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Law of the Devil Chapter 305 part1

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Chapter 305 “Leave you your life” (Part one)

The horses in the Duke’s manor are naturally of superior quality. Back when Du Wei negotiated with the prairie prince for compensation, he had received a good number of slaves and horses as promised in the deal. And as a show of respect, the prince also selected a couple of the finest prairie steeds for Du Wei himself.

The timing of the day was still early in the morning so the gate had just opened with crowds of citizens lining in wait to leave the city for business. As a boss, White River couldn’t care less about the rules. To this peerless master of the ages, he could easily destroy anything that hinders his path, soldiers or non-living entities, he only needs one palm strike to squash them like an ant.

As the soldiers at the gate saw how careless White River was galloping over, totally disregarding the safety of the pedestrians, these guards immediately gathered around with their swords drawn in an attempt to stop the intruder at the intersection. But as a eccentric personal, White River couldn’t care less and didn’t make any efforts to stop or to slow down.

Luckily these horses are well trained. Watching the soldiers in front, the horses themselves reduced speed and eventually came to halt of their own voalition.

“Who dares to clash with the gates of the imperial city, do you not want to live? Hurry and state your name!!” A junior officer loudly shouts this demand. Towards these lowly mortals, White River didn’t even want to waste his words, let alone lift a finger.

Du Wei, who’s not far behind, would of course not dare let this Shaman King loose on the crowd. Hurrying to kick his horse’s belly to pick up speed, it only took a few seconds for him to rush over. Reining his steed to a stop in front of the soldiers, he shouts: “I am Duke Tulip and have urgent matters to attend to outside, hurry and get out of the way!”

Du Wei’s reputation in the capital was immensely popular, who wouldn’t know his name? Also, this junior officer seems to have recognized his face so the guy immediately came forward with a face full of smiles: “So it’s your lordship, is this also your companion?”

Du Wei’s face turned dark: “Quit it with the nonsense. Hurry and get out of the way, otherwise all your heads wouldn’t be enough to pay the price.”

As if a lowly officer like this guy would dare offend Du Wei. Hurrying to open a line in the crowd, this officer orders the gate to be widened enough to allow Du Wei and White River passage first.

The pedestrians on the side would naturally be discontent over this treatment. Even so, White River didn’t say a single word and lead the way out the gate without batting an eyelash.

“What an arrogant guy. I’ve seen many people in the high circle before, but even the nobles and royal family members aren’t this arrogant.” The junior officer grumbles to himself.

“So many words, your mouth is better off sealed!” Du Wei glared at the yapper mouth harshly scolding him in the process.

His words may be mean, but Du Wei made sure to toss a couple of gold coins out from his pocket as he passed by: “This is a reward for you to buy some drinks, from now on watch what you say.”

At that, Du Wei himself also left, leaving behind the grinning to the balls officer at the gate: “Duke is the greatest, knowing the pains we guards go through!”

Just as the officer wanted to say some more flattery words, Du Wei’s back was long gone.

In this situation, Du Wei didn’t have room to care about the emotions of the pedestrians for if this White River goes on a rampage, nothing can stop him!

Their travel speed can’t be called a thousand miles in one day, but it’s still very fast considering the quality of these fine steeds. In just a few hours where the sun had just risen overhead, their distance from the imperial capital was very far already as they headed in the Northwest direction. Further ahead, a small town was coming into view.

Getting a closer look, Du Wei knew then where they were at.

This wasn’t any special place, it’s the very same “Flying Horse Hill”, or later renamed by the locals as “Brokeback Mountain”.

Speaking of this place, its rather quite famous. This was the very same place Du Wei first met with that Green Hat and the place where Du Wei found little Vivian starving to death at night.

And before that, through his conversation with QQ, Du Wei learned this place was in fact the very same mountain from the stories of Mayuba receiving the miracle of the goddess.

It’s just that, the Temple’s Canon may have records about the incident, but it never once named this “Brokeback Mountain” as the location.

Perhaps it’s purpose was to protect this miraculous mountain. Otherwise, if everyone in the public knew of this fact, then the swarms of pilgrims on the continent would’ve came running to this area, likely destroying it in the process. If that does happen, it be no different from a blasphemy to the goddess herself.

Coming into the town’s outer premise, Du Wei kicked his horse to match White River’s speed. With a smile: “I say Mr. White, the day’s not early anymore, why don’t we find a place in front to stay and to get some rest.”

Shooting Du Wei a glance, this Shaman King speaks in a emotionless tone: “Oh? Are you that impatient that you will try to pull a stunt now? This place is still very close to the imperial capital, I thought you would at least wait until we reach the next city before trying to flee.”

