Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Duwei’s First Fleet

The pirates on the boat could also see the three people on the raft. With the boat getting close, few sailors had already stood along the boat side, they were quite interested in the three individuals on the raft including Duwei.

Two female magicians also thought that the boat was crapped…It didn’t look like a merchant ship, it’s a little bit old. Though there were few cannons on the boat, the flag of the Imperial Navy could not be found.

“Hey! Look, there are a few little fellows…Oh, also with two women! Hahahaha…” The sailor on the boat screamed, followed by a burst of laughter. More pirates rushed to the boat side to have a look of Duwei and the two girls on the raft.

Duwei sighed loudly and shouted,” We had a shipwreck, can you help us?”

They laughed louder and louder, obviously, they were full of malicious intentions.

Subsequently, a rope ladder was put down, Duwei sighed, and glanced at Joanna, Joanna understood his meaning and climbed first.

Joanna was a very strong woman. Although her magic power was not fully recovered, at least recovered to one-third that was nearly equivalent to the power of a low-level magician, meanwhile, she still had her burst of martial art skill!

Though with such level, it’s not enough for fighting against other masters, but it’s more than enough for fighting against dozens of little pirates.

Joanna climbed first, Duwei was the next, finally it was Vivian.

Those sailors stood around and laughed at these three youngsters, it seemed like they were the lambs on the fingertips.

“Look! Such pretty girls!”

“Absolutely! Look at the girl on the left, such long legs! Captain must like her much!”

“Haha. As I said, you are on the right boat!”

These guys were scruffy, and most of them were with barefoot. Their outfits are shabby with dirty faces. But they grinned at Vivian and Joanna creepily.

Vivian was scared, her courage was far from the power she got, she hid behind Duwei. Though Joanna didn’t look good, she was in bad mood already.

Even the Imperial Barrack, these violent beauties dared to attack, not to mention the little pirate on this ship.


A hoarse voice came from inside, then was the sound from the boots, a tall man came out. He wore in a scruffy Imperial Navy uniform without the badges. This uniform was little dirty, but the shoes were well-polished.

His waist was also had a long and sharp sword like the Imperial Navy Officer. He wore a captain hat, with one hand on his hips and carrying a pocket watch on his other hand.

This man should be the captain. Although he was tall, he was so ugly with triangular eyes, garlic nose, and moustache…The first impression came up in Duwei’s mind was obscene.

“Keep Quiet! Don’t terrify my guests!”: The Captain smiled maliciously, then glanced at Duwei and the girls, when he saw the eyebrows of Joanna and Vivian, apparently there was a sense of immorality blooming. But when he saw Joanna’s armor, he was a bit startled.

Then Captain released a little bit and thought, “She is only a young girl, her power must be weak? Huh…she probably es from some noble family.”

He totally ignored Duwei.

The clothes on Duwei was already torn, his feet were bare, scruffy, his hair were messy. His body was tied with five to six empty gourds (Those used to remain afloat.). He looked like a wild man.

“Wele on board…Let me introduce myself, I am the captain on this boat, you can call me Captain Morales or just call me Captain directly. “ He talked proudly. “ I never expected in this boring weather I can meet such beautiful ladies…Oh, my room is at the back, I think perhaps these two ladies would like to change their clothes…then we can have a nice meal! Right?”

Obviously, they hadn’t eaten for many days, even the two female magicians were very pretty, they looked pale and thin.

The captain couldn’t wait to thank God!

Having bad luck in recent days.

Firstly, the order from the Lille province let the whole Eastern Naval Fleet of the Imperial kingdom patrolled within the sea area nearby without knowing what the Navy was doing!

Obviously, this worsened the life of the pirates. Few days ago, this pirate ship met the warship of the Imperial Navy, after a hasty panic fight, the captain immediately ordered to escape. With the light boat, the speed could be slightly faster. The warship had been following the Captain’s ship for two days! One was escaping while the other one was chasing at the back, until this afternoon, they finally escaped from the warship under the mysterious fog.

They were very tired in these days.

