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Law of the Devil Chapter 304 part2

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Chapter 304 “Captured” (part two)

Rugaard! Rugaard, he is indeed a man of the Snowy Mountain Sect!!

And a direct disciple of the former Shaman King at that, Scarlet Water!!

Even his son, Cybuster, have already learned the Ice Dou Qi, wielding strength comparable to a ninth level swordsman!

Just that, it’s likely Rugaard and White River doesn’t know this either, that year Gu Lanxiu didn’t die after falling off the cliff! Like his disciples, he came to the Roland Empire and took on a new alias to become the governor of Anglia City, building the underground catacombs underneath the city in the meantime.

And Du Wei, by luck or by fate, incredibly became Gu Lanxiu’s fourth disciple after discovering the notebook left behind by the former Shaman King.

But Du Wei’s not going to divulge these secrets to Blue Ocean. Inwardly, he’s still holding some doubt towards the people of the Snowy Mountain Sect regardless of what they say.

Who could’ve have thought the Snowy Mountain would be that powerful, four Saint Class warriors?! Though Rugaard never revealed his true powers while in my presence when I was visited to his base, but…. Blue Ocean already said it, that Scarlet Water already surpassed this old man. If so…. isn’t this a little too overwhelming? Four Saint class warriors dammit!!

Think up to here, Du Wei rolled his eyes: “Mr. Blue Ocean, I know there’s always a price to be paid when listening to a story. I don’t have much of a relationship with the Snowy Mountain, so there must be a motive for you to call me here today to see this good show.”

Blue Ocean’s smile was very weak but very profound. Against this sort of person, Du Wei simply couldn’t see through him.

“Your dukeship, I have lived in the empire all these years, to be accurate, I’m a citizen of the Roland Empire to begin with and was only brought to the Snowy Mountain when I was young. Then at forty years of age, I returned to the land of my birth and lived here ever since.

Now in my heart, I have long regarded myself as a denizen of this place. I’m just a decrepit old man your grace. Compared to my time on the Snowy Mountain, this place gives meaning to my life. Every day I walk through the streets and see the smiles my neighbors give me, the respect my students give me, they are all sincere and kind… In my heart, I’ve long looked to this place as my home.”

Speaking up to here, Blue Ocean began coughing again with great difficulty:

“In this world, no one understands White River better than I. He’s arrogant and proud to the extreme. Back then he questioned our teacher and gained unimaginable power, and eventually usurping the position of Shaman King too! But in the end what does it matter? He controls the throne to the Snowy Mountain but can only watch over that single place, is there meaning to that? When he was young he mentioned something to me, and later in the years my heart would still tense up just thinking about it!”

“What did he say?” Du Wei asked.

“He said, ‘I hear the Roland Empire worships that whatever goddess of light…. Humph, what deity, I don’t know who they are. If it was I, I wouldn’t worship them even if the gods themselves stood in front of me! One day, I will make the world itself bow down at my feet! And the statues in the Temples will be carved in my image’!” Blue Ocean bitterly smiles, “When he said this he was but a teen… But now, I’m afraid it wasn’t just a child’s offhand remark. Du Wei, if it wasn’t for the curse which forbade him from leaving the mountain every ten years, what do you think would happen? Once he unifies the horde of the grassland, who can stop him in this world then when he mounts his invasion at the empire? He be unstoppable with forty thousand cavalries behind his back!”

The last part raised every fiber of hair on Du Wei, causing him to break into cold sweat!!

Who can resist him? Who can resist White River?!

In his mind, Du Wei was fast-forwarding through all the known peerless masters in this world.

Hussein? Rodriguez? Both of them may be at the Saint Class, but Hussein and Rodriguez are about equal in strength, plus, Rodriguez is but a disciple taught by Blue Ocean. If the teacher can’t stand up to White River, its needless to think the student can!

Then… Green Robe Gandalf? Thinking it over again, Du Wei shot down that idea too, The old geezer may be strong, but the current state of that old man isn’t strong enough to be White River’s opponent!!!

