Law of the Devil Chapter 297 part1

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Chapter 297 “The inflection point of history” (Part one)

In all my life, I will never be enthroned and will only be known as the Regent!

In front of Du Wei, Prince Son went ahead and declared his determination that’s been hidden all this time. This explosive confession naturally would surprise Du Wei.

After spilling this secret, he seems to have become tired too. Looking up at the sky, Son made an indifferent smile: “Alright, let’s end the story here for today. Remember my words and stay longer in the capital. When spring comes around, I hope you can attend my baptism ceremony. Ha, I fear when I break the news out, the capital will fall into chaos for a while.”

Pausing a moment, he grins: “It’s getting late. I originally wanted to invite you for dinner but I am a little tired, and I also know you won’t be at ease when we dine together. I’ll let you off then. I’m sure Taklanshan and Biliabuer and those guys are waiting to entertain you. If you don’t have anything to do in the coming days, do come find me in the palace.  I’ve informed the people down below so none will block your path when you wish to see me.”

Du Wei hastened his farewell and then left the palace garden with a belly full of shock.

Today’s harvest really was big. In all honesty, Du Wei never expected all this. The person whom wields full authority in the empire, the one that’s all but in name the emperor, would willing give up the throne!

Once outside the garden, Du Wei was immediately escorted by one of the royal guards to the exit. But not even a few steps out the door, a young woman dressed in a court maids outfit had ran up to him from the side door: “Grand Duke of Tulip, please wait a moment.” She whispers to him in a huffing voice.

Pausing, Du Wei turns back to meet the maid. No more than twenty, this girl had a comely yet beautiful face, and her demeanor was clearly nurtured through the inner palace.

(inner palace, where the emperor’s family resided or where his women lives. Pretty much a harem location for the king)

Du Wei had some knowledge of the inner palace’s rules and ranking system, so with only a glance, he can tell her status among the maids weren’t low. But due to her shyness at bowing her head the instance he greeted her, Du Wei can figure the girl had rarely come into contact with the outside world.

“What’s the matter? Can it be the Regent still have some message for me?” Du Wei began sizing up the girl.

Flushing, the girl’s voice was soft and small like a gentle butterfly: “Grand Duke of Tulip, I am the court maiden specifically assigned to taking care of Prince Charlie and Princess Karina… Umm, the Regent did not send me; it’s the prince and princess…”

Hearing this, Du Wei became a little confused: “The prince and princess?”

“Yes.” Inhaling deeply, the court maiden shook away her shyness: “The highnesses said it’s an honor to meet the great Duke of Tulip and tasked me to give their greetings to you. Also… I’m assuming you are aware of the Regent’s meaning so the prince and princess will be under your tutelage from now on. Although they haven’t officially become your students yet, but the two are looking forward to your teachings. Originally I was tasked to ask you to make a visit today, but the sky is getting dark so I won’t’ delay your time. However, in order to express their admiration towards you, both highnesses ask that your dukeship leave behind a little lesson for the two, consider it as a formal enlightenment gift.”

Those words are indeed very proper, but Du Wei doubts it was the kids who came up with this speech. It’s true that Charlie had a little bit of an adult air to him, but such high sounding words cannot be done by an eight year old child.

Knowing this, Du Wei smirked and smiled at the court maiden: “Hmm, what’s your name?”

Blushing red on the cheeks, she bowed her head first then gracefully made a curtsy: “Your dukeship, please call me Lanlan. I also serve as their highnesses etiquette teacher.”

Hmm, turns out to be a court-etiquette teacher, it’s rare to find one so young. This girl named Lanlan may not be extremely beautiful, but her graceful demeanor makes those around her very comfortable.

Du Wei ponders for a moment.

Since the Regent has taken the initiative to offer his children as students to him, plus the guy revealed the hidden stories about his childhood and how he would never become the emperor, then that means the throne will surely fall to Prince Charlie. Entrusting the future emperor to himself, guess that’s one form of a reward. Hmm, refusing is out of the options then.

Moreover, one of his titles was also a court scholar. It would be difficult to find an excuse with that hanging over his head.

On the Roland continent, especially among the aristocratic circle, there’s this custom that any scholar acting as a child’s first teacher would hand over a gift upon their first meeting. The gift will act as an enlightenment gift for the child. For example, let’s say the teacher gives a book to the child. The implication from that means the teacher wishes for the child to read more.

Or if the gift was an exquisite goose feather brush, it will mean the teacher wishes for the child to make more notes. And if the teacher wasn’t quite ready during the occasion, it’s common to find the teacher making a question for the student to solve. Or in some cases where the teacher was a follower of the Temple, it’s not unheard of to find them giving their students a copy of the Temple’s canon.

This form of gifting was a kind of tradition among the aristocratic circle to show their respect towards one another when becoming teacher and student.

For example, Du Wei himself had an enlightenment teacher when he was young, Mr. Rosia, the one he scared away with those crazy talks of planet spinning and power decentralization. For his enlightenment gift, Du Wei got a book called the “History of the continent, Volume I”, meaning to learn more about history.

Seeing this girl named Lanlan coming to ask for an enlightenment gift from himself, Du Wei can already guess this was orchestrated by the Regent and not by the kids.


Pondering for a moment on what to give, Du Wei rummages through his pockets and pulls out a thick textbook from his magic storage ring.

This book was the very same enlightenment gift Du Wei got when he was young from Mr. Rosia. Of course, the history of the continent cannot be recorded on just a single volume, there’s many more out there aside from this first volume.

Handing it over, Du Wei makes a smile: “I’m alsocaught off guard by the Regent’s arrangement so I didn’t prepare any gifts ahead of time. But this history textbook was given to me by my first teacher as his enlightenment gift. During my read through, I’ve made some notes and opinion pieces inside. Some of the viewpoints may not necessarily be correct, but luckily it’s still a novelty to read. Take it and give it to his young highness.”

Solemnly receiving the item, Lanlan made a courteous bow before turning away.

“The regent has quite the expectation for his children.” Shaking his head, Du Wei then left the palace for good.

Since he has an appointment with Biliabuer and the others today, it’s only natural that he would return to the Duke’s manor to change. Circled by all these powerful figures of the Regent’s faction, he went off to socialize for the remainder of the day.

That evening with the presence of Biliabuer and Taklanshan, it’s unavoidable that they would run off to that gold spending cave again. Wine and fine beauty, pleasure all around. Though he may not be enthusiastic about these things, he must still give his peers some face; otherwise others will take it as a snub when they organized everything just for him.

As to what happened that night with Duke Tulip and his colleagues, there’s not much to say other than to say it’s a man’s perfect wet dream.

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