Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 32

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Law of the Devil Chapter 32: Monster!!

Truly, the person Duwei took back was the cold snow beauty, in order to grab the illusionary goblin, she fought with Vivian in the half-horn town.

But at this moment, this woman closed her eyes puckered her lips. As if she was in a trance, her brow wrinkled tightly and panic and terror still didn’t fade from her face.

That night, Duwei witnessed the strong power of the cold snow beauty. Looking at the woman in a trance with a panic face. Duwei was lost in deep thought……. What kind of horrible things she encountered?

Associating the strange roar, and the earthquake……

Vivian carefully held a gourd of water and sat beside her sister, then she looked up and stammered: “how did you find her? And what happened to her??”

Duwei shrugged his shoulder and explained to her what happened. Vivian also felt confused, and she even checked her sister’s body. There were no injury, just shortness of breath and weakness.

Vivian tried to give her sister some water, but cold snow beauty still clenched her teethes. Duwei lost his patience. He knelt down, picked up a stick, and brutally opened cold snow beauty’s jaws, then he grabbed Vivian’s gourd and poured a some water into her mouth.

“oh, no, no, no you’ll choke her.” Vivian quickly pulled Duwei’s arm, and stared at Duwei for a while, and whispered: “you seem troubled?”

“oh, should i feel glad?” Duwei shook her head “you should better think twice! When she wakes up, what will you do? Your magic spells don’t work now, when she wakes up, we will be at her mercy.”

He sighed, in fact, Duwei felt contradictory. When he saw this woman fainted in the sea, he thought of this problem.

Save her? But she is our opponent. What if the woman wakes up, and became crazy. Don’t forgot! That day, she said she would grab me to refine my soul. Even though Duwei didn’t know what the really happened, but certainly, that was not a small matter!

Or not save her? Leaving this beauty to die on that iceberg? Duwei couldn’t make up his mind..

Few minutes later, the snow beauty wakes up by choking

She coughed hardly for a few times, then she quickly turned around. After the long trance, she took some time and energy to sit up. Just as she sat up, she fell down again. But finally, she woke up.

“Si…Sister …… ……” Vivian whispered in a low tone, the silly girl felt terrified, it seemed that she was afraid of her sister. And she quickly stood up, carefully moved up next to Duwei.

“Woo …… My head hurts ……” the beauty on the ground held her head, and looked very in cruciating pain: “what’s going on?….i……..”

After a short stupor, she gradually awoke, stared at Vivian and Duwei: “you two? How did you e there? i…how did i reach here? Did you save my life?”

Duwei and Vivian didn’t speak a word, this woman jumped up, and she suddenly remembered something, her face changed greatly, and she screamed!! “My dragon! Oh, my dragon! My ice dragon !! my Orcut !! ”

Her face looked sad again, and suddenly kneed down on the ground, two hands covered her face, and she burst into tears ……

“My dragon …… my Orcutt! My Orcutt ah ……”

Vivian blinked her eyes in astonishment and saw her sister’s distraught look, she could not help but whispered: “…… sis…sis…sister. What happened to your dragon?”

“…… What happened !! …… he is dead! dead” The woman cried sadly and, her hands beat the ground heavily, scratching and hitting the ground painfully, as if she had no way to vent her sorrow: “he’s dead! He was eaten by that monster! he saved me, but he was eaten by the monster!! ”

When Duwei heard this, his eyes gazed up!

Eat a dragon?

What kind of monster can eat a dragon?

Aren’t dragons the most powerful creatures?

No matter how Vivian tried to fort her, Vivian’s sister couldn’t stop crying, she cried for such a long time that she even lost her voice. Her eyes were all red, and finally she couldn’t even breathe, and then she gradually stopped crying.

Duwei pulled Vivian’s hand, made a gesture to her. And Duwei told to her sister in a serious accent: “Miss, I asked what happened to you. You just said it was a monster, what kind of monster?”

“Monster ……” a trace of fear flashed in her eyes: “! Monster, yes, there is a monster!”

She took a look at Duwei and Vivian and angrily said: “ It’s all because i chased you guys. I rode my Orcut along the nearby beach, and finally we… found this island, I thought you were hiding here…..but when we approached this island, Orcutt suddenly became very strange. he kept grumbling, as if there was something he feared. No matter how i directed him, he just didn’t want to land down. Finally, I used magic spells to suppress him. Then he finally settled down.

Here, cold snow beauty shed tears again: “I …… i killed my Orcutt, my ice dragon ……!”

Duwei interrupted her with an indifferent look: “stop crying, tell us what happened!!”

