Law of the Devil – Chapter 270

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Chapter 270 “This woman is not human”

“Hey-hey… It’s exactly like what you just said, ‘she only looks younger than her actual age’! Boy, I also know of her, this Mrs. Lister. She should be in her thirties… Don’t you feel that her outer appearance is too young? If you don’t ask her age, anyone would mistake her for an eighteen year old girl!”

Du Wei shook his head: “This is not surprising, she’s born of a wealthy family. From childhood till now, her lifestyle been superior to the rest. Naturally, I’m not excluding the possibility of her using some beauty technique to upkeep her looks.”

“Hem hum …” Green robe Gandalf repeatedly sneers at him, leaving Du Wei confused: “Du Wei, how old is your mother this year?”

“What about my mother?”

Du Wei thought and thought, that’s when he found himself frowning all of a sudden.

The truth was, Du Wei originally also had some questions surrounding the lady. He simply didn’t know where the problem lies. Moreover, the lady’s constant marriage proposal was a real headache in itself. Rather than go looking for the madam, Du Wei would have nothing else better but to stay as far away as possible from the lady. So, where would he find the time and patients to think about these questions?

Now that Green Hat mentioned it, Du Wei immediately understood where the problem lies!

Even if the heaven’s blessed her and that she was fortunate enough to maintain her body well, she’s still a thirty year old woman. No matter how good a beauty technique was, it’s impossible to maintain the appearance of a young maiden! Moreover, the lady was in charge of overseeing a huge family. Just the stress and labor involved would cause the person in question to age exceptionally fast! But the lady….

To say wealthy birth and superior living style, Du Wei’s own mother was the living example of this! Prior to marriage, the countess was the young miss of a highly prestigious nobility. To say living conditions, she wouldn’t lose out to the Marquise one bit. Also, Du Wei’s mother was known as a beauty within the noble circle. Despite consuming the same quality of food, living the same quality of life, and having access to the same level of beauty care, she remains inparable to the Marquise.

To be blunt, for one to be able to maintain the appearance at the degree of what Mrs. Lister shows off, it’s simply too overwhelming, practically unnatural!

Seeing Du Wei’s silent treatment, Green Robe Gandalf smiles with pride on his face: “It’s no surprise you don’t know this. Boy, I can’t blame you for being ignorant. About this, I speculate there are only a few who knows!”

“You just like to leave me hanging….” Du Wei muttered: “Humph, you are now my teacher so quit hiding it. If there’s gossip to be had then say it!”

Gandalf smiles mysteriously and then whispered his next sentence: “This woman…. She’s not human!”

Upon hearing this, Du Wei nearly fell off his chair from his shaking body.

Not a human? A monster? It can’t be, a demon? What, does this world have something like fox demons too? Is my manly essence going to be sucked dry?

Only after receiving the wanted expression from Du Wei did Gandalf continue with his explanation: “Hmm, this will be quite long if we talk about it….. You should know something about the ancient history of this continent, right?”

Du Wei breathed in deeply to calm his emotions: “A little bit….. I know that in ancient times there existed other beings aside from us humans. But due to a massive war, the other races were eventually banished by the goddess and forced to migrate to a land far to the North. Pass the Holy Mountain, there, the exiled races can never return for the dragons guard the only passage back to the main continent.”

Speaking up to here, Du Wei vaguely guessed something: “This Lister lady, she’s not human? What, is she a member of the banished race? She doesn’t look like that of a beast race, nor a dwarf…. Elf? AH! Its true elves are known for their legendary beauty, but I also know elves tend to be shorter than ordinary humans. And, their ears should be pointy.”

“That’s right, she’s an elf.” Gandalf faintly smiles:” But she’s not a pure breed. Humph, the other races on the continent were banished. If there are still elves or other ethnic munities present on the continent, the temple would have long slaughtered them all. So how can there be a pure bred elf on this continent? This Mrs. Lister, I suspect she’s likely a mix between elf and human, this much I’m sure. It’s just that after so many generations of cross breeding, most of her elf characteristics became masked by her human lineage. Nevertheless, the strongest point elves have over us humans of being exceptionally beautiful remains with her.”

Du Wei’s jaw dropped: “But… But we can’t conclude this based solely on her image.”

Gandalf raised his brow and pointed at his own eyeball: “This is certainly not the only proof I have. I’ve consulted many books and sciptures… Humph, the first time I saw this woman was two years ago. You probably haven’t noticed it, but did you look at her pupils?”

