Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 37

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A devil’s servant?!

If there is a man who suddenly e to you and say that he is a devil’s servant, then you will think he is mad.

But if he shows you an amazing magic of going through walls, if he can use magic to create a magnificent chandelier, delicate candlesticks and a lot of types of furniture in an empty cave, if he can make a cold cave into a warm room in an instant, then would you still think that the “devil’s servant” is nonsense?

Duwei wanted to laugh, but did not laugh out loud. Apparently, the two girls around him didn’t look so good.

Anyone knows that in front of a super magician, no one could make a joke!

“ha…haha…” Duwei felt himself that his laughter had no vigor: “ You, the devil’s servant….why did you take us here? ”

“You can call me Chris .” The devil’s servant gave a glance at Duwei. His eyes were cold and only then did Duwei e to know that his eyes had different colours! One eye was green and the other was black!

“…Well, Mr. Chris.” Duwei took a deep breath: “ You, the so-called devil’s servant, why did you invite us here, what on earth are you willing to do?”

Chris did not reply. He gently reached on the other side of the rectangular stone table: “Mr. Young Noble! You tell me, what do you think about the history? ”

Duwei, with a fast beating heart, remarked casually: “the history… it is not more than a lie written by winners.”

“Ah….interesting. ” Chris smiled: “This lovely young noble, in fact, theses days I kept close eyes on you, I am especially interested in you. You have a very interesting point of view. For example, you and the Sorceress had a dispute on the island, at that time you said…. Ah, right! You said ‘there is no so-called justice and injustice. Who has a hard fist always has justice and who has a hard fist is always right’ didn’t you say so? ”

Duwei nodded the head: “Not exactly, but I meant that.”

“Then I have one request. Can you tell me how do you think of history according to your point of view ?”

Duwei thought for a moment…How should I say? But he still said carelessly.

“Well, in my opinion, the so-called justice and injustice are all different, according to your standpoint. The victor is justice! The looser is injustice! The history is always written by the winners and the losers have no right to say a word, but only to accept that he is injustice. This is the most simple way of the world.”

“Very good!” Chris, obviously was very satisfied, suddenly folded his arms across his chest and lifted his head with closed eyes to sigh deeply: “The great master, I finally found a believer in you again.”

“Wait! You say…believer? No, no I am not a believer of evil.” Duwei refuted. “I am not a believer in anyone! I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in the devil .”

“Then what do you believe?” Chris smiled wicked.

“I believe in myself….I only believe in myself!” Duwei shouted.

At the same time the Joanna and Vivian, behind him, were amazed and covered their mouths with their hand. Joanna even shouted in a low voice: “Oh, my God!”

Chris laughed more cheerfully: “ You see, you said that you don’t believe anyone, but yourself. It is the classical doctrine of faith in the devil!”

Duwei was rather confused.

“Well, we won’t say about is anymore.” Chris came close little by little: “With your interesting viewpoint on the history, as well as, the winner and the loser, you may think about how you can say about the God and devil.”

“Do I need to say?” Duwei laughed: “IF two strong warrior fight, the winner is God and the loser is the devil! The winner gains everything, the right to say and write the history, but the loser has to only accept consequences….. Am I wrong? So the God and the devil are not distinguished by whether he is good and evil, but whether he is the winner and the loser.”

Joanna and Vivian were still uneasy… their opinion, the viewpoint of Duwei was too audacious! Even heresy and traitorous!!

If anybody heard this, he would surely be sentenced to be burnt at the stakes by temple judge!

But Duwei could not consider so much at the moment. He muttered: “Winner and loser….ah I said winner and loser….So Mr. Chris, you…..”

“I am a loser.” Chris dropped his head: “It is a pity that I have lost my master in the last battle, and I am also a loser….this is, in fact, a prison and I am the prisoner here. ”

Chris continued slowly: “I have been on the island for a very long time, so long that I am even beginning to forget some memories.”

“You said….island?” Duwei asked immediately: “You are prisoned on that island…then are we also on the island? You took us back to the island. ”

“To be exact, we are ‘inside the island’.” Chris laughed: “Or we are inside its body.”

Duwei turns ashen.

“You don’t understand…” Chris sighed: “What you are calling the monster is this island! This is not an island, but a monster. These days you have lived on the back of the monster! And I am prisoned in its body….it is responsible for guarding me!”

After having said so, Chris flicked the sleeves to stop Joanna who was about to say something: “No, no, you don’t speak, first listen what I say!”

“A very long time, so long that I have even forgotten how long I have been here…. But so far, you are not the first guests to e here. Once some other humans came to this island accidently, and I saved them by taking into here. Some of them were wise and some were fool. And you, lovely young noble! I think the two sorceress with you are the latter, and you are Wise! ”

“You said who is a fool!” Joanna burst out her anger: “You, the devil’s servant….”

“Ah, the magician got angry.” Chris is still calm, and he glanced at the Joanna quietly. His black and green eyes were as if they could emit light! He gently asked Joanna: “The God, he claims that all power of everything es from him! All of everything! The power of the nature, the power of magic. So you, magicians are all believer in God, right? But…I, the devil’s servant, am not the believer in God! Please tell me, where my magic power e from? Lovely young magician, can you answer me that?”

Angry Joanna, suddenly, became speechless!

Chris sighed and gave a pitying look to the sorceress: “You can’t answer me? Then I will give you the answer……The God who you believe in, he….lies! The power of the nature es from him? This is the downright lie!”

Joanna’s face turned very embarrassed, she felt her belief was overthrown! But she could not utter any words to contradict him!

Yes, since she had received the first magic education, she had been taught the most basic belief!

The world is created by God, all the power of the nature is from God! The magicians should devote believes to God. Thus they can lend the power of the nature from God!

This is the magic!

But now……this devil’s servant who never believes in God…..has so powerful magic….how can I explain this? His magic power is also what God gave him?!

If not… can I explain it?!

“Look, what I said is right. Some of you are wise…and some fool.” Chris said in an old and weak voice, but his words pierced the heart of Joanna like a needle. “You are not the first sorceress to e here, so it is not the first time for me to see such a face expression as yours when faced with this question.”

Chris looked at Duwei. Looking at Duwei, his voice and eyes became slightly calm: “Lovely young noble, you are wise. So I will use the wise way to talk with you. I have been here too long, waiting for a wise man to e. I am always happy to have a deal with them.”


“Right, have a deal.” Chris smiled. Then he knocked on his forehead: “Let me see, who was the last man to have a deal with me…Ah, right! His name was Aragon Roland!”
“Aragon Roland?!!”

Two sorceress, who were quite, sent out a scared scream at the same time!!!

Just because of this, the name resounded too loudly!!

He was known as one of few paladins with top power in the hundreds of years of history! He was also known as one of the super magicians with top power in the hundreds of years of history!

Aragon Roland, his name was a legend! He was the only one in the history, that practised both magic and martial art. He was the only one who had reached top level of martial art and magic to be a master!!

Joanna, herself, was one of the Aragon’s admirer…. so she had selected to practise both magic and martial art!

But more important, the reason that made them so surprised is not just because Aragon Roland was a legendary top master……

The more important reason is that…..

He is Aragon Roland!

He is now the first emperor of Roland empire!

A great emperor!! He led army and after decades of war he has unified countless small countries, cities, city unions, kingdoms and principalities to found the empire that covers entire continent!!

“Don’t be so nervous, Aragon Roland was the last human that came here and had a deal with me.”


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