Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 268 part 1

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Chapter 268 “Bloody hell” (part one)

Aoi suddenly looks up at Du Wei, her face solemn, “I … … I have a question. Who exactly are you? Just then I clearly heard you chanting one of our Snowy Mountain Sect’s spell…… Something like that can never be done by an outsider! How did you learn this?”

Du Wei laughs hard at the question: “You don’t need to know so much about my things, you only need to focus on helping me in the future. Humph… If your master ‘White River’s Sorrow’ can teach you shamanism, I can also do it too. What’s so amazing about some spell from the Snowy Mountain? If you want to learn, I can slowly impart my knowledge to you.”

In his heart, his thoughts were: the Shamanism booklet was left by Gu Lanxiu, and ‘White River’s Sorrow’ is the student of that author. If that’s the case, the knowledge should be the same. As for the reason for the former Shaman King’s defeat at the hands of his student, it’s merely a matter of talent between each individual.

Seeing how Aoi was drenched with shock, Du Wei didn’t bother saying more and began drawing a random symbol on the table with his finger dipped with water C the symbol was the icon of the Snowy Mountain.

With only a glance, Aoi’s plexion became even more amazing to look at.

Cracking a laugh at the reaction, Du Wei’s only thought now was that this chick’s brain can have a fight with his lovely Vivian. Now, what should he do? Leave her here alone in this room? That won’t do. He’s afraid she will mit suicide again after her mind runs amok once he leaves. It’s not like it’s his business that someone kills themselves, but there’s going to be a bad taste lingering in his mouth this time if that does happen for this whole situation was partly his doing.

Thinking about this, he decided to go outside to summon one of the guards. Using the soldier as a messenger, he called for the “preys” he saved from Rugaard’s place. Incidentally, the one to make the most impression on him from before was Hanyue, the brave yet beautiful girl. Therefore, he specifically named her when giving out the order.

Before long, Hanyue and two other girls were brought over.

In merely a few days, the gaunt expressions on their faces had faded away to be replaced by a neat and tidy appearance. Especially Hanyue, she was exceptionally beautiful that stood above the rest.

Since Aoi had already done him this big favor, there’s no reason for Du Wei to keep this girl in this jail cell. Calling some servants over, he instructed them to prepare a room for Aoi and also ordered Hanyue and her peers to carefully watch over Aoi: “Your training will remain the same as usual, but you are to take care of this girl. Her minds on the slow side so I’m afraid she might do something foolish like mitting suicide. If she were to die in your care, the three of you can forget about living too, understood?”

Trembling at his order, the three girls carefully replied to show their acknowledgement. Then looking over at the sad faced Aoi, Du Wei could only sigh at the lifeless girl. Gently pinching her chin, he raises her face up to his and slowly whispered the next sentence in a hypnotizing tone: “Obey my words, you are not allowed to die.”

Only after getting a raving reply from Aoi’s mouth did Du Wei let go of the murky eyed girl.

During the entire process, the other girls were all terrified even after Du Wei finished his filthy deed, yet there are exceptions C Hanyue, the only one to remain calm and brave enough to e forward. Slowly, this beautiful former slave squatted down beside Aoi and said: “You…. How are you feeling?”

Looking up in a trance like state, Aoi finally regained herself somewhat once she saw the face of a girl that was even more beautiful than herself. Stunned by the stranger, Aoi’s brow tightened even harder: “You … … Who are you…… Don’t bother me, just leave me alone.”

Pondering for a moment on what to do next, Hanyue slowly sat herself next to Aoi and carefully hugged the distraught girl: “Hmm…. I know you must be afraid of his Dukeship, right? You don’t need to you know. His lordship isn’t scary at all; in fact, he’s very good to us.”

Getting no reply from Aoi, Hanyue voice became even softer: “The truth is… … I’ve heard that the Duke has quite the good heart. It’s not just me saying this, everyone in the Northwest praises him too. If you follow his mand from now on, his Dukeship won’t scold you, I promise.”

In her muddled state, Aoi whispered her reply: “Hmm…. Just do as he says, is that it?”

After Du Wei’s little show tonight, the negotiation that followed went perfectly smooth with Hamuye. Not only was the attitude from this Prince of the grassland more cautious, Du Wei only needed to stand a bit firm on his stance to force the terms to go his way.

As a result, the strong and weak in the talks became blatantly apparent. Besides the previous cattle and horse terms, Hamuye eventually conceded to the term that they were in the wrong.

Aside from being greatly relieved by the oute, some fancy ideas started to pop inside Du Wei’s head: If he knew posing as a shaman would be so beneficial, he would have begun the talks with some exorbitant terms instead of his lame duck numbers. However, that idea quickly died in his mind for he knew going overboard would pique the other side’s suspicion.

Fortunately, this world lacks something like a phone, thus making it impossible for those leaders back at home to oversee a negotiation. Otherwise, it would be a cake walk to check his identity.

When the last day of the negotiation arrived and the peace treaty signed, the final terms came up to the prairie pensating the empire with cattle, horses, and a declaration stating they were in the wrong. In addition, both sides signed another section stating both states will never undertake hostile actions against each other and be forever friends and so on and so on….

Of course, the last sentence was pletely ignored by Du Wei. Eternal friends? Only a moron would believe a non-aggression treaty can be trusted. After both sides recuperate, these peace treaties are nothing but worthless paper.

Originally Biliaibuer refused to put his name on the treaty, his argument was that he’s only there to help Du Wei. But as the negotiation went smoother and smoother, any form of worry had left this cautious fella. Biliaibuer did find it strange as to why Hamuye would act like he was afraid of Du Wei, but with nothing to go on, he can only leave it be and do as Du Wei asked.