Going back and forth in his mind, the only being that popped up as a possible candidate was….

Maybe in this world, mostly likely, only that old lizard living up in the north can stand up to White River!!

Coming to this conclusion, Du Wei can’t even fathom how terrifying it would be to face White River in person.

How old is the old dragon again? And how long did White River live? Given enough time for him to grow, it’s no exaggeration to say White River can mature to the degree of matching that bastard Aragon.

Seeing Du Wei couldn’t talk back, Blue Ocean bleakly sighs: “In all these years White River and I met twice, and every time his strength continues to grow increasingly more powerful! In my view, the curse from the Snowy Mountain may be amazing, but my heart’s been growing more and more unsettling inside. For a man like him, it’s impossible to judge him with commons sense! I fear that one day the curse will lose its effect and at that time, there will finally be nothing left in this world to stop him. Once that day comes, the world will have to endure his might and the carnage of the native horde…”

Reaching up to this point, Blue Ocean exhales deeply: “Duke, back then I gifted you with eighty of my disciples is for these very reasons.”

At that, he struggles to make a courteous bow: “I’m telling you all because I want you to know what sort of horrifying foe awaits you in the Northwest. I already consider myself a Roland citizen; therefore, I absolutely do not want to see that fearful day in the future. Duke… Please, no matter what you do, don’t let the prairie people step through Mount Kilimanjaro!”

This time Du Wei truly was moved, and in his heart he had gradually started to believe the old man’s word based on those sincere eyes.

Gritting his teeth: “Mr. Blue Ocean…”

“Just call me Blue Ocean.” The old man faintly smiles, “Since I’m a citizen of these lands, then I’m no longer Blue Ocean’s Moon, only Blue Ocean.”

“Very well, Blue Ocean!” Du Wei slowly continues: “Since White River is so powerful… Then I don’t believe you can’t see through my ability, I’m in no way his opponent. Why place so high of a bet on me, aren’t you afraid of losing everything?”

Smiling, the wrinkles on the corner of Blue Ocean’s wise eyes tightened: “Duke, I’ve met countless people over the years in the imperial capital, but never once did I meet someone like you who I can’t see through. If I must go over the excellent individuals in the Roland Empire, then only you are on the list. Hmm… I met the regent when he was young too. He is indeed smart and very intelligent, but in my opinion, he’s lacking in wisdom. Then later you came to me, that’s when I knew it must be you. Only you gave me hope when I saw you!”

Pausing, he slowly raises his mouth into a smile: “My apprentice Rodriguez handed you the sword Beauty under the Moonlight, I hope you will make good use of its secrets.”

Du Wei skipped a beat: “Your meaning…”

“The things with the Snowy Mountain is long past my times. I only want to live out my old age and do my part to keep the peace for all living things on these lands.” Showing an indifferent smile: “That year Scarlet Water wanted to steal away the treasures left behind by the Shaman Kings of old, and this sword is the only key to opening the door behind the peak of the mountain. I thought about it afterwards and thought the idea was viable. It’s just that, I was simply too disappointed by Scarlet Water’s drastic change in his personality back then. If this sword were to fall into his hand, the danger he would pose may not necessarily be any less than White River. I swore to never step into the Snow Mountain again, so I won’t break that oath! But you, you aren’t bound by that oath! One day, take Beauty under the Moonlight to the Snowy Mountain and have a look at the scenery if you will!”

Hearing this, Du Wei’s expression couldn’t keep calm anymore: “Mr. Blue Ocean…”

“Say no more.” Blue Ocean exhales deeply: “I know my own situation the best. In order to cope with meeting White River this time and to make him underestimate me, I’ve been musing over many ideas and came up with this rejuvenation spell. The truth is, my body’s already greatly damaged. Forget about living another ten years, I likely won’t live for another few years before I go to the grave. With my remaining time left, let me enjoy being a leisurely old man.”

