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Law of the Devil – Chapter 276 part 2

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Chapter 276 “Major event!” (part two)

Angel’s heart inexplicably jumped. Whispering, she asked: “Thousand Year Gaze?” Although she doesn’t understand the meaning behind the name, but her body’s quivering cry faintly told her this had something to do with her lineage.

“Regarding the Elven race’s history and civilization, I don’t know much either. In fact, our father is the same. We may be a cross between human and elves, but by today’s standard we are no different from a regular human for the elven blood in our veins is too thin to affect us. Moreover, after so many generations of inheritance, there’s bound to be certain pieces of information missing. I’ve tried doing some research in private pertaining to the lost history and literature of our family, but there’s only so much left after a millennium of tarnish.”

“Then, what’s the use of this-this ‘Thousand Year Gaze’……?

Looking at her sister’s puzzled expression, Mrs. Lister’s eye revealed a hint of piety:

“Father had once explained to me that the flower elves are known to have the longest life span among the elves. Their life can go up to a thousand years, and this ‘Thousand Year Gaze’ is said to the fruit of love produced from a magical flower of our ancestors. According to legends, whenever a flower elf wishes to court the opposite sex, the couple will pick one of these fruits. If consumed, the two will forever fall in love!”

Angel’s eye brightened: “Fall in Love?”

“That’s right, fall in love.” Mrs. Lister whispered: “The way to use it is to have both parties gaze into each other’s eye. When their sight makes contact, that is when the fruit must be consumed to activate its power. From then on, both will bee lovers with an unbreakable bond….”

Angel can only feel her heart pounding like it can’t be stopped: “As long as they eat it…. And make eye contact, that’s all?”

Mrs. Lister glances at her sister: “What, you want to use it?”

Angel’s face blushed red, her thoughts obvious to read. But with another thought, Angel realizes that her elder sister likely didn’t bring the seed out for her to consume, but for herself.

At the thought, the girl’s face instantly went pale.

Seeing her younger sister’s expression, Mrs. Lister can easily guess why: “My dear sister…. This seed may be magical, but I cannot give it to you to use. It can only be consumed by me.”

“Why-Why!!” Angel suddenly cried, “If you had such a thing to begin with, why didn’t you take it out earlier? If you had given it to me, I-I…..”

“You wouldn’t have suffered like so, right? That’s what you wanted to say?” Mrs. Lister sighs: “Don’t hate me; I didn’t want to bring this seed out either because once consumed, the bodily harm it causes is huge, even for a flower elf.”


Mrs. Lister smiled wryly before slowly uttering a cruel fact: “The loss of life!”

Then her tongue grew cold: “Father told me, a pure flower elf can have a life expectancy of up to a thousand years, but…. Once they consume this magical fruit, they are in fact exchanging their life for love! According to what I know, a flower elf would lose approximately half their life span from this, meaning five hundred years! Naturally, due to our thin elf lineage, the members of our family can never match up to a real flower elf. Take our father for example; he only lived till he’s seventy before passing away. So, if we consume this seed like our ancestors did, I fear we won’t live pass forty….”

By the time the last few words left her mouth, the Marquise’s voice was obviously shaky.

Likewise, Angel was also blown away by the information.

Mrs. Lister showed a ghastly smile: “Sister, aside from making our family flourish, my lifelong desire is to let you and Muse live a happy life. I-I’ve already devoted my life to the family, but I don’t want to see you and Muse fall into the same path as I did! Do you understand? You are young and beautiful with many years of wonder to e…. We carry the blood of elves in our veins so your youth will continue for a long time like our father. Even at sixty years of age, he remained young and handsome. I want you to live a good life, so I won’t permit you to end it short!”

Angel began to tremble for she finally understood what her sister meant. Crying out, she pleads, “No! Please no! Sister, you can’t eat this thing, otherwise you will… will….”

“Then I will only have a few years left.” Mrs. Lister’s voice was calm as if she didn’t care: “As long as I can make him love me, then I will do it. I will have him marry me as soon as possible. Then using everything within my means, I will give birth to a child of his! After a few years, my wish will be satisfied. Angel, our family needs an heir, don’t you understand this?!”

“But-but this is not… Not going to work…” Angel suddenly fell into tears: “But this way you will…. I don’t want to see you die!” At last she couldn’t bare it anymore and rushed up to hug her elder sister.

Letting her dear sister cry her hearts out in while her embrace, Mrs. Lister gently loosened her grasp and whispered: “I’ve made up my mind for the situation leaves me no choice.”

As Angel continues to weep, Mrs. Lister consoles her using soothing words: “My sister, I know you like Du Wei in your heart… hmm, after I die, he will take care of you based on our bond. At that time, there’s bound to be opportunities for you… And, fortunately…..”

She reluctantly smiled: “Fortunately, my father said to me the side effects of this thing only works on the elven race. In other words, the damage demerits will not hurt Du Wei’s life.”

