Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 27

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Law Of The Devil Chapter 27 【Don’t work anymore】

When Duwei woke up, he felt his neck almost broken. Just subconsciously moving his head, his neck felt severe pain.

Duwei began to regain consciousness and felt his body posted on the cold dirt floor ……

After his awareness e back little by little, Duwei made sure that he was alive.

He did not fiddle, first he laid quietly and confirmed whether his hands and feet, as well as the various parts of the body, got injured, then he struggled to sit up a little bit.

He still felt a little dizzy, just remembering the last memory before he fainted: dragon couldn’t withstand the injury, finally fell down from the sky, and that silly girl, totally didn’t perform like an eight class magician, when facing dangerous, she even cried for her mom.

At the last minute, that dragon used all efforts to flap its wings, trying to maintain balance, but it was still unable to support, so it just carried the two people on its’ back and dived toward ground at the fastest speed.

Later, the rest of the pieces in Duwei’s mind is: falling down, loud voices, woods……

Forcibly rubbing his eyes, Duwei looked around and sighed.

The giant Dragon laid on the other end was too far away from him, there was a huge pit on the ground, which was originally a forest here. When the dragon fell down, it damaged many trees, and now the dragon laid on those trees. Dragons indeed have very thick scales. Its’ body didn’t suffer any injuries, but the scar in its wing seems more serious, probably because it was forced to fly such a long time, that made it’s scar more severe.

Now, this giant dragon is sleeping, and it’s red skin and scales emit faint light.

Looking at the dragon in such a close distance, even if it is sleeping, Duwei could still feel that this giant monster give him a strong pressure …… Perhaps, this is so-called human nature to fear the dangerous creatures.

Dragon breathed like a storm, from its mouth and noses there was even a black smoke smog ing. That reminded him the fierce battle last night, Duwei could not help felt a little excited.

Witnessing that kind of high-intensity war is a feast for his eyes! That happened in front of his eyes! That’s so much more authentic than those special effects in the movies.

Although, unfortunately, the ice beauty was right.

Vivian, this little warm-heated silly girl, afraid the war would hurt innocent people, so she cast a lots of magic spells to use Transfer Magic, which shifted the war to the distant semi-angle hill. Even though what she did had saved a lots of people’s life, but after using so much magic power, as expected, she was beat by her sister.

At the beginning, the two powerful magicians all used magic spells to mand big giant dragons to fight. The fire dragon and the ice dragon are evenly matched in strength, but later, since Vivian’s magic power decrease, the fire dragon encountered a plete defeat

This silly girl is too kind that even when she escaped, she didn’t forget to take me together. She can count as a conscientious girl.

And last night, she also saved many of my soldiers. Considering that I had been so mean to her,I also did something wrong.

Sighed, Duwei looked at Vivian, who laid on the nearby ground….. This silly girl, closed her eyes, under long eyelashes, her eyelids gently quivering. Fortunately, she didn’t get hurt and breathed smoothly.

Duwei went over and patted her face, little magician pout in her dream, and muttered in vague tone: Mom….. and Dad……, I was little poor Vivian.”

This silly girl, she doesn’t stammer when she falls sleep.

Duwei smiled …… She is still a child.

After surviving the disaster, Duwei felt gratitude towards the little silly girl, and patted her cheek, and then whispered:”…hey,…wake up, wake up quickly.”

Vivian finally drowsily opened her eyes, and when she first closely saw Duwei’s face, she suddenly screamed out, and her body immediately bounced up, then a pair of little hand tightly caught her collar, leaned back quickly and shrunk back, her big eyes stared at Duwei, as if afraid Duwei would bully her.

Duwei saw the silly girl, and he could not help but laugh, moving back a little bit, and weirdly smiling:. “Magician Lord, you finally woke up and now our situation is not good.”

Vivian shook his head, finally calming down, and suddenly cried out: “ dragon.”
She saw the nearby sleeping dragon, jumped up, and ran towards it, threw herself on the dragon’s paws. Big drops of tear fell down, and she cried:” my burning sun….burning sun…teacher’s gift, burning sun.”

Then, she saw the wound in dragon’s body, Vivian immediately turned up her pocket, and just turned up for a while, only pull an empty bag……. remembering that long back Duwei took everything away.

Having no magic material at all, Vivian felt hopeless, and she immediately open her arms and cast a series of spells. Then faint milky white light scattered out from her hand, but the light is so faint that even Duwei, who knows nothing about magic found that there was something wrong.

Vivian also froze for a moment, she took a deep breath, stern lot, then this time, she spelled words one by one and sang those spell in deep slow voice. The white light in her hands became a little brilliant, and the dragon’s wounds begun to recover. This spell seems like a magic healing technique…….but, finally this white light is too weak, and small, that only enveloped small part of Vivian’s hands.

Compared to the bulky dragon, such weak healing technique is far from enough.

