Law of the Devil – Chapter 29

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Law of the Devil Chapter 29: Night of Romance

When Sun was about to set, Duwei’s search finally bore fruit.

He found a small puddle in the depths of the West Forests of the island. This is probably the cavity that was left after the rainy season, the island has no beast, and the puddles are located in a relatively dark side, Duwei cautiously looked around the water and did not find any trace of a beast.

After tasting a bit of water, Duwei confirmed that water in the puddle is freshwater, Duwei eased. A thirsty young teen and a thirty young lady threw themselves to the puddle, regardless of manners. Cool water with a little weird taste poured into the fiery throat, Duwei could not help but uttered a pleasant sigh. That hint of cool feeling slid down the throat, the whole body felt so fortable that it shivered.

After drinking enough water, Duwei immediately took off his sheepskin boots and cleaned it up in the puddle.

“You, what are you are doing?” Vivian looked at Duwei

“Washing shoes,” Duwei said, and kept showing his shoes. “Then use it to hold water.”

“ho..hold water? Using Sho…shoes?” Vivian was revealing a strange expression.

“Of course,” Duwei said, “In addition to shoes, can you find any other water storage containers? Do you have a bottle or jar? No, you don’t, then you can only use my shoes to hold water. What’s more, my shoes are made up of sheepskin, so it has an excellent waterproof quality, stupid girl.” said Duwei and he took a look at Vivian: “Do not frown, this is our only way. Since we don’t know how long we have to stay in this terrible place. We can not stay in here and just watch this puddle, we must go to the sea coast! If you think my shoes stinks, you can take off your shoes to hold water.”

Vivian was still stunned, Duwei urged:. “hurry up, unless you want to drink the water from my shoes.”

Maybe the last sentence stimulated the little poor Vivian, she quickly took off her shoes.

Vivian’s shoes were made of leather, and her shoes seem much better in quality than Duwei’s. After she had taken off her shoes, the female magician seemed helpless. She wore white socks, but her socks were stained with blood. It seems after walking for a long time, the girl’s feet has been blistered, and all those Blisters revealed.

Soon, Vivian lay on the edge of the puddle like Duwei did, she quickly cleaned up her shoes. She fiercely washed several times, at last Duwei lost his patience: “Twice is enough, why do you wash so many times.”

“Sh…….. shoes, dirty……”

Duwei smiled, looking at the innocent little girl: “Hey, you see, this little puddle, has limited water, you washed your shoes again and again, then although your shoe is clear, but the water became dirty. What’s more, in the end, you have to drink that water.

“……” Vivian stared, then she flat mouth, with unlimited grievances, she filled two boots with water and stood up: “But, but, do we really need to drink this water?”

“Wait until tomorrow, when your throat bees dry, even if the water is ten times more dirty, you would not hesitate to drink it.” Duwei lightly said : “Well, now we need to go back.”
When they got back, Duwei walked in front while holding a long stick, after a while, he found Vivian falls farther behind, and Duwei stopped, frown and looked at her: “You’d better hurry up, the time is getting late. After the sun goes down pletely, it will bee pletely dark, and even walking will be difficult. Walking in the forest at night makes it more tricky to identify the direction.”

Vivian quickly nodded, picked up her speed and closely followed Duwei, one-foot deep one-foot shallow. After walking a few step, she could not help but shed tears of pain: “my…… my feet, hurt so much.”

Duwei frown and walked beside her, looking down at the girl, her feet have been punctured by several thorns, a fine round ankle, as well as a few small toes are covered with mud and a bit of blood.

Sighed, Duwei was a little frustrated. Letting such a fragile girl walk barefoot in the jungle, and that is indeed difficult for her.

Duwei said with a cold face, and hang his two shoes on the neck, then turned and slightly bent.

“…… Ah?”
“I said up!” Duwei’s back turned towards Vivian, and his voice is still very cold:. “. Hurry up, do not waste time, I will carry you back.”