Seeing Angel had no intent of stopping those tears of hers, Mrs. Lister hardens her tone: “That’s enough, don’t cry anymore! Tonight is Du Wei’s engagement, our time is short. Now, help me mix these drugs together with the wine. Other than having a calming effect, these ingredients can also mask the fruity aroma of the seed. At tonight’s ceremony, you will acpany me and I will give Du Wei a toast! At that time….”

She stretches out a slender finger and nipped her thin nail against the “Thousand Year Gaze” seed, thus dividing it in two.

This engagement ceremony may have been organized in haste, but considering Du Wei’s status and wealth, everything’s in order.

Those present for the event would naturally include his subordinates within the city. Then there are also the two disciples from Master Alley’s end and the representatives of several large merchant groups.

In the evening when the sun has just set, the dinner party officially began.

In the grand ballroom of the Duke’s castle, this room that had hosted Du Wei’s fifteenth birthday will also take host to Du Wei’s engagement ceremony.

There were hundreds of guests gathered in the ballroom. Aside from Du Wei’s own people, there are also officials from Governor Bohan’s side and several senior officers from the recently recalled cavalry regiment.

According to the Roland continent’s custom, the main heroin must keep herself out of the public’s eye during the initial phase for the main man needs to do his part of entertaining the guests. Then under the auspices of the family elders, the engagement will be pleted under the public’s witness.

And now, Vivian was dutifully experiencing the greatest happiness of her life in the back room. Shy and nervous, several maids and etiquette madams were pampering this lovely maiden with dresses and makeup.

While in the banquet hall, Du Wei was fending off the endless amounts of congratulatory words from his guests, he even forgot the number of “Thank You” he returned.

But this was only the appetizer; the best was yet to e.

As tradition demands, the guests will take turn toasting Du Wei to a drink during the party! If he can’t finish each toast he’s given, he can’t proceed to the next part!

The implication of this act was: The road to love is as intoxicating and mellow as the wine.

The meaning was of course good, but more often than not; the main host would end up totally drunk and cause a stir of laughs among the crowds.

Currently Mrs. Lister and her sister had positioned themselves at the end of the group, patiently waiting for Du Wei to finish his rounds of toasting with the other guests.

Fortunately the guests were aware of Du Wei’s identity and weren’t overly presumptuous in their act. They did as traditions called for, but every cup they poured was shallow and minimal, leaving Du Wei only slightly tipsy by the end.

Alas, the time has e for Mrs. Lister to e forward. The moment she stepped out of the crowd, the room suddenly fell into a quiet calm with many strange eyes focused on the lady.

The reaction from everyone was to be expected, after all, the uproar from the Madam’s initiative to tempt Du Wei into a marriage was a well-known secret.

Disregarding the looks ing her way, Mrs. Lister remains calm with her sister in toe, the young premature girl tightly holding a small wine bottle in hand. This pair of flower sisters was bewitchingly beautiful under the illuminating lamp light, leaving everyone to recall the scene of the Madam giving Du Wei a kiss in public not so long ago in this very same ballroom.

But now, everything has changed with the main hero wanting to marry another woman. No doubt the mood inside the Madam wasn’t very good.

In particularly was young Angel for she made no efforts to hide her real feelings. Sad and weeping with sorrow, that weak and helpless appearance of a yearning flower would make any men go crazy.

Though everyone’s sentiment towards Miss Angel weren’t entirely incorrect, it only made up a part of her sadness. What she’s really sad about right now was for her own sister! Because once the Madam consumes the wine, her elder sister won’t have long to live!

As such, Angel with the bottle in hand had the strong desire to smash the container from where she stood. Sadly, under her sister’s attentive gaze, Angel lost every nerve to take action.

And among the guests, there are a few with malicious thoughts: will tonight turn into an entertaining play where three women pete for one husband? That will be quite the funny scene! Ah whatever! Let’s wait and see what the Madam will do when she toasts.

Du Wei came in front of the Madam, his face a little awkward. Nevertheless, this disfort only lasted a moment before he reposed himself.

“Mrs. Lister.” Du Wei slightly bows his body: “Thank you for ing.”

Mrs. Lister slightly shakes her head, sighing with a smile: “Duke needn’t be polite; it’s our honor to be invited to this gathering…. Please, please accept my blessing.”

At that, she turns to Angel beside her and nodded.

Trembling at the signal, Angel tightened her grip around the bottle.

Du Wei did not miss that reaction, but he mistook it as Angel’s way of showing she wasn’t quite over him yet. This misconception caused Du Wei to feel slightly guilty about his treatment towards the pair. Softly whispering: “Miss Angel, I… Also thank you.”

But Angel did not pay heed to Du Wei; she only had her sight pinned on her elder sister. This greatly confused Du Wei.

Not batting an eyelash, Mrs. Lister removed the bottle of wine from Angel’s hand and gently poured a cup for herself and Du Wei.

Her movements were subtle to begin with. When pouring the wine, she secretly added the two halves of the “Thousand Year Gaze” seed hidden underneath her nails into the cups.

