Law of the Devil – Chapter 292 part 1

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Chapter 292 “Farce” (Part one)

This sudden shout from the young master of the Senna household astonished everyone in the hall. Towards his action, the nobles, including the elite members of the capital, all looked at Dupont with an incredulous and denouncing gaze.

At the same time in a faraway box, both Taklanshan and Biliaibuer had a dark gloominess on their faces for this bid was akin to challenging Du Wei.

Then under the surprised and plex gaze of the audience, this princess slowly strode up to the second floor and sat shoulder to shoulder with this master Dupont, pletely disregarding the public’s opinion.

Seeing the intimate posture of this woman, even Du Wei was a little taken aback….

Then without care, this holy maiden whispered something into the young man’s ear. Nodding in understanding, Dupont once again called out using a discontent voice: “Hey, I’ve called my bid. If there’s no other buyer, this should be my win right?”

As Dupont finished his words, the middle aged steward behind him fell into shock and hurries to e forward: “Young master, you mustn’t do this! You can’t!!” The Steward whispers.

Turning around to look at this servant, Dupont angrily glares at the middle aged man: “What did you say?! Like I need your advice on purchasing something!”

Making a face full of panic, this steward urgently whispers some more: “Young master! This thing cannot be bought so randomly… If you do, you are going to bring disaster to the family! After returning, old master will definitely be furious….”

“Nonsense!” Dupont retorts in a reprimanding tone: “Buying this thing is a kind deed, why would father scold me.”

The steward was speechless now. He’s a sensible man so how can he not know this thing cannot be touched. If the young lord does purchase this, it will no doubt bring catastrophe to the family.

He may be extremely anxious inside, but with the presence of the holy maiden here, this steward simply can’t speak his mind: “But the Marquise… Marquise….”

“Father is ill for several days now and I’ve got word to make my own decisions. I don’t need your intervention when I make my choices.”

After being talked back by his own servant in front of the holy maiden, Dupont became flustered by embarrassment. Angrily shouting again: “Ten million, I’m taking this! Hey you down there, why aren’t you announcing the winner?!”

Now all eyes were pinned to this box. With only a rail in-between the occupants and everyone else down below, anything that occurs now could be clearly seen by the audience. Plus, Dupont’s voice was exceptionally loud, thus giving the crowd a good hear.

For someone as smart as this steward, how can he not know the weight of this product and the meaning behind it? What he doesn’t understand though was why his young lord would do something like this? It’s true the young lord can be arrogant and spoiled at times, but never once would he pull off something of this magnitude.

Obviously a faithful man to the family, even before a scene of this kind, this steward refuses to stop at the expense of offending his young lord. Hurrying over to the rail guard, this middle aged man calls out to Zack that was standing on stage: “Mr. Zack, the offer just now doesn’t count. The Senna family won’t pay for it.”

“Damn thing!” Master Dupont flew into a furious rage. As the youngest master of the Senna house, when has he ever been treated like so, let alone be retorted by his own steward in public? Ashamed and angered to the brink of exploding, he points a finger at the steward and began yelling: “Tak! You’re too presumptuous! You are but a steward, with what can you…”

“Young Master!” Pale white, this steward firmly shakes his head: “You are wrong on this. I absolutely won’t allow you to bring this kind of disaster to the family! The reason the Marquise tasked me to follow you is to prevent troubles of this kind, how can I ignore it?”

“You …” Under the heat of rage, Dupont became speechless for he’s always been a straw head. Like this steward said, his father sent the guy over in order to restrain him from doing anything rash.

But suddenly, a “giggling” voice came from the side as if things weren’t troubling enough. With a charming smile and a crisp voice, the holy maiden leisurely said: “Hmm, Dupont, for a steward to interfere with his lord’s decision, your Senna house is indeed different from the rest.”

Like adding oil to a fire, Dupont’s face immediately flushed red and began cursing at the poor man: “Tak! You are but a servant in my family, a dog we own! How dare you overstep your boundaries?!”

At that, Dupont actually disregarded his identity and walked up to the steward in an attempt to kick the man. Dodging in the nick of time by swirling to the side, this steward stared at the holy maiden with indignation in his eyes: “Young master, no matter what you say today, I absolutely won’t let you, I will stop you…. AH!” Not getting a chance to finish, a painful cry came out.

When Dupont found that his kick had missed just then, this heated young man conveniently grabbed a teacup and threw it at the steward. Because their distance weren’t far to begin with, blood began pouring out of the wound on the guy’s forehead due to the shattering impact.

To do something like this in a fit of rage, the nobles down at the seats all frowned at Dupont, many holding contempt and anger at this foolish young lord.

Covering his wound with his fingers, this steward Tak took a step back and shouted: “Young master, if you must misbehave like this then you leave me no choice, I can only go back and invite the Marquise over!”

After that, he once again loudly called out to Zack on stage: “Mr. Zack, our young lord’s bid is invalid. He’s not the chief of the family, nor can he afford ten million gold coins because he doesn’t have that authority in the family. I’ll go invite the Marquise here now.” With that said, he turns to leave the VIP box.

