Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 28

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I am the Third Translator picking up this series, some of the names can be Different from A013’s and/or Bagelson’s Translations. I tried to match them as much as possible, but if i missed something then let me know. the next chapter for TNC will be delayed for another 3-4 hrs…

Law of the Devil Chapter 28: Political Influence

Towards evening, soldiers and people of Half Horn city were trying to repair the wall. At the same time, outside of the town, there was a huge cloud of dust blowing from the streets.

In the huge cloud of dust, a group of cavalrymen was speeding towards Half horn city.

Every cavalryman wore an armor of kingdom’s regional guards armies. After they arrived at the town, they directly marched into it.

“I want your Leader!” said the Captain of the group of knights, who is an imperial Class-Five Knight.

Immediately, Span was carried out, with half body tied with the bandage.

The Knight’s Captain rode on the horseback and looked at Span, he bowed slightly:. “Dear Sir Knight, I am the Captain of the second cavalry, which is directly supervised by the Governor of Lille Province. I follow the governor’s mand, from now on, at the center of Half Horn town, and within a radius of three hundred kilometers area will be temporarily designed as military administrative zone! I am here to take over the mand!”

During their speech, The knight captain called Goron threw a scroll “this is signed by the governor.”

Span was surprised “Mr.governor, Mr.governor is ing here?”

“No, Mr.governor is in the governor’s palace,” said Goron with a serious face. He took a look at the bruised Span and signed: ”Mr. Knight, I have to remind you that you are in big trouble now. The eldest son of Earl Raymond was attacked in your jurisdiction. The governor was very surprised when he heard this news. And I suggested that you’d better prepared for your serious negligence. This emergent letter of invitation was declared by the governor, and it was directly sent to each branch of the army by transfer magic. According to this letter, the Lille local thirty thousand garrison soldiers should stop the spring drills, center at the half-horn, and search the little master in all directions. But this time, you have reported incidents where the magician openly attacked the barracks, I think……you should also make some preparations. It’s of high possibilities that the governor ask you e to the governor’s palace personally and want you to testify in the court. You know, your report, is likely to cause tension between the imperial military and the magic union.
Span’s face turned ashy, he knew that his career in the army has almost ended. The local garrison which he took charge of was attacked by a magician, and little master of Roland Family disappeared.

Logically speaking Span shouldn’t have to take all responsibilities, but when facing the powerful magician, a class four knight cannot do anything to rectify the situation.

But, severe events happened, there must be someone to be blamed for, right?

Span made a salute, trying to erect himself. As half of his body was covered in wounds, erecting his body hurt him so much that cold sweat dripped down from his body. Even though, he still lit up his head and said “Thanks for your reminders, I will follow every mand by the Governor. Right now, I deliver all the manding rights to you, and ….., Sir Knight, what time we set out?

”Now,” said Goron, looking at Span, a hint of frustration flashed in his eyes and he loudly shouted “the second personal order of Mr.governor! Knight Span, the vice-captain of half horn city imperial regional guards, due to serious negligence of duties, Mr.governor has stripped you of your position, and every military officer in half horn regional guards will be demoted. Every soldier atone for your crimes by doing good in the war and using your feats to make up your dereliction.! Sir Span, you must Set off now, Mr.Governor hope you can arrive at the governor’s palace before the sunset.

Goron looked at bruised Span, a thought flashed in his mind, and he suddenly whispered, “Sir Span,, I know you shouldn’t be blamed for the whole thing. When I looked at the wounds on your body, I knew you had tried your best. I’ll report everything I saw, I also thought that you were not negligent, it was just that things were far beyond your capacity.

“…… Thank you.” Span sighed, shook his head and said: “I do have the dereliction of duty…… Well, sir, Knight Robert from the Roland family is right there at the garrison barracks outside the city. I think you need to go see his side.”

Span looked at the bruised soldiers taking off their helmets and empire officer badge, Goron could not help but sigh.

Span…… Do you have any idea what a big trouble your report has caused!

Superficially speaking, it seems to be that the Roland’s family’s little master was captured by a sorceress…..but in facts, even the little master is only of noble status, how can thirty thousand local army garrison stop spring drills to find him?

The root of the matter is the contradictions of military and the magical union!

Even if the magician is a recognized group that can override the law, but this time, a magician had dared to openly attack the imperial local army garrison! In the Imperial military’s eyes, it’s extremely serious.

This is a blatant military provocation to the imperial military, also a provocation to the Kingdom! Further, this action can be regarded as a treason, an act of rebellion against the kingdom!!

