Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Bless of God


Goal in!

Inter Milan leads AC Milan by 2-1!

Great Grosso, he succeeded the glorious tradition of Italian football! Facchetti, Maldini, they are possessed by spirits…..they are not human beings! They are not a human beings!

“What a mess…” Duwei frowned watching TV: “What is wrong with this thing, how do i watch my broadcasting of the World Cup series?”

He went to the television and patted it with force, and then pulled out the a pack of cigarettes from the tea table and lit it up…..after some puffs…..

So good…. I haven’t smoked for a long time, in the Roland Empire there was no cigarette…..

Huh? What am I talking about? Roland Empire?

Duwei felt a little confused in his consciousness….and then a sudden flashback came into his memory!

After that everything in front of him: living room, sofa, tea table, TV and wardrobe of his house….suddenly all twisted up! The last thing around him twirled and twirled very fast….became a huge whirlpool, and Duwei himself was standing in this whirlpool. He was immediately sucked in…..

Damn it! My Milan Derby game….Let me at least finish watching a


It was as if there have been a clap of thunder in his head, immediately as if someone beat drum repeatedly near him….

Duwei felt a great headache….Painful! So Painful! His headache almost shattered his head!

“Ah…” Duwei could not help moaning, he held his head with two hands and came to know that his hair was wet!

How is that?

Duwei opened his eyes…..

He finally woke up.

Living room, sofa, TV, Milan Derby……all was a dream.

Duwei was now on a raft. He was all wet with messy hair and it was a bit cold.

He rubbed his head hard but still he felt great pain, he thought that in the previous life of he had suffered a severe migraine headache.

Duwei began to massage the acupoints on his head to kill the pain…….but soon, he felt a lump on his head!

Just in the middle of the top forehead!

Yes, just in the middle! Gently pushing aside the hair, he could obviously feel the small bump on his head!

It was a horn!

The stupor daze finally went away, Duwei sighed, and recalled the deal between Chris and him!

As I thought…..horn…..haha now I have a horn on my head.

The horn was hard and cold, it was as if joined perfectly with the skin and bone of his head….it did not look like… um, it did not look to be transplanted the day before yesterday.

Fortunately, the horn was not so big, it was only in a finger node size (about one-third of a finger), like a size of a thumb.

Duwei repeatedly touched the horn on the head: “Alas, I wonder what magic material Chris used for it… doesn’t look like a bone…”

The sea was calm at the moment, there was boundless sea around him. Obviously he has already escaped far away from that terrible island!

The raft that he was on, was the one he had made on the island! The same one! Even the rough stitch of cloth was the same! (That was stitched with a small sharp branch as needle and tree bark as thread.)

Wasn’t this raft been wrecked and sank into the sea? Chris have incredible powers to recover it, his magic is really great!

And…. the two girls.

Joanna and Vivian, the two sorceress were also on the raft. Two of them, hugging each other with locked eyes, were having a sweet sleep.

The eyelids of them quivered, evidently they were to wake up. Duwei touched his hair in a hurry. His hair was jumbled, and he thought for a while, then he tore down a piece from his cloth and made something like a sailor hat.

It was Vivian who woke up first. After opening her eyes, she looked at Duwei for a while: “Uh..I…how long did I sleep…..”

Duwei smiled: “Not long.”

Joanna suddenly let out a scream: “Ah!! The waves! The waves! The storm?”

Duwei blinked his eyes, and looked at her holding back his laughter: “Which strom? Which waves?”

Joanna looked confused: “I remember we had a huge waves and storms…and our raft sank.”

Duwei looked at Joanna’s face and sighed. He offered his hand to touch her forehead: “Do you have a fever?” he pointed the surroundings: “You see, we are on the raft, aren’t we? Jeez…you must be tired, so you had a nightmare.”

Then Vivian opened her mouth: “i….i…i also had a dream of storm…..our raft, sa…sank….”

Two girls looked each other with eyes full of doubt.

Duwei sighed with relief without being noticed. What Chris said was true. They could not remember what happened when they wake up.

Not clear what kind of magic did the devil’s servant used, but he really erased the memory of others!!

