Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 31

Night Mode

Duwei and Vivian ran toward the woods where the dragon slept, but only to find that in the other end, Vivian’s fire dragon had already woke up, frighteningly looking around. Bursts of roars came from its mouth, obviously, it was terrified.

Vivian immediately ran up towards the dragon, raised her hands and held the dragon’s claw. She slowly chanted some spells, the slightest trace of light rose from her little hands, though weak, but the dragon finally calmed down.

Roar changed into a low hum. Finally, the dragon lowered its head again, laid down and then fell into a deep sleep.

After Vivian had cast her magic spell, she looked very tired. Duwei went towards the little silly girl, found she could stand firm and held her arm quickly and gently and whispered: ” what happened? ”

“I don’t…I don’t know, burning sun seemed to be frightened, just..just now……”

“yeah, now have you reassured it ?” Duwei asked, seeing Vivian nod, Duwei said in a low tone: “That earthquake and the strange roar, you should have heard it. It’s right in the north of the island …… I suspect that there may be something on this island! Something we have not found yet …… Maybe there are some beasts.”

Vivian’s face looked bad, and although she was innocent, she was still smart.


What kind of beast can make such terrible roars! What kind of beasts’ roars can terrify a dragon!?”

“I’m going to see.” Duwei suddenly said.

“Uh? Won’t it be dangerous?”

“Danger……” Duwei shook his head: “I do not know, but I am sure that this island is probably not simple …… You see, there are no animals, not even a bird! What does this mean? I guess it is possible that there is a terrible animal on this island, who has conquered the island into its territory, so there is no other life. Anyway, we are now on the island, and we can’t leave this island in a short time. I have to figure out what kind of beast lives on this island, otherwise, maybe we will encounter it later…… Did you hear the terrible roar just now? We have to check this situation! So even when we encounter that thing later, we can make some preparations and corresponds in advance. ”

Vivian hardly nodded her head: “i…i…i will go as well!”

Duwei looked very serious:! “No, listen, silly girl, you stay here and take care of your pet. If the roaring sound came again, the dragon would be alarmed again, then what will you do!? You’d better stay here and take care of that giant dragon now. And if it woke up, and you placate it. And …… you are clumsy, you only bring me troubles. You have no shoes, can you cross to the northern island barefoot?”

“……” Vivian was speechless. She thought, and looked pitiful at Duwei, she bowed her head saying: “Okay.”

Duwei set off with the stick. He didn’t pass through the woods, but chose a route along the beach, and took a circle route towards the north. It may take some time, but it’s relatively safe.

But the weather is foggy, and now Duwei firmly believed that this island might have some terrifying beasts. Now that he knows, it’s much more dangerous to walk in the jungle.

All the way north, when Duwei approached the northern tip of the island, he suddenly found that beside the woods, there were some low tresses, with some interesting fruits on them.

Those fruits were big and round, Duwei felt so happy, he ran to those trees and picked two fruits, but immediately he felt disappointed.

Those giant round green fruit were actually all hollow inside. Those fruits looked like the dried up gourd in the Duwei’s past world

But Duwei thought for a while, he picked off few such large “gourd” in a bustle, then tied them to his stick.

Then, if Duwei encountered some terrible beasts, he could run to the sea. With those hollow gourd strapped to his stick, those guards can provide buoyancy as swim rings do. If an emergency happened, Duwei could jump into the sea.

Finally reaching the most northern side of the island, Duwei looked around, he was shocked by the surrounding scene.

The island’s northern end was still a forest, but what surprised Duwei was that there was frost everywhere!

Along the edge of the beach, there was another small piece of surrounding woods, covered with a thick layer of frost! Just as if it had been gone through a small snowstorm just now. But what frightened Duwei was that the climate here was pletely normal, there was no trace of a snowstorm.

And, obviously, frost only covered that area! Other areas were still normal!

A thought flashed through his mind, Duwei thought about something.
He lifted up their eyes, looked around and researched for something, but because of this damn thick fog, visibility was too low. Duwei first searched the nearby forest for a while, then noticed the snow on the ground. He excavated the snow covering the earth arduously until he found something suddenly.

Under that frost, dirt is humid and warm. That means that frost was to be covered up in few seconds, for example, magic?”