“b..bu..but but……”

“Nothing but, listen little girl, we have to seize the time, before it gets dark, we must rush back to the dragon, we are not familiar with the island, and God knows what this island has to offer. Right now you and I have no ability to protect ourselves. We have to seize the time! Fast! Now, do not bullshit me, and e on! ”
Duwei’s stern voice made the poor little Vivian not dare to refute anything, she immediately hanged her shoes on her neck, just like Duwei did, and then obediently lay on Duwei’s back.

Carrying the female magician, after walking for a few steps, Duwei started feeling a little difficult, after all, Although his mind is that of an adult, but his body was still that of a small teenager …… and also of someone who grew with frail deficiencies.

“thank …… thank you.”

Walking for a while, suddenly Vivian whispered and stammered, her voice is low that Duwei almost did not hear her words clearly. But he just grunted, and did not speak a word.

Thus, on this uninhabited island, at nightfall, the poor little Vivian volts in a strange boy’s back, she could see the black shy leaked from the dense tree leaves. She bowed her head, and could see the teen could hardly move forwards, and also hear his heavy breathing.

Vivian suddenly felt that this little nobility who always bully hers, does not seem so terrible ……

Back to the place where they fell, the big dragon is still sleeping. According to Vivian’s introduction on the road, sleep can increase the dragon’s body recovery speed from injuries, during this time, the dragon does not even have to eat and drink.

That relieved Duwei a lot …… fortunately, otherwise, that fresh water is not enough for us to drink, how can it feed the thirst of a dragon?

Limping back to the camps, Duwei left the female magician, and he fell on the ground, gasping breathing together.
“Dying …… dying ……” Duwei took a deep breathe, breath like a dying man, his body is numb, and he plained: “If it was the past me, let alone carry such a little girl, even if I carry one and hold another,, I can run one thousand meters without taking a breathe, and now my body is so much worse …… ”

Vivian fell to the ground, and this time she didn’t say she is in pain, but she stood up immediately, looked Duwei pant hard, she suddenly jumped up, take a slices at the tree, then sat quietly beside Duwei, lifting her hand to cool Duwei.
Duwei gasped for a moment, looked up at Vivian: “What are you doing?”
“I …… I saw that you looked very tired, so..i was just trying to help you.” Vivian opened her eyes and said seriously.

Duwei could not help but laugh, this girl, this silly little girl, but also in some degree, she is really cute: “Thank you …… But, do you know that it is early spring, the weather is still pretty cold ?”

Duwei gently took the large patch of leaves from the female magician’s hands, with a bit of a smile looking at Vivian’s reddened face, and then said: “Well, we are now going to rise a fire, Otherwise, we can not stand the cold at night. We have nothing now, if we got sick because of cold, then we’ll have big troubles. ”

In fact, the cold fall night is not difficult to solve, as long as they slept next to the dragon.

After all, the other end is a flame dragon …… But, sleeping near such a monster, if the sleeping dragon casually turns over, then they may be crushed to death.

Moreover, Vivian probably will bee the first magician in history who was crushed to death by her own magic pet.

Duwei picked up enough leaves and branches so that Vivian can cast a Fire Magic…….a little fireball, now Vivian only has such little magic.

At night, Vivian while holding a torch, and Duwei holding enough branches, came to the edge of the beach, Duwei lit a fire, and he tried to pile the branches highly, so that the fire can burn more fiercely.

In the Darkness, catching the sight of a fire, even from a faraway place, is possible!

Duwei sighed, this is the only hope. I only hope that there is a ship passing by, the sailors can see the campfire, and send someone here, then they may be able to be save us.

After setting up everything, Duwei was exhausted, he stretched his body, and laid on the beach, took a long sigh.

At this time …… goo!

Duwei froze for a moment, and then they heard again ……

He sat up, looked at Vivian with a half smile.

“I’m sorry, m…my…my belly.” Fire makes Vivian’s face look reddish, Vivian embarrassed clutching her stomach: “I…I…I’m hungry.”
“me too,” Duwei sighed: “Unfortunately, we are currently locate in a deserted island where no small animal lives, otherwise, grabbing two small animals and having a good open-air barbecue is also good.
“Then …… What about wild berries ?” Maybe because she was hungry that the little magician became a bit smarter.

