Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 44

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chapter 44: A Figure Comes Out of the Oil Painting

Not wanting to be dressed by his servants, Duwei stopped them from serving him. He even locked the door when he bathed.

He stood in front of the mirror and poked his hair gently; there was a horn on his head.

“This Chris… Can’t he make it look better?” Duwei sighed. He had to remember to not let others touch his head in the future.

Luckily, the horn was small and short. It could be covered by his hair… Duwei’s hair was very long, also… In the future, if suitable, he would wear a hat.

While looking at his reflection in his mirror, he had a weird thought…

Chris had given him new eyes…

Right… These were the Eyes of Enchantment. Duwei thought that this was not a meaningless magic to let the ladies love him… It’s a very effective… Instant hypnosis.

Duwei recalled how he bargained with his evil servant at the beginning…

What did he desire the most from this guy who could be regarded as the Devil’s Representative as a trading condition?

At that moment, Duwei really wanted to say:

I want to go back!

Go home! Return to the world I came from!!

In that world, I had my parents, my own friends, the girl I liked, and everything I had!

In this world, although it was mysterious and entertaining, a place that was full of magic… This was not his home.

If possible, Duwei would have told him without any hesitation that he would like to go home.

So, he carefully asked Chris, “May I ask if you know any magic related to space?”

Continuing, he tried his best to ask in a simple way, “I am wondering if Space Magic can send me to another world… I’ve been curious about that for long time.”

Chris felt shocked.

Oops, no no, of course he knew Space Magic actually.

As the Devil’s servant that had unlimited life, he was the most knowledgeable existence in the world.

Was there anything at all he did not know?

But Chris was still curious. Pursuing Space Magic was the dream of many super magicians… But Duwei was still such a young kid, he hadn’t even started enjoying his life… But for him to request this, it really confused Chris.

“I know some Space Magic… But, I can’t use it.”

This was the answer from Chris. Then this Devil’s servant explained a bit and Duwei understood immediately.

“I was locked in this place,” Chris smiled, “If I could use Space Magic, I would have escaped a long time ago.”

It was reasonable.

Duwei bowed his head then, his dream of going back now gone.

Luckily, he was familiar with this world after many years. With his adaptive ability, Duwei was less disappointed than expected. He was silent for a while and raised another request, “I want to learn magic.”

Our little noble pointed at his head, “I think, I am talented in the spiritual area. But… My sensitivity is not good. I cannot sense the fluctuation of any magic element nearby.”


Then, a horn grew out on the head of Duwei!

Seems… Duwei touched his head and looked into the mirror…

It was like adding an antenna onto a radio with poor reception!

This horn was the antenna of Duwei! It allowed him to feel the fluctuation of magic nearby! His sensitivity… It was far greater, even more than other magicians due to this horn.

This was the gift from Chris.

Perhaps, this request from Duwei was too simple. It was too easy that even this Devil’s servant felt sorry about that. So, Chris said, “Your request is simple, from this trade, I won’t gain benefit from you, my little friend. So, I can give you something a little extra… You can pick any one from the list I told you just now.”

Oh, the “Eyes of Enchantment”, the strong “Dragon’s Heart” and also, hearing the thoughts of others, the ability to see through others’ camouflage…

He made a very normal choice, as a man, a very typical man!

Duwei chose the “Eyes of Enchantment”.

Imagine, by using these eyes, he could attract all the beauties in the world. It’s actually quite evil, right?

For the Dragon’s Heart… Duwei didn’t plan to bee a muscular fighter.

Being able to hear the thoughts of others or to see through others’ camouflage… Duwei felt these were boring. Only politicians need those. He didn’t have the slightest interest.

So… Duwei chose the “Eyes of Enchantment”.

A high level hypnotism.

No one could escape from these eyes; not even strong female magicians, or even holy virgins.

But… There was only one weakness and that is…

It is only effective on females!

Duwei stretched his arms and spread his palms; closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.
He tried to feel around with his heart.

The confusion of the past had disappeared!

The feeling of emptiness in the past had also vanished!

Duwei could feel his surroundings with clarity! He spread his spirit around. It seemed like his spirit could touch everywhere in the room! The water dripping from the tap, the eroded tiles, and even the bubbles from the bath…

Such awareness! This feeling was so amazing!

Duwei couldn’t help letting out a small moan.

He still didn’t know magic, but using his spiritual power, he lightly waved his hand… The vapour on his palm formed a little water ball.

The water ball was crystal clear and rolled on Duwei’s palm.
“This… It’s magic… Great!” Duwei could not help, but to slightly squeeze…

The ball lost its shape and the water dropped.

He started to sense the magic element. In the bathroom, Duwei could easily sense and control the water element.

Now, he only needed to learn a spell!

With his vigorous well of magic power and his keen sensitivity, if he learnt some spells…

Then, he could bee a magician.

Duwei stayed in the bathroom for at least two hours. When he went to the study room, he found the old housekeeper Bill had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Master, your dinner…”

“I will eat in the study room.” Duwei waved his hand, and looking at the silent old housekeeper, he suddenly laughed and said, “Ok, my dear housekeeper, I know father ordered you to monitor me, but don’t worry. During this one year, I will follow my father’s orders, I won’t leave this castle and won’t intervene with any businesses within the territory… For my monthly expenditure, don’t worry, I won’t ask you for that.”

After a while, Duwei looked at the eyes of the old housekeeper, “I don’t hate my father… I understand that, from his standing, he cannot only be a father, but must also be a General! Sometimes, perhaps father doesn’t want to punish his son like this, but being a General, he has to do it, I totally understand.”

The old housekeeper was shocked… He was going to say something to fort Duwei.

Now, he understood that this little master was not any idiot. He was a special person with a different way of thinking.

When the old housekeeper prepared to leave, Duwei asked, “Before I left I requested that a wooden house be built…”

“It’s pleted.” Old housekeeper answers, “It’s exactly based on your request, you will see it tomorrow.”

“Thanks, I am very satisfied.” After Duwei said that, he looked to the other side, which meant he wanted the housekeeper to leave.

Duwei closed the main door of the study room. He climbed up the ladder, randomly chose an astrology book from the shelves. He started reading it quietly.

It was almost midnight.

When the bell rang midnight, Duwei stretched a bit, then, he checked if the door was locked. Finally, he moved the ladder and removed the oil painting on the wall.

It seems that the servant responsible for cleaning his room was very thorough. No dirt could be found on the oil painting. Duwei looked at the eyes on the painting.

After midnight, those eyes came to life and looked at Duwei with hope.

“Haven’t seen you for a long time, you must have been anxious.” Duwei smiled,“ Last time, I had a look in the basement and saw what the Great Star Reader Teacher Saimel left… Now, I have the spell which can release you from the painting.”

As this was the first time for Duwei to use magic, he was actually quite worried.

He tried imitating the great magicians… Slightly opening his arms with a serious look, he cast the spell in a soft voice…

Duwei didn’t notice that his gesture and movement was similar to what little Vivian did.

Casting the spell, Duwei suddenly felt a mysterious power fluctuating nearby…

Then, Duwei could feel with his strong power, there was a current… It was like an invisible straw drawing on his energy…


Small lights burst from his fingertips, which was then sucked into the oil painting!

… Was it pleted?

Duwei stepped back a bit and stared quietly at the oil painting.


Flames flew out from the oil painting, and the painting caught on fire instantly… Duwei was shocked!

He knew that this painting was the antique of the family! If it was burnt, the old housekeeper may make a plaint to his father.

But the flame was so quick that Duwei didn’t have enough time to extinguish it.

That was it. The whole painting turned into ashes within a couple of seconds! Then the flames floated down, from the desk to the floor… The ashes scattered and something in the fire moved.

Then, Duwei saw a leg appearing from the flame…

The skin was so white and soft… The toes looked like pearls…

These were perfect legs! Long, firm, straight, round…

Wearing a red gown, as bright as spring roses! Under the red gown, the white skin was so fine!

The long hair was like silvery snow! The light body under the shadow of the red gown… The neck and curvy breasts… A person could not help imagining… Did she wear anything under her clothing?

Looking at her face!

This was the third time Duwei saw this face!

The first time was in the basement, in the magic array by Saimel, when he saw the illusive image of Saimel.

The second time was the strong female magician, the frozen beauty, Joanna!

And this was the third time!

This face didn’t have the arrogance of Joanna, but had a calm, hypnotizing look. The round eyes were rolling but softer than Joanna’s.

Duwei was simply speechless!

Long white hair, a red gown, she was an absolute beauty…

The woman who appeared from the burnt oil painting… There was no question about it…

This was the great Star Reader Teacher Saimel!!


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