Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 268 part 2

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Chapter 268 “Bloody hell” (part two)

Fortunately, Prince Son probably understood that Du Wei will be unhappy over this. As pensation, Du Wei will be allowed to pick his six thousand men directly from the twenty thousand cavalry roster without breaking them apart.

After Du Wei gets first dib, the rest will have to be sent back to the imperial capital to enrich the numbers in the royal guards.

There are some dissents in Du Wei, but his heart eventually relented: twenty thousand seasoned warriors, how can the capital not take heed of this force? Sure, it was expensive as all hell to feed this group for they were inside the prairie before, but now that they are withdrawn from the front lines… Who wouldn’t eye this well trained cavalry unit!

Prince Son wasn’t a fool.

Just recalling his own plan before made Du Wei realized how much of a mistake he’s done to look down at the Regent.

“Fine, six thousand it is then.” Du Wei lets out a deep breath and secretly thought to himself: “He already has three thousand cavalry, plus this six thousand and the two thousand White Feather Knights of the Lister House; he will only need to recruit no more than ten thousand people to make a proper regiment. Though not as great as he would like it to be, but beggars can’t be choosers at this point.

After looking through this secret letter, Du Wei immediately tossed it into the fire pit to erase its existence.

Once that’s done, Du Wei ordered his people to summon Biliaibuer over for some more talks.

“When I set out, the military mander had already issued the withdrawal order to the cavalry division in the prairie. If my estimates are right, it will be another day before they arrive at Loulan City. As to the details of their placement, the Regent should have stated everything in the letter so I won’t bother repeating it.” Compared to their last encounter, Biliaibuer looks to be in higher spirit and became more talkative. Apparently, without the burden of being a negotiator, this guy’s quite the talker.

Du Wei nodded: “So what’s the situation back in the capital now?”

“It’s quite funny now that you mentioned it.” Biliaibuer grins at him: “Both the pro war and peaceful faction have gradually bee less noisy over this matter, after all, the issue is settled the moment we signed the treaty. It’s just that the temple is acting somewhat unsettled these days. I heard they are spreading some rumors veiling harsh criticism towards your Dukeship.”

“Oh?” Du Wei frowned.

As far as he’s concerned, Du Wei doesn’t recall ever crossing the Temple’s path has he?

Biliaibuer chuckles: “Did you not imprison all the prairie soldiers after the battle of Anglia City and then tethered them to a post? In the end, none of the captives survived. That’s the reason why the Temple is on your tail. Ha-ha, especially the Holy Maiden. She even publicly criticized you as a cruel tyrant and that your methods do not follow the Goddesses teaching of showing mercy to the world…..”

Du Wei nodded: “Holy Maiden… … Hmm, then what’s the Temple’s opinion?”

“The Temple? Though they didn’t openly support the rumors, underneath, there’s indication they are following this opinion too by not revoking it in public.”

Biliaibuer hesitated and said, “Duke, I have a suggestion, just not sure…..”

“Please speak, uncle Biliaibuer.” Du Wei laughed: “Did you forget? In private, you don’t need to be so formal and call me Duke.”

“Hmm.” Earl Biliaibuer nodded: “I heard that the Temple originally wanted to set up a branch in your capital, but through your interference, the idea was banished…..”

Du Wei indignantly rejected this claim: “When did that happen!! The Temple did send someone, but that’s because they didn’t want to purchase the land themselves. How can they blame me when they refused to pay the fair price? My city is newly founded, so of course the market rate is higher than normal!”

Biliaibuer smiled and embarrassingly glanced at Du Wei: “Throughout the Empire… … When have a lord asked the Temple to purchase their own land for a new location? Really, this Duke has to the first.”

According to conventional means, local officials or noble lords will never ask the Temple to use their own money for land purchases. Even if not gifting a property with a building attached, the land should at least be free of charge, this was a must to show their respect towards the Temple and their followers.

Explaining his view, Du Wei spoke in a soft voice: “My city is newly constructed and I’m not even a devotee of the Temple. How can they hate me for not donating? Plus, it’s not like I’m the only noble lord that doesn’t follow the Temple, am i?

Biliaibuer smiles: “That’s merely one of the reasons. Hmm….. If I had to guess, it’s likely the Holy Maiden is trying to shame you for the late crown prince. Don’t worry; attacking you is the same as attacking the Regent. No matter what, the Regent will side with you on this.”

Du Wei nods with understanding: “But, the Regent is already very tolerant of this woman….. Aigh, from what I can tell, this Holy Maiden doesn’t have much of a brain.”

Biliaibuer broke out into a bellowing laugh, “This eh, I heard from his highness that in order to beat a mouse, one must put their hand into the hole. As long as there’s so much as a tail to grab on to, the entire mouse will be caught. The Temple is the same. Leaving this Holy Maiden in the Temple, it’s just a matter of time before she causes a motion big enough for the Regent to use as leverage against the Temple. Despite the Temple siding with the Regent during the coup, royalty and religious power can never mix. Since both sides will continue to fight in the future, why not leave this virus inside the opposition?”

This explanation can be called straight to the point. Du Wei was quite perplexed over this….. Why is this old fox being so honest with him? Whenever a big issue arises, this person would always start yawning and pretends to be stupid.

