Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 262 part 2

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Chapter 262 “Topple” (Part two)

“The one in the middle is Hamuye?” Looking down from above, Du Wei watches the entire scene unfold before him atop of the castle tower. With his arms crossed and a faint smile, he’s guessing these ‘guests’ are having nothing but a rough time at this moment.

Though far, Du Wei did not have any problems seeing everything. After all, he’s a magician, and magicians have a useful spell called the “Eagle’s Eye”. Philip on the other hand though wasn’t so fortunate. Standing behind Du Wei with a telescope, this scholar struggles to get a closer look at their expressions: “That’s right sir, the one in the middle with the fine clothes and a gold ring on the head is Hamuye.”

Squinting his eye, Du Wei surveys his counterpart: medium build, not so sturdy looking build pared to his peers, a face more like a Roland aristocrat then a native, and somewhat handsome for a guy. Despite being livid with anger, this person could still keep it in check and not explode.

“A very patient guy…. Not bad, that’s hard to e by nowadays.” Du Wei smiles and glances over to Philip: “What do you think of him?”

“My Lord … … Don’t you think we’re going overboard like this?” Asked Philip: “He is still an emissary from another state. Such neglect may be a bit…..”

“Humph, what’s so excessive about this?” Du Wei softens his voice: “They invaded our territory, attacked our city, killed our people, isn’t that going overboard on their end?”

“But in the end we shouldn’t be so neglectful even if both sides fight; this is the empire’s custom.”

“Screw the customs.” Du Wei faintly chuckles: “You pick, eating is more important or fighting is more important. This Hamuye isn’t stupid. As a prince of the prairie, he can’t be an idiot like the rest. Even if I bee harsher in my treatment and he gets angrier then now, he still won’t start a fight with us over such miniscule matters. At most he will just throw a little fit to release some air. Otherwise what else can he do? Humph…..”

After a pause, Du Wei smiles again: “If the people of the grassland really began a war over a little snub like this…. Then their IQ can’t be very high. I wouldn’t mind either if they want to have a go at it. Having an enemy with no brains wouldn’t be a cause for concern at all. Heck, I pray they are that stupid then I wipe them out for good.”

Philip may be showing a bitter smile but he had to admit the Duke’s logic was correct. No matter how angry this prince gets, the foe wouldn’t start a war over a bad reception. If they really did, then that just means they are that reckless and stupid. An enemy like that wasn’t a cause for concern, yes…

“Oh that’s right, are my orders passed along to those down below?”

“Yes… … Everything is in order.” Philip bows: “I’ve sent the word to all the shop owners and carefully instructed them on what to do. Whenever someone in prairie attire es knocking at their door, they are to raise the price of their items by three fold or higher.”

“Good.” Du Wei claps his hand and laughs: “This Prince Hamuye seems quite rich from his appearance so let’s have him contribute to our economy.”

By the time late night rolls around, Du Wei did not linger around with Philip; instead, he slowly went down to the dungeon to visit someone: “Let no one e ten meters near this place.” He orders the guard in a stern voice.

Once that was said, he pushes open the door and enters the cell where the female assassin Aoi resided.

Unlike the guests, Du Wei did not make things difficult for this poor minded girl. Not only did he feed her well, he made sure her quarters are kept tidy and specially arranged the maids to help her bath. Not only that, he even removed her shackles and gave her absolute freedom inside the room. Of course, he made sure to set up a barrier around the place so she couldn’t escape.

However, maybe it was the devil working inside of him; Du Wei intentionally forbid Aoi from wearing any decent clothes. Rushing a batch of dresses from the market, Aoi could only wear the same type of sexy and revealing clothes she had when they first met. The intent behind this… Well, it’s pretty obvious at this point.

When Du Wei pushed open the door and walks in, the first reaction from this poor female assassin was a startle like freight that left no room to question how tense she was at the sight of him. From her crouching position, Aoi instantly jumped up and began to back away.

“Don’t worry I’m not here to XXXX you.” Du Wei’s first sentence instantly caused Aoi’s face to flush red with shame.

“You getting used to living here?” Du Wei came close and deliberately raised the girl’s chin so he can sniff her: “Not bad, much better than before.”

Turning cold at his words, Aoi stepped back even more like he would jump her any second. Unfortunately for this na?ve girl, there was no room left for her to move back anymore. The only thing she could do now was to tape her body against the cold hard wall and lower her head deeply into her breasts to avoid making eye contact.

Looking at the frightful appearance of this female prisoner, Du Wei shows a satisfied smile before freely stepping back to pull out a sheet of paper: “I’ve finished reading your statement and I’m very happy with it…. It’s very, very detailed….. But there is just one thing.”

“But-but what……