He didn’t expect God actually sent few maidens to them as reward…

Oh, look at these two pretty chicks, they are much better than the prostitutes at the Port! If they were in nude and clean, lying on the bed, that should be a wonderful scene!

“Come on! Pretty ladies.” Captain was a little bit slack, he even pulled Joanna and said, “Pretty ladies should have suffered i will take you for some rest on my boat…”

When the captain touched Joanna’s shoulder, Duwei had already sighed, and he closed his eyes….


There was a light ing from Joanna’s body! That is the skills of a warrior who is above the intermediate level!

Accumulating Power!!

Captain screamed and his body was on the sky, his beautiful hat fell on the deck…and he…

Did you see the parabola in the air? Duwei smiled, with a sound of a splash, captain had already fallen into the water…

Everyone was shocked!

Soon, the pirates had e out of their trance! all of them picked their weapons and rushed over!

Joanna hummed…her anger in these few days finally found a way to be released!

Her hands were empty, she didn’t take any weapon, she just readily grasped, and caught up the guy who rushed towards her and treated him as a human weapon!

After crying, screaming and banging, the sound of splashing in the sea increased.

While Duwei was counting from one to ten in his mind, one-third of the pirates and sailors were fallen into the sea!

“Good Job! Joanna, you may stop.” Duwei thought that this was enough.

Joanna refused to stop, she kicked the guy into the sea until no one was surrounding them…Those pirates were scared and ran away.

“I said stop!” Duwei frowned, he pulled Joanna’s shoulder slightly, Joanna angrily yelled,” We are not on the island, do you think that you still can order me!”

This woman grabbed the wrist of Duwei, Duwei did not resist, he just looked at Joanna’s eyes and whispered,” Look at me!”

Joanna startled! She could not help to look at Duwei’s eyes…


Joanna just felt that the eyes of this little boy have never….never…..never been so gorgeous!

His eyes seems were being black in color…a scary and creepy dark black color! It felt like there are limitless stars inside his eyes, if she kept on looking…..she felt as if everything would be sucked into it…

Joanna just glanced for one time, she felt relaxed suddenly, her hands were loosened too, she even didn’t notice that she could not control her body! She was looking at Duwei’s eyes quietly…

As if her soul has already been sucked into his eyes!

“I said, stop.” Duwei spoke very slowly, word by word, extremely clear! Just like engraving inside Joanna’s heart deeply.

“….understand.” Joanna agreed involuntarily, her voice was humble and gentle without any taste of domination.

“Great.” Duwei kept looking at Joanna’s eyes, his voice was so melodious and people could not help to listen to him for doing anything…

“Now, stand behind me, don’t do anything without my words.” Duwei whispered.

Joanna’s eyes showed a little bit hesitation, it seems her stubbornness was still struggling a bit, but she still succumbed to this kind of strange feeling …… she felt too fortable!

Joanna stood back behind Duwei honestly…escaped from the eyes of Duwei, Joanna felt her mind was relaxed a little bit! It seems like lack of slackness, everything became clears, but she still doubted…

What’s going on? Why would i listen to what this guy said!

She felt angry of herself and wanted to question Duwei, but she can’t resist and felt that if she resisted Duwei’s order, she would feel bad…if she stood behind Duwei and listened to his order, she would feel happier.

It’s strange.

Joanna felt strange and Duwei didn’t give her the time to think, he smiled and said,” Joanna, if you keep on fighting…i know you are so strong, perhaps, you will kick all the people into the sea…it doesn’t matter, but the ship is so large, only three of us are not able to drive this ship! We too have to keep some people to help us! We still need these pirates.”

Strange….why we need these pirates…one more day, I can fly back.

Joanna thought that, but she uncontrollably agreed,” Ok.”

Duwei picked up the captain hat from the floor and put it on his head…with this thing, his horn would not be seen by others.

“Listen, you filthy trash!” Duwei voiced up and looked around these frightened pirates.

They were really frightened! Joanna was so strong, they were not able to fight back.

“You all are a group of filthy trash! Parasite! A group of ordinary pirates!” Duwei was staring at these guys. ”You rob, murder, plunder…all of you should be hanged by the gallows! Now, you all are my prisoner! Right! Now, this ship, and you, and everyone of you! All are captured by me!”

