Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283 “Scandal”

The room fell into utter silence for a moment, “How did that happen? Since this Mayuba was able to unite the three schools at the beginning and bee the first Pope of the Temple, shouldn’t everyone know of his background, why would…..” Du Wei frowns.

“Speaking of his majesty Mayuba, his tale is legendary.” Lamu continues to play his role as the storyteller while Maximos remains silent on the side.

“His majesty Mayuba isn’t a leader of any school back then, in fact, tracing through his history, he’s actually a priest of a local chapel. He and the founding emperor of the Roland Empire were fellow countrymen of the same region, and old acquaintances. His Majesty Aragon was born of a small aristocratic family in the central southern part of the continent, and his majesty Mayuba is the priest of that area.

It was a small chapel in a not so bustling village, and due to the scarce population of the settlement, there were few clergymen dwelling in that chapel. His majesty Mayuba was born of a devoted family to the faith, and at the age of sixteen he offered himself to the faith and became a clergyman. Then at age twenty two, because of the death of the old priest, Mayuba reluctantly stepped forward to carry on the mantle of his predecessor…. It’s because there were no other options available. As we all know, his majesty Aragon had a few years of adventuring from his early years and caused quite the trouble for himself. There had even been an occasion where the local authorities wanted to arrest him. It’s said that for some time Aragon had fled back to his homeland and didn’t dare go home, spending that period hiding within the local chapel under his majesty Mayuba’s care. According to what we know, a deep bond of friendship was formed from then on.

Subsequently, after his majesty Aragon ascends to the throne of a small country, it seems all historical records of his majesty Mayuba strangely revolves around the founding emperor’s side. Whether it be recruiting the faithful for the army, or to raise funds, his majesty Mayuba would always be there to lead the efforts with his influence.

And before that, there were no records of the cooperation between Mayuba and Aragon. To say it bluntly and forgive me for being disrespectful, it seems that the two men just suddenly got together without prior contact … Of course, there is one popular saying that is approved by the populace, prior to the founding emperor’s revolution, his majesty Mayuba had already been a close ally of Aragon. Then later, in order to help with the unification war, Mayuba persuaded the various schools belonging to the religion of light and convinced many to join in the grand war.

Afterwards, in the midst of the unification period, the cooperation between the religion of light and the founding emperor deepened. At first his majesty Mayuba only took on a liaison role between the two powers, but as things progressed, his majesty Mayuba gradually mastered the various schools into one and unified the scattered believers. If it can be said that the Temple of Light helped Aragon create the empire, then it can also be said that the founding emperor Aragon objectively created Mayuba’s position within the faith.

After all, in the beginning he was the middleman between the Aragon and the Temple, and because he’s also a priest, he eventually became the spokesperson for the religion of light. At last, through his efforts from the unification war, he was beloved by the worshippers and was formally recognized as the first Pope of the Temple of Light after its founding.

Objectively speaking, the fact that the Temple of Light is able to have this level of achievement and status has to be greatly credited to his majesty Mayuba. If not for his effort, it’s likely the religion of light and its worshippers would remain a disorganized bunch scattered across the continent, let along earn the merit of being the only orthodox religion in these lands.

His majesty Mayuba is not only a wise leader, he’s also good at municating, good at connecting and uniting different powers. Above all else, he’s good at bringing everyone together to work towards one goal. Unfortunately, even the wise and intelligent Mayuba cannot pletely eradicate the divisions within the Temple. So, when he’s alive, his influence can only temporarily keep the unity of the three factions in line until the internal differences resurges once again. In fact, during his majesty’s last few years, almost all his time was spent quelling the internal power struggles within the Temple.

And, in the last few years of his term, it said that his majesty had already lost control over the infighting. After all, during the unification war the three schools had one objective goal and would work towards it hand in hand. However, once the empire was established, that goal no longer existed, thus the resurgence of the division.

He died in the third year after the establishment of the Empire, and his Majesty Aragon personally presided over his funeral. Though his majesty Mayuba passed away in his bed, but the frustrating part is…..”

When he reached this part Vice-bishop Lamu exhaled deeply like he couldn’t bear to say it aloud. Peering over at Maximos, he hesitates.

“Go ahead Lamu.” Maximos sighed deeply: “This secret is a scandal of the Temple, but there’s no meaning in keeping something so disgraceful a secret. Now that you’ve said so much already, you might as well spill everything.”

Lamu’s original vulgar appearance became even more wretched as he inhaled deeply and slowly: “Duke Tulip, bear in mind this matter is only known between a certain few within the leadership of the various schools. Also, it’s an absolute secret and would never be spread around in the public for this secret is simply too disgraceful.”

“Hmm, what’s so disgraceful about it?” Du Wei frowns: “Is it …?” His voice suddenly turns into a whisper, “Can it be this Mayuba was murdered?”

