Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 Goodbye Kiss

Duwei was a little bit sad thinking about parting with little Vivian.

That innocent lady had run to the Magic Union at Port York to plete her magician application.

Her magician gown was missing and even the Magician’s Badge was lost in the sea.

Vivian ran to the Magic Union to plete the application procedure. After displaying her identity, the staff of the Magic Union immediately checked the Magician name list… And the staff, who were low-level magicians responsible for documents, were shocked.

Their attitudes suddenly changed and became very polite. It was because it’s rare to meet a great magician!

In the Magic Union, famous and great magicians were all arrogant. Even the slightest careless offense to those magicians, would probably would lead to big trouble!

This Magic Union Office at Port York was actually responsible for purchasing materials that the Union needed and other miscellaneous items, and the people here had almost never admitted any great magicians before.

Soon, Vivian was changed into a brand new magician gown and received a new golden badge.

“I… I need to go.”

The little lady sighed, this was the first sentence said to Duwei after returning.

Duwei was silent for a while. He understood that no matter how two people depended on each other on a deserted island, once they went back to the real world, they would have their own ways to go.

“I… I really need to go.” Vivian’s cheek was a little flushed and her eyes were red too. Rubbing her clothes with her small hands she said, “By my calculations… Teacher will be back soon.”

Duwei braced himself, looked at this lady and asked, “How can I find you later?”

Vivian was silent for a while. She answered carefully, “Teacher doesn’t allow me to expose our location…”

“…Not even to me?” Duwei asked quietly.

Vivian was barely holding back her tears. She suddenly held her mouth and cried. She hugged Duwei tightly. She was shaking and crying heavy tears as she said, “I.. I will miss you so much… I don’t want to go back… My dragon is lost and teacher will scold me…”

Duwei simply listened what she said and laughed, “Ok, you can tell me in secret. When I have the time, I will sneak over to see you… Perhaps next time, if your teacher is not there, you can also sneak over to see me! Isn’t that great? We’ve known each other for so many days and I treat you as one of my best friends. You are no longer a little girl, how can your teacher lock you in that secret place for life? You need to have some friends.”

Vivian thought for a while, obviously doubtful… But she had already broken many regulations this time already, what was one more?…

We regret to announce that our little Vivian, to a certain extent, had been led astray by Duwei.

In the past, little Vivian would not have had these kinds of thoughts.

“I…I live in…” Vivian whispered and told Duwei where she lived, Duwei remembered it and smiled, “OK! When I have time, I will go to see you!”

Vivian was a bit reluctant and said, “That place is hard to find and also hard to enter. My sister spent a full day trying to find her way the last time.”

Perhaps there were some magic arrays… Duwei thought briefly and smiled, “Ok, I should be able to find the way.”

Vivian looked at Duwei for a while, then picked up a parchment from her pocket and gave it to Duwei. “This… This is what I promised to give you.”

Duwei scanned the item. He could only read a few of the lines written in black ink… The wordings were old-fashioned, but the meaning was hard to understand…

Oh, these are spells!

“There are a total of six incantations.” Vivian was shy and said, “Yes, that’s what I promised you.”

Duwei stared at the parchment and said, “You… Should know that from the very beginning, I lied to you, right?”

“Yes.” Vivian bowed her head and didn’t dare to look at Duwei. In a slightly quiet voice she said, “This… These are the most powerful spells that I know… If you don’t have the magic power, please do not use them.”

Duwei received this parchment and placed it carefully in his pocket. Then he looked at this lady, looked at her shyness, looked at her dodgy eyes. She was a little bit shy. In this moment, Duwei was inwardly a little bit excited.

After receiving the gift, even Duwei thought himself to be slightly evil. He had already lied and gained so many things, yet he still wanted to cheat her heart? She was such an innocent girl.

Duwei shook his head, then he asked his people to prepare a horse and let Vivian go.

“I… I will leave now.” Vivian was sad.

Duwei suddenly said, “There is something you need to bear in mind!”

