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Law of the Devil Chapter 305 part2

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Chapter 305 “Leave you your life” (Part two)

Following the parting of the crowd, a tall knight strode forward. Clad in silver armor, this man was around thirty years of age, the prime of a man. The only issue was the pale complexion on that thin face, he looked a little sick.

Du Wei originally planned to make a run for it when White River ran off to make trouble, but with one step out, a sharp voice directly went into his ears:

“If you dare run then I will cripple one of your legs!” This threatening voice would of course be from Mr. White over there!

Sighing, Du Wei can only feel his scalp going numb as he obediently stood to one side.

But when he noticed the identity of this new entry, his eyes lit up.

The reasoning for his reaction was because he recognized this person! Back when his ship got intercepted at the river, the one leading the assassination on Archbishop Maximos was this very same man.

Seventh rank knight of the Xieni faction, Geppede.

Speaking of this Geppede, this guy really had some bad luck on his side. After failing to take Maximos’s life and allowing the Archbishop to enter the capital city, this knight would naturally be reprimanded by his superiors. As for his injuries at the hands of Rhine, it wasn’t that big of a deal, needing only a long rest to recuperate. However, due to the sensitive matter of the incident on the river, it’s unavoidable that an investigation would ensue over the perpetrators. To avoid getting caught, Geppede’s been ordered to leave the capital city and stay on a low profile for now.

As coincidental as it may seem, this guy just so happens to be stationed at this town next to the Brokeback Mountain during the religious tax period. To his misfortune, this also collided with White River wanting to make trouble here, making his luck even worse than before.

Geppede’s been fuming over the greatest humiliation of his life thus far, and now that someone was making trouble in front of him today, its unavoidable that this seventh rank Holy Knight would want to vent some steam.

If it were any other person from the Temple, Du Wei might’ve attempted to save them based on his working relationship with Maximos, but this guy was the enemy from the river. Knowing this, Du Wei simply kept his mouth shut and wanted to see a good show.

Pulling out his sword, Geppede points it at White River with an angry face: “Either you obediently kneel for your sins, or I will tie you up and take you back for punishment! Otherwise, for your desecration towards the goddess today, I will slay you in her name. Know this, when it comes to heretics, my sword never show mercy!”

Making an indifferent smile, White River only looks at this fool: “How laudable… Based on what can you say I desecrated your goddess? It’s strange I tell you. If your Goddess of Light were to stand before me today then I might show some respect towards her, but you… you little small fries are quite interesting. I’m clearly looking down at you lot, but when you can’t fight back, you lot just hides behind your so-called goddess to scare the people.”

Flying into a fit of rage, Geppede didn’t waste another word and directly thrust his sword forward. Under his anger, the flashy aura of Dou Qi on his sword caused a strenuous metal sound as he wielded it, thus making him look very valiant like a hero.

Forming a smirk, White River snickered, “Now that’s a bit better, at least there’s something.”

Just as the sword was about to land, White River raises two of his fingers and clipped it in mid thrust!

Greatly startled by the scene, Geppede knew now the foe cannot be taken lightly.

Shocked and frightened, Geppede struggled repeatedly to make his sword move, but it was to no avail. Despite his aura rising to the point of showing a silvery light, the unique Dou Qi only used by the Holy Knights, he couldn’t make it move. Back or front, it’s like he’s at the whim of this man.

And so, a freaky scene unfolded. A seventh level knight exploding with magnificent amounts of Dou QI was being controlled like a puppet by a scholarly man in white.

“What knight ranking are you?” Asked White River.

Unable to react in time to the sudden question, Geppede reflexively answered: “Rank seven.”

“Hmm, for you to have such strength at the seventh rank is not bad already.” At that, White River faintly smiles to suddenly loosen his fingers without indication. Geppede’s been struggling the entire time, so to find his sword suddenly be free without any expectations, he slipped and started to stumble forward.

Exactly at this moment, White River made his move. Against the staggering Geppede, he easily bypasses the knight to the side in a nearly slow motion sidestep. Then with his hand, White River didn’t forget to press down at the knight’s shoulder and hitting one of the guy’s pressure points…


Spraying out a mouthful of blood, Geppede went flying through the air and smashing into the donation boxes, spilling all the silvery coins onto the floor as a result. As for his sword, the high-quality blade was shattered into pieces as it littered the ground.

Instantly upon landing, Geppede’s complexion became deathly pale like his spirit just took a major blow. As for his decades of cultivation, it was destroyed in that instant. Forever now and into the future, Geppede will never be able to use the slightest bit of Dou Qi in his life.

So what happened just now was that when White River touched the guy’s shoulder and pressed down at a pressure point, this Shaman King had inserted his own tyrannical Dou Qi into the knight, wreaking havoc wherever it went inside Geppede’s body. And now, not a trace of the knight’s power was left. He’s no different from a cripple.

That wasn’t the only thing White River did. While his Dou Qi was running through the Knight’s vein line, this Shaman King had taken the liberty to snoop around the makeup of the unique Dou Qi only used by the Holy Knights. By the end of it, this peerless master had figured out fifty to sixty percent of the cultivation method that had been heavily guarded by the Temple!