Moreover, this healing technique was just enough to heal a small part of scar which was scarified when the dragon fell down. Vivian dazzled, and sat down with a pale face, she hardly shook her head and looked at the empty hand, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“my …… my magic magic, don’t work.”

Duwei was shocked:”What did you say?!”

“Magic, magic, not working anymore.” Vivian sadly said.

Not working? Duwei was surprised, and he still counted on her to heal the dragon, and then we could leave from here.”

Surrounding is the silent forest, she do not know where the hell it is. When they flew away, they didn’t know what direction they fled, and confusedly fly for a half night.

“did u lose magic power because of spiritual power shortage?” Duwei cautiously said:”you should rest first, and regain some magic power.”

“No, no, I could feel the magic power, but I just cannot use it.”

This time, Duwei also stunned.

Thought for a moment, Duwei frown: “Since your healing magic isn’t working, what about the other magic spells?.”

Subsequently, Vivian immediately tried a few times, but the results were disappointing!

For some unknown reasons, Vivian’s magic power suddenly fell back countless times

She cast a variety of spells, such as fire spells, she tried her best efforts that she could only e up with a maximum of two small fireball. As for other advanced magic spells, such as moving fires, etc. pletely became invalid! Even those low-level magic, also took lots of energy,
And the magic power decreased by half.

Vivian was really petrified! Magic is her only gift since she was a kid, what she can count on is her extraordinary magic power.

But now, the powerful magical abilities, unexpectedly disappeared 99%! How this change didn’t terrify a girl? She stared for a long time, and couldn’t say a word.

Duwei was also a little surprised, but he couldn’t figure out, ultimately he attributed this change to the war, perhaps the ice beauty cast a spell on this little silly girl or perhaps she was hurt.

Vivian lost her magic power, suddenly, her little courage became much smaller. She even didn’t dare to say a whole sentence. When she looked at Duwei, her face was full of fear, and she almost cried. Duwei felt hopeless, and he said few words to fort her:” you must be hurt…. Or your sister cast some spell on you…..Don’t worry, your magic power is so strong, you’ll recover sooner or later. And you have a powerful teacher, you teacher must have ways to help you recover your magic power.

Referring to the teacher, little Vivian finally calmed down a bit, it seems that in her deep heart, she worshiped her teacher and has great confidence in her teacher. Immediately she stood up: ” I…I want to go back and visit my teacher!”

“Good!” Duwei said: “I also want to go back, but we have to be careful with your sister, she has chased us all the way. Only when sunrise, we can get rid of her. Now you’ve lost your magic power, and if we encounter her again, we cannot resist her.” then Duwei pointed at the dragon:”can your dragon flys?”

Vivian shook his head, then took efforts to explain: “after dragon get injury, even without magic power, it can still recover by its own magic nature. But this speed is relatively slow, and before it recovers pletely, a dragon cannot fly.

Since the dragon suffered such a heavy injury, it will take more than half year for the dragon to recover by its’ own magic nature.

The idea of riding a dragon to leave became invalid, Duwei only sighed, and he decided to walk around and figured our where they were.

It is best to e out this wood, and if they are lucky enough, they may encounter one or two locals, and ask clearly where they are, and then find the nearest town.

But this dragon cannot even make a move, it can only lie down in the same place, and slowly recover. Vivian by no means will leave her pet”burning sun”, Duwei felt helpless, plus he now felt he owed the silly girl. Thus he treated her with much patience. He only had to work around by himself all alone.

Snapping a stick, Duwei chose a direction and moved forwards. But he didn’t dare to walk far, so he just went to scout ahead.

However, it is clear that today, Duwei is lucky, and also very unlucky!

His plan was to get out this wood and then found one or two local people, the best case is to find a village.

Walking out of this wood went smoothly

Less than half an hour as he walked out of the wood, and before his eyes is an open sea…

When he got out of the last row of trees and saw the beach in front of him, Duwei stunned for a moment.

Did we fly to the seaside?

He didn’t think much, and immediately he turned around and walked back for a while, the longer he walked, the more strange he felt.

Anxiety flooded out from his heart, Duwei quickly ran back to the place where Vivian and the dragon was resting, regardless of his deep breathe, he shouted the female magician loudly: quickly, can u use the flying magic power? Fly up quickly, and see the surrounding terrains, quickly!”

Vivian froze for a moment but looked at Duwei’s anxious expression, she followed his mand.

Female magician’s magic is not working anymore, the flying spell maximally persists up to about ten seconds

But …… ten seconds is enough!

Vivian flew up, flew high enough …… But then, she almost fell down from the sky in panic

Fortunately, Duwei caught the silly girl, and they fell to the ground together, sorceress even fell on Duwei’s arms.

But this time, Vivian did not hurry to push away Duwei, because this time she had no expression in her face, she found a more terrible thing!

“ w..w..w..w…we..we are…… on an island, an island……!!”


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