“look around, there are no fruit trees, not even mention berry fruit plants. There is only a clump of leaves and weeds?..” Duwei sighed: “Otherwise, I would like you to remind me?”

” Well, then how about fish ” Vivian looked at Duwei with pitiful face: “there is sea, and sea have fish?”

Duwei shrugged his shoulders, and he looked at Vivian: “can you swim?”
Vivian shook her head.
“neither can I.” Duwei smiled: “we are the same, landlubbers, as to go to water and catch fish, I do not have that ability and, during the day, I’ve been looking at the edge of the shore… I only found some empty shells and conch, can your stomach digest the hard shell? ”

“But I am so… hungry.” Vivian poorly curled her small mouth, blinked her eyes and looked at Duwei.

“I can not help, lets for the night, tomorrow morning, I’ll figure out a way to catch fish in shallow water area, but not now, the night is dark, and we cannot swim, if we drown now then everything is over.

Vivian sighed, she could only obediently sit down …… inadvertently, she sat beside Duwei.

“we should have a talk, chat could make you forget hunger.” Duwei smiled: “We do not know much about each other yet, maybe, now we can be considered as friends indeed..”

“what do you want to talk about?”

“For example ……” Duwei thought, looked at the stars in the sky and holding his knee:”For example, you are so young, you are younger than me, I want to know how did you bee a great magician!

“I…I don’t know” Vivian also held her knees like Duwei did and she gently sighed: “I grew up with my teacher, I never left home, and this is my second time leaving home.

Duwei looked at this little girl, suddenly he smiled: “In fact, your voice sounds good, it’s soft and sweet, if you do not stutter, then it would be better.”

” I’m really sorry, I did not mean that.” Vivian blushed: “when I was little, I didn’t know how to speak properly.

“In fact, the more you stutter, the more you should talk, if you practice again and again, then you’ll know how to do it.” Duwei laughed: “Well, tell me something about yourself, how did you bee eight class magician! You must be the first person who made such a big achievement at such a young age! ”

“What?” Vivian bewilderingly looked at Duwei.

Duwei sighed and smiled:. “Hey, I praised you, ah, you give me at least some feedback?”
“Ah …… I’m sorry, I, I ……” Vivian loses in panic again.

“Silly girl,” Duwei shook his head: “it seems that besides magic, you cannot do anything else?”
Subsequently, Duwei patiently talked with Vivian for a while, and Vivian struggled to tell Duwei her story.

She, Vivian Yang, ever since she can remember, she studied magic with her teacher

But, as to her teacher’s identity, despite how Duwei asked her, she refused to disclose anything. even when Duwei tried to cut and dry answers, she still couldn’t say a word.

Tentatively thought her teacher was an expert in the world

Since Vivian was young, she, and her teacher lived in a secret palace. According to her words, this palace’s location was in a remote, thickly forested mountains. Over the past decade, Vivian only went out twice. Beside the two journey, she spends most her time on studying magic.

All her daily work is learning all kinds of magic knowledge, reciting various weird arcane magic, as well as helping the teacher do…… Laundry.

“Laundry?” Duwei smiled: “you know how to do the laundry?”

He pulled Vivian’s a small hand and looked at her hand: “what a soft little hand, I cannot imagine that you can do laundry with this hands .”

“I….I can,” Vivian flushed, maybe because Duwei didn’t believe her words or because Duwei was holding her hands: “I…I can use my magic to wash the clothes, as long as I can cast a spell, those clothes can wash themselves.
“Oh ……then your spell is like washing machine ……” Duwei said

Vivian went out twice, the first time, she was brought by her teacher to the imperial magic union headquarters, where she participated in a secret and undisclosed magic level assessment.

Prior to that assessment, her teacher had said, “I’ll surprise all those stupid magician in the magic union, let them know what a great magic genius I have cultivated!”

The result is that Vivian indeed left those union magic officials a deep impression.

Because, from the standpoint of a magician, Vivian is not just a genius! Infact she is the genius of geniuses!