Snow beauty viciously stared at Duwei, suddenly jumped up, pointed at Duwei and Vivian. And shouted !! “all this is because of you guys! Vivian, if you had given me the illusionary goblin, then I shouldn’t have came here to catch up to you.”

Duwei felt so angry.

This is simply a hoodlum logic.

But there was no time to argue with this woman. Her eyes revealed a trace of hate. And her hand moved to her waist.

“Are you looking for this?” from behind his back, Duwei took a green flute, which was the snow beauty’s weapon, but Duwei already took it away when she was in a deep trance.

“Well, do you think if you take away my wand, then I can’t beat your guys?” Snow Beauty stared for a while, but then she immediately roared: “e on! Vivian, even without a dragon, I can still beat you, you can never defeat me.”

Then, the snow beauty took a deep breath, and she quickly cast spells, at the same time, her body immediately flied up.

Oh shit! Duwei really wanted to hit himself! He already thought about this situation! Such an annoying woman, I saved her life, does she have to fight us as soon as he wakes up.

Just when Duwei felt angry, something strange happened ……

Her body flying up, almost reaching near the height of a branch, snow beauty suddenly changed her face, her body shook a bit in the air, then suddenly she fell down!

Fortunately, Vivian ran towards her, trying to grab her. Both of them rolled into grassland………..

Snow beauty screamed, her face turned pale: “ you! What have you done to me? My magic! My magic.”

She forcibly pushed Vivian away and started to loudly chant her spells again. But this time, her fingertips only shot a palm size snow,…hitting Duwei’s body, even though it did hurt him, but Duwei suddenly came up with an idea, and ignored the pain, and shouted: “ you lost your magic power?”

“My magic!” Snow beauty was stunned, she stared at her hands!

Just now, she indeed used a mid-level magic “Frozen Ice Fumes”. But she only shot a palm of small ice crystals.

Duwei’s face turned extremely weird, and then he couldn’t help but laugh: “You can’t use your magic Haha, even she can’t use her magic!!!”

“Damn!!” snow beauty shouted: “what you’ve done to me? What kind of magic you applied on me!!!”

Duwei coldly watched the furious woman, sneered: “Come on, from my standpoint, we are neither friend nor foe, do we obediently wait for you to wake up and threaten us?”

“Yes, you did it!” Snow beautiful’s face turned pale, and fear flashed in her eyes.

“No, no, no …… sister.” the silly girl said, she gently hugged the snow beauty, and whispered: “Even i can’t use my magic….. sister ……”

“Well, I know you are kind, but why are you telling this to such a hateful woman.” Duwei curled his lips, however he lost was in deep thought, then smiled and said: “It seems that we can find the source of the failure of your magic …… Vivian, you lost your magic, and this hateful woman also lost magic….. It seems that it’s not because of you but because of this place. Maybe this place have some power to suppress all magic.

When he knew that the horrible snow beauty also lost her magic, Duwei suddenly felt relieved.

Tiger may be horrible, but when facing a tiger without a pawn, Duwei would not be so scruples.

He even went over and deliberately approached the snow beauty, chuckled: “how are you doing? Dear Magician, what do you want to do? Cast your magic spells or refined me into a soul? Hmmm….”

Watching Duwei moving towards her, snow beauty stunned. And when Duwei almost touches the tip pf her nose, then a hint of anger flashed in her eyes.

Duwei had a feeling, a bad feeling

Immediately, he felt a pain in his stomach! Then his whole body flied out, pounded to the ground!

Snow beauty tightly clenched her fists, and hatefully looked at Duwei: “well! If you think that I lost my magic power, then you can easily bully me? I am not only a magician, but also a warrior. And I have passed the six-level swordman examination.


Duwei smiled bitterly and laid on the ground.

It seems that he got giddy with success…. And he almost forgot, the day they fought, the girl showed her ability. She is not like the silly girl who just know how to cast spells. She is a master at magic and sword

Even without her magic, she still has superb martial skills …… enough to safely beat her opponent.

Snow Beauty successfully fought back, and she immediately fetched Duwei a rattling kick. Vivian immediately ran towards Duwei and opened her arm to protected Duwei; “ No, No! Sister, please don’t hurt him!!”

Snow beauty sneered, looking at Vivian: “Ah, poor Vivian, it seems that I am right, this little aristocrat is really your little lover. Ah! you protected him with all your efforts!!!!!”

“No, no, no……” when she heard “little lover”, Vivian’s face immediately reddened, his eyes flashed a trace of shy. She could not help but bow her head, and shyly said: “no, not like that. i …… i …… he… He, we dropped here, and h…he…he took good care of me. He found water for me, and gave me some food. And he even saved your life. y…y…you can’t hurt him!”

