Law of the Devil – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Open Sesame

When Duwei woke up, he felt that his head was lying on something soft, his body was sore, he felt like some power tore his body; every muscle and every joint was in pain.

Duwei struggled to open his eyes.

What relieved him was that the female panions were still next to him.

Duwei’s head was lying on Joanna’s lap, and Vivian was lying in Duwei’s arms, her head was pushing against his chin.

When Duwei woke up, his two female panions confusedly opened their eyes at the same time.

“Where are we……were we swallowed by the monster?” Joanna rubbed her head slightly, then she immediately noticed that Duwei was lying on her lap, suddenly screamed “What are you doing! Scram!”

Then, Joanna turned over, Duwei immediately rolled down.

Duwei spent a lot of effort to stand up, rubbing his thighs muscles like they had been torn……That feeling was very unfortable, the same as muscles strain.

“Why are you so tense? I didn’t do it intentionally.” Duwei looked at Joanna, That woman moved her body and sat up, ignoring Duwei and pulled up Vivian.

Poor little Vivian was still looking a bit confused.

All three of them were wet, their hair stuck together, Duwei was a little better, but the two girls were embarrassed.

Joanna was lucky; she still had that hollow patterned magic armor on her body. But poor little Vivian was quite unlucky. The magic gown that she was wearing got tattered into pieces during the few days they stayed on the island, later she just gave Duwei the rest of the gown and tore it into cloth pieces to be used for the raft. Right now, little Vivian was only wearing a tight underclothing.

Normally, this underclothing is fine, but because she was soaked by sea water, it became a little inappropriate. Obviously this underclothing is a little too thin……And what makes it even worse is, the women in this world had something missing pared to the women from the previous world Duwei used to live in, a very important thing.


After soaked by sea water, the thin piece of underclothing stuck on Vivian’s body, clearly outlined her full body figure……Especially the upper body of the female magician……

Duwei took a glance, and couldn’t help but get distracted.

Obviously, although the manner of this female magician seems a little too pure, and a little too childish……but her body figure was already quite matured. Slightly sizeable breasts, the bud shaped of her breasts had been shown clearly under the cloth, and what even worse is, the color of Vivian’s top is in light colour……If Duwei stared at it a little longer, he was worried that he could even faintly see those pointed nipples.

Even though they are in danger, Duwei couldn’t help but lost in deep thought, he looked at Vivian’s innocent face, and sighed “What a pity!”

“What are you thinking about!” Joanna cautiously noticed where Duwei was looking at, she snorted heavily, grabbed her sister. After all, she is older than Vivian,,then ferociously stared at Duwei and said “Prurience little nobleman! Don’t you dare to look again; I will dig out your eyeballs!”

Duwei did not argue with her, turned around, and carefully scanned the surroundings.

Clearly they are in a cave.

Just about two steps from where they woke up there’s sea water……From this point, Duwei believes that they could be in a cave undersea. Due to its special topography, there’s no sea water inside the cave.

In the walls of the cave, some light was faintly flashing, it made Duwei and the group clearly see the surroundings in the cave.

Duwei stretched his arm and touched the wall, he found a rough granule, and inside the granule, something that looks like tiny sands are inside that granule and flashing naturally.

“Night Pearl? No, it’s so small, should be night sands instead.” Duwei took his arm back.

Common sense gained from Duwei’s previous life tells him that, objects that flash on their own, are in fact harmful radiation. It does no good to human beings.

“What did you touch?” Joanna asked from the back.

“I’m observing the area.” Duwei replied “We should be glad that we are still alive. We were attacked by that monster……But I don’t understand why we ended up in here.”

“i… i….i think i might know a little bit.” Vivian was shy to speak, the silly little girl was so shy her face turned red, she was afraid to look at Duwei……Perhaps, even though she is innocent, but as a teenage girl, she can feel that Duwei stared at her breasts before.

Duwei looked at Vivian, Joanna deliberately coughs loudly, she didn’t wait for Duwei to speak and asked “What do you know?”

“Swirl, it’s the swirl.” Vivian said “Just…just now, i….i can feel that w…we were pulled here by a swirl from the bottom of the sea.”