Being so secretive, adding in Du Wei’s absent mindedness, there would naturally be no one noticing her swift maneuvers.

Mrs. Lister may be calm on the surface, but her heart wasn’t made of stone, there would of course be some sadness inside…..

Oh Du Wei, in order to marry you, I’m paying such a high price!

Hmm, once we consume this wine and peer into each other’s eye, you and I will fall in love…. I will love you, and you will love me, forever till the end!

I may only be left with a few years to live, but…… With that short period of time, I hope you can treat me with all your heart!

Thinking up to here, she crossed her heart and was about to raise the cup…..

But just at this very moment, an indifferent voice clearly that of a woman’s came from the back: “Du Wei, why did you not invite me to your engagement?”

The voice may be tender and soft, but the tone was totally indifferent, devoid of any emotions.

Everyone in the room turned their sight at the source, their gazes all showcasing utter surprise and a disbelieving sigh.

Beautiful, too beautiful, this woman is simply too beautiful!

Donning an extremely simple robe, this newly entered woman had her hair loosely hanging down. Though there’s nothing fancy about her wear, that face of hers was simply indescribable with words.

Some in the room even found themselves thinking it was a blasphemy to even look at that face, so much so that panic was starting to take hold in their hearts.

How can there be a woman so beautiful? That face… It’s simply too scary!

Her lips looked as if they were devoid of blood, but with very step she took, that gracefulness sent everyone’s imagination running wild.
And the most breathtaking part of all was that…. This woman had her eyes closed. That delicate face alone was enough to blow the crowd away, imagine that pair of eyes opening….. What a sight will that be!

But of course, that image will need to be left to one’s own imagination. (If only they knew what the consequences were for those eyes to be opened, its certain no one would even dare go down that route.)

Having such a woman walk in, every female in attendance suddenly had their positions knocked down a notch. Besides Mrs. Lister being able to put up a front, even Angel found herself unable to pete.

This beauty that could rival even Mrs. Lister’s, depending on whom you ask, would be none other than Queen Medusa, Miss Nicole….

Other than Dadaneier and Hussein, there’s no other in the crowd that has met Queen Medusa before. Right now Dadaneier was a nervous wreck, fearfully afraid the Queen would accidently open her eyes… If that happens, what a huge problem that would be!

“Du Wei.”

While everyone was still shocked by Medusa’s beauty, Nicole had begun her speech: “You really make me angry. What did you promise me when you took me away from home? Ever since I came out with you, all you’ve done is leave me to myself. I know you are busy and can’t always acpany me, but you didn’t even invite me to your engagement. I’m also close with Vivian, this is not fair.”

This remark caused quite the stir among the crowd. Those unfamiliar with the ins and outs began speculating the lady’s background.

Ohooh…… And here they thought it would be three women fighting for one husband, now it’s evolved into four women fighting for one husband.

What’s that phrase again?

“What did you promise me when you took me away from home….” Anyone with a sane mind would misunderstand the meaning behind that sentence.

Gently sighing, Medusa continues: “I will forgive you. When I just came I overheard that I should give you a toast as a friend on this occasion…. According to your standards, I should be your friend right?”

Queen Medusa’s power may be terrifying, but she’s not a human, meaning she’s ignorant of human etiquette.

If she says she wants to toast, then she will toast, she won’t care about so many things.

But this toasting ritual was already nearing its ending, where was Du Wei supposed to find more wine?

Apart from the two cups of wine from Mrs. Lister that is!

Unfamiliar with the world, Queen Medusa came over to Mrs. Lister’s side and picked up the glasses without any consultation.

Jolted awake by the sudden occurrence, Mrs. Lister wanted to stop her, but…. Who’s Queen Medusa? There’s no way someone like the Madam could hinder Nicole’s movement.

With a simple bypass, Nicole easily grabbed the two cups and came up to Du Wei. Handing him one, she faintly smiles and said: “Okay, I will consider today to be another lesson. Remember to not leave me alone so often. It’s simply too stuffy and boring by myself.”

At that, she raises the cup: “Is this how you toast, directly swallowing it?”

Du Wei smiled in return. Not thinking too much of it, he directly drowned the entire cup in one swing.

Queen Medusa also smiles and did the same C lifting it above her lips and chugging it down…..

There it goes!



The Lister Sisters both screamed at the same time, but their voices fell on deaf ears.

Seeing the empty glasses on the table, Mrs. Lister stared at Medusa and Du Wei repeatedly…. Eventually her heart fell into despair.

The “Thousand Years Gaze”… The last of the “Thousand Years Gaze”…

Unlike her sister, Angel’s mind was much simpler. At first she was caught by surprise, but it didn’t take long for her to relax.

After all, the plan may have been destroyed by the sudden appearance of this beauty, but this means her elder sister wouldn’t have to face an early end.

Only problem was… Once this beauty opens her eye, both of them will fall in love, right?

What Angel didn’t know then was that this toast will one day be the triggering point to something absolutely huge in the future.

For better or for worse, none will know until then.


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