A fourteen-year-old eight class magician! Even go through the history of magicians, you cannot find a second one.

“Well, that was a year ago.” Vivian is a little embarrassed and said: “Those magician planned to let me stay in capital, but my teacher said that she need someone to wash her clothes, so my teacher took me back home.”

“Well, your teacher just don’t not want you being taken away by the magic union.” Of course Duwei is not as innocent as Vivian: an eight class magician, at any place, can bee a big man! Even in the magic unions, there are only a few eight class magicians. And well…… you are so young. ”

“yep,” Vivian blinked her eyes, however, she was not able to understand Duwei’s words. Quickly, she is happy together: “I passed that assessment, and my teacher is very happy, so she gave me burning sun as my gift.”

“burning sun, you mean the Dragon?”

“yep” when Vivian talk about her magic pet, immediately, she is in high spirits: “That is it!”

Duwei sigh …… ? Who the hell is her teacher? Unexpectedly, She gave Vivian a dragon as a gift.

Not a cat or a dog…But a Dragon!
And Vivian stayed at where her teacher lived in seclusion for a whole year. And everyday, she was still learn magic and do the laundry.

After that, i.e., the second visit to the outside world is to recapture the Terror Illusion Goblin …… it was her teacher’s pet.

“wait! ” Duwei suddenly jumped up, he was a little excited, looking at Vivian: “you still have that illusion Goblin, right??”
Vivian nodded her head, she looked in her robe, the little demon was shut in a small cage, hanging on Vivian’s waist.

“oh belly belly, and now I know have to save u,” hungry green light flashed in Duwei’s eyes, and he swallowed saliva:! “Hey, silly girl, we don’t have to bare hungry now, Look at this little animal, looks very plump ah! Although there are no condiments, but after we skinned and roasted it on a grill, the taste should still be pretty good. ”

“……” Vivian blinks her eyes, quite a while she start to understand Duwei’s words, and then suddenly she screamed: “Oh !! No no, no !! you , you, you can not eat the Terror Illusion Goblin! It is my teacher’s pet if you eat it, I, I, I …… ”

“I cannot take everything into consideration……” Duwei loudly said: “We haven’t eaten anything for a whole day, and then if this situation continues, by tomorrow we’ll lose strength, and i am not sure whether we can catch a fish!”

“No, no, do not eat it.” Vivian was struggling to put the small cage in her arms, trying her best to protect it from Duwei:. “Do not eat it, please.”

“Well, then how about we eat your dragon!!” Duwei loudly said: “your dragon is so huge, cutting a piece of meat won’t danger its life, right?.”
“Eat…… e…e… my dragon?”

Vivian almost passed out.
Just before, thinking that the little nobility is quite a good man, but in the blink of an eye, he bee a devil again!

Eat dragon? Almighty God! Please forgive the little Poor Vivian! All my life, I never have heard a person who dares to keep their eyes on dragon …… Not mention to treated it as food!

“No, no, please don’t eat my pet, No, no please don’t eat it…. waah …… father, mother……” looking at Duwei’s ferocious appearance, Vivian started to cry.

Duwei felt helpless, watching the little girl cry, he shook his head:!. “This is not OK, that’s not OK …… Well, all right, I’ll follow your call tonight and tomorrow I’ll try to catch a fish, but, if tomorrow i can not catch a fish, then we will not starve to death! If we are dead, then there is no need to talk other things! If we cannot find any food, then we have to eat your teacher’s pet.
At this moment, not just Vivian was crying, but even the illusionary Goblin in that small cage was scared stiff as well, the advanced monsters, can understand human speech. A pair of big eyes beams silly looked at Duwei, the little monster, was so scared that it curled and began to shiver.

Vivian begins to plead in her mind….
Almighty God! please bless the Vivian, let the devil catch few fishes tomorrow…… oh no no no, not because the little poor Vivian is greedy, but because the little poor Vivian want to keep the dragon’s life. And if it is possible, Vivian can a little eat fish, uh …… or, just eat one fish …… Almighty God, please bless poor Vivian …… hum hum …… I am also hungry, Vivian really wants to eat fish ……


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