Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 286 part 2

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Chapter 286 “Will there be an answer?” (Part two)

“By the time we went back to the city, the entire place was in an uproar. We knew then it couldn’t be concealed anymore. So, I simply went back to my residence and announced how I received the miracle from the goddess atop of the mountain today. As to what guidance I got, who would dare ask me if I don’t say? Hehe, being in a position of power has its perks you know.

Even if there are ambitious individuals out there that coveted the leadership position, they can’t just jump out to question my words considering a miracle just occurred in broad daylight.

Therefore, because of this event, my position as the head of the religion became rock solid.

Only issue though was that through the intervention of the goddess, our initial plan became interjected with many variables outside our expectation. If the goddess can manifest herself once, then there’s going to be a second time! Meaning we can’t harm the Temple for the goddess herself wouldn’t accept that!

It’s not difficult to deal with an enemy, but dealing with the gods is not a simple matter!”

Du Wei nodded, agreeing with his claim.

“After that event, the momentum of the Temple became very high and those within the religion that didn’t believe before had their faith strengthened as a result. How can they not? The goddess of light herself has bestowed upon her believers the power of protection. This news shocked the four corners of the continent, and the momentum grew so high that it looked like it cannot be stopped. As a result, the current structure of the Temple of Light was born. Fortunately, I may not be able to stop the process, but I managed to bee the first Pope. From then on, I spent all my energy on settling the ‘disputes between the inner frictions of the Temple’. Hehe….”

Upon reaching this part, QQ halted and issued out a creepy laugh.

How clever was Du Wei? With a little thought, Du Wei quickly connected the dots and figured out the whole thing. Exclaiming, he freaks out, “AH! You didn’t try to calm them, you… you were trying to intensify their disputes!!”

“Of course!” QQ said it without disguise it: “A united religion would no doubt wield greater power than the empire. For the empire, for Master Aragon, I had to limit the power of the Temple, always keeping them in a state of division and infighting!”

Du Wei sighed: “So that’s why you never revealed your school when you were in office. Ha, I should’ve guessed. If the Mayuba from history really was a devote follower, a great religious leader! Then from a leader’s point of view, the best way to quell civil strife would be to make a clear cut, fast and accurate, not stray back and forth between each faction! You weren’t trying to appease or sooth them, you were clearly letting them indulge in their disputes!!”

QQ nodded: “You are absolutely correct.”

If those words were to ever get out, it’s likely the majority of the devout followers out there would lose their mind!

The greatest prophet in the canon, the saint, the first pope who mitted his entire life to the construction of the Temple, was in fact a leader who intentionally allowed the various schools to indulge in internal dispute!

Who would believe such a truth even if it makes it into the public?

“But… What happened afterwards?” Du Wei asked, “How did you die? And, why did you bee, bee…. A penguin?”

QQ pondered the question for a while, then slowly opens his beak: “This, we will have to start from where Master Aragon defeated that angel then.”

“Others may not have seen the great battle between Master Aragon and that angel, but I knew he did not have an easy time achieving his victory. This result worried him greatly. He’s already invincible in the mortal world, but he felt it was insufficient. He told me if he had such trouble against a mere messenger of the goddess, what would happen if one day… he really faced off against the gods? How was he supposed to win against an enemy like that?

Therefore, after defeating the Angel and sealing part of its soul inside the crystal ball, Master Aragon managed to pry some precious information out of that angel’s mouth.

For example…… The transference of the soul!

Since the angel can use its own soul to reap a human’s body, it’s only natural there would be a spell among the divine techniques capable of transferring one’s soul.

I may have died later, but that’s only the death of my aging body, not my soul. Our soul cannot perish, in a sense, souls are immortal.

But, the answer Aragon obtained from the Angel was that the soul’s a purely spiritual force. Only by clinging to a body can the existence safely live on. Otherwise, the soul that’s without a body would quickly dissipate and vanish from existence!

So, in other words, if you can always find the right body and transfer yourself out before it gets damaged, you can technically live on as an immortal!!

After he had captured the angel, Aragon took to secluding himself inside the palace in order to study the various messages he obtained.

And the thing that came next is basically no different from what that Maximos said.

Before I died from illness, the two schools imprisoned me inside the Temple in order to fight for power. I thought I was going to die back then, but that’s when Master Aragon came to my side. I was so overe with joy that he came for me that I don’t know how to describe it. I held onto his hand with my dying breath and said to him, ‘I’m sorry I have to go so soon, I’m sorry I can’t help you plete your goal.’

Then like the story went, he took me out of that prison and openly turned against the Temple for my sake.

And I should’ve died then, but I when woke up again… I realized I was still alive!

But by that then a long time had passed since my body’s death….”

