Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 273 part 2

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Chapter 273 “The newest contribution of QQ” (Part two)

“Begin then.” Gandalf looked at Du Wei to indicate him to go over.

Nodding in return, Du Wei walked up to the largest crystal pillar and began invoking the spell with his magic.

Following the increasing volume of his incantation, the curtain of light also began to spin. Faster and faster, the speed grew more and more intense to eventually bee a vortex of light.

On the other hand, the howling voice from the dragon soul inside began to gradually weaken. From the original angry tone, the sound gradually turned into panic and despair. Then finally, the voice pletely died down and the contour of the dragon soul began to melt into a blurred image.

“Lowly…. Despicable, humannn!!!”

With the last of his powerless roar, the dragon soul pletely disintegrated into the yellow vortex and fused into the light.

Just like that, the will of the dragon prince was grinded away into nothingness!

“Almost! Gandalf gives out a reminder.

Focusing even harder, Du Wei continues his incantation while stretching out his hand to shoot his energy out. Like tentacles, his spirit pierces into the curtain of light by using the crystal pillars as a medium.


At that, Du Wei promptly felt the depths of his mind turning cold!!

As if he could hear the roaring voices of thousands of dragons by his ear, this sudden outburst almost caused Du Wei’s spirit to be pletely sucked into the vortex. Fortunately Du Wei woke up in the nick of time. Steeling his mind, Du Wei refuses to let go of his only connection with the light C the strand of spirit he shot out C and began to draw a series of symbols onto the crystal pillar in front of him.

Under the intensity of this whirlpool of light, Du Wei soon found his body being strained to the limit. Not daring to delay, he crazily pulled out all the reserve stored inside the ring on his finger.

By virtue of his own resilience, Du Wei can finally sense the chaotic mess that was known as the dragon soul slowly reforming.

But this moment of delight came with a price. Growing paler by the second, both his forehead and hair were already covered in sweat. If things don’t end soon, he’s unsure how long he will last.

Yet he can’t stop now for the black mist inside that hurricane of a light was almost at the desired state he needed. Finally, with the last ray of darkness extracted, the light once again returns to the calm curtain that it once was.

Gandalf can see the exhaustion on Du Wei’s face. To keep him from falling over, this old man went up and placed his hand on Du Wei’s shoulder as support. Then with a wave of his hand, the light around the magic circle stopped rotating at his order.

“Hurry, this is the moment!” Gandalf reminded: “Now that the Dragon Soul has been restored to its newborn state, you must sign a contract with it now. And then he’s yours for good!!!”

Originally a Bone Dragon doesn’t get to choose the affinity of its breath attack for the soul used was the deciding factor, meaning you can’t expect to create a water type creature with a fire type soul.

But this rule had exceptions. A Gold variant was the king of the dragon race with the power to wield all the element! This second prince may be a martial freak, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s naturally attuned to the other elements.

So, when the moment came for Du Wei to choose the affinity of his “battleship”, he only needed a few seconds to e to a decision: Fire!

Of course, when the time es in the future where Du Wei bees powerful enough, he can certainly add some other stuff into the flame to increase its plexity.

(Like corrosive flame or volcanic flame or something like if you didn’t understand)

Then came the final process, this part was much simpler. Taking the refined soul of the second prince, he only needs to slowly inject the soul into the dragon ship and then throw it into his storage ring along with a hefty sum of dead spirit so it can brew to fruition.

“A newborn bone dragon still needs to sleep for a period. As long as there’s enough dead spirit inside, it will be fine. And don’t forget to feed your storage ring with more dead spirits for after a certain period, the dark energy will be consumed by the thing.” Gandalf smiles at Du Wei: “Also, don’t forget to bring it out once in a while. You must on occasion interact with your pet to strengthen your spiritual bond, otherwise it won’t obey you as well as you would like. Now, whether or not this thing is a total waste or not, only time will tell.”

The creation of this bone dragon consumed nearly every ounce of Du Wei’s spirit. Not only that, the pool of reserve energy inside his ring were wiped clean in this ritual, and that’s on top of the fact that this skeleton was a finished product to begin with.

It’s not hard for Du Wei now to conceive now how difficult it truly was to create a bone dragon as a pet.

Exhausted to the brink of fainting, Du Wei had no strength left to converse with Gandalf at this point. Taking his leave, Du Wei left the old man to his own bidding of studying the elf blood he extracted from the Marquise.

Like that, Du Wei returned to his own room inside the castle and fell asleep without any other thought on his mind. By the time he awoke, a full day and night had passed.

Opening a lid in his eyes, the first thing to e into his sight was something he didn’t want to see: the chubby penguin squatting down beside his pillow and staring down at him with those beady eyes.

“What do you want now?” Du Wei impatiently asked this mooching penguin.

All day long, the only thing this penguin does was to be dishonest. Who knows how many more secrets this bird was keeping from him!! Humph.

“Just now I heard the person outside calling for you; it’s your servant Marde. But without your permission, he didn’t dare e in so he only knocked on your door from the outside.”