Lamu jumped with shock at the accusation. Profusely shaking his head, he explains: “His majesty Mayuba may have lost control over the disputes of the three schools in his later years, but his prestige among the followers remains extremely high, especially among the mon folks. If anyone within the Temple dares harm him, then the faction or person responsible would need to face the ire of the millions of faithful followers on the continent! No one would be foolish enough to do that kind of thing, and… and…. although the internal conflict between the three schools have been fierce, but plotting something so outrageous as to assassinate the Pope… Who would dare?”

Du Wei smiled deviously and thought: wouldn’t dare? I doubt it.

Lamu calms himself before continuing: “The truth is… It’s said that during his last days in this world, his majesty Mayuba had been under house arrest by the three schools because they wanted him to announce his will. Unable to make contact with anyone from the outside, the only one by his deathbed was an old servant loyal only to his majesty.”

Du Wei’s brow pricked up: “So they wanted him to announce his successor?”

“Well, that’s not it. When he became the Pope, his majesty Mayuba had already thought of this problem and announced the procedures in selecting the succession in line. A Pope isn’t appointed by the former; it’s voted on by the elder mittee and the various high ranking clergymen of the Temple after deliberating the candidates merit and performances over the years. Once the decision is unanimous, the results will be published in order to avoid any devious or inpetent individuals from wrangling control of the entire Temple.”

“Then what use is Mayuba’s will?” Du Wei became puzzled.

Bitterly smiling, Lamu sounded like he didn’t want to say: “This is where the problem lies! At that time it’s only been three years since the founding of the Empire and the end of the unification war. In terms of merit and achievements, the archbishops of the various dioceses should be relatively the same… If that’s the case, how are they supposed to choose an individual that everyone can accept? That’s where the emotional votes e into play, and it’s the most important!”

“Emotional vote?”

“Yes.” Lamu lets out a long deep sigh: “This is also one of the great contributions offered up by his majesty Mayuba!” I said so before, between the dispute of the Xieni faction and the Mosa faction, the Heishan faction had always stood neutral. By cleverly utilizing this advantage, Mayuba was able to break the stalemate by creating the elder mittee.

They are the best candidates for arbitration and are not tempted by oppressive influences. As a result, the elder mittee at the time was prised mostly of those from the Heishan faction during those years. The council of elders does not assume any power or participate in the Temple’s daily functions; their only focus is their own cultivation and training. Though the elder mittee may seem like nothing but a name, but once the election for the next Pope arises, the importance of the elder council surfaces. Also, because of the incredible strength of each member of the Heishan faction, neither the Xieni faction nor the Mosa faction would provoke them, thus allowing them to be impartial during the tie breaker. Hence the reason for the emotional vote of the elder mittee….”

“You mean …” Du Wei frowns once again.

“The birthright of each school.” His voice turns deep: “At that time, it was thought that the position of Mayuba would ultimately decide where the tide turns to, Mosa or Xieni. Though he has no right to directly instill the new pope, but his prestige was simply too big. Most important of all, he has never publicly stated whether he belongs to the Xieni faction or the Mosa faction. That’s when both schools came up with the thought of forcing Mayuba to publicize his stance. If it bees public knowledge of where his majesty stood, the elders on the mittee would heavily sway towards that school, thus tipping the balance heavily! Duke, think about it. When the candidates from both factions are evenly matched, what do you think would happen if Mayuba announces he is in fact a part of a certain school… Then because of his enormous prestige among his followers, the elders and the vast majority of the followers would lean towards this school for ages to e!”

“I see, so that’s why they pressured him to say his school at his death bed, right?”

Lamu’s face reddened with embarrassment, his mouth wordlessly clamped tight.

Coming in at the perfect moment to break the silence, Maximos said: “That right… Duke, what you said is the truth. It was a big scandal! While his greatness was meeting his end, the heads of the two conflicting schools bullied his majesty Mayuba at the deathbed, bullied someone so great and magnificent….. Such an act is humiliatingly shameful. I may be a part of the Mosa faction, but I personally feel a deep disgrace towards that part of our history.”

“The past was done by the people of the past, and the people of now need not take responsibility of the scandal done by those long dead.” Du Wei waves his hand in a dismissive way, “My concern is… What happen afterward?”

“Then what happened afterwards caused the Temple of Light to fall into divide for over a millennia… Moreover, the Temple of Light finally fell through with the royal household, henceforth the great divide between imperial power and the divine right. This fight of supremacy continues on till this day from a thousand years ago and rages on fiercely!”

The one to say this was Maximos. From his frustrated old face, that pair of eyes were inscrutable to interpret: “Duke, the following parts are even more secretive, you sure you want to hear it?”

He’s not blind. Du Wei understands that if he were to listen to this story, there be a price to be paid.

But he seemed to be very relaxed regardless: “The beginning has been said, if we don’t continue to the end, I won’t be able to sleep at night. Your grace, we’re on the same boat now, you… go ahead and say it!”


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