Because of this matter, now the capital of Lille province, and the governor’s sides have been arguing all days! It can be predicted that after the report is submitted to the military high mand, it will cause a huge reaction.

Imperial manders always feel dissatisfied about behaviors that the magic union neglect the law, and they think that Kingdom give magician too many privileges. And this incident, will tense up the relationship between the military and the magic union…. It is heard that even the emperor is also dissatisfied with the magic union, it’s because that in the last naval expedition in the south, the Magic Union did not send enough magicians to support the troops.

The emperor has thought to cut the magic union special conditions. When the attack news was leaked out to Lille province’s capital, it immediately caused great indignation among the officers of the army.

Even before Knight Goron’s departure, there were already thousands of imperial local garrison army officers joint signature. The governor ordered Magic Union to punish the attackers seriously

But …… sentencing a magician, that too a level eight Archmagi?

This is the imperial unprecedented historical event.

Span went towards the governor palace, even though every part of his body was wounded, and he was totally not suitable for such a rush to take a carriage , but since the governor’s order came down, he only have to reluctantly support.

Sir Goron immediately took his own soldiers and took over the city’s defense, then quickly separate some people to repair the wall which collapsed in the earthquake yesterday. And then he came to the garrison barracks which was located outside the city and saw the Sir Robert, who was back to change his horse.

Robert was also wounded, but he was still trying to insist. He has been riding around whole day, and his body has been exhausted, but his spirit was still tough. Only the horse cannot stand any more, so he came back to change the horse.

Goron talked with Robert for a while. After known that the local garrison had assembled for a massive search, Robert slightly relieved.
“Besides …… I think the Roland family’s private military should be reaching shortly, no later than tomorrow afternoon, this private military should be able to enter the Lille province. The will cause a great result …… I’m afraid…… ”

Robert is indeed one of the Roland family’s retainers, he has stayed in the wealthy family for several years, thus he know some situations by what he constantly sees and hears, and he immediately said: “is this incident going to tense the relationship between the Magic Union and the Garrison?”

“Yes,” Goron slowly said: “I have brought a thousand cavalry, and there are large forces still gathering, and now, in a radius of three hundred kilometres, mand rights belongs to me, but to be honest, I don’t have much confidence, but the governor gave serious orders that we must find master Duwei at any cost. because……”

Sir Goron looked around and whispered: “the this thing is, the governor personally gave me a confidential letter, which says: Although the event was big, but presumably those Commanders still not dare to break friendship with magic union, at most, they just want to take the opportunity to suppress the magic union, and they won’t take any big actions. I am afraid that even the emperor will not dare to offend the magic union. But, the emperor is just going through with the flow. Of course, the emperor will send some letters to condemn the magic union. It is highly possible that the emperor will reduce the big trouble into a small one and a small one into nothing. Even though the garrison was attacked, but nobody was dead, thus at least on this point, it’s negotiable. But… That little nobility is the key! If…in the worst case, if master Duwei had some accident, then I am afraid this matters would be hard to handle. Sir Robert, do you understand what I mean?”
Robert thought for a while , and nodded.

If Master Duwei…… if any accident happened, even……

Then, if, for Roland family, their eldest son died, they surely won’t let it go! I have heard that even Lord Earl do not like his eldest son, but, if Roland family’s young master died, even though Lord Earl don’t like his son, for Roland family’s name, he will definitely take it to the next level! Otherwise, hundreds of years old Roland family ! The Great Roland family, how could they be so arbitrary abused and bullied? If they can bear that their own son being killed, then in outsiders’ eyes, the supremacy of the Roland family, I am afraid, will bee shaky!.

Standing on the status of the family, Lord Earl will certainly not let this end!

And if Lord Earl didn’t make a promise, then ….considering the status of Roland family and human resources, the Roland family leader will be able to drive a considerable number of imperial military forces.

At that time, if it caused the confrontation between the imperial military and magical union, things will turn chaotic!

Therefore, Finding little master Duwei is the key to calming down this situation.

“what about the response of Magic Union ?” Robert asked

“Magic union? huh!” Goron said with contemptuous tone, it’s obvious, after this matter happened, Goron was also very dissatisfied with magic union:” what else can they say? Magic union’s respond is: we will handle this matter privately. See! Privately! Openly attacking imperial army is A blatant rebellion and treason! The magic union just replied with” we’ll handle this matter privately!” as we all know that the magic union protects their magician, thus even though they said they’ll handle attackers privately, they usually let it go. And those magicians are very arrogant, they think that without their help, the Emperor can do nothing.