Du Wei made an “Oh” sound before pushing himself up.

Likewise, QQ also jumps off the bed. Twisting that chubby body of his, QQ runs up to Du Wei and asked: “You… Plan to use some type of sturdy scale to forge a series of armor, right?”

Du Wei knits his brow as he stared at this elegant bird: “How did you know?”

QQ looked very innocent in the eye like he didn’t mean it: “Just now I overheard Mr. Marde saying there are several blacksmiths seeking an audience with you. Supposedly, they found a way to forge the scales into what you want after studying the scales you gave them.”

Du Wei couldn’t believe it: “Why would Marde be talking with you?”

QQ sighed: “It’s boring being in here every day, really, really boring… … So, when your housekeeper knocked on the door and didn’t get a reply, he didn’t dare e in without your permission. However, because he and I were separated by a door, I decided to kill some time by asking for the details.” When it got to this part, QQ flushed a little like he’s embarrassed: “Hmm, I’m sorry, I imitated your voice.”

“Imitated… My voice?” Du Wei viciously eyed this sly bird.

Doing an elegant bow with that chubby body, QQ made no effort to hide the cunningness in his eyes:

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten to tell you that, in addition to being fluent in the ‘beast tongue’, I’m also very good at imitating other peoples ‘voices’.”

Du Wei silently looked at this hateful bird. Then like laughing like he should have expected this result, Du Wei asked: “How many more things did you forget to tell me?”

Penguin shakes his head: “This… I don’t know. I said ‘forgot’, then it’s only natural that I myself wouldn’t know. If I do remember, I be sure to tell you.”


“If you’re not Aragon’s pet, I would really like to throw you out right now!” Du Wei viciously plained inside.

As if he didn’t even hear Du Wei’s threat, QQ suddenly jumps over to the nearby chair and said: “I almost forgot…. Hmm, while you were asleep, I remembered something again. You’re trying to forge some special armor right? I heard from the housekeeper that you gave the blacksmiths some kind of special scale for crafting. Since it’s a rare material, you must turn them into armors of great quality, only then will you not waste them!”

Du Wei sneers: “What, you know the method to making some special armor?”

QQ shook his head: “I don’t know… But, back in Aragon’s time, master had twelve sets of powerful armors for his Saint Roland Knight Regiment. I remember clearly how each one looked! And….. “ QQ made a sharp laugh of achievement: “And, while you were asleep just now, I was bored and decided to draw them out! Maybe their designs will help you.”

Du Wei lapsed out for a second: “Draw? You don’t even have hands, how did you hold the brush?”

QQ made a nomnom gesture with his peak: “I used my beak of course….”

Du Wei immediately ran over to the desk to confirm the bird’s story. Sure enough, on the table were several sheets of paper with the image of a dozen knights in armor.

But unexpectedly, Du Wei only needed one glance to nearly faint from shock!

Turning his disbelieving head at QQ, he asked: “This is the Saint Roland Knight Regiment? The legendary force under Aragon all wore these armors?”

“That’s right.”

Getting the affirmation from QQ, Du Wei wanted to pull his hair out from how crazy he felt.

The reason was because in the picture, the great and legendary regiment, Saint Roland Knights, all wore…..

Oh, what a familiar sight to behold….

Taurus, Leo, Aries…. And Pisces!

Oh fuck his mother!!!

What Saint Roland Knight? These are clearly the armors from the anime: SAINT SEIYA!!

Du Wei remained speechless for a long time. Finally, he helplessly sat himself down on a chair and began to mockingly laugh at himself.

“Alright, that damn Aragon’s not only a world traveler like himself, the guy’s also a big anime fan too…. Damn it, Saint Seiya knights, the guy actually conquered the continent with a team in that getup…..”

Hmm, and here Du Wei thought his little play with the Decepticon squadron was badass. Who would’ve have thought the founding emperor of the Roland Empire was even more of a joker than himself!!

shiryuPointing to one of the pictures on the table, Du Wei reflexively made an upward punching pose in front of QQ: “Hey… Did Aragon ever tell you what this pose mean?”

QQ blinked and blinked, then smiled innocently: “Ughhh, I think it was called something like the “Rising Dragon Fist” or something like that.”

If one wishes to know what a person looks like when they want to throw up blood, look no further.

Du Wei’s expression right now was the perfect example of someone doing just that!!

Twitching in the eye, a strange image of Rodriguez wearing one of the Saint Seiya armor suddenly flashed across his mind.

“Hmm, the Golden Saint Aquarius Armor is also of the water attribute…. Exactly like Rodriguez’s Ice Dou Qi!”

Oh mama… Should he go persuade Rodriguez to change the name of his signature skill to Diamond Dust?

Looking at how awkwardly silent Du Wei remained, QQ unfortably asked: “Master Du Wei, these drawings, do you still need them?”

“…..” Du Wei didn’t reply right away, but then all of a sudden, he screamed: “Ya, why not!! If Aragon can pull off something like this, why can’t I? So be it, the new armors shall be crafted in accordance with these drawings! The color of the scales are gold anyway, HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!”


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