Duwei frowned “Is that a coincidence? We were pulled by a swirl to here, not anywhere else, but were taken to a cave like this, where we do not drown to death?” His expression was plicated “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence……”

This cave is not big nor small, it’s shape is like an upside down bowl, there is no entrance, it’s pletely sealed. I’m afraid the only entrance is the sea water corridor on the side.

“I think, I think if we want to go out, I’m afraid we have to jump into that corridor, swim along the sea water in order to escape.” Duwei concluded.

“We should have stayed on that island!” Joanna observed the surroundings and came out the same conclusion as Duwei. Looking Annoyed she said “At least there was still fresh water to drink; plant roots to eat. What about now? There’s only stones!”

“Not really, at least we have oxygen, we are not suffocating, it means there must be another entrance, it’s just we still haven’t found it yet.” Duwei shake.

“Oxygen? What is oxygen?” Joanna frowned.

Duwei was speechless. After all, it’s too difficult to explain the idea of oxygen to someone who’s from the magical world. Duwei stalled and immediately changed the topic “We need to find a way……Can you use your magic power?”

The two female magician shook their heads, it ended Duwei’s last idea.

“Now what?”

Joanna asked.

As if it was by instinct, for the last few days, these two women let the youngest in the group to be the leader. Even Joanna, automatically started to rely on this young guy. After all, Duwei is the calmest person between the three. From working out the escape plan, to searching for food and fresh water, all the important decisions were made by him, he had unintentionally taken care of these two women.

“What to do?”

Duwei really had no idea.

He is not a supernatural being! Being trapped in a place where no one can see nor hear, what can he do?

Duwei felt that he couldn’t even force a smile. He just wanted to shout out loud to release his emotion, after all he is also feeling cramped.

However, those two women looked at him, especially those big eyes of Vivian, he sees plete trust from her……Duwei sighed.

He forced a smile, Duwei tried his best to fort the two women “No worries……Since the God didn’t let us die, took us to a place like this, then we are not destined to die in here. There must be a solution!”

Duwei secretly sighed, walked to the side of the cave, lightly touched the wall, laughed “Let’s take some rest, restoring our energy. Then……” Duwei paused “……Then, there’s must be a solution……Hey, anyone wants to hear a story?”

Joanna twisted her mouth, she is not as innocent as Vivian, She knows that even Duwei does not have a solution in a situation like this, but for the sake of the trembling Vivian, Joanna sighed and didn’t say anything.

If we die here…….then, be it! The tenacity in the heart has been suppressed for too long, maybe it’s time to ease……

Joanna didn’t say anything, thinking about her thought; Vivian had already quietly walked a few steps away from her and interestedly asked Duwei “Wh….what story?”

“A tale…..” Duwei smiled and said “I……heard a story about a robber and treasure. They said, there’s a young guy called Alibaba……”

Duwei slowly told the story about the famous “Forty Robbers” from his previous life once and lastly pointed at the wall in the cave and said “See, maybe God will make a miracle! Maybe if you touch the top and shouted “Open sesame” a door will appear and let us go out!”

Vivian looked down and didn’t say anything, she looked up, the female magician had tears filled up her eyes and whispered “ Duwei, you are, forting, me, right?”

Duwei didn’t reply, in this situation, he could say nothing and lightly touched Vivian’s hair.

Vivian suddenly smiled, she tried very hard to smile, and then muttered “Duwei said there’s a solution, then it must be a solution! w…we can, try them one by one! There must be a solution! Let’s, let’s start with the “open sesame”!”

The silly little girl put an adorable smile on her face, although there are tears in her eyes. Then she rose her hand, lightly knocked on the wall and sweetly, crisply said,

Op…open sesame……
Duwei suddenly felt sad……Does an adorable girl like her has to be die in here?

But……maybe the God is playing a trick on him!

The moment before Duwei’s tear dropped from his eye……

The moment after Vivian had finished saying “Open Sesame”……

In front of them, the cave suddenly shook a little…… Yes, the solid wall in the cave, suddenly turned into water and rippled.

A skinny hand suddenly stretched out from the wall in the cave, appeared in front of Duwei and the group! Just before the eyeballs of the three about to fall, an old and weak voice came out from the cave wall said

“Finally……there are guests…..please e in……”


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