Robert thought for a moment, and suddenly said: “Sir Goron, I think, searching within a radius of around three hundred kilometers is not enough, because the power of the strong female magician who attacked the barracks, is far beyond our Imagination, I think she already ran out of the three hundred scope, so I remend …… ”

“I know.” Goron nodded: “Although the scope written on the governor’s paper is three hundred kilometers, but governor also told me in the confidential letter that, the scope can be appropriately expanded, even out of the Lille province, He has contacted surrounding areas’ local officials and even, three hundred kilometers away is the sea, and the governor has even acquired the Imperial Navy’s support, I think, the Roland family is deeply rooted in the Navy, so this time getting support from the Imperial Navy was not at all a problem.”

Robert weirdly smiled: “I wonder what is the condition of Master Duwei….I hope he is ok…..”

Duwei’s Conditions were not as good.

Duwei’s shoes have been broken. Aristocratic kind of lamb boots were not suitable to walk in the woods , and his trousers were also teared up by some thorns.

He leaned on a stick, a sharpened stick, so not only can be used as a crutch, but can also be used as a weapon.

The powerful magician lost her magic, and he is nothing but a teenager, they always have to be careful as the dense trees may have some beasts hiding within.

While staying around dragon is the safest, but the two people always need to look around ….at least to find something to eat ! and fresh water to drink! !

After looking at the island, Duwei can basically determine most of the island’s terrain….Dense Forest!

His mouth was so thirsty that it almost smoked, but what made Duwei most worried was that they were unable to find a drop of fresh water! There is no spring or a small freshwater lake in the island.

This island is not large, the overall topography appears to be a slightly flat round, from the east to the west, it only takes about half a day. According to Duwei’s estimation, the diameter of the island about five miles.

A small island. In this island, if there is no fresh water, then ……

Duwei shook his head, only to sigh.

The problem now is that the dragon can’t be counted on, and we can’t even think about riding the dragon to get out of here. And this stupid girl also lost the magic, her flying spells at maximum will only last for ten seconds, and then she’ll fall down…. But surrounding us is the broad sea!

They can not leave the island!

If they are unable to find food and water, then in a maximum of two days, these two people would die here.

Vivian, with a pitiful look, followed behind Duwei, this sorceress was terrified, she landed on this strange island and lost magic which she count on, and now she is feeling extreme loss and anxiety.

The little nobility who always bully her, following him, can make vivian felt a trace of a strange sense of security.

When Duwei proposed to look around, Vivian insists on going along with Duwei …… Although staying with The Dragon is safest option.

Even if there is some horrible beast on the island …… But in this world there is no beasts that dare to approach the dragon.

Losing her magic, she walked for a long time, Vivian’s feet hurt, and she might even suspected that their feet have a froth, but looking at the dark face in the little nobility……., Vivian did not dare to say a word, she just frowned and followed.

Although Duwei was annoyed, but he still saw the stupid girl frown. Walking such a long way, for a delicate girl, that is definitely a bit too much.

“Rest a while.” Duwei sighed and waved a stick around after making sure that there were no snakes or something else in the glass, and then he escorted Vivian sit down.
Vivian was almost shedding tears, she never expected that sitting down would feel so good!

Duwei thought for a while, took off his coat, quickly torn his coat to pieces, and handed Vivian: “here! Your boots sole is hard, no wonder that your feet hurt. Cover your feet with those cloth strips, your feet will feel much more fortable.

“Tha…… thank you.” Thinking for a moment, Vivian said: “w… can we, leave from here?”

“Leaving ……” Duwei weirdly smile, he could not bear to disappointed the little girl: “first, above all, we have to find food and water, as for other things, we’ll fix it one by one.”

Duwei pondered a moment and said: “After walking for a day, I can now confirm that first, according to the wind direction, I am sure that this is the spring monsoon, concurring to this, I believe that this island is located in the Imperial eastern sea. Then, after checking the vegetation here, we should still be in the southern empire, perhaps even in the sea area of the eastern Lille province. And……”

At this moment, Duwei looked wired: “I am very worried about one problem.”

“Wh…… What?”

”Don’t you find it odd that, we walked for so long that we almost reached half of the island…… But we haven’t found a single animal yet! Not to mention a big beast, I didn’t see a snake or even a rat! This island seems to have no animals, and, listen…”

Duwei put up his hand to his ear and made a listening posture, his voice is very strange: “have you noticed that…… in such a big island and dense forest …… there is not even a bird voice….no land animals and birds….! This is too weird!”


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