Du Wei silently cursed inside, but his face can only make the sincerest look he can come up with: “Now this is just wrong. Mr. White, you are the world’s number one master, in front of you, how can I possibly play games? Even if I try, does it look like I can be your match? You see, last night I spent the entire time drinking with my fellow peers and couldn’t rest at all… I may be a magician and could go without sleep for a night, but ordinary people still needs to eat. After drinking all night and then being called to witness your fight with Mr. Blue Ocean this morning, I still haven’t got a grain in my belly yet…”

Hearing this, White River first frowned before breaking out into a laugh: “A person like you is too interesting, to think you can come up with such ideas while being a captive.”

As if not in the slightest bit afraid of this guy, Du Wei smiled: “Riding westbound to the northwest corridor will require no less than seven to eight days if we’re fast, ten if we’re slow. After that there’s still the desert to cross, then the grassland, and then finally the Snowy Mountain to climb. With my calculation, it will take no less than a month to reach our destination, why rush? It’s not like you don’t have time. I heard from Blue Ocean you have three months until the spell wears off.”

Hearing the last part, White River’s eye instantly revealed a wisp of coldness, causing Du Wei’s body to tremble slightly.

Shaking his head to remove the discomfort, Du Wei continues with a forceful smile: “Mr. White, it’s rare for you to get a chance to come down from the mountain, why be in such a hurry to go back? Let’s take some time to enjoy the scenery as we go travel, it’s also a form of entertainment and enjoyment in life you know.”

Appraising Du Wei up and down, White River suddenly makes a smile: “Very well, your idea is quite interesting.”

Finishing his words, White River suddenly raised a hand and gently pressed down at his horse’s backbone! To be suddenly hit with a mountains sized pressure on its back, the horse suddenly issued out a long scream while in galloping speed. Then without another step forward, all four hooves of the horse stopped on the spot, unable to move an inch!

Du Wei didn’t have the same level of terrifying strength as White River. Hewing his horse to a slow stop, Du Wei looks further ahead and said: “The town up there should have some place to eat, let’s go and see.”

Then the two dismounted and slowly walked towards this town under the “Brokeback Mountain”.

The town wasn’t far from the capital and was quite prosperous from first glance. After entering, the biggest building in sight would of course be the chapel belonging to the Temple of Light.

The Temple of Light was at the zenith of its influence, leaving its mark everywhere across the continent with its chapels and cathedrals.

This small town in particular was especially special because it was here that Mayuba, the first Pope of the Temple, received the goddess’s miracle. Though the name of the location was concealed from public eye, but the internal structure of the Temple would of course know this fact. Therefore, the branch in this town was much different from the rest!

Due to its close proximity to the imperial capital, all of the clergymen here are directly appointed by the main cathedral where the Pope resides. And because of that reason, though they are only known as regular officials in the Temple, every one of these faithful clergymen are elites among the elites, there are no weaklings here in this town.

As luck would have it, Du Wei and White River came at the perfect timing for today was one of the two annual worshipping ceremonies taking place per month.

When they were walking by the chapel of the town, the streets outside were bustling with people, looking lively as ever. For this worshipping ceremony, every clergy inside the chapel would be required to wear a whole set of religious robes to preside over the event. By opening its door to the public, all believers are permitted on this day to enter the house of the goddess to worship her statue while at the same time preach the teachings of the Temple.

In addition, several boxes would be placed in front of the chapel door because this worshipping ceremony also coincided with the timing of the temple’s tax collection date.

For this reason, all of the nearby faithful believes would gather at the chapel on this day to pay their religious taxes. For some that’s more of a devout follower, these brainwashed fellas would contribute extra taxes on the side.

Unlike regular tax collection agencies in other small towns where they would need the local garrison to maintain order, this specific place will only be guarded by the Temple’s very own Holy knight’s regiment. This would normally be against the rules, but whenever the date comes around, the cathedral in the capital would find some excuse and send a team of Holy Knights to this small town all because of the significant meaning of this place.

Du Wei and White River was freely walking around the area when the auspicious hour was here. Ringing the giant bell hanging in the chapel’s tower, the overcrowded followers began making their way towards the inside of the building with priests preaching at the doorway.

And outside the main door, the team of Holy Knights in their silvery armor all dismounted after hearing the gonging sound of the bell. Facing the direction of the religious crowd, they raised one hand to their chest in an awe-inspiring salute.

It didn’t end there. Next to the tax boxes near the doorway, several clergies were busily accepting the taxes of the followers like their hands couldn’t even keep up.

Watching this scene, White River’s face immediately revealed a hint of disdain: “Humph, only you Roland people would believe these stupid gods.”

Hearing that comment, Du Wei couldn’t resist making a retort because he’s also one of those Roland people: “Over at the prairie, I believe there isn’t a lack of believers of the Snowy Mountain among the regular herdsmen either.”

Shaking his head, “This is different from that.”

