Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 : [Leaving the Magical Island]

“What? You mean we made a raft to leave here?” Joanna frowned, and questioned Duwei “So this is your idea? You plan to sail on a sea with a small raft, and take us back to the mainland? You must be crazy!”

Duwei smiled, and slowly spoke his plan:

“I believe we have hope. You and Vivian, both are powerful magicians, you both can use any tools or mounts to fly far away! Am I right? If you still have your power, you would have used your power to leave this damn island already, right?”

“Of course!” Joanna said “If I still can fly, I would have gone already.”

“The question is” Duwei said, “You have lost your magic power. But according to my guess, the reason is not because of you, it’s the island itself! I suspected that there must be something in here that suppresses the use of magic, such as some barrier, or magic forbidden area, these kinds of things……most likely has something to do with the scary big monster you saw. So……I think, the barrier that suppresses magic……How big is its reach? Does it cover the whole island, or including some part of the sea? At least I’m sure is that the field cannot be too big.

Joanna finally understood and there was no need for Duwei to carry on explaining, she continued “So, you did not plan to use the small raft to take us back to the mainland. You wanted to use the raft to sail away from the barrier, if Vivian and i can then restore our magic powers, then we don’t need the raft and can fly back to the mainland. Right?”

“Exactly.” Duwei nodded.

“What if it doesn’t work?” Joanna frowned “What if you were wrong? I mean, even though Vivian and i both got our magic spells, but if we cannot restore our magic power even though we leave the island? Or if it takes a few days, or even months until we can get it back? Then what? Even if we can sail away from the island, we cannot fly. Just by the small raft, we are sure to be dead in the sea.”

“Well, it’s just a different method of death.” Duwei raised his eyebrow “I can clearly tell you that……If we don’t leave this island, by 2-3 days at most, we will starve to death. Although there are a lot of trees in the island, but there are only a few plants whose roots we can eat. I’ve found that when i was looking for food, i can’t guarantee if i can find any more food tomorrow.”

“We can fish!”

“Haha!” Duwei laughed “What fish? You can try! God……Those big waves produced by that monster we saw yesterday, also the earthquake……With these huge movements, even if there were any fishes in the sea, they must have been scared and left.

Even though the idea sounds a bit risky, after a careful thought, Joanna thinks that what Duwei said makes sense.

You either stay here and starve to death, or you go out with the risk.

Next is to find out how to make a raft.

The hardest thing is……There’s no tool!

Even if you want to chop woods from trees……you’ve got to have an axe right?

Even if you don’t have an axe, at least a knife would help!

But don’t even talk about the knife, they don’t even have a dagger!

Even though Joann is also a warrior, unfortunately, the only weapon she uses is a long flute!

Without tools, chopping woods with bare hands? Unfortunately, Duwei can’t do that.

Even though Joann is a swordsman, she does not have the power to chop a big tree with her bare hand.

Duwei started to turn his focus onto Joanna’s armor. Armor is made of metal, if you can get a piece of iron, sharpen it, reluctantly it can be used as a knife.

Unfortunately, Duwei was disappointed.

It is not because Joanna was stingy about her magical armor, but because her armor was full of hollow patterns, they couldn’t even find a piece of iron that is the size of a palm!

After consider again, Duwei still got another idea!

Dragon scale!

Not matter how much she loves her pet, Vivian had to agree with Duwei to peel a few pieces of the dragon scales.

The scales of dragons are extremely strong and hard, in the past legendary heroes even used dragon scales to make solid shields.

Vivian used her last bit of her magic to appease her fire dragon, Duwei bravely peeled off two pieces of dragon scales.

They spent another day to find a big piece of rock by the sea side and used the rock to sharpen those palm size dragon scales into sharp knives.

Those two girls and the boy had spent two day to work.

Duwei and Joanna chopped a few big trees, Vivian was responsible for binding those vines together.

