Law of the Devil – Chapter 277 part 2

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Chapter 277 “Because I am Du Wei!” (Part two)

Looking at this simple minded maiden making a wife’s appearance, Du Wei could barely hold in his laughter. He had to admit, she’s done her homework. Problem was, her constant stuttering impeded her attempt and caused that voice of hers to lose any sense of appeal, especially the “mellow” aspect, there’s none. Then there’s her shivering hands. While trying very hard to help Du Wei unbutton his shirt, the air she gave off was more along the line of a timid person in fear than that of a lover.

As she got more and more nervous with every mistake she made, Vivian eventually caved in. Going sour in her nose, her iconic tears began rolling down her eyes.

Sighing, Du Wei pulls the silly girl in his arm and places her atop of his lap. With one hand lightly holding her waist, he uses his remaining hand to wipe away those droplets: “It’s okay, this is my fault. I shouldn’t have made you do this kind of stuff. As a man, I should have taken the initiative. Besides, it’s only expected for a simple girl like you to get scared.” He makes a very sweet and soft smile at her.

At his words, Vivian felt even worse and wrapped her arms around his neck, “You…. Wouldn’t think I’m not womanly enough for you would you?”


Laughing, Du Wei asked: “These things were taught to you by those etiquette madams today weren’t they? Haha, do you even know what being womanly is? So walking with one’s hip swiveling about and pinching one’s nose high is called womanly?”

Looking at Vivian’s eye, Du Wei carefully explains: “You know, I like you very much, but what I like is the Vivian that I know: stuttering when she talks, simple minded, extremely shy, and easy to talk to…..”

“But….” Vivian acted like she’s hesitant to speak her mind. But when she did break it out, her words surprised even Du Wei.

“But … I know, I can’t pare with Mrs. Lister.”

This sentence was very smooth, without the slightest hint of stammering. It’s obvious this thought has been poking at her mind for quite a while.

“Why do you think so?” Du Wei was a little surprised by her.

Faintly sighing, she speaks in a low voice: “I…. I know the truth. Mrs. Lister, she wants to marry you. I… I’m not as beautiful as she is, nor as graceful. Even her sister, Angel, is more elegant than I. She’s more befitting of a noble lady, while I…. I’m merely a secluded girl without any insight of the outside world…. I, I’m afraid. I’m afraid I won’t be a good Duchess.”

His heart ached. It seems that though this girl, though simple minded, had her own form of worries. Based on her tone, he can tell this issue’s been bothering her for a long time.

Making up his mind, Du Wei decides to let everything out today, avoiding any possible stress in the future.

“Vivian, I’ll tell you the truth.” Du Wei tightly wraps both hands around her waist, then smiled: “I admit, Mrs. Lister and her sister are both very beautiful… And it’s true they are very tempting. In all honesty, I’m afraid few men in the world can resist their charm. But you have to understand, this ’emotional temptation’, and my feelings for you, are pletely different. You understand?

Looking at Vivian’s confused eye, Du Wei gently smiled: “You need to understand a male’s mind. Towards the charm of a beauty, it’s a man’s natural instinct to be tempted, but some will be more obvious while some have better control over their feelings. However, that’s not to say every time a man gets tempted they must marry that woman as their wife. The temptation is only temporary. Saying it bluntly, a man’s temptation is mostly out of physical need, an instinctive desire to mate. If… Haha, if a man gets the woman and satisfy their urge, the impulse will likely disappear. But if the pair truly likes each other, that will be different. I like you very much. You make me feel at ease and I’m very fortable when I’m with you. I’m always very relaxed and happy.”

Speaking of this, Du Wei suddenly makes a sigh, whispering: “Everyone thinks I’m very glorious right now, powerful and authoritative. However, I can’t go a day without feeling the stress pressing down at me. Every day I have to figure out how to calculate against others, calculate today, calculate tomorrow, it’s always scheming this and that, it never ends. I’m tired, I can’t rest, but with you…..” Du Wei suddenly gazes into Vivian’s eye, his pupils giving off a hint of infatuation: “As long as I’m facing you, seeing your clean smile, I can toss away the burdens in my heart. At least, at that moment, I don’t have to think of anything else. What rivalry, what Northwest Army and Prairie native, I don’t have to think about any of that. These feelings… No one else can give me, you understand?”

“A wife is a very simple existence to me.” Du Wei continues: “I hope my wife is that simple: always acpanying me, help me watch over my home, and be my woman with all her heart. In the very least, when I’m exhausted outside, return home, return to my room, I wish to see a warm smile weling me, a simple environment. With you, I don’t have to think about every sentence being embedded with some profound meaning behind it, or some kind of probing. And, I don’t have to worry about your every smile being fake or real…. This is the expectation I have for my wife, my family. Only then can I let myself go and fortably relax, be myself.”