Joanna sprang up and contacted her eyebrows: “Really, there is no strom….but my dream was very awful…it was like reality! ”

With her pretty but serious face and her brows knitted, she tried to think out, but in vain. Vivian, with her wide-opened eyes blinkingly, looked at Duwei, and her face was as if she was fooled.

“Well…” Duwei laughed with guilty conscience: “I think you are very tired … say about the dream, you probably had the same dream….I also had a dream relevant to you.”

“What?” Two girls opened mouth at the same time.

Duwei smiled: “I had a dream about the big fortable bed in my castle, there I laid down between you, with one hand hugging Vivian and the other hand Joanna…. ”

Duwei, while saying, put naturally puts his hands on their shoulders.

Vivian blushed immediately and dropped her head down. And Joanna also blushed not because she was shy, but mostly due to anger!

Skelp! She hit his hand down her shoulder, and gave him a kick.

Duwei was nearly kicked down to the sea, and smiled bitterly: “It was just a dream, why are you so angry?”

“Shut up, you don’t need to say about your dream.” Joanna’s face flushed a little.

Then she looked around and suddenly exclaimed: “I ….we have escaped? We left that island!!”

Looking around the wide sea, three of them cheered loudly….but Duwei was the only one who feigned.

“Try your magic.” Duwei smiled.

Both Vivian and Joanna could use magic…..but it seemed to have some problems.

Vivian tried to use magic of creating wind to accelerate the sail, but only cool breeze came to blow the hair of the beauties tousled up.

Joanna, who was impatient, soon flew away from there….unfortunately, she fell into the sea after a while of flight!

Duwei bound empty gourd around his body and swam to Joanna. When she was saved, she had drunk a lot of water.

Salty and bitter sea water made he sick, so she vomited for a while, after climbing on the raft.

“Well, you two sorceress…it seems your magic restored a bit, but it is not up to normal level. Just a little restored pared to when you were on the island.” Duwei held his laugh and saw Joanna: “For example, Joannna….when you were on the island, you could fly just more than ten meters, but now you can fly just about 20 meters!”

“You! You are making fun of me! Wow…..” she just said back the half sentence, suddenly she felt sick again and laid there to continue vomit.

Duwei smiled with narrowed eyes: “I think, even though we left the island, the suppression to you magic would go on for some period and will be fading slowly. I guess, you can get back your normal magic about two days later.”

“You…How do you know that! Humph!” Joanna asked coldly.

“I guessed. ” Duwei shrugged.

Actually, it was what Chris told him.

Two days were not so tough to wait….only they hoped to be lucky not to run into a storm. And also, they have to suffer hunger for these two days as well.

On the island, three of them had to eat only roots of plants. This time on the raft, Duwei thought many ways to dig out what little food was left. But that was not enough and could last for one day only.

After sunset, they ran out of food.

These three were young man and women and their bodies were under growth, so they had a big appetite. But every day they could not eat fully. They could endure till this day, but they have already reached their limit.

Duwei couldn’t help to start think of the small cage hanging on the waist of Vivian!

That was a magic monster that looked like a fat round meat!

Vivian already knew enough about Duwei! She saw that Duwei was more frequently looking the cage on her waist, everyone could know what he was thinking about.

She was frightened, held the cage tightly, and kept looking at Duwei with pleading eyes.

Oh almighty God…. please bless the poor little Vivian…and the poor chirp….

Finally, after so many days, the Almighty God heard the Vivian’s prayer for the first time in that evening!

Away in the distance of the sea, there was a light! That light was ing closer and closer….Duwei saw with his own eyes, that was a boat!

Suddenly, their tired bodies were fiiled with energy! Joanna and Vivian jumped up, waved and cheered to the boat direction.

Duwei was staring at the boat with calm for a while…..

It came closer and closer, it was a ketch. The boat was not so big and was slightly worn out….but something made him startled……

On the flagpole, there was a black flag! The flag of a black background with the design of a skull, below the skull there were two swords!

…..the Jolly Roger?

Duwei’s mouth was smiling…. the God doesn’t treat me so bad….he actually sent me a pirate ship!


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