Dupont couldn’t hold it anymore. In a flurry, he suddenly pulled a dagger from within his sleeve and rushed to stab the steward from the back.

Those that got good eyes down below gasped at the sight of the dagger, and Du Wei on the other side also furrowed his brow at the scene.

One of the first rules in the auction house was that no weapons are permitted inside regardless of the circumstances, anyone attending would know about it. But it’s simply all too mon to find situations where one ends up guarding against a gentleman versus a villain. After all, who here wasn’t of noble status, how can the doorman search every one of them?

Fortunately this steward Tak was an agile one. Hearing the exclamation from the audience, he knew something bad was about to happen and hurried to dodge. His speed was fast and he did manage to avoid being stabbed, but the dagger was simply too sharp and ended up making a cut over his shoulder, thus causing blood to gush out of the wound.

Filled with murder in his eyes as he held that blood stained dagger, Dupont realizes his failed attempt and rushes up to send a powerful hard kick. Then without hesitation, this blinded young man makes another attempt to stab at the steward while mouthing off at his target: “You dog, this is what you get for disobeying me!”

Seeing this time the attack will end the steward’s life, Du Wei grunts from across the box and raises a finger. From his tip, a fireball shot out and engulfed Dupont’s hand holding the dagger.

Overtaken by pain, Dupont makes a loud shrill scream and immediately loosened his grip, thus dropping the dagger to the ground.

Du Wei’s fireball mustn’t be taken lightly. From the hand, the flaming sparks splashed out across Dupont’s clothes and lit up numerous areas across his body. All of a sudden, this young lord was repeatedly crying out in pain and fear, begging for help as he rolled around the floor.

While everyone in the hall watched on as this played out, it was that steward on the floor who stepped in. truly a faithful servant of the Senna house. Without worrying for his own safety despite being injured, he jumped atop of the flaming young lord and began patting out the flames with his bare hands.

In the distance, Taklanshan and Biliaibuer were both looking at each other as this scene unfolded. They both knew Marquise Senna well. The old chief of that house may not be a loyalist to the royal family, but there’s no questioning the Marquise wouldn’t want to get mixed up in these kind of trouble and would prioritize self-preservation.

Based on this knowledge, they can deduce the actions of this young lord hadn’t been instructed by his old man the Marquise! Then it can….

Turning to look at the princess seated not far from the young lord, both Taklanshan and Biliaibuer had a look of understanding: a woman’s seduction.

At the moment there were finally some attendants rushing up to the VIP box. Swinging the door open, the staffs hurries to pull the two apart.

Showing no regret or gratitude for saving his life, the first reaction this Dupont had after having his flames extinguished was to send a heavy punch across the steward’s face. Immediately, the nose of this steward named Tak was bleeding profusely, his eyes showing bitter disappointment at the young lord.

Forcibly shirking off the two staff holding him, Dupont turns to shout at Zack standing down at the stage: “What are you still dazing around for! If there’s no other call then this thing belongs to me!”

Watching this farce from the stage, Zack not only didn’t fall into a panic, his heart became relaxed and turns to look at his lord the Duke. Seeing the indifference on Du Wei’s face, Zack then knew his lord had his own plans and decided to keep quiet.

Sneering inside, Du Wei slowly stood up and walked up to the rail guard. Then making a soft smile, he asked Dupont from across the VIP box: “Hello lord Dupont. I would like to ask you, are you absolutely certain you must have this thing?”

Returning the look from Du Wei, Dupont didn’t hide his hostility and heavily grunted: “Of course Duke, this thing is mine for sure.”

As he said that, Dupont glances back over to the holy maiden.

Although several attendants had rushed into the VIP box in order to separate this young lord from his steward, but this holy maiden was also a princess of the empire, who would dare touch her? With no other alternative, these staffs of the auction house can only stand side by side next to the princess without doing anything.

Du Wei didn’t miss it. This Dupont originally had a ferocious look when looking at him, but when turning to face the holy maiden, his eyes immediately changed to adoration without any attempt to hide it.

Narrowing his eye, Du Wei instead turns to assess the woman and was returned with a gaze of her own. Making eye contact, both of them made a cold smile as invisible sparks flew out.

“Very good.” Du Wei nodded then turns to point at the young lord of the Senna house: “Making a mistake is not terrifying. What’s terrifying is ignorance. I pity you.”

Then he turns to the crowd down below and spoke aloud, “Distinguished guests, as the master here, I declare that the auction for this particular item is suspended due to the situation that just happened.”

Dupont suddenly sprang up, his voice filled with anger: “Based on what can you do this!”

Du Wei softly smiles: “Based on these words are said by me.”

His face gradually turning cold as his voice spread to the entire audience: “Whoever feels I’m not qualified can stand up now and speak.”

The people on the royal family’s side would naturally not oppose, and those from the south couldn’t stand either when their gaze met with Du Wei’s. From that oppressive and deadly glare, these southerners instinctively went numb on their legs and began shivering uncontrollably!

Du Wei’s been in the northwest for two years now. Killing by his stare was as natural as eating rice. By revealing his murderous aura and killing gaze, who can resist him in this place filled with weaklings?


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