Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 287

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Chapter 287 “Betting”

Du Wei was currently looking at this sacred beast with great anticipation, his heart leaping crazy fast.

“What I know isn’t much.” Without a doubt, this sentence from QQ intensified Du Wei’s adrenaline rush! “Not knowing much means he at least knows something, even a little will do!

Likely due to the intensity from his eyes, QQ’s head shrank a little due to the awkwardness: “Fine then… I think you probably know that according to the legends, the gods possess the ability to prophesize the future, and of course, there are also legends mentioning this skill isn’t reserved for only the gods. As long as your strength and ability reaches a certain level, such as the state where you are close to the realm of the gods, you can also predict the future and its people.

In particular is the meteorite rock bestowed upon us by the goddess, there’s a prophecy like spell recorded there…. Unfortunately, there’s no way the goddess would include anything profound on that piece of rock. I believe those divine skills gifted to us is no more than some low-level stuff, the really deep and powerful spells were excluded.

As the head of the Temple at the time, it’s only normal that I would have a look. As such, I secretly made a copy for Master Aragon to screen.

Hmm, I suppose perhaps because he was very close to the realm of the gods, that’s why Master Aragon sealed me inside the holy mountain after defeating the dragon chief. Before I went into my slumber, he said to me, ‘One day someone will e wake you. He will inherit my all and he will take good care of you. I like you to help him then.’

After those words, I fell into deep sleep for a millennium. I know he must have crossed over the holy mountain and went far north, all the way into the banished lands.

It’s just that I was already asleep, so what came afterwards is unknown to me.”

Du Wei’s face did not look good at the revelation.

Prophecy skill?

TO Hell with the prophecy! As if Du Wei would believe it’s something as simple as a prophecy skill!

What about those words from Lufei’s feet C the kid from the Southeastern Sea Islands C how do you explain that?

It’s as if Aragon’s shadow was constantly haunting his every step, carefully calculated by that dead person from a millennium ago.

Even if Aragon does have the ability to predict the future, it’s not possible for someone to know so many minor details. That’s already beyond the bounds of a simple prophecy!

“Then… What about the Southeastern Sea?” Du Wei exhaled: “How much do you know about that place and what about those words left for me on that kid’s feet?”

“I don’t know.” QQ shook his head: “I know nothing about that area. Perhaps master left those words after putting me to sleep. Hmm, I speculate he must have gone north first then headed back to the islands out there. Yes, it must be like that.”

From the looks of it, QQ seems to have spilled everything that he knows.

But once Du Wei had a careful look over the guy, his heart doubted this, there’s no way the bird’s that honest! Just based on the guy’s usual performance, he got reason to suspect there’s more secret being concealed.

“QQ.” Du Wei sighed and did his upmost to be as nice as possible: “I say… Now that Aragon left you to me and tasked you to help me, I feel you should be more honest. You see, you kept all these important details from me until today; therefore, I feel… you should tell me everything that you know. This way around, it will be more beneficial to me than concealing what secret you have left. Can you tell me the truths, okay?”

Upon hearing his words, QQ suddenly exclaimed, claiming innocence: “Aiya, Master Du Wei, I truly am not hiding anything from you…. I can swear to you, swear in the name of the goddess of light!”

Du Wei could not even look anymore, scolding: “Go die! You don’t even believe in the goddess of light! Who’s going to believe in you if you swear by the goddess’s name?”

Now he’s certain, this hateful bird is concealing something else from him and not saying it.

Though steaming, Du Wei simply got nothing on this bird.

Finally, QQ loosened that beak of his after seeing the grumpy face on Du Wei: “Dear Master Du Wei, there are many things that are not useful right now even if I say. Only after you grow strong enough will it be good for you because some things are not necessarily good when introduced early.”

Du Wei rolled his eyes: “Humph, that’s easy for you say! Why are you telling me this all of a sudden today?”

“Because I feel today’s timing is good.” QQ’s tone suddenly changed from his usual joking attitude to a very serious tone.


“Yes.” QQ sternly said: “Dear Master Du Wei, I feel that your newfound acquaintance, Bishop Maximos, is a good opportunity to reach your hands into the Temple.

Remember when I told you about Master Aragon’s plan? Since you are his heir, we might as well continue our usurpation of god plan.”

“Go die.” Du Wei sneered without concern: “Am I not able to support myself? Why would I take the initiative to seek out trouble while I can happily live in the Northwest as the Duke!”

Not only did QQ not get angry, he hinted a smile: “Your words are not right there my master, there’s bound to be a day when your relationship with the temple ruptures. Look…… Let’s not mention anything else; just your current situation is a big taboo, for example… Hussein and Queen Medusa. You see? You may be able to conceal these secrets for now, but you cannot keep it hidden for a lifetime. If one day the Temple finds out….”

“Then we can talk when that day arrives.” Du Wei shakes his head: “I just want to be able to freely live my days. To subvert the temple? I’m not interested, and…. Quit yapping about that whatever mission I inherited from Aragon! What does a mission of a dead corpse from a thousand years ago have to do with me?!”