Standing up, he humbly bows to Du Wei, his demeanor becoming very relaxed all of a sudden: “Duke, this burden, I’m sorry but I will have to hand it to you from today onwards.”

Finishing, he bellowed out a laugh before suddenly grabbing for the unconscious grey robed servant over at the corner. Then floating down the staircase, he leaves Du Wei behind alone in the room.

Quietly sitting there for a while, Du Wei suddenly made a wry smile: “What a good Blue Ocean! What a good Snowy mountain! What a good White River!”

He honestly didn’t know what sort of expression to make right now, cry or to laugh?

Looking at the empty room for a second time, he then got up to head downstairs.

By the time he made it out onto the streets, the skies already lighting up with pedestrians gradually coming out for the day.

Since he’s alone, Du Wei can only head for his residence by walking. But when he got to the small pathway next to his home, he only needed one more turn to make it to his front gate, a voice that sounded like it was affixed to the back of his head suddenly came from behind.

“Duke Tulip, I left in a rush earlier so I forgot, but now I do so I came back for you!”

Du Wei numbingly gasped when the cold and indifferent voice fell into his ear.

Looking back, a lone figure in white was standing less than half a foot from where he stood.

If it’s not White River then who else can it be?!

“The pet I sent my men to retrieve should be in your hands right? It’s rare that I’m able to come down from the mountain so I wanted to come find you, but the thought left my mind earlier because of all the rush. Now is perfect since you are here.” White River looked calm and indifferent, completely different from earlier, even his body’s been fully restored!

In the face of such a powerful guy, Du Wei’s expression changed several folds before he could break into a laugh, “What a good White River! To think I held some admiration for you. Never would I expect someone like you to do something so low, waiting until Blue Ocean leaves to make trouble for me!”

Not angry or happy, White River slowly spoke: : “So young yet your psychological tricks are not bad. If I want to make trouble for you then it makes no difference if Blue Ocean is here or not. It’s just that I like to keep my promises so I didn’t want to act in front of him.”

Finishing his words, he actually smiled at Du Wei: “I heard quite a bit of your tales in the Northwest. So young. To think you can achieve so many incredible things and even take out a white robe. You are not bad.”

He may be smiling at Du Wei, but the gaze coming from this guy was no different from looking at an ant, indifferent and cold. Speaking in a mild tone: “It’s a pity to kill someone as interesting as you. Very well, if you give my pet back to me then I’ll let you go. Otherwise, I will have one less interesting opponent in this world to play with. Don’t you think a world without foes is a boring one?”

After that, he only stood there in front of Du Wei, silently looking at him.

Sweat came pouring out of Du Wei now for the red monster pet was in his magic storage bag right this instant!

To tell the truth, Du Wei’s not the type of tough guy to die to keep up his face, he’s the adaptive type. Plus, Du Wei knows very well there’s no chance for him to resist. Since the guy said he will leave once he returns the pet, then Du Wei’s not going to doubt those words because he already learned this White River’s the type to keep his promises.

It’s just that…… how can Du Wei return it?

That monster has long been subdued by him with a soul contract!

If he wants to give the monster back, then he will need to first break the soul contract, and since when can a soul contract be so easily broken?

Seeing the silence from Du Wei, White River made a ‘ah’ sound like he just got it. Smiling: “I understand then. A little magician like you must have signed a soul contract right away after seeing such a good pet. Pity… what a pity…”

Shaking his head, he sighed before making a regrettable face at Du Wei: “Then I’m very sorry. Although you are quite interesting, but my pet is very important to me so I can only bring you back with me to the Snowy Mountain and attempt to split the soul contract from your body. Don’t worry, I will do my best to not kill you and preserve your life.”

Finishing his words, he didn’t move and simply eyed Du Wei: “Will you come with me on your own, or do you want me to do it?”

Hesitating for a moment in his heart, Du Wei sighed helplessly, “Do I have a choice?”

As if smiling too at the question, “Likely not.”

