Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 267 part 1

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Chapter 267 “Framed once again” (part one)

Night time, Hamuye had been musing over the interaction with Du Wei inside his tent the entire day. At first he was still somewhat wary of the kid, but now things are heading in a direction that almost seems too easy.

Things like cattle and horses are abundant in the grassland, so this cost was to be expected before he even came for the talks. As the uncle of the Prairie King and a core member of the royal court, he’s fully aware of the impending war with the Empire. Twenty years ago, the people of the grassland bled too much, so much so that time can never wash away this hatred.

While this huge Empire may seem strong on the surface, there are many points of fort hidden underneath. In fact, after some careful studying, it’s not difficult to see the many points of weakness lurking about.

Due to the emperor’s muddleheaded decisions, the majority of the Empire’s strength and energy have been wasted away in those ridiculous expeditions out at sea. Not only did it not benefit the empire in the long run, the giant fleet eventually became a supermassive black hole that grew to consume most of the empire’s finances. Adding in the corrupt and greedy nobles, this once strong entity has bee something akin to a withered tree. With only a little push, it can be toppled with patience!

Then there’s the friction between the Northwest Army and the central mand, plus the many noble lords spread across the empire with their own land, this massive state was nothing more than a despot existence.

And regarding that massive and powerful fleet…. Humph, can a fleet be driven into the prairie? Of course not!

Today’s talk may cost the people of the grassland a pretty penny, but if this small little expense can bide more time for his people, then it’s totally worth it. Another five years, no, another three will do. By then, the young pups will have grown to adulthood and sharpened their fangs and claws. Once that day arrives, it will be the moment when the grassland cuts down this big tree!

Compared to this great goal, what can a few sheep and horses be?

This Duke Tulip… … Humph, doesn’t seem like much. Originally he thought this kid was clever, but in the end this Duke’s another greedy noble that can be bought with a bribe.

However, demanding his people to take the initiative in apologizing was something he can’t approve. Hamuye does understand that as a massive state like the Empire, it would be a disgrace if they did the honor. Nevertheless, he will keep biting on this condition to test the Roland people’s limit.

Just as Hamuye was thinking about all this, a sudden shout from the outside disturbed him: “Who is it!”

Then the next second he heard a humph sound!

Hamuye may not be very fluent in martial skills, but as a native of the grassland, he’s well accustomed to the sound of fighting. Judging by the sound made by his people, he can deduce someone’s been knocked to the floor.

Flashing a stroke of panic, the first thought to e to his mind was: can it be this Duke Tulip wants to kill him? The Roland people are going all out?

The idea only lasted a second before he scrambled out of his tent to get a good look at the perpetrators. And the image of the two shadowy figures instantly caused his face to change!

Under the moonlight, two figures C one small and one tall C stood a short distance away from where he was. From their appearance, one was clearly a man and the other a woman.

And the two guards that were supposed to be standing outside his tent had already been knocked to the floor. Alerted by the motion, all the warriors had e running with their blades drawn. The only problem though was that the appearance of the two newers was simply too striking for some even sheathed their blades and kneeled to the floor.

The reasoning for this strange reaction was nothing extraordinary, merely a few words from the woman: “We have e from the Snowy Mountain, all shall be silent!”

From the vast amount of good deeds brought to them by the shamans whom roam the grassland, any woman or man of the prairie will know of how a shaman dresses. Either grey or white, it’s not mon to find a regular person of the grassland wearing loose garbs for it was easier to move around in tight fitting clothes.

This was especially true for the woman because an insignia representing the Snowy Mountain was clearly etched onto the chest area of her robe.

There’s no bias when it came to genders for a shaman, but to see a female shaman ing down from the mountain, now that’s a rare sight.

What’s more, the most amazing part of it all was the outfit of the man…..

White robe, the highest entity in the order of shaman hood!

In the face of such a person in the midst of the night, how can they not be honored? For the ones that raised their sword earlier, these fools can only wish they could undo their blasphemous actions

“SILENCE!” This one mand from the woman instantly sent shivers down their backs.

Pale and shivering with uncertainty, Hamuye can only brace his nerves and step forward: “Turns out to be honored guests of the Snowy Mountain. Sir… Noble Shamans, please……”

“Talk inside the tent, our words mustn’t be heard by others.” Though Aoi’s voice sounded a bit tender, it wasn’t enough to raise the alarm.

What did bring up some doubt was the fact that her face was covered in a scarf. Fortunately it’s not unusual in the desert to cover ones face with something to battle against the harsh sandy wind, so Hamuye could only ignore his worry.

