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Law of the Devil Chapter 306 part2

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Chapter 306 “He’s Human” (Part two)

Those words from White River definitely had a tone of belittling the world, but then again, this Shaman King does have the qualification to be that arrogant when he’s among one of the strongest in this world. Du Wei already compared all of the masters that he knew, and he can’t say any of the candidates in his mind could be Mr. White’s opponent.

So, if he says he can kill someone then he can definitely kill that person!

Now Du Wei’s mind was starting to get a fantastic idea: maybe… I should ask him to help me kill that old lizard? A battle between the shaman king and the millennium old dragon king, what a fight that will be!

It’s just that this absurd idea only lasted a fleeting second before Du Wei threw it to the back of his mind. This White River already made it clear it enough, he’s not stupid and not foolish. For a single meal, this guy’s not going to put his life at risk in a life and death duel…

Moreover, Du Wei’s also aware of the situation over at the Holy Mountain. Slaying that old dragon for his own wishes right now may not necessarily be a good thing when the banished races are encroaching on human territory.

But most importantly of all, it’s the amount of time needed for the request. From here to the north, passing through the Frozen Forest, making it across the glacial tundra and then climbing the Holy Mountain, all of this needs time. When they are finally there, several months would’ve passed, meaning its outside Mr. White’s promise of “within his means”.

“Mr. White, in your view for a person like I, is there any desire I couldn’t realize?” Du Wei leisurely asks this.

“I am a Duke of the Empire, holding power over millions and admired by the populous. Whatever I want to eat, whatever I want to wear, I can easily attain it without even flicking a finger because I got subordinates to get it for me. And if I want women to please me, I can freely choose from hundreds of willing females that will come stand in front of me of their own volition. A person’s greed in life can’t stray too far off from these things, and I got all of it. Power? I’ve tasted one of the highest form already. Woman? I got my woman waiting at home for me. Wealth? I’m one of the richest in these lands in terms of money. A life like this, how can I not be satisfied?”

Musing over his words for a while, it’s uncertain what meaning was running through White River’s eye when he looked at Du Wei: “You are correct. A life like that, you should be satisfied.”

Skipping a beat, Du Wei added in another sentence: “Mr. White, speaking of status, you are the real master of the Prairie. Compared to my position, yours is far higher. Pity though, in my opinion, your life is far from being as wonderful as mine despite you being invincible in this world.”

Raising a brow, White River replies in a melancholy tone, “Oh?”

Caged by his eyes, Du Wei immediately felt a cold chill running through his spine: “That’s right! If you think I’m wrong then I’ll ask you a few questions. If you can answer then consider it me being wrong. How about it?” Gritting his teeth, Du Wei manages to push these words out.

“Ask then, I’ll listen.” White River’s gaze became even stranger.

Inhaling heavily, Du Wei raises a finger: “I have an intimate lover sharing her heart with me. I have her, and she have me. No matter if I’m poor or rich, uncommon or common, strong or weak, famous or unfamed, she will always love me with her all her heart. Such feelings, such a partner, Mr. White, I like to ask you, have you ever experienced anything like so before?”

Keeping silent for a moment, White River finally shakes his head, “No.”

Du Wei nods and raises another finger: “I was born of wealthy background so my father’s expectation of me was very high, but I have a kind and loving mother and a brother that idolizes me as his hero. When I was young, I fell deathly sick for a while after suffering a severe cold due to the heavy rain. To pray for my recovery, my one and only mother kneeled in front of a statue all night without sleep or rest, all for my wellbeing. Without demand, she took care of all my living necessities regardless of my performance! Mr. White have you ever experienced such affection, such love?”

Going silent like before, White River shakes his head again, “No.”

Sighing, Du Wei raises a third finger: “I have good friends that I endured life and death situations together! We trust each other with our heart. Even if one day there comes a situation where we must hand over our life to each other, I’m certain my friends wouldn’t hesitate! He knows my ambition, and I know his dream! This kind of friendship, may I ask you Mr. White, have you experienced anything like it?”

This time was an even longer silence, but in the end its another shake of his head, “No.”

Du Wei smiled and cocked his fourth finger: “I have faithful subordinates. I know they respect me and love me. I’m their sky, I’m their lord. Not because they fear or some law that binds them, but because they want to. Even if one day I’m no longer the Duke, no longer in a position of power, they will still wholeheartedly follow me! Such faithful followers under me… Mr. White, do you have anyone like that?”

