Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – chapter 277 part 1

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Chapter 277 “Because I am Du Wei!” (part one)

Everyone in the party was curiously looking at this intrusive beauty, wondering what her identity and relationship was with the Duke.

And Old Smoke, responsible for the banquet security outside, was somewhat surprised by this woman. How did she silently bypass the guards and break in without alarming anyone?

Toward this question, Dadaneier was no stranger. He’s one of the few guests present who knew the truth behind Medusa’s identity. A few measly guards can stop this snake woman? Dream on!

Angel’s heart thumped hard while she nervously eyed Queen Medusa. On one end she’s happy over her sister’s safety of not having to consume that life draining concoction, but on the other end……

“Who’s this amazing woman?” As a fellow female, and as a beautiful girl with extraordinary beauty, Angel found her own curiosity faintly drawn in by Medusa. But most importantly…..

After drinking the “Thousand Years Gaze”, this woman, she… Why isn’t she opening her eyes?

She only needs to open her eyes for Du Wei to fall in love with her, right?

She, she…

Angel carefully assessed Medusa’s face, afraid she might miss that critical moment when that happens. However, to Angel’s surprise, Medusa kept those eyelids shut without any inclination of ever opening them.

This woman… She wouldn’t be blind would she?

Angel’s heart began to wonder.

Unlike her sister’s fancy little thoughts, Mrs. Lister’s mind was much simpler. After having her wine glasses robbed in front of her, this calculative woman that had prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice finally lost it. Her mind became empty over the devastating shock.

It’s over! That’s the last of the seeds passed down in her family!

Reacting like she’s unaware of the surrounding gazes ing her way, this unparalleled beauty gently places her glass down: “Hmm, I heard you are going to the imperial capital. This time you must take me with you and not leave me behind, otherwise…. I’m going to be very angry with you.”

The last few words were so threatening that Du Wei found the backside of his head going numb from a slithering cold.

This great snake Mistress was no subordinate of his. The only reason she’s even following him around was solely dependent on her mood. If he annoys her…. And irritates this woman, he would have quite the trouble at hand.

Thankfully without any bumps or hurdles, Queen Medusa turns around and took her leave. Behind her was a crowd people all thinking the same thing: Our young Duke here is quite the flirtatious one.

Following Medusa’s departure meant dreadful mood the Lister sisters were in. During the toast, both girls had an obvious pale plexion like their spirits were sucked out of them, but when asked if they were ill, the Madam became flustered and refused to say anything. Puzzled, Du Wei’s heart unavoidably became suspicious, but with no clue to go on, he could only leave it be and not dwell on the matter.

Later, after the toast was over, Mrs. Lister excused herself by saying she’s unwell and left without waiting for the engagement to finish. Making a lamenting sigh, Angel took a long deep look at Du Wei before following her sister out.

For many guests tonight, this was merely a small interlude for these little foreplays were nothing but gossip materials when they return home. To these esteemed guests, the next part in the ceremony was what they truly considered to be the highlight of tonight’s event.

With the trumpeting blow of the entertainment troupe, the main entrance to the ballroom opens. Superbly dressed, Vivian finally appears in front of the public.

Fifteen years of age this year, Vivian may not have the stature of a fully grown woman, nor does she have the charm of a mature lady, but she had the benefit of being pure and lovely. Indeed, the tailor and etiquette madams employed by the Duke deserved every copper of the hefty sums they were paid. For this special day, this group of specialists had poured their hearts into the young girl, dressing her up into a pure white dove that would stand out even from afar. This perfectly matched Vivian’s na?ve personality and that white color represented the holy and pure nature of tonight’s ritual.

Vivian seems a little unfortable when she walked in. Not daring to make eye contact with anyone in the room, she became more and more nervous with every step she took. Eventually, even the bouquet in her hand was shaking due to the trembling of her body.

Vivian’s chest size wasn’t big by any means, but due to the narrow waist design of her dress, it greatly accentuated her female assets and gave off a illusionary effect. Then there’s her hairstyle. After careful trimming and styling, her original supple hair was pulled up to expose her tall neck curves, giving her a more womanly taste. Now, standing before everyone tonight wasn’t the same underage girl that everyone had known up till now, instead there’s only a young lady entering the realm of womanhood.

This kind of appearance left Du Wei at ease…. No matter how he consoles himself, he’s going to be quite guilty inside if he had to take a Lolita up to the engagement pedestal tonight,

Somewhat nervous, Vivian’s pace was faster than she should have let on. Before the etiquette ladies could bow to her, this pure hearted girl had made her way up to Du Wei’s side.

Looking at how finely dressed she was, Du Wei’s happiness could not be masked for even his eyes were smiling.

Seeing the gorgeous appearance of his sweetheart, Du Wei can only guess she must have endured quite the session induced by those makeup masters. Blossoming red lips, flushing cheeks, there’s no doubt in Du Wei’s mind of how embarrassingly shy this girl was in front of him.