A moment of pause, Gandalf explains: “We Roland people have variations in the color of our eyes, brown, green, and blue…. Indeed, her eyes are blue, but unlike ordinary people, her pupils are different. That day I vaguely noticed something strange about her aura. Although the average person wouldn’t notice the small variation in her, a mage can through our induction of magic of our surroundings. That day, I carefully observed her and that’s when it happened. From an angle, the pupil in her eyes gave off a faint purple tint!”

Gandalf’s statement left Du Wei greatly shocked: “Elf lineage?”

“You think it’s possible for my judgment to be wrong?” Gandalf humph with dissatisfaction: “Elf lineage is very precious! I only needed one look to raise my predatory appetite. Not only is it a miracle that there was still someone remaining on the mainland with elf blood in their veins, it’s said that elves are naturally attuned to magic. Although their magic cannot be pared to draconic magic, it’s still very mysterious. After immersing my life in the research of magic, how can I let her go after encountering such a rare specimen. Unfortunately, that Knight from the temple just had to show up at the worst timing. In order to not break my promise to myself…. Humph, I spared his life and retreated. It’s just that my curiosity got the better of me. I was curious so I deliberately cursed her body to see what effect will be on a mixed blood.”

Du Wei asked: “That… Why didn’t you go look for her again after you’ve cursed her?

Green robe Gandalf shook his head: “I temporarily left later on… Humph, if we must trace the problem to its core, you are mostly to blame for the entire mess! Though my apprentice, Joanna, usually spends her time fooling around in the outside world, we would always keep in contact through our magic bond. However, that day I suddenly lost contact with her. My heart couldn’t stay put over how worried I was so I was pelled to… Although an elf hybrid is precious, my apprentice came before everything. In order to locate her, I hurriedly left.”

Coming up to here, Green hat smiled: “Only until later on did I remember this elf hybrid. I was in such a hurry that day that I pletely forgot to remove the petrifaction spell on her. I didn’t know her status at that point but I already knew the results. Either she died from my curse, or her family was powerful enough to find another magician to cure her.”

Listening to the story, Du Wei could not help but swear….. This old man was too daring, treating other people’s lives like dirt!

But this old man gave Du Wei a difficult problem: “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this woman again today….. But since she’s your friend, I can’t have you, my student, lose face. One bottle of blood isn’t too much now is it? She’s a full grown adult; one bottle won’t hurt her at all. One day’s worth of rest and she will be up and running again…..”

Almost afraid of Du Wei refuting, Green Hat adds in another line: “Some time ago I came across a scripture containing the remnants of some ancient elven magic. I wanted to try it for so long; unfortunately the chance never came…. If you can get me a bottle of her blood, ha-ha, boy, you are my disciple. If I succeed in my research and resurrect that magic, you think I won’t teach you?”

Towards elf magic, honestly, Du Wei didn’t hold much interest. In his hand, there are already too many things to learn. Aside from the Star Dou Qi and Star Magic, he also has Shamanism from the Snowy Mountain. To master any one of these will take extreme efforts with no end in sight. If he suddenly adds Elf magic to the list, Du Wei wasn’t sure if he can handle it.

Just that… This Green Hat only asked for his opinion to give him some face. If he disagrees and annoyed this eccentric old man, he’s not sure if the old fart would outright kill him here and then. Then there’s the possibility of the old man being bent on taking the madam. If Green Hat does take her by force, Du Wei knows for certain he can’t block it.

Thinking up to here, Du Wei sighed: “Fine then… A bottle of blood isn’t a big deal… However, only ONE! I will not go running to the other party for a second bottle when you waste it all away in your study, got it?”

Gandalf pricked his brow: “Elf Magic is difficult to understand and I only salvaged a small remnant of the original spell. I really fear a single bottle wouldn’t be enough. Besides, I’m only doing this because it’s you. If I run out, you need to e up with something.”

Sure enough… This scuzzball decided to be unreasonable.

But this old madman wasn’t someone Du Wei can provoke at this time.

Helpless to resist, Du Wei was eventually rushed off by the old man to see the Marquise.