Suddenly smiling, White River didn’t hesitate and directly shook his head this time: “No. My status above the Snowy Mountain may be prestigious, but I know that the people up there only respects me because they are in awe of my power and that they fear me. Years ago when I took over the Shaman King position from my teacher, it was also through sheer strength and power. If one day I lose all of my abilities, I fear none of my subordinates will follow me again.”

Du Wei wanted to continue to say more, but White River’s smile suddenly became even more strange, his eyes coldly staring at Du Wei: “Duke Tulip, did you know that many years ago someone had in fact asked me questions of similar nature?”

Freezing in his heart, Du Wei reluctantly smiled: “Oh?”

Nodding, White River’s gaze finally releases Du Wei and drifts off into the distance, his eyes showing a trace of nostalgia: “Years ago back when I was about to kill Blue Ocean and Scarlet Water after catching up to them on the Snowy Mountain, it was Blue Ocean who said the exact same thing to me. Not word by word, but the questions were very similar. Humph, Blue Ocean is indeed very clever and scheming. Knowing he’s not my opponent, he vainly used his intellect to shake me resolve! But for a person like I, how can I be shaken by a simple statement? So…”

His head turns to face Du Wei again, his smile cold: “Du Wei, your intentions in saying these stuff to me is the same right? You can stop wasting your efforts then because stuff like this is useless on me. That year Blue Ocean thought he was smart, but all he did was invoke my ire, convincing me to kill for good! I am not a person with a good temperament. Even if I might regret it afterwards, but if you do anger me, I won’t hesitate to kill you first. Do you understand?”

“Alright, I won’t say it then.” Du Wei smiled wryly.

Faintly smiling, White River waves his sleeve and sends a beam of flame right into the core of the bonfire, sending life back into the smoldering flames. With the temperature back up again, he slowly lies down to the ground for rest: “Sleep then, there’s no need to say anything more! If tomorrow comes around and you say you don’t have strength to move then don’t blame me.”

Sitting there watching the fire, Du Wei couldn’t help but call himself stupid. If his little words can shake a person like this then he’s not White River!!

Depressed in the heart, Du Wei gave in and took to resting for the night too.

But things never go that smoothly. As if jinxing himself, a gust of chilling wind knocked Du Wei out of his slumber in the middle of the night. Sitting up in a hurry, Du Wei looks up to the sky where the rolling clouds were closing in on them: “I really had to go jinx myself didn’t I? Pray it doesn’t rain and it goes and rain instead!”

Without indication, White River suddenly rolls his body to one side and shot Du Wei a glance: “Foolish boy, it’s not going to rain, it’s going to snow. I’ve lived on the Snowy Mountain all year around, if it was snowing, I can tell with a single sign.” He states this coldly.

Smiling wryly, Du Wei replied: “And you still have the mood to lie there? Whether its rain or snow, it still means we can’t stay here for the night. Hurry and get up, I think there’s a mountain further ahead. Maybe we can find a cave for the night.”

Instead of agreeing, White River only smiled: “You just sleep, nothing will happen.”

Since he said so, Du Wei can only lie back down as ordered. But in no less than a minute, a frosty chill hit him hard and fast, sending Du Wei shivering from the cold. Then came the drifting snowflakes to signal the start of the storm.

Naturally, the temperature in the air dropped a lot following this. Although Du Wei was a magician with immense spiritual powers, but his body’s not strong enough to shirk off the elements at will. Unable to bear it, he shakily gets up and rummages through his storage ring and pulls out a robe to drape over his body.

But this act was futile for his jaws quickly dropped the moment he looked up to the sky.

Enshrouded in a faint shroud of golden light, the snowstorm that’s wreaking havoc in their vicinity were repelled without distinction, leaving Du Wei and White River completely fine in this umbrella effect.

Du Wei knows this feat was done by White River, but even so, he can’t help but sigh at the sight… This can be achieved with magic too, but Du Wei and many masters are not the type to waste precious magic materials to produce something of similar order. That’s simply too wasteful. However, it seems only abominations like this White River would go ahead and waste his own energy to do something so fruitless.

Unbeknownst to Du Wei, unlike right now, White River had always trained in an open environment during his cultivation. Enduring the cold and ice with frigid winds smashing against the body, that sort of training without moving an inch can yield the best result in bringing out a human’s potential!

Unable to sleep from the frigid cold, Du Wei decided to outright sit there with his coat: “Mr. White, I have a question I like to ask you.”