He then looked at Vivian and gently whispers, “Only you can give me these things. As for the Mrs. Lister that you mentioned… Let me tell you the truth. Whenever I talk to her, I must think twice about the meaning behind her words… Even if she’s more beautiful, do you think I would have fun living a life like that? Day in and day out, I have to guess at her thoughts.”

Vivian finally bees enlightened. Slightly relieved, she couldn’t resist asking again: “But… But, I know, Mrs. Lister, she is very, very clever. You have a lot of issues at hand, a lot of trouble, she, she can help you….”

Du Wei laughs hard at her thought: “Help me? Vivian oh Vivian, who told you this stuff? Am I looking for a wife or an aid? If I need help with my career, I have Philip and everyone. Philip could help me too, am I supposed to marry Philip then?”

Vivian became shocked, exclaiming: “Ah! He’s a man though!”

“Exactly!” Du Wei immediately follows up: “You see? If Mrs. Lister can help me in my career, I can be friends with her, or we can be allies. Let’s assume she’s willing, I could even hire her as my aid… Why must she be my wife? Is it because she’s ‘useful’ to me? You have to understand, marriage is about mutual affection, not about being ‘useful’ to the other party. If marriage bees purely based on the exchange of benefits, then what joy is there?”

Speaking up to here, Du Wei inhales deeply: “My biggest wish now is to be free to control my life and not to be manipulated by others! If even my own marriage bees a chip on the table, what freedom is there to be had? Such a life, can it still be called a life?”


Du Wei frowned: “There’s no but.”

He stretches out his hand and gently pinches Vivian on the nose: “I’ll make a my statement as simple as possible.”


“There’s a big difference between you and Mrs. Lister.” Du Wei’s eye was full of tenderness as he stared intently at the fiancée in his arms: “Do you think Mrs. Lister would still marry me if I’m not the Duke? You on the other hand, even if I’m not the Duke, I know you will still be the same to me inside!”

This was the real difference, and also Du Wei’s sincere words!

Hence the reason why Du Wei remains unmoved after the Madam relocated her entire family to the Northwest and placed all of her family’s power into Du Wei’s hand.

This was the simple truth!

Du Wei understands deeply, if he was still the same unfavoured Rowling young master from back then, Mrs. Lister would never bat an eyelash at him. Even if he saved her life, the most he would get was gratefulness and not the idea of marriage.

To the Madam, she’s marrying the Duke of Tulip, not him, not Du Wei!!

However, Vivian’s different. The one she likes wasn’t the Duke, but him, the same young kid from back when they were trapped on the island and ate plant roots together, that’s who Vivian liked!

Feelings are not an exchange of benefits.

Perhaps others would be willing to exchange their marriage for certain benefits.

But I don’t want to!

I will go the way I choose!

Because, I am Du Wei!

On this night, Du Wei did not “touch” his little fiancée. Simply put, he didn’t want to destroy this flower that hasn’t blossomed yet, perhaps when she’s a bit more mature first.

They talked about a lot of things that night, and eventually Vivian became exhausted and fell asleep in his arms.

After daybreak, Du Wei left Vivian’s room early in the morning, leaving behind his sleeping fiancée to tend to his daily matters.

Then in the following days, Du Wei became unusually busy.

Returning to the imperial capital was no casual trip in the park. As a lord of a powerful region, he would naturally have to meet many dignitaries in the process and kindle some relationships while at the same time making new contacts. In the end, gifts will bee inevitable. Du Wei’ wasn’t trying to curry any favors with this bunch; after all, with his current status, most would be trying to curry favors with him instead. Nevertheless, making friends was a must.”

Then there’s the issue of him leaving the Duke’s castle, many things needs to be arranged before he’s gone.

Finally, Du Wei made a decision. Summoning his men, he announced his choice on who shall lead when he’s at the capital.

“If there’s indecision, ask Philip on internal affairs and Longbottom on external affairs!”

In truth, the latter half of his sentence nearly came out as “ask 250 on external affairs.” Fortunately, taking into account of the general’s identity, his words changed on the last second.

In addition, Du Wei had to think long and hard regarding the candidates to acpany him back to the capital.

This time, he suspects there wouldn’t be much danger involved. After all, the situation in imperial capital was more stable than before. And he himself currently being one of the most highly favored individuals in the empire, the likelihood of someone wishing him harm was low. As long as he doesn’t encounter some peerless master of the continent, it’s not an issue for him to put up a fight.

However……his worries over the dragon clan mustn’t be neglected. Now that the old lizard has lost a son, there’s no chance the old fossil would leave him alone now. He really had to wonder if the fighting between the banished races and the dragon clan was done yet. If it did e to an end, he needs to make necessary arrangements to have some master class bodyguards around him for protection.