Back in her own room, the madam was pletely scared out of her wits for she knew her secret had been leaked. No matter where it was on the mainland, elves are always considered heretics. Once the secret spreads, the first one to e out to find her would no double be the Temple. Even if the Lister Household grew even bigger, she could never avoid the fate of being doomed to the fire pillar in the main citadel of the Temple.

For this reason, she was terrified at what awaited her. And when Du Wei came seeking an audience, her first thoughts were: does he know too?!

If her memory serves her right, Du Wei called him “teacher”. If that’s the case, things can’t get any worse!

When Du Wei first entered the room, the first scene to e into his eye was the scene of the lady trying to hide her unease. Though she pretends to be calm, the panic in the eyes betrayed her.

Not able to bear the thought of making things difficult for the lady, Du Wei decided to cut to the chase: “Madam, this way please…..”

Understanding his meaning, Mrs. Lister immediately dismissed her attendants.

Once the room was cleared, Du Wei sighed in a depressing tone and said: “Lady…. I won’t play my words so you can rest assured, there won’t be anyone else to learn of your secret. My teacher may be eccentric, but he’s no loudmouth. In order to make sure he doesn’t e making trouble for you, I need you to offer a little sacrifice on your end.”

With that said, he places the small bottle on the table and whispered: “Not much, just a bottle of your blood.”

Shuddering at the demand, Mrs. Lister’s voice began to tremble: “You… You know too?”

Du Wei faintly smiled: “Lady, please, don’t worry… I’m Du Wei, not some follower of the Temple! Whatever teaching the Temple spout has nothing to do with me.”

Only at his words did Mrs. Lister bee slightly calmer. Not saying another word, she suddenly drew a silver dagger from the drawer and made a small tiny cut on one of her delicate fingers.

The whole process was very awkward for both of them. Watching a beauty like the madam slowly fill the bottle with her blood made him feel somewhat evil.

“Okay.” Although it’s only a small bottle of blood, she’s still a woman. From her shaky hands, the madam attempts to pass him the bottle: “Take it.”

“Thank you.” Slightly guilty inside, Du Wei reaches out to grab it: “I…..”

“No more.” Mrs. Lister breathes in deeply. Within moments, she reverted back to the appearance of a powerful family head where her voice sounded indifferent: “Also Duke, don’t forget your promise! The survival of my Lister Household rests in your hands!”

After that, she decisively turns around without giving Du Wei another glance.

Sighing inside, Du Wei could do nothing but to pick up the bottle and leave.

After Du Wei left, Mrs. Lister suddenly plotted down to the floor like all energy had left her body. The strong image she portrayed earlier was merely an act, a way for her to not show her weakness in front of the other side. Now that she’s alone, her real emotion of fear and horror fully takes hold of her face.

When Du Wei brought the bottle of blood back to the old man, the first reaction from Green Hat was excitement and joy. Carefully looking over the bottle, this old man then pops open the cork and sniffed the content. If Du Wei wasn’t around, this old man might really have tried to have a taste of some elf blood. Fortunately Du Wei made a timely cough to bring Green Hat back to reality.

Nevertheless, the old man remains very happy at the disruption: “Very good! You’ve done so well that I should be teaching you some spells by now after you called me teacher so many times. But with this blood in my hand, I can’t wait any longer. Let’s do this… I’ll give you something nice to keep you busy for a while. I’m certain you will like it.”

Finished, he rummaged through his robe for a long time before pulling out a black crystal ball! With only a glance, Du Wei can already see how darkly black the fog fluctuating inside was. Though it was incredibly thick, Du Wei can still faintly see a streak of gold circulating across the globe. Yes, it’s certainly dark energy inside the crystal, but at the same time, not exactly pure.

“This is …”

“Ha-ha, this is not dark energy so don’t be mistaken. It’s a crystal ball used to imprison the soul of the dead!!” Green Robe laughs sinisterly: “On the day I was ing here, I came across one of those lizards. I slaughtered that gold snake and trapped his soul inside this crystal. Now I’m giving him to you…. This here is the best material one can get for undead creations so its uses are endless!”

Pausing a bit, Green Robe frowns at his own folly, “Sadly… You probably don’t know any dark magic…. And I don’t have any spare time to teach you. Otherwise, I can take you for a run across several ancient battlefields to procure some dragon bones. Using this soul as a base, I would’ve taught you how to turn a gold dragon’s soul into a bone dragon! Never in history has anyone turned a gold dragon into a bone dragon! Oh, what a feat!”


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