Stretching out his hand to hold onto hers, he can feel a bit of sweat on that delicate palm. Smiling with great happiness, he whispered by her ears: “Are you cold?”

Vivian raises her head, blinking several times: “No… Not cold.” She mutters in a soft gentle voice.

In reality, it’s already the winter season. Although they are within the castle grounds with a burning blaze by the fireplace, Vivian’s outfit remains thin despite being a long dress. Plus, magicians are known to be physically weak.

Feeling the cold sensation on Vivian’s hand, Du Wei’s heart gave birth to a great idea. Pulling her by the waist, he had her tightly bound to his body to let his warmth slowly sooth her.

At first Vivian was a little surprised and nervous by the intimate posture they were in, but feeling the protective embrace she’s in, her heart suddenly relaxed.

Many guests had their sight focused on Vivian by now. Though everyone knew beforehand the position the Lister sisters were in, then there’s the episode of that mysterious beauty, but to them, those were merely gossip material. But when Vivian appeared, this pure and beautiful maiden immediately won the goodwill of all the guests with her innocent characteristics.

Oh Duke… Your tastes are very fine to be able to land a beautiful sorceress like Miss Vivian!

According to customs, because Du Wei’s not a believer of the temple, this engagement ritual will be hosted by an elder of the family instead of a religious member. And due to Du Wei’s parent being absent from the event, Marde will act as the family’s elder in their place.

Marde may be a lowly horse groomer, but this servant has truly been faithful to him. To Du Wei, he’s no different from family. Besides, if the Duke himself doesn’t mind, who in the audience would object?

After a pledge of oath, the engagement between the two will be formally set. Coming next would be the presentation of gifts by the guests. With a hundred precious pearls from the Southeastern Sea and a variety of jewelries, the title of providing the most valuable gifts would have to belong to Earl Biliaibuer.

However, unlike other females that would gladly fond over these worldly processions, Vivian was more inclined towards General Longbottom’s gift. This 250 presented a pair of newly born sheep herding puppies from the prairie grassland. According to his words, the lineage of this pair was as pure and noble as they e….

Naturally, the other guests would likewise bestow upon the couple with their own series of gifts. Thinking about it, Du Wei can say he suddenly found himself with a tiny windfall of wealth from this engagement.

After a brief and simple ceremony, the guests eventually dispersed for the night, leaving Vivian to ease that tense body of hers. Due to the low profile lifestyle she’s been living up till today, it’s difficult for her to suddenly adapt to these occasional gatherings.

Vivian was fine for a while, that was until Du Wei brought her into their room.

Looking at Du Wei slowly closing the door behind him, the only route for escape, Vivian’s heart began to flutter as her throat turn dry…..

He-he… It couldn’t be he wants to…..

Her thumping beat instantly hit 180!

(Car speed analogy if anyone’s wondering)

Her heart may have long went to Du Wei, but prior to today’s engagement, the furthest she’s gone with him were merely hugs and a little kiss here and there.

Sure, those little gestures may be enough to make Vivian blush for the day, but…..

Tonight, can it be tonight…..

With a pletely “I’m a good person” face, Du Wei smilingly came in front of Vivian and noticed his fiancée fidgeting with her fingers like a frightened little fawn. Understanding why, he moves up to her and pulls them both to the edge of the bed.

This may be Vivian’s bedroom, but it’s not like its Du Wei’s first time in here. Furthermore, this evening was special. To Vivian, every move made by this man carried a taste of “ulterior motive”. If the situation does devolve to that step, it doesn’t necessarily mean she will resist for her hearts already prepared for what’s to e. However, she’s still a maiden, being tense on the first nights unavoidable.

Holding Vivian’s wrist, he can feel the rapid beating of her pulse: “Your pulse is very fast, are you afraid of me?”

“Um …” Nodding unconsciously, Vivian then realized that the answer was inappropriate. Hurrying to shake her head, she tries to explain: “Ah no!”

Every time he saw the flawlessness in her panicking appearance, Du Wei always found himself winding up wanting to bully her: “Then what’s wrong?” He whispers in a soft gentle tone.

“Um …” Noticing him drawing closer, so close that Du Wei’s breathing was hitting her face, Vivian heats up like fire.

Stretching her mind to the extreme, her head went blank, unable to think properly. Then unsure why, her mind suddenly recalled the stuff those etiquette madams taught her early today, those shameful things a woman does with a man in bed…..

Drawing close to her nerve’s limit, her imagination began to run wild…. Does, does she really have to do those stuff? After all, this man was no longer some stranger for “Du Wei” will one day bee her husband in the future.

Thinking up to here, Vivian crossed her heart and convinced herself with the same determination of someone ready to die. Still stiff in her gestures, she nervously spoke in a trembling voice: “Duke, allow me…. To help you undress…..” She said it exactly like she was taught by those ladies.

At that, her face went apple red like blood could be squeezed out of those cheeks. While her hand continues to shake, Vivian braved herself to begin the job of unbuttoning his shirt.


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