Duwei immediately ran to the sea, he stood on the coast, waves gently slapping his leg, and Duwei tried hard to look toward the sea.

Vaguely, Duwei saw that in the front, there were something fluttering in the sea. And this object is very big. Among the heavy mist, he couldn’t see those details, but only saw a rough outline.

“Is it a boat?”

Duwei’s heart suddenly gave birth to a little hope, he shout loudly and then tried waving.

Unfortunately, after shouting for a moment, that thing had no reply, but it seemed that it fluttered away.

Not a boat …… Duwei confirmed, because after long time of observation, he barely saw that this stuff has a conical shape.

No matter what, Duwei decided to take a look.

Now, in this island, food and water are scarce. If he encountered any situation, he should look into it. Since maybe he could find something.

Duwei immediately tied up those big gourds in his body, jumped into the sea, and then swam forward in a hurry.

He swam hard, but unfortunately in his past life, he was a landlubber, he couldn’t swim at all. Judging from his swimming posture, it looked like a ”dog paddle” posture.

Fortunately, the storm was not large, otherwise, swimming in the sea is very difficult, because usually you swim out two meters, a wave can let you go backward by three meters!

Duwei tried his best, but, fortunately, the buoyancy of those big gourds in his body is quite good, it took a while, Duwei has finally rushed to the vicinity of the big thing……

Watching the scene, he was stunned, a splash ran toward him, he opened his mouth, and almost choked by the sea water.

“Damn …… Damn! No! ??”

In front of Duwei, it’s a small iceberg! An iceberg floating in the sea! Not a boat, nor something useful for Duwei.

More importantly, on the ice, there was a woman.

White hollow pattern light armor, long white cloak ……, hair as was white as snow.

Vivian anxiously waits until the evening, the sky was almost black. She was so hungry that her stomach was rumbling. In her arms, there were some roots, which were digged by Duwei. But she didn’t plan to eat them, instead, she rubbed her stomach, signed, and held those roots in her arm.

He …… he didn’t eat anything.


The magic demon in her waist cage uttered a scream, this little demon’s name was”Jojo”, and the voice sounded like its name.

In the cage, the Illusionary goblin uttered a scream.

Vivian patted cage softly:. “. Jojo …… stop screaming, I know you are hungry, I am hungry too. But we can’t eat those things, we have to wait for him to e back.

Finally, just when Vivian almost lost hope, Duwei came back.

Vivian saw Duwei vigorously moving step by step, every step took all his effort. His back was almost bent down….. because, he carried a person on his back!

Vivian stared with her round eyes, she was afraid that she was imagining, so she rubbed her eyes again, and then she confirmed that what she saw was not an illusion! Duwei indeed carried a person on his back .

Vivian signed, and then she quickly ran towards Duwei. Duwei was exhausted, and before Vivian arrived his side, he fell down to the ground, and the person on his back was thrown nearby.

“Water, give me some water….. My god, I am so exhausted!” Duwei wryly smiled, and signed: “this guy is so much heavier than you! My god….I almost died……died!”

Vivian quickly held a loaded water shoes towards Duwei, Duwei shook his head, pointed to those big gourd on his back. Vivian quickly picked up one, but found that these things were heavy, she shook it, and clearly, there are water inside.

“I …… I saw these on the trees …… So, I plucked them off. Those things can hold water, when I came back, I went to the puddle and stored some water …… you, you can wear your shoes now.”

Vivian felt grateful, indeed, during these days, her delicate little feet have tasted enough of the bitterness.

“And, you quickly take a look at this guy, ha ha, whether to save her, you decide.” Duwei finished his words, and then picked up the gourd. he drunk rashly, and continued to pant.

Then Vivian came to the guy.

Vivian has good sight! But when Duwei showed up, she seems to have forgotten other things, only paying attention to Duwei.

In fact, the features of the person Duwei took back are so obvious! A white light armor, white cloak, and even the hair is white……but Vivian didn’t notice at all.

However, the moment, Vivian noticed the woman, she suddenly stared with big eyes, and covered her mouth!

Then she carefully went over, and struggled to turn over the woman, then she confirmed that She was right.

“Sister …… sister ?? !!”


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