Also, the treaty doesn’t immediately e into effect after both parties’ put their initials on it for it must be reviewed by the Regent back in the capital first. Therefore, Hamuye would need to stay at Du Wei’s place for a while longer until news returns.

But from Hamuye’s initial reaction to the idea, it seems like this prince really did bee afraid of those tents prepared by Du Wei. Besides that, Hamuye worried that if he stayed any longer, he might somehow incidentally upset this Duke without intent and ruin the Snowy Mountain’s plan. To mitigate this risk, Hamuye offered to follow Biliaibuer back to the capital, his excuse was to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Once Du Wei sent away these two men, he specifically wrote another letter for Prince Son in secret explaining his concerns and the abolishment of the cavalry army in the prairie.

Then following suit, news came from his men down below that the Northwest Corridor has been cleared of any soldiers from the Northwest Army and that control has been handed over to him.

Honestly speaking, Du Wei still hasn’t e up with a plan to effective control this corridor. When the Northwest Army was in charge of overseeing the protection of the corridor, the place was merely an accessory with no real benefit. But now that he’s taken it back, he can’t just leave it be.

Thinking back and forth, no real idea came up. Fortifying the entire corridor was pletely out of the question. Ignoring the cost of building a wall, the cost of food and water alone will murder his finances.

Du Wei did have the idea of mining for groundwater, but this world was after all different from his old one. Something like groundwater here was merely something like a small well, at best a few meters down. Compared to what his previous world had, digging for an underground well will need to go as deep as a hundred meters down, simply impossible with the technology of this world where science practically doesn’t exist.

Thinking this won’t work, that won’t work, Du Wei eventually came to a crazy idea of simply blowing the corridor to smithereens. With both sides collapsed, he can just forget about the prairie altogether!

But this idea was quickly revoked by himself. As the only route into the prairie, this Northwest Corridor acts as the life blood for many people: merchants, aristocrats, and even the royal family got dibs into this route. If he dare go against the entire world, simply relying on his current savings will not keep himself secured. Then there’s the countless nobles that will e making trouble for him after he cut off an arm from their coffer, just thinking about all the trouble that will follow hurts his head.

Then… … Build a water pipe connecting to the Northwest Corridor? This thought only lasted a second before he slapped himself for being silly.

Like that would be easy! Loulan Lake was the biggest water source in the Northwest and the distance between the two was huge. Considering the current smelting technology of this world, connecting a single pipe across the vast distance will be a technological feat he simply can’t surmount with the current situation. Then there’s the issue of theft…. Just thinking of the robbers eyeing his pipes made his brain numb.

What was he going to do to keep this corridor safe…….

Damned Rugaard, he must be waiting to laugh at him right now.

Since there’s no real good strategy for the time being, Du Wei might as well take the plunge and station a hundred soldiers at the corridor. Though this will not effectively secure the place, but at the very least, it will be a good way to give him ample warning if there’s ever an invading force ing from the grassland.

Rapidly, a month had passed when news returned from the capital: the Regent signed the treaty and agreed to all the terms Du Wei proposed. Surprisingly, both the pro-war and peace factions had no objections, thus ending the whole thing with Hamuye returning to the grassland with the treaty in hand.

Funny enough, Hamuye intentionally avoided Du Wei when returning home. Not even a simple greeting on the way through, this prince even made a big roundabout just to leave no chances of meeting our Duke. It’s not like Du Wei doesn’t understand why Hamuye would do this, but to take a giant detour…. Isn’t that a little too much? It’s not like he bites like a dog!

Once again, Biliaibuer made another visit to Du Wei’s castle and brought with him a secret letter sealed with a wax stamp. The moment Du Wei held the letter in his hand; he can already feel a wave of magic circulating around the envelope, clearly a spell used to prohibit others from peeking inside. As expected, it’s a handwritten letter from Prince Son to him.

The intro of the letter plimented Du Wei to no end saying he both kept the empire’s face and sought to get as much benefit from the prairie as possible. Then moving down to the middle section, the Regent mentioned how great he was in fending off the enemy army at Anglia City and faintly hinted in his letter that though the exploits were taken by the Northwest Army, Du Wei’s achievement will not be forgotten. Then near the bottom half of the middle section, Prince Son declared that half of the pensation from the treaty will be given to him as a reward for the fine job he did in the negotiation. The last part may sound like it was for the treaty, but in truth, it was Prince Son’s way of making up for the victory at Anglia City.

Understanding the hidden meaning behind Son’s letter, Du Wei became satisfied: this Son sure knows how to please someone!

But good things never last, and his good mood quickly diminished into a frown when Du Wei read the last section.

Regarding the abolishment of the twenty thousand cavalry knights in the prairie, the military mand had long wanted to do this. However, this force cannot be gifted to Du Wei. Though Du Wei did as Mrs. Lister said and proposed the idea in a way that the army will remain within the imperial ranks, but the head officers refused this idea. Therefore, Prince Son gave Du Wei two choices and that was two Calvary units after much haggling with the military heads……

Six thousand people?

Reading this part, Du Wei nearly caused his nose to bend at how angry he was.

What decision by the military heads, it’s clearly the Regent refusing to give him this force! What, it’s bad enough he’s stuck in a bind between the Northwest Army and the people of the grassland. With this twenty thousand cavalry force, he can at least use it as a deterrent.

But six thousand? Who the hell would care?


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