“Say it.” With his back against Du Wei, White River only replied with this little sentence.

“You said Blue Ocean also mentioned those words to you back then, that it can’t shake your resolve and can only anger you to the point of wanting to kill. So why didn’t you kill Blue Ocean back then?”

White River was silent for a while before he slowly answered: “These things, did Blue Ocean not tell you? Back then I still haven’t completely mastered my shaman craft, making it difficult for me to kill the two with only ten percent of my strength.”

Du Wei shakes his head instead: “I would’ve believed those words before I met you, but now I don’t. Mr. White, although my interactions with you only consisted of the past two days, but you are a super egotistic person. If you are determined to kill someone, I believe you will carry out your deed regardless of an injury or lack of strength at the time!”

Suddenly sitting up, White River turns to look at Du Wei. With his silvery gray hair fluttering in the wind, this man actually grinned: “Humph, so you think you know me very well now eh?”

Silently speechless, Du Wei didn’t say a word and only looked at White River, awaiting an answer.

“It’s nothing much even if I tell you.” White River thought for a moment before smiling: “Those words can never shake my resolve, but it’s not without affect. Instead of getting angry at his questions, a hint of my curiosity was roused in me. Though I will never waver in my heart and question my ambitions, but I did become somewhat interested in what Blue Ocean said about family, love, friendship, and so on. You don’t need to think about, I’ll tell you. The biggest reason why I let Blue Ocean live was because of his argument about family.”

Pausing, he smiles at Du Wei again: “There’s a little piece of information you probably don’t know. Blue Ocean, he’s my flesh and blood, my blood related brother. So, I got soft at back then and decided to not kill him. But Blue Ocean really is a clever one, forcing me to vow never to kill him in the future if I can’t take his life without keeping myself unharmed.”

“Indeed, this oath is too disadvantageous to you. Even if you are strong enough to overcome any Saint Class experts you meet, but to come out on top unscathed, that’s a little hard even for you, isn’t it? Do you not regret making that vow?” Du Wei smiles after asking this.

Beyond Du Wei’s expectation, White River actually laughed at that last remark: “I certainly regret it. The moment I returned to the Snowy Mountain I was already regretting it.”

“…” Du Wei became stunned. Looking at White River, he never expected this man to say something so out of character.

“And what if I regret it?” White River pricks his brow, his smile cold: “Who am I? I am White River, Shaman King of the Snowy Mountain. If I make a vow then I will see through it to the end! Denouncing my own words is not something I will do!”

After answering Du Wei’s question, White River looked at him, his eyes turning cold again: “I only told you all this because my mood is good today after eating your food, however, there’s not much patience left in me at this point. So, I suggest you to close your mouth now. From now until dawn, if you make another peep then I’ll cut your tongue out! Don’t question my words if I will do it or not. If you don’t believe me then go ahead and try it.” After stating this, he lies back down to sleep.

Bitterly smiling, Du Wei can only close his mouth tightly for fear of his tongue.

But there was a thought brewing in his heart:

Blue Ocean says he doesn’t care, but is that true? Who knows, maybe only the person in question here can answer that question

He may wield absolute strength, but he’s still human!

One night of heavy snow fall had left the wilderness covered in a blanket of silvery white this early morning.

With sparkling icicles of the winter’s night hanging off of the branches, Du Wei’s morning exercise to warm himself up had sent some of these ice shards crumbling down to the ground in unison. Only issue was, after a night of bad sleep, coupled with the laboring travel of the past few days, had left his body achingly tired.

Making his decision, Du Wei moved over to an open space with more room and tossed aside his coat. Then following the strange movement sets of the “Stars Dou Qi” training manual taught to him by Hussein, Du Wei began to practice the basics like how he did in the north.

This foundation from the Stars Dou QI really was magical. Completing one set and his body was already feeling much better than before, plus the heat inside him was rising quickly. Aside from raising his body temperature, the aches and sores were also slowly dissipating.

White River had also awoken by now. At first he only watched on from the sidelines with his indifferent face while Du Wei performed the strange moves, but after the first set was over, this Shaman King revealed a glimmer of surprise in his eyes and made a “Eh?” sound.

Picking up a snowball, this man shoots it right into Du Wei’s knee and sends poor Du Wei staggering forward due to the sudden attack.

“Where did you learn this set of moves?!” White River asks this with a stern face.

Though his expression remains cold like before, but that enthusiasm and agitation cannot be concealed in those eyes!!!

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