Although the sacred Dou QI can’t be so easily stolen, but through some deep thinking and testing, it’s only a matter of time before White River fully figures out the entire makeup of the sacred Dou Qi once he returns to the Snowy Mountain.

Pity this Geppede. A body full of abilities was instantly destroyed by White River. Now he’s even inferior to a common folk!

Making a light laugh, White River was just about to leave when a vigorous and steady voice came out from within the chapel: “Where is the wicked who wounded my Knight, and defiled our great prayer!”

As soon as the voice died down, the door to the chapel swung open and a clergyman in black came out.

The man was about fifty something years old, with a pointed chin and a very thin look. Like his age, those pair of eyes had more grey than white, making him look almost blind and uncomfortable gloomy.

Not wasting another word, the moment this man came out into the open he had shot two beams of red flame at the assailant

“Oh? What kind of magic is this?” White River became intrigued.

Casually moving his body back to dodge, White River was delighted to find the air and everything around himself warped, like a powerful pressure was pushing in against him, “Oh, so this is your divine spells right?”

As the flames came up to White River, he ticked one of his fingers and instantly sucked the entire attack onto the tip of his finger. Then condensing it until it looked no more than a miniature star, the light was eventually sucked entirely into his sleeve with a wave, leaving behind nothing at all!

White River’s action was very relaxed and calm, but the black robed priest on the other hand was trembling inside over the fact.

When Geppede noticed the arrival of the black robed priest, his face immediately showed hope despite throwing up another mouthful of blood, “Your grace, lord judge, this man… this man….”

Du Wei didn’t miss those words…. Judgement Lord, can it be the Temple’s Judgement Lord?

If so, then this Judgement Lord is also part of the Xieni faction and that ambush in the river is done in this priest’s name!

Du Wei didn’t miss the mark. The black robe man standing here was in fact the present Judgement Lord of the Temple of Light. After the former one was slain by Hussein during his escape in the Frozen Forest, this black robe priest took the opportunity to seize the position and spread his influences.

Like Geppede, after the failure of the river incident, the Xieni faction had relocated this Judge to this small little town so that when Maximos brought up the complaints to the Pope, there won’t be anyone he can pin it on in person.

Seeing how easy White River managed to dispel his attack, this Judgement Lord was shaking even harder inside. Not daring to stay put, his arms got to work as he murmured a set of words to raise a transparent wall around himself.

Like the mages, divinists aren’t skilled in melee combat. In order to avoid the foe from pushing him into a disadvantage by forcing a close fight, he hurriedly erected a defensive barrier to bide time until he can cast his other powerful spells.

Taking it all in, White River not only didn’t attack, he stepped back to give the priest more space. Faintly smiling: “Don’t worry, I won’t take the opportunity to hit you. If you got any other powerful spells then go ahead, I want to see what’s this fuss about the Temple’s divine spells.”

White River’s absolute confidence caused this Judgement Lord to be even more frightened inside. After gritting his teeth, this priest ripped the sacred badge off his chest and invoked a spell. Making a dashing bright light, a silvery brilliance burst out of the badge and reformed into a staff.

Not daring to be slow, this priest worked quickly and mouthed a series of strange notes like a hymn. Then under a dazzling holy glow, this man was bathed in an aura of white that gave off a soothing and warm feeling. The only thing missing was the lack of bowing followers to indicate how high and mighty he was.

Even from afar, a lot of the people still around to watch the fight was on their knees, following along with the hymn. The only ones not affected at this point was White River and Du Wei.

“Humph… nothing but a charming effect.”

By now the Judgement Lord was done with his preparations. Raising the staff high above his head, rings of halo were shooting out of the staff head and flying over to White River. Not dodging or blocking the rings of light, White River just stood there to let the halos wrap around his body. In a brief instant, the gentle and soothing halos around his body began to spin, becoming dangerous and deadly.

Still the same overconfident face, White River randomly waves his sleeve around to shoo away the halos like shooing away a fly. In the moment his sleeve touched one of the light rings, that specific halo instantly turned into a pillar of light and disappeared.


“Conceited fellow, under the cleansing light of my Goddess of Light, hurry and kneel for forgiveness!!”

“Cleansing?” White River narrowed eyes to carefully look at the halos around his body. Then suddenly making a laugh, “Just a bluff, and you even went as far as to make up a frightening name. If you can, I like to see you come cleanse me.”

“It’s you who is seeking death, not me being cruel!! Oh merciful goddess, let this wicked being accept your judgement!” The Judgement Lord shouts, his staff pointing at White River. Following their caster’s command, the halos started to contract, and in no time at all, the halos have enveloped White River in a pillar of light that completely overshadowed his figure!

It was dazzling, it was blinding, it was magnificent!

Once the light receded, nothing remains on the spot, not even a trace of hair!

“Humph, who knows where this arrogant man came from. Relying on his little bit of strange magic, he dares to come make trouble in the house of the goddess. Under the cleansing light of the goddess, I have wiped him from existence!” The Judgement Lord exhales deeply and throws a few righteous words out there to defend his actions. Just when this priest thought it was all over, a voice came from behind his ear: “Arrogant? I say it’s you who’s arrogant.”