He smiled coldly: “The people of the grassland believes in the Snowy Mountain, that’s true, but we never levy a single penny from the people of the prairie! The iron rule of the Snowy Mountain, whenever a shaman descends into the mortal world, they are not permitted to receive any benefits from the people. Otherwise, they will receive severe punishment if found out! What our shamans drink is water. What our shamans use to travel is not carriages or horses, it’s our own two feet’s! When roaming the prairie, even if a herdsman offers our shaman a bowl of goat’s milk, we must repay them with money! And if the herdsman was having difficulty with their livestock, like sickness and such, our shamans are obliged to take the initiative to help them without reward! These things, can any of your Roland clergymen do?”

Indeed, Du Wei was left speechless… Looking over at the clergies standing at the chapel, which of them wasn’t fat and healthy looking? The hard-earned money by the people are used to feed these religious worms every year….

Smiling, White River speaks again: “If the gods love the people, be kind to the people, then there’s no wrong in respecting them. But this Goddess of Light you Roland people worship, what ounce of benefit did she give your people? What kindness did she bestow upon her children aside from asking for more?”

Against those reasonings, Du Wei can only sigh…

These religious frauds, what good have they done for their people. Aside from the constant preaching of this and that, chanting this piece and that piece, and singing some hymns once in a while…. there hasn’t been a single tangible good dead.

Like this time for example. That Pope came forward calling for donations from its followers… But did the temple ever take a penny out themselves? Humph, saying it prettily is “calling for donations”, but to say it bluntly, why didn’t you yourself donate a penny?!

“That’s why you Roland people are stupid.” White River sneered.

Seeing the change in this boss’s expression, Du Wei suddenly got a bad ominous feeling inside his heart.

Sure enough, this Mr. White River really was fearless when his temper starts acting up!

Although Du Wei also didn’t find this scenery pleasing to the eye, but he doesn’t have the chips to stand up to the Temple. The most he can do was to curse a few sentences in his mouth and call it a day!

One careless daze in, Du Wei was already screaming “not good” when he came back to reality!

Seeing White River loosening his grip on the horse, this Shaman king swaggered towards the Chapel!

Shocked with every hair on his body raised, Du Wei hurriedly chases after the guy.

It may be crowded in front of the chapel, but who’s White River? With an unknown method, the crowd was involuntarily split into two groups on each side, forcing a path open for himself. With the road cleared, this arrogant man came in front of the collection box.

What’s most laudable about all this was that the priest standing next to the box remains blind to the death star coming his way. At first this priest was stunned by the white robe worn by White River, but after some careful examination, he realizes the gown wasn’t the same style as the white robe normally worn by a magician or a priest.

The clergyman pondered for a moment before putting on a pious face: “Are you also here to contribute to the goddess? Very well, the goddess will bless you.”

At that, this fool then grabbed for one of the talismans piled atop of a nearby table to pass it to White River.

As if White River would look like someone wanting to donate. Facing the priest, he suddenly asked: “I heard that the priests in the temple know some special skills known as Divine Spells, do you know them?”

The clergyman was stupefied, but White River was done with him now. Stretching out two fingers like someone shooting out a bullet, this poor priest was immediately blown away like he’s been rammed by a horse, slamming right into the wall of the chapel behind him. Rolling his eyes white, this priest instantly fainted away, still pinned against the crater on the wall.

Several of the priests were furious over the unprovoked attack, but White River didn’t want to waste more work on these ignorant people. Pointing his fingers out again like before, around seven to eight of the clergies were sent flying with heavy injuries.

The scene immediately exploded with screams and shouts everywhere as the people fled in a panicking frenzy. Losing his patience at the racket, White River mumbled: “Fools.”

With one wave of his sleeve, a giant torrent of wind came flying out, sending dozens of people across the air and thus emptying the entire area next to White River.

“Madman, how dare you make trouble in front of the chapel!!”

One hollering call, more than ten Holy Knights came running over to stop the assailant. The more agile nimble ones couldn’t wait for the crowd to separate and leaped into the air to get the first strike in.

Smiling in a melancholy fashion, “So you lot are the Holy Knights? What a pity…” Shaking his head, its unsure if White River was disappointed over their skills or for some other reason.

Surrounded on all sides, White River didn’t pay heed to the swords coming down at his head; instead, he only made a slight turn of his body with his hand raised to make a small arc in the air….

Immediately, several of the Holy Knights could feel a gust of wind blowing into their face like blades scratching at their skin! Subconsciously, some of the attacking knights promptly raised their swords in front of their body to block, but for those unfortunate enough to not realize this, they were blown away with heavy injuries. Vomiting blood after landing on the ground, these injured knights could only make one last disbelieving stare with their pale face before finally losing their breath.

Then in the next second the only noise that could be heard was the sound of swords shattering to pieces, leaving only a handle behind in each knights hand. Everyone was dumbfounded right now as they looked at White River, unsure what to do next.

Making a light smile: “So this is the infamous Holy Knight of the Roland Empire? Such a disappointment.”

As soon as those words died down, a cold and loud voice reached everyone’s ear: “What arrogance! Heretic, where did you come from! How dare you show contempt for the goddess!”

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