Duwei even used those tree trunks to make a few paddles. He then ran and brought back some huge gourds looking things. Those things not only be used to hold some fresh water, but can also be bined with the raft to increase its buoyancy.

Lastly, Joanna donated her white cape, and turned it into a sail.

When everything was nearly finished, Vivian suddenly remembered a very important question!

“My……my……what about my dragon?” Poor little Vivian suddenly remembered a crucial question!

A raft cannot take a dragon!

Actually, Duwei and Joanna had already thought about this question, it’s just that they found it very hard to explain it to Vivian.

It’s Vivian’s pet, originally she could have used her magic power to create a magical seal and summon it when needed.

Unfortunately, without her magical powers, she cannot seal the dragon and bring it with her.

Duwei and Joanna looked at each other, struggled to answer Vivian’s question.

Vivian suddenly understood, the silly girl shed a tear “No! No! I……I……I will not leave……leave my dragon!! My Burning Sun!!”

She cried and ran to the dragon, thrown herself to the sleeping dragon, tightly holding it.

Duwei sighed, looking at this pure little girl, Duwei felt a bit guilty.

But what can they do otherwise?

They cannot take a big dragon like this!

Not to mention, in the bottom of Duwei’s heart……he is not like this world’s people, treating a dragon like a strong, superior creature.

In Duwei’s mind: talented people are the most important. No matter if it’s a dragon, or a snake……they are just “animals” to him.

Human life is the most important. Sacrificing a human life for an “animal”, it is something that Duwei will never understand.

Furthermore……Hum, if it is not because it’s Vivian’s pet, he would have slaughtered that big “animal” and ate its meat.

Of course if it happens, Vivian will cry and die of sadness on the spot.

In spite of Vivian not wanting to leave her darling dragon, Duwei and Joanna had to force their way.

What surprised Duwei is, that ferocious woman had rarely shown a tender side of her to her sister.

“No need to be surprised.” Joanna had already known what Duwei was thinking by looking into his eyes “I’ve also lost my dragon, I can understand this poor girl’s feeling.”

Duwei could see from Joann’s eyes that show a little bit sadness.

Two girls sat on the raft, Duwei was pushing the raft at the back to the sea, then he jumped onto it. Joanna controlled the sail, Duwei picked up the paddles and started to row.

Only the poor little Vivian, was forced to the raft, silently tearing looking at the island on her back……as well as her pet dragon.

The wave is lowest, this is very lucky.

But Duwei and Joanna were nervous.

They prayed……

They prayed for the following journey, to not meet that monster! That monster could lurk inside the sea and attack a dragon……which means if the monster wants them; it can flip this little raft with no difficulty.

Duwei only hoped that they can leave the island quietly to certain distant, and then hope that these magicians can restore their magic and fly.

“The Almighty God, bless us……” Joanna muttered.

For a weak young boy like Duwei, he struggled to row the raft continuously, he is determined, to leave this island, although his arms are tired, he persisted.

Visually, it’s been about 200 meter from the seaside.

“How do you feel?” Duwei asked Joanna loudly.

“No, still nothing.” Joanna tried to summon a wind magical spell to strengthen the sail. Unfortunately, it still did not work.

“Carry on.” Duwei gritted his teeth and said.

Seem like the God in this world does not protect a heretic like Duwei.

As the little raft sailed to about a hundred meters further……

Suddenly, a big wave set off from the sea! In an instant, that scary roar appeared again.

Soon after, you can see from the eyes of the three scared people, a humongous wave that was about 4-5 meters high suddenly setting off from the peaceful sea.

Thud! With the waves hitting in, the vines from the raft fractured, the raft turned into pieces, the three people fell into the sea at the same time……

Duwei felt that the moment his body fell into the seawater, it feels like there was a force from the sea bounding him!

He could not move his body, the moment he opened his mouth, the sea water gushed into his mouth. Duwei thought he was dead, his sight turned dark, inside the water, a swirl wrapped around him, rapidly pushing him down……

Duwei felt that he sank……and sank……


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