Du Wei spreads his hand out: “That’s right… I can’t afford to offend an adversary like you. If you go crazy, I fear even the whole capital won’t be able to stop you. I… I will go with you….”

Nodding, White River simply turned his head and began making his way for the intersection. But with two steps out, he suddenly turned back to glance at Du Wei: “I know what’s on your mind, you want to first come with me and then find a way to escape at the first opportunity. But you better not get any funny ideas. Unlike you Roland people, we do things differently. If my mood is good then I can be polite to you, but if you irritate me, I might just kill you then and there. I’m sure you got friends and families around… good, very good.”

Now Du Wei’s heart was sinking deeper and deeper for the guy read his mind.

Originally the storage ring in his sleeve was fully loaded already, with one wave of his hand, a hail of fireball will come raining down. But against this foe, who’s strength was terrifyingly high, Du Wei lost all hope.

Then at this moment several voices came from the road behind the direction of the duke’s manor, it’s some of Du Wei’s personal guards coming out from inside the residence.

Since Du Wei was invited away prior to the rise of dawn, these guards naturally can’t be at ease in spite of being ordered to return. Now that they are hearing voices from outside, it’s to be expected that some of them would come out to check: “Your lordship, its wonderful that you are back!”

Stopping fully in his steps, White River only smirked at Du Wei, awaiting what he will do next.

Making his decision right away, Du Wei smiled wryly at the guards, “You lot go back first, I suddenly remember I have something important to do. Also, none of you are allowed to follow me!”

The order may be coming from Du Wei directly, but many of them found it strange and for those with keener eyesight, they can see how unnatural their lord was acting. Just as these men wanted to inquire again, Du Wei cut them off by saying: “That’s right, you guys hurry and fetch me some good horses! This here is my good friend, quickly now!”

No other choice, the guards can only go back to fetch the horses.

White River nods, indifference filling his eyes: “Very good, you are smart. If you had done otherwise just now, your entire duke residence wouldn’t have a single living soul left.”

Du Wei smiled bitterly: “The boss is always the one with the biggest fist. I’ve known this truth for many years already.”

Pausing for a moment, he shakes his head before sighing: “I say boss, you can’t expect me to walk to the Snowy Mountain with you, do you? Unlike you, I can’t fly for thousands of miles without breaking a sweat. Since we’re here already, we might as well take some of my horses, they are quite good and wouldn’t lose out to the prairie variety.”

White River seems to be pricking his brow at the suggestion, his eyes seemingly filled with interest: “Very good very good! I rarely come down from the mountain so I didn’t expect to encounter someone as interesting as you.”

Shaking his head helplessly in response, “On the contrary, it’s my great misfortune to encounter you.”

By now several of the guards have returned with some horses. Taking over the reins from his men, Du Wei made a “please” gesture with his hand: “I say boss, please go ahead and mount.”

Not refusing, White River first mounted and went ahead without waiting for Du Wei. As one of the strongest beings on this land, White River didn’t have to worry about Du Wei fleeing because he could easily catch back up to him in minutes!

Bitterly making a smile at what awaited him, Du Wei waves his guards away and said: “Well then, you guys go back first, I fear it will be several days before I can return again. If anyone asks, say I had some matter to attend to.”

Du Wei knows very well even if he tells these guards his predicament, there’s nothing they can do. Without another word, he kicked his horse to chase after White River.

While on his horse, Du Wei’s mind was working overtime, trying hard to come up with a plan to escape.

Going to the Snowy Mountain means I will have to go through the Northwest….

Aigh, in the end its Green Hat in the Northwest…

Perhaps I can make my escape with his help!!

Otherwise, hmm… trick this boss into going to the Northwest Army’s base to be a guest??

General Rugaard, Senior Scarlet Water! No matter what, I’m still the fourth disciple of our teacher Gu Lanxiu! As a junior, it’s the senior’s duty to help the youngest, right!! I got no other options but to drag you into the water with me….

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