Duwei kicked the guy next to him, Joanna kicked him before and his leg was broken. Duwei stepped on him unceremoniously, the guy screamed, Duwei spoke to the pirates words by words,

“As prisoners, I have the right to dispose you! I can throw all of you into the sea and let you die now! I can also find a port and send all of you to the local army! Looking at you being hanged till die!” Duwei smiled,” But I am kind! I can let all of you stay alive! But from now on, you are not the filthy pirates anymore! You are my slaves now, my servants! According to the Imperial Order, I, as a noble, I have the right to do anything to my prisoner! Now, I forgive your sin, and incorporate all of you to be my slaves and servants! Understand?”

All of the pirates,”……”

“I ask again! If no one answer, you can jump into the sea and join your captain!” Duwei looked around,” Understand?”

“Yes!” Everyone rushed to answer.

Duwei was satisfied,” Now, clean the deck! Throw the bodies which lie on the deck into the sea!”

Without any hesitation, these pirates started!

These people are villains who clutched human lives, and now, for saving themselves, they immediately started without hesitation!

People were thrown into the sea one by one, Duwei then made his second order,” Throw two lifeboats into the sea.”

There were nearly twenty pirates busy with swimming, when they saw the lifeboats, they swam toward the boats quickly.

“Listen! I ought to kill you! But I am kind.” Duwei was standing on the deck and looking at the pirated in the sea,” Now, I can let you stay alive….these two boats are for you, you will not drown….for the rest, it all depends on your fate!”

There was a burst of scream, some were scolding and some were begging.

In the ocean, there was no food to eat, no water to drink, only got these two crappy boats…it was simply not possible to stay alive!

“Sure I can be more charitable…” Duwei pointed to the other way, he was cunning and said,” There,on that way, there is an island, as long as you strive for boating, perhaps, you will arrive there tomorrow afternoon! Go ahead, this is my last kindness!”

Then, Duwei ignored the pirates and looked at the “servants” , he said,” Food, and water….sooner the better! Understand my words?”

All the servants rushed to prepare the food immediately.

“Duwei……you….you will not….” Vivian felt a bit sad and looked at Duwei.

“Too Cruel? “ Duwei lightly said, “These guys are bad. No need to be charitable to them! They are pirates! My little Vivian, do you know what a pirate is? They sail and attack the merchant ship, kill the sailor, rob the goods, they even rape the women on the boat! They are the locusts on the sea, murderers with bloody hands! Do you think that I need to be charitable to them?”

“But….” Vivian hesitated.

Duwei sighed when she looked at this simple girl, he whispered,” Do you know…if this time they met normal people instead of us…you two ladies would be raped by them already!!”

This time, Joanna also glanced at her sister and said,” He is right.”

The food on board is not really nice, but since they had not eaten well since the last few days, this food is already nice for them!

Smoked meat, dried fish, and some simple dried vegetable, and a barrel of ale.

The two girls had already forgotten the manner and ate with Duwei

Would they worry that the pirates poisoned the food?

Duwei had been learning the pharmacy for many years.

After they were full and satisfied, Duwei called out all the salors to the deck and talked.

“Now, I announce, you can join into my private fleet. You all are one of my warships of my Duwei Roland Fleet! Understand? I am a noble, according to the order, I can have my own army.” Duwei thought for a few second,” Oh, right, I also have to appoint a new captian…”

Duwei looked around and point to a man who was probably the most delicate among the group.

“You! Out! Tell me your name.”

The man was shocked and walked further and looked at Duwei nervously,” I, I am…”

“Wait.” Duwei then said,” Nevermind, since it is a new start, your name should be changed to a new one!”

This kid could not stop to show his pleasure.

“You, from now on, on this ship, you name will be called….Jack Sparrow! Understand? Captain Jack Sparrow! Well, this boat….from now on, is called “Black Pearl”!”

Looking at the crowd, Duwei could not stop laughing in his mind.

Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow, famous pirates of the Caribbean, hahaha, that’s the first start of my private fleet.


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