After listening to Vivian’s words, snow beauty pondered for a moment, and draw back her fist and coldly said: ” Well, this guy saved me, so I’ll give him a chance.”

“thank….thank you.” Vivian relieved.

Duwei laid on the ground and coldly smiled, he endured the pain in his stomach, climbed up, shook off the dust: “Well, if i knew it, i would not have pulled you from the sea! ”

“Well.” snow beauty sneered:. “Unfortunately, now you can not have the ability to throw me back into the sea.”

Duwei was not angry at all, and he said: “Yes, unfortunately, I can’t do that, it’s true..”

“Vivian said, you saved me, and brought me back here? Well, I owed you, but now i have forgiven you, and you better not enraged me.” Snow beauty leaned over.

Duwei didn’t feel angry but laughed, and he even vigorously applauded: “Good, interesting! I have seen many unreasonable women, but I never have seen a beautiful unreasonable woman like you. You really widen my horizon.

After listening to those words, snow beauty felt a little embarrassed, and ferociously said: “How! Do you have any opinion? ”

“No.” Duwei was very calm, and peacefully said: “I even think it’s fair …..the person who has the hardest fist is the boss. Whoever has the hardest fist, no matter what he or she said ,he or she is always right. Their rules are always right! Right now you are stronger than me, I am not your opponent. If you bully me, I won’t plain. On the contrary, if I was stronger than you, i would have already kicked you into the sea.”

Beautiful snow froze for a moment, looked at Duwei up and down, and this time she was no longer angry, but her face showing a trace of strange expressions: “the little nobility is actually very interesting, and his speech is very unusual …… Unlike other hypocritical nobles i know. ”

Duwei rubbed his belly, lightly said: “since you already hit me, then let’s talk about serious things. You lost your magic power, which means we can’t get out of the island. What’s worse, this island has no food, and very limited fresh water! Besides, as you just said, there is a monster who can even eat a dragon…….right? Now, I think it’s better that we sit down and talk about the whole thing!”

His tone was serious.

Snow beauty froze for a moment, thought of her dragon, her face has exposed a sad expression: “My my Orcutt Orcutt …… ah ……”

“Now is not the right time to be sad, you better tell us what happened.” Duwei coldly said: “Since that monster can eat your dragon, so maybe it will eat us, so we can figure out some plans.”

The snow beauty is much tougher than her little sister. After crying for a while, she stopped crying and calmed down. Although she was still sad, but her mood was much stable.

“As I rode Orcutt to land, suddenly, on the edge of the island in the sea, a monster jumped out …… it’s big, very big …… i do not know how to describe it’s look, it is like a big meatball, has eyes on both sides, I do not know the shape of it’s body, because it only exposed parts of the body outside, the rest of the parts were underwater …… Orcutt was very scared, that Monster roared, then …… it launched an attack on us. It used magic, water magic. its magic power was very strong which was enough to set off a full thirty feet wave, almost washed me and Orcutt down from the sky.”

Snow beautiful’s voice was quivering. …… “Then, Orcutt fought back against that monster. Orcutt casted a snow magic, but it posed no harm to …… the monster, the monster seemed have a magic barrier, Orcutt showered snow storm, it hit the other side of the monster’s body, but immediately those snow storm was bounced back …… I also used my magic, but it was useless! I have never seen such a powerful monster …… i never even heard of a monster that have such a powerful magic! It’s even impossible for a top class magician to cast such a powerful magic enchantment to defend themselves against a long-term frontal attack.”

“And then?” Duwei frown.

“And then, of course, i thought of escape.” snow beauty sullenly said: “Since we couldn’t beat this monster, I immediately thought to run away. But this monster casted some spells, i rode Orcut to fly up. But only after few seconds, we knocked some invisible wall, and bounced back. Even though I tried several times, but all the directions were blocked, and ….finally

“Finally, what?” Duwei asked

“Finally ……” Snow Beauty forcibly wiped her tears: “Finally that monster summoned the huge waves, the height of those waves…… I’ve never seen anything like that before, I think even my teacher can not summon those huge waves. Those waves directly rolled us down from the sky….as i fell from Orcutt’s body, and witnessed that monster opened its big mouth, and swallowed Orcutt! ….My dragon fell from the sky, and then that monster swallowed it in one bite!”

One bite?

Swallow a dragon with one bite?

So, how big is that monster? !

Duwei’s face suddenly turned pale.


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