowned.

This Saimel should have been sealed for a very long period of time, now, she was curious about everything.

She was sitting on Duwei’s desk and her white legs were showing in Duwei’s eyes, swinging and swinging. My god, didn’t she know that her gown was not long enough?

If she kept on swinging her legs like that, she would be exposed.

It should be a happy thing… If it was a beautiful lady standing in front of you.

But if she looked like your great great grandmother… To say the least, it was rather distressing…It’s strange!

Though Joanna looked alike too, she was a different person. This made Duwei feel only a bit unfortable.

But this Saimel, she not only looked alike, her memory was cloned from the real Saimel!

“OK, e!” Duwei went to the corner of the study room, threw a blanket from the couch, “Wear this.”

Duwei originally planned to oversleep in the study room, and the servant had prepared this blanket.

Saimel was slightly shaking. The blanket did not cover her, but went through her, and she maliciously laughed,” Oh, boy, why are you so red? Am I not pretty?”

“No, I just feel a little awkward…”Duwei said, “You are pretty, but I can’t stop thinking that you are my great great grandmother.”

“Hahahaha…” Saimel laughed loudly, then squeezing her eyes, “It’s funny!”

Duwei started to have a headache.

Saimel was not a tool without thought, she was almost a live person, the real Saimel with a part of her original memory… But having being sealed for almost two hundred years, she was bored for such a long period of time!

This magic creature, perhaps when she was cloned, her personality was blank, but… After two hundred years, undoubtedly, her personality had been ‘filled in’ by something.

“Did you know? My cute, handsome little master.” Saimel jumped from the desk, but her body flew towards Duwei like a ghost, her eyes smiling, “I have been living in the study room for almost two hundred years! I have seen many things in this room!”

Duwei was curious and ask, “What are they?”

The ancient ancestors of the Roland Family had made important decisions here! As well as many major decisions related to the prosperity of the family in this room.

Of course… The secret of the family!

But… Duwei was disappointed.

This Saimel, she was not speaking of any secret or major event of the family…



Right, some idle gossiping!

For example… Someone was having sex with a servant in this room. One Patriarch was writing a love letter to his lover… Even Duwei’s grandfather, the father of the Earl, who was a strict and stubborn man. He had brought two noble girls to this room and had sex after a ball in the castle…

“These… Are all I have seen before!” While Saimel was talking about that, she was excited,” I also know that in this room, there are some ‘prohibited’ books, do you want to see the private collection made by one of the ancestors? My little cute and handsome master?”

Duwei laughed unnaturally. He looked at the malicious Saimel, sighed, “I don’t have an interest in those… Listen! Your little cute and handsome master, the only thing that I have interest in is… Star Magic. I want to learn Star Magic from Saimel, understand?”

“Star Magic… Always Star Magic…” Saimel was disappointed, “Why do people want to learn magic… Is Magic fun?”

The smile on the woman disappeared, she became serious, and said “You want to learn Star Magic, so I have to remind you that you cannot regret in the future! I tell you, if there was no Star Magic… Saimel would not have died so early!”

Duwei was shocked, “What? Didn’t Saimel mit suicide out of grief after her husband died?”

“Sorry, this is the only secret I cannot tell.” Saimel blinked her eyes, “The order I was given is that: unless you learn the last and most difficult spell of Star Magic, otherwise, before that, I cannot tell you this thing.”

Duwei was annoyed, “Ok, I don’t have much interest in it, so shall we start?”

“Sorry, not tonight” Saimel was shaking her head, “Star Magic is different from other Magic, we cannot learn here… Saimel left a white tower in this castle. In that tower, you can observe the stars clearly, that’s a good place for learning… In this room, you cannot see the starry sky, it’s not suitable for learning Star Magic.”

White tower…

Duwei frowned, “Why must it be the white tower?”

Saimel thought, “If there is no white tower… Better find a spacious and quiet place where you can observe the stars… The key requirement is that you should be able to see the sky.”

Duwei checked the time, “So, we can begin from the next night… See you tomorrow.”

Duwei had no intention to talk much with this Samiel… Since looking at his great great grandmother swinging her legs in front of him was not very pleasant at all.


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