“Why is that so?” Du Wei asked anxiously.

“Master Du Wei… You should be able to understand that when a person thinks he’s dead, but later found himself alive again, what type of emotions would he be in. To say surprise is about right, but not entirely just that, in particular is when you wake up and find yourself in the body of a bird.”

Du Wei can relate to QQ’s mood.

“Therefore, when I woke up again, my mood was very emotional and weird; you can even say I was a little grumpy and joyful at the same time. In short, it’s very plicated. Then I became relieved when I saw Master Aragon by my side. He told me it was he who managed to revive me.

Since that day he brought my body out from the Temple, he immediately found the crystal ball to imprison my soul, supposedly, this method of imprisoning the soul, this type of magic, undead magic, can temporarily stabilize the soul and allow a dark mage to create their undead creatures.

Only issue with this was that dark magic can only achieve a short-lived preservation period.

As such, the amount of time left for Aragon to research the divine techniques weren’t much.

He told me he had racked his brains and finally managed to progress a little. It’s just that…… It’s just that…… He wasn’t able to yet transfer a human’s soul into a human body. With the time ticking before my soul truly vanishes, he can only temporarily do what his limited knowledge allows, that was to transfer my soul into something simpler, a body of an animal.

And…… the despairing part was that, according to the angel’s word, the soul transfer technique can only happen once! Perhaps the gods would know how to do it more than once, but the divine techniques grasped by that angel are limited. In other words, while I may be alive, I can only live on as just a bird!”

Du Wei’s eye suddenly went bright: “Maybe there is a way… You can learn magic, learn how to transform and take on a human form……”

“Yes, that is a good idea.” QQ pinched his beaks back and forth: “Sadly, did you forget something? Not everyone has magical talents! If one can learn magic by simply wishing for it, wouldn’t this land be crawling with mages?! Pity that I’m not a magic genius, otherwise, the plan would’ve been a good one. Back then Master Aragon also thought of this idea, but even with his immense power, he could not change my fate and let me learn magic.”

Du Wei’s excitement immediately became deflated, sighing: “But… But it’s too cruel for you.”

“On the contrary, I don’t think it’s all that bad.” At this part, QQ suddenly jumps off from the chair and wiggled his fat body up to Du Wei: “I may have lost my human identity, but the longer I’m like this, the more I like my current circumstances. Though I’m faithful to my master and is willing to do everything for him, but those years managing the rivalry within the Temple has exhausted me. I’m tired. As a bird, I got nothing to worry about every day. It’s not so bad, I’m actually quite happy about my life.”

Not waiting for Du Wei to say more, QQ continues without stopping.

“After that, I remained with Master Aragon as a bird… I can even say that, in addition to our good childhood, that period was the most carefree time in my memories despite being a bird… Unfortunately, that part was too short!

Master Aragon became very busy as he pressed for more secrets out of that angel. The greatest of those secrets would perhaps be the north… As such, he took me with him and we both left the imperial capital and headed for the frozen forest in the north. At the valley, we encountered those clumsy but lovable treants and stayed with them for a period because Master Aragon had learned of the spring of eternal youth from those trees. The water may not be able to increase a human’s longevity and can only solidify a human’s appearance, but it does work on animals and can increase their life span. So, I ended up drinking the water from the spring of eternal youth…. Dear Du Wei, this is why I remained alive when you woke me up! Otherwise, how can a bird live for a thousand years?

Leaving the frozen forest, we continued northward. The goal of Master Aragon was to find the banished races mentioned by the angel. I don’t know why he would go looking for those things….

But Master Aragon seems to have mentioned to me that he had made a deal with someone to do that for him. But then, when he reached the mountain of the dragon clan, he decides to leave me there.

I asked him why and he told me it’s because he didn’t have confidence in returning alive! So, for my safety, he made some kind of plan and had me stay in the holy mountain.

As you know by now, he defeated the dragon chief and through their gamble, I was sealed inside the stone coffer for a thousand years with his mighty magic. Until you arrived to wake me up, I remained asleep…”

Du Wei’s heart began to beat harder for he can finally ask the biggest question that’s been burning at him:

“Aragon, he knew there would be one of me in a thousand years? He knew I would be there to wake you? That’s why he left you atop of the holy mountain and had the dragon clan guard you?”

“Yes… He does know.” QQ nodded.

“Why!” Du Wei clenched his fist: “Why does he know I exist?!”

This dilemma has been bothering Du Wei for a long time!

If there was anybody left in this world that can answer Du Wei’s question at this point, it can only be this blasted bird in front of him! After all, apart from the old dragon, this guy here was the only other person that’s from Aragon’s era!

Du Wei stares intently at QQ, his eyes hopeful for an answer…


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