Pondering the issue, Du Wei kept his eye on Biliaibuer without looking away. Sure enough, Biliaibuer followed up with the real reason: “The truth is, in addition to the message from his highness, I was also trusted with another request. It’s just that the matter is private and needed me to pass it on to you in person, hence the reason for my trip today.”

“Oh?” Du Wei’s mind began to work.

Earl Biliaibuer sweetly smiled: “Du Wei, you’re already fifteen years old. According to the customs of the Roland Empire, you are considered an adult. Within the noble circle, fifteen is the age when a man gets married you know. Even if not immediately, a set of engagement should be in place. Yet you, immensely favored with overwhelming authority, don’t even have a target. I’ll let you know, there are many eyeing you right now. If not for the harsh conditions of the Northwest, I don’t even know how many nobles would dump their daughters at your doorstep. Ha-ha…. I’ll be blunt. If I had a daughter myself, I would’ve thrown her at you by now.”

Du Wei scratches his cheek while smiling for he got a bad vibe ing.

“The Regent appears to be very good towards you, this is glory in itself. Looking back at history, I don’t believe I can find another monarch like Prince Son. I’ll get to the topic. Prince Son tasked me to ask you a question…. Hmm, his highness has a sister, fifteen years old. This princess shares the same mother as Prince Son and their relationship is the best among all the princes and princesses. Aside from being famously beautiful in the capital, it is said that she’s on par with the miss from the Lister Household. Although I never met Miss Angel from the Lister House, but I did meet the princess so I can say for certain, she’s absolutely gorgeous! Both royalty and a beauty, what a perfect match….. So, his highness sent me here today to ask you about your marriage!”

Du Wei could not help but be a bit displeased, yet his face could not show it: “Hmm…. Uncle is here to arrange a marriage.”

“This can’t be called a formal marriage arrangement.” Biliaibuer laughed: “Prince Son made it clear to my face. When it es to this subject, both sides must be consensual; after all, his highness knows you’re not the type to care about marrying into the royal family. Even so, his highness wanted you to know this is an option on the table and to get your opinion. Anyways, it’s almost year end. I also wanted to pass on another message from his highness. With the friction between the natives sorted for the time being, he wants you to return to the capital to join in on the end of the year banquet. Last year he knew you were busy sorting through the problems on your land, therefore he didn’t ask you to return, but this year is different. If you, the current most popular noble in the empire doesn’t attend, the ceremony will lose a lot of life in it. Secondly….. Ha-ha, the princess will also attend the banquet. This will give you and the princess a chance to share some time together.”

Du Wei was dumbfounded … … What is this? Blind date?

But… … The fact that Prince Son didn’t outrageously direct him into a marriage was already very liberal.

It’s just that…… If he’s not willing to marry the Lister girls, why would he want to marry a princess? If he did agree to this arrangement, it would be akin to having a spy next to him in bed every morning…. No bloody way, can’t let that happen!

“Hmm, that’s everything. By end of the year, you must return to the capital to attend the event. As for the official order, it will be sent over through official channels very soon.” Biliaibuer grins at him: “The Princess is a real beauty! I can already see her followers eyeing you with envy when the time es.”

After a pause, Du Wei wanted to say something again but the next words to e out of Biliaibuer caused him to bee speechless.

“The Regent said, if… … All goes well in your marriage with his sister, then you will bee royalty! Though before…… Hmm, the Rowling Family was demoted, but because of your connection with the princess, they will naturally bee royalty. According to the law of the empire, royalty has the privilege of enjoying immunity to the law. At that time, both your brother and father’s sentence of forever not be used by the royal court will be banished!”

This suggestion immediately caused Du Wei to raise an eyebrow.

What a good Prince Son! What a good Regent! Very calculative!

Ha-ha, you really hit the epicenter of my weakness!

Just as Du Wei was struggling in his indecision, a loud wild laugh suddenly came from the outside. Based on the way the voice sounded, there’s obviously a surge of pride in that laugh.


Though separated by a door and a window, it was still very harsh to the ear.

Upon hearing this, Du Wei’s expression promptly changed.

That Green Hat… … Is he finally ing out of the cellar?!

Aigh, teacher, its fine for you to e out, but do you need to laugh in such a scary manner?

Looking over at Biliaibuer, Du Wei couldn’t help but smile at the reaction: “Oh, don’t worry uncle. The laugh’s from an elder of mine. He’s a magician so his personality is on the weird side. Please rest here for now while I go have a look. I’ll be right back.”

With that, Du Wei made his way out but was quickly stopped by Old Smoke at the staircase. From how flushed this guard captain looked, it’s clear he came over in a hurry.

“My lord! My lord!”

“What’s the matter?”

Dripping with sweat on his forehead, Old Smoke cried: “That… … The old magician living in the cellar, he’s out!”

Du Wei raised a corner of his mouth: “I know… That old guy laughed so loud, how can I not know? It’s not like I’m deaf.”

“No … … It’s not that!” Old Smoke bitterly smiled: “Things aren’t looking good! When the old magician first came out, he just so happens to bump into the Marquise! And then when her ladyship shared a glance with the old guy, unsure of the reason, she got so scared that she fainted on the spot! Right now, several of the white feather knights are protecting the lady from the old magician. I fear both sides have already starting fighting!”

Now this time Du Wei was starting panic!

Green Hat and the Lister Family fighting?!

Oh… Oh shit!!!!


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