Also, the guy beside the woman wore a white-robed! Forget his own status of a prince, even the Prairie King will have to lose some ground in the face of someone so prestigious.

Likewise, Du Wei in his getup was also covered from top to bottom to leave only his eyes uncovered. Considering the fact that the interaction between both party’s only lasted a afternoon, plus Du Wei intentionally used some dye and dough to change his facial contour, he highly doubt Hamuye can recognize him in the dead of night.

Glum inside, Hamuye can only speculate the reasoning for the sudden visit by two Shamans would only mean an important message. Not daring to delay any longer, he hurriedly weles the two into his tent.

“We don’t need to sit.” Just as Hamuye wanted to offer them a seat, Aoi rudely interrupted him: “Prince Hamuye, accept the Shaman King’s edict.”

Turning ghastly pale, Hamuye bowed down on both knees with his hands lowered to the ground.

“The Shaman King says: the matter cannot be dragged on. If this Duke Tulip asks for anything, you are to meet his demand and under no circumstances are you to offend him! Understand?”


Upon hearing Aoi’s message, Hamuye became stoned and could not process the message properly. It’s already extremely rare for the Shaman King to directly hand down an order, plus the strange content in this message, Hamuye was starting to seriously raise some doubts in his heart over the legitimacy of these two.

“Lord Shaman, the meaning in the Shaman King’s message is……” Though Hamuye still had his head down, he persists in testing the water.

Aoi pauses for a second before whispering her reply, “The Shaman King only said this much. I’ll leave the rest to your own discretion.”

More and more doubts were starting to bud inside. All of a sudden, Hamuye smelled something fishy going on here so he asked: “Excuse me, may I know your honors name…..”

“My name is Eir Aoi Linna. You shouldn’t have heard of my name, but I’m sure you’ve heard of the Raising Layer.”

Trembling at the name, Hamuye would of course know of that name! As the highest layer in charge of overseeing and managing the Snowy Mountain, Hamuye’s doubt pletely vanished because no outsider can possibly know of this information!

“The Shaman King is my master and the reason for my ing today is for the issue related to the Roland people….”Aoi pauses here to let her words sink in. “Master is worried about my safety while trespassing on enemy territory, so as a precaution, he tasked another White Robe to escort me.”

The Shaman King’s disciple?

The only thing Hamuye can feel right now was the rain of sweat pouring down his forehead. If he had been rash earlier and said some offensive words, not even the Prairie King can save him from punishment.

Not even daring to look up at the female shaman, Hamuye’s courage level only allows this poor guy to sneak a peek at Du Wei: “Might I be privileged to know who this White-Robed Shaman is…..”

Fortunately Du Wei prepared ahead of time prior to this undertaking so there’s plenty of excuses to use: “The Shaman King is quite unhappy over Master Ivory Teeth’s death at Anglia City, so I’ll get to the point. This right here beside me is Master Ivory Teeth’s junior, also an elder of the Raising Layer.”

“Yes, yes, yes! So it’s an elder of the Raising Layer!” Hamuye didn’t dare ask for more and nodded his head like he just offended the two.

Du Wei on the other hand was putting on a high and mighty act with his hands behind his back and his head looking to the side. Towards this lofty appearance, one can’t really find a flaw in his appearance.

Then after another moment of pondering, Hamuye asked once again: “The Shaman king’s order stated not to offend this Duke, then does that mean……”

“Humph!” Aoi intentionally made the sound to show her anger: “You dare question my master’s decision?”

“Of course not, I would never dare!” Hamuye kowtowed again and again like a chicken pecking for worms: “It’s just that the demands prescribed by the Roland people are very harsh……”

(Kowtow is the chinese way of saying bow)

“Hamuye.” Aoi snapped: “You also know that my master lost an important pet! That pet is majorly important and we are certain this Duke Tulip has it in his hand. Know this. That pet is related to my master’s cultivation and there’s only one of its kind in this world. Losing it will mean a major blow to my master’s power. If by some chance you anger this Duke Tulip and he kills my master’s pet in a fit of rage…. Humph, you will not be able to pensate the loss with your head!”

Hamuye nearly wet himself at this point!

No wonder! The Shaman King’s power is bordering on the line of godhood. If this pet can help such a omnipotent being raise his cultivation level, it’s no wonder the Shaman King would make such a big motion even at the cost of risking war!

And of course, as a prince, Hamuye would know the reasoning for the battle at Anglia City C it’s all for this magic beast. Now that this female Shaman mentioned the pet again for this strange edict, Hamuye became convinced that these two are the real deal!

If the Shaman King was willing to raise a storm for that pet, then this strange edict made a lot of sense.


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