All of a sudden from the air itself, a white hand stretched out and grabbed the priest on his neck. In a flutter of panic, the Judgement Lord lost his grip and dropped the staff in his hand.

“No! Not possible!” The priest struggled: “You… You…”

Coming out from the air, the figure of White River gradually emerges, “What’s impossible?” You must be wondering why I haven’t been purified by your light yet right? Or is because I can easily bypass your barrier?”

The priest can only feel the hand on his neck gradually tightening. Despite his struggles, he couldn’t utter another word at this point.

But that’s not enough for the Shaman King. Moving in close, he smiled and whispered something into the priest’s ear: “A lowly being like you can never understand the true meaning of power! What goddess’s purification?? What a joke! That’s nothing more than a charm spell and a decomposition spell mixed together! Giving it a facelift with a new name and you call it a divine spell? What a load of crap!”

Pausing, he added another part to make the final blow: “As for your defense barrier… Poor fool, let me tell you. Once you understand the rules of the strong, these sorts of things are absolutely pointless! Your defensive barrier is only in front of you, but for the strong, they can distort the very space around themselves! So, what use is a barrier when space itself can be bent?” Finishing his words, White River tightens his grip on the neck.

Filled with fear, the Judgement Lord only had one thought in his mind:

I’m going to die today!

A little more pressure and the priest would be dead, but White River suddenly had a change of heart. Lightly tossing the priest to the ground, he said: “This knight over there calls you the Judgement Lord, are you the Judge of the Temple of Light? Very good! Then I would like you to do one thing for me.”

White River took a step back. Looking down at the priest in a condescending manner, he makes a very calm smile: “You go back and tell your Pope, say I am very interested in him. Pity my time out here is too short and don’t have time to visit him. If there’s a chance in the future, I hope I can meet him. Hmm, I pray that he stays safe, no sickness and stay in good health. When I go look for him in the future, I would like to see what a true divine spell is like. I hope he won’t let me down like you did.”

Gasping unceasingly, the Judgement Lord looked towards White River with great fear: “You, who are you!”

Instead of replying, White River gradually disappeared from the spot and reappeared before Du Wei, “Let’s go then shall we.”

Two steps out, White River suddenly turned around and said something totally unbefitting the situation, “Are you still hungry?”

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, Du Wei made a bitter smile: “I was hungry, but with the commotion you just made, I lost my appetite. Let’s just go instead…”

Making a smile: “You are very clever, just now you didn’t run away.”

Du Wei sighs: “Under your eyes, do you think I’m able to run?”

Bellowing out a laugh, White River rolled onto his horse and left first, behind was the dejected looking Du Wei following in his heels.

Coming out of the town, the two continued to head westward to the north.

“I say Mr. White, with the noise you are making, I fear the Temple will immediately dispatch their Holy Knights to pursue us.”

Shaking his head: “No they won’t. If that Pope of yours is smart, he will not send those knights after us after seeing what I did to that Judge. And even if they did send someone to pursue us, it will have to be someone that can contend with me. For someone that can become the Pope, I think he’s not that stupid.”

Exhaling, Du Wei threw out another remark: “You are very kind today. You made a lot of noise, but you didn’t kill a single one of them.”

Speaking in melancholy attitude: “In my eyes, these people are but ants on the ground. Trampling them or not is no different to me, I can’t even call it evil or good. Would you consider someone evil if they squash an ant?” Pausing for a moment, he looked at Du Wei again: “If you think its bland to not kill them then I can go back and clean them out at your request. To me it’s no more than lifting another finger.”

Du Wei shrunk his neck at the last remark: “Let’s just forget what said!”

But his heart immediately came up with a deadly scheme: “Mr. White, since you are so strong and proud, why you don’t directly go find that Pope since you want to meet with the strongest?”

White River suddenly reined his steed to a stop, his eyes carefully assessing Du Wei. After a long moment of this awkwardness, White River suddenly burst into a long laugh which disturbed Du Wei greatly.

“Boy, your understanding of me seems to be biased. Indeed, I’m a very prideful and arrogant person, that I admit myself… But, I am no fool so please, remember this fact firmly in your mind! Along the way, if you want to play any tricks then first understand this point. Running off to challenge the Pope is indeed something I really want to do. However, I’m sure that Blue Ocean told you this, I’m only able to exert thirty percent of my strength with this body. Besides, I’m the Shaman King, I got many big things waiting for me to do, why do I need to go do something as stupid as to dig my own grave? If I did do as you say, I wouldn’t be arrogant or prideful, I would be reckless and foolish! Eventually I will meet with the Pope, but now’s not that time.”

Flustered under that gaze, Du Wei turned his eyes away until White River continued to ride forward, leaving him behind alone.

That’s right! This genius monster is absolutely not someone I can trick with a few provocative words. Whether it be shamanism or martial art, this guy’s not lacking in either department. And from the looks of it, his intellect is quite high too. From this point forward, I can’t make any more mistakes, or else…..

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