“It seems you want to avoid the matter… But then, can you say for sure that you’re truly capable of dodging it?” QQ smirked: “Master Du Wei, think about it, Bishop Maximos is already on your boat and you’ve helped him rid himself of those hunting him, this is tantamount to offending the Xieni faction of the Temple! Also… that daughter of the former crown prince, current holy maiden of the Temple, can you truly say she won’t e making for you just because you avoid her?

And then there’s that dinner with Maximos tonight….”

Du Wei went silent for a moment: “I indeed cannot avoid the Temple, but let me tell you, I might deal with them or maybe do something else…. Regardless of all that, I’m not going to join in with your whatever usurpation god plan, In my opinion, the Temple is just the same as the Magic Union, which can be used, can be traded with, but definitely not an entity to be made an enemy of! So, I might trade something with Bishop Maximos, but subvert the temple? Humph, I’m not interested in such a great cause.”

Finishing his proclamation, Du Wei left QQ to his own bidding and left the room.

Looking at Du Wei’s back, QQ sighed and then began muttering to himself: “See, I’m right. Even if I tell you everything it’s useless because you would only avoid the problem and not take responsibility. Hmm… You think dealing with the Temple is so easy? My dear master… The Temple is a quagmire. Once you plug your feet in there, it’s difficult to pull it back out!”

After that conversation, Du Wei continues to ride his ship downstream. By evening of that same day they have finally arrived at the last bend in the stream, and after this last curve, the stretch of water will gradually widen and bee much easier to navigate. Also, more boats will appear along the river with them, thus terminating any chances of assassination from the temple while in broad daylight.

As arranged, Du Wei invited the bishops to dinner that night, but he was surprised to find only Maximos attending the feast while Father Lamu and Rhine non-attendant.

“Lamu’s suffering from a bit of seasickness so I had him stay in his room. As for Rhine… He doesn’t know much manners so I thought its best if he didn’t attend the Duke’s dinner.” Maximos had changed into a clean robe for the occasion, though old, it’s very neat and tidy. And based upon his outer appearance, he should’ve bathed in the afternoon for his hair was meticulous.

From his look, he’s truly befitting the image of a neat and simple looking old priest.

Du Wei understands, this bishop likely has something he needs from him and would like to ask for a favor; therefore, it’s not a bad idea to be left alone for the conversation.

Not wasting time, the two immediately sat down and began digging into the feast, especially the wine, which was a delicacy from the Northwest. Once their mood reached a certain point, Maximos didn’t beat around the bush and directly got into the main topic.

“First of all Duke, I would like to thank you for your help today. Please allow me to give you a toast.” At that, the bishop raises his glass.

After the two drank to the toast, Maximos places his glass down and continued: “Only I am very worried… What you have done today is akin to ruining the Xieni faction’s plan to assassinate me. Their style had always been decidedly brutal. I think…..”

“Humph, the climax is ing.” Du Wei sneered inside his heart, but his face remains pleasantly peaceful: “Oh, I’m not worried though. Revered bishop, even if I offended these guys, I believe that in the great temple these Xieni scoundrels cannot possibly do everything they want now can they?”

“It’s as you say” Maximos sighed: “But now it seems the momentum is moving to the Xieni faction and is putting pressure on us Mosa faction. After all, their teachings are more in line with the people. And we… Advocating the conservation of hardship and self-cultivation in this world, are not many. To the general populace, expanding the influence and power of the Temple is more in line with their appetites. Of course, while the Xieni faction wouldn’t do anything rash at the moment because they are not yet in power, but when they do get there…..”

“The right to succeed the Pope?” Du Wei smiled.

“Yes.” Maximos sighed: “If we allow the Xieni faction to succeed the Pope, then…”

Speaking up to here, he deliberately paused to show off an even more sincere look: “In the end, these troubles are because of me. If I didn’t e aboard your ship then you will not be involved.”

Du Wei waved a hand and softly said: “There’s no meaning in saying this now. Your eminence, let me be frank, today’s matter is not entirely in order to protect you! After all, if words get out that I allowed my guest to be killed while on board my vessel, how am I supposed to continue to stand in the political circle in the future?”

His words may be a bit rude and rough, but it does stand. Nodding, Maximos said: “Hmm, Duke is right, but in the end it was you who saved me, this cannot be ignored. No matter what, once I return to the capital I will do everything within my power to stop those people from retaliating against you for so long as I live.”

“His words sure sound nice.” Du Wei secretly sighed inside because he really had to wonder why these religious frauds got to make a simple act like asking for a favor so high and mighty sounding.

“As long as I am still alive in the temple, I will not allow them to retaliate against you.” This sounds good at first, but in fact it means that if you want me to keep this promise, you must make sure I succeed in the power struggle! Only by making me the power wielder can I protect you!

It’s that simple.

Du Wei understood this was Maximos’s way of verbally testing the water. If he accepts it, then the next part was conducting the discussion over the conditions placed on both parties

Thinking of here, Du Wei brings his wine cup up to his face and ponders for a short moment: “Bishop, do you know why they are so anxious to assassinate you on the road? Can it be the Pope, his majesty….”

Even if you want me to place a bet, you must make me see if you are worthy of my money first. Du Wei smiles like a harmless critter.


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