Only issue was, Hussein became the first to be ousted from the list. Don’t kid around… He’s the most wanted man by the Temple of Light. If someone from the temple recognizes this Saint Knight, everything will be ruined.

Rodriguez too, Du Wei had to deny this great warrior for this trip. It’s well known this Saint Knight played a major role in the coup on the former crown Prince’s side. If Prince Son finds out he’s hiding this great swordsman, surely the Regent would not take kindly to his impudence.

Then…. Green robe Gandalf was also banned from the list. He’s the least trustworthy among his choices. Considering the old man’s temperament, who knows what kind of trouble he would cause.

Finally, left with no alternatives, Du Wei can only choose Queen Medusa. He’s been neglecting this snake beauty long enough, and it was obvious Nicole’s gradually being more and more dissatisfied with him. She originally came out with him on the agreement that Du Wei will teach her about humanity, but most of her time’s been spent sleeping in her own room.

Honestly, if Du Wei were in her shoes, he would be quite grumpy about the treatment too.

Also, on the day of the engagement, she’s already gave word of her demands. If he goes and refuses her, then having this Queen turning on him was not something fun to experience!

Fortunately, while Medusa’s temperament was also on the eccentric side, her personality remains relatively simple. Unlike that Green Hat who would go on a rampage if he pleases, Du Wei has full confidence he can make Nicole listen to him if they do encounter any sudden issues.

Besides, the strength of this beautiful snake was also very scary. Taking her on the road with him was akin to having a top notch master.

Just like this, three days after the engagement, Du Wei readies everything and begins his journey back to the imperial capital.

This time, beside his bodyguards and the captain (Old Smoke), he also brought along the snake beauty and the stinken bird (QQ) on the road.

When leaving, the rest of the staff, as well as his fiancee Vivian, all came to send him off. As for the Lister sisters, they were missing from the audience. It turns out ever since the engagement party, Du Wei has rarely met with them again. As for that Muse brat, he intentionally tossed him somewhere far away, mainly to some of Mr. Blue Ocean’s students stationed across the province, because the kid was such an eyesore.

Standing beside the carriage, he personally said his goodbyes to everyone, and last but not least, he gave his little fiancée a good hug.

Then, just as Du Wei was about to head into the carriage, the crowd suddenly shouted in unison using their majestic voice: “We pray for the Duke’s return to the capital and may your dukeship be rewarded with status and wealth!”

After that, more than ten majestic looking generals raised their middle fingers at him in unison…..

Facing this, Du Wei nearly flipped backwards from disbelief and shock. Looking at Vivian, he asked: “This… I’m guessing you taught them right?”

As a response, his beautiful fiancée followed everyone’s lead and cocked her own middle finger at him. At that instance, Du Wei had a serious urge to kill himself.

Gnashing his teeth, Du Wei climbed into the carriage and angrily ordered his coachman: “Lufei, go!”

Lufei: the future king of the United Kingdom in the Southeastern Sea, and Du Wei’s current coachman. After spending a year in the Northwest by Du Wei’s side, this young kid from back then has bee more robust and taller than before. Giving Du Wei a fearful glance, he harshly whips the horse….

After around ten miles out of Loulan City, they encountered several white horses awaiting them at the peak of a small hillside east of the main road. Looking closely, it’s clearly the White Feather Knights of the Lister House.

Most of the White Feather Knights has been incorporated into Du Wei’s Cavalry Division by now, and these few are the remaining knights left as attendants to the Madam herself.

A white Feather knight rode towards Du Wei’s entourage. To indicate he held no malicious intent, this knight intentionally raised his hand up from afar to show he’s unarmed.

Seeing this White Feather Knight, Du Wei’s heart moved….

“Your Dukeship.” The knight rode up to Du Wei’s carriage and promptly made a saluting bow, then politely said: “Under the Marquise’s order, we’ve been waiting here for your lordship. The Marquise said your return to the capital will be quite busy, but with your distinguished status, there are bound to be some small matters you are unable to care for in person. Our Lister House has many businesses and manpower left in the capital, if you need, you can utilize them to your will. The Madam ordered me to hand this badge to you. With this, you can dispatch any resource under the Lister Household.”

After that, he got off his mount and respectfully hands the badge over to the carriage window. Without another word, he turns to his horse without forgetting to pay his respect, then departed by riding away like he came.

Looking at the departing knight, Du Wei squeezed the badge in his hand and exhaled deeply.

This woman still hasn’t given up…..

What should he expect on this second return to the capital, and what will be awaiting him when he arrives, oh the anticipation!


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