Deeply inhaling, Duwei said, “I know that your dragon was left on the island and you are very sad about it. I think that you will want to go back and bring it back, right? But I request that you don’t go! That island is not just any old island! Your sister’s magic power is not weaker than you, she brought along her dragon, but still almost died on that island! That dragon was also eaten by the monster… So if you go back, you will die! Listen to me, don’t have any thoughts about going back to that island! Understand?”

Vivian bowed her head, “I, I get it. But, my teacher may go there too.”

Duwei sighed.

But he had heard what the devil servant Chris said, that the giant monster could move. It didn’t always stay in one place, and after a period of time it would move to other places. This meant that the location of that island was not fixed.

Perhaps, when Vivian’s teacher went to that island, they would not find that island, instead finding nothing but ocean.

By the way, Vivian still didn’t mention who her teacher was. But Duwei thought that her teacher must be a very strong master! Otherwise, Vivian could not be such a great magician at her age.

“Those… What are those people doing?” While Duwei was lost in his thoughts, Vivian pointed at the distant people and asked curiously.

Far away, there were many sailors that were preparing to leave. They were saying goodbye to the women. Some of the women were their wives, their lovers, even the hookers whom they had only shared one night with.

But, the people who lived on the seas were always facing all kinds of dangers. When men went back to the sea, the women… Even the hookers, were generous in giving their blessings.

And far away, there were a few couples kissing goodbyes.

“They… Are saying goodbye.” Duwei answered.

A strange look came over Vivian, and she became shy. She abruptly kissed Duwei on his left cheek… Just a peck.

Then, a trembling Vivian quickly got up on her horse and rode away.

Duwei was then touching his cheek and looking towards the end of the streets…

Protected by the private troops of the Roland family, Duwei and the soldiers left Port York and headed towards the North, going back to the Roland Plains.

While passing by the Lille Province, the Governor of the Lille Province met Duwei in person to give him some words of encouragement and also many presents. Duwei earned something.

Since he was under punishment, his allowance had been cut, so he should be the poorest noble within the Imperial Kingdom.

Joanna left earlier. She brought Caroline and joined the ship of Captain Jack Sparrow. They restocked on supplies and began Duwei’s Wealth Plan.

Imagining his future McDonald’s Fleet, as well as the future ing events, Duwei could not stop laughing while lying inside his carriage.

Imagine… In the ing days, how that poor pirate captain would introduce himself to others.

“I am the Captain of the Black Pearl under the McDonald’s Fleet. Call me Captain Jack Sparrow!”

In his previous life, this kind of introduction would have no doubt caused people to explode with crazy laughter.

While he kept thinking, suddenly he sat down.

He was excited and interested!

This world… He was totally not familiar with it! Like a blank paper, he could draw anything on it!

He thought, having already built his ‘McDonald’s Fleet’, that there could be even more amusing things he could do!

At this time, our young main character seemed to have found a few new goals, though his intents were evil.

15 days later, Duwei was back in the castle of the Roland Family located near the Jade River of the Rolland Plains.

The scale of the wele ceremony was smaller than usual, and the troop that protected Duwei didn’t enter the castle, instead just leaving after pleting their task.

Duwei met his old housekeeper Bill, who was the one Duwei disliked. This time, when this old man saw Duwei, he seemed happier.

It was normal since, if Duwei had run into trouble, this old housekeeper would have been partly responsible!

“Master, you finally came back.” The old housekeeper was so happy. But Duwei sensed, that beneath his happiness he was gloating a little. “I have received the letter from the Earl…”

“I know! Being grounded for a year and my monthly allowance is cut too, right? Ok, my Mr. Housekeeper, may I ask where you are going to lock me up?”

The old housekeeper was shocked and said, “This… Master, you scare me! Who dares to lock you up? Within this castle, you can still do anything you want. You only cannot step out of this castle in the ing one year. That’s the order from the Earl.”

“Ok!” Duwei laughed and he glanced at the old housekeeper, “According to my habit, I just came back. So tonight, I will sleep in the study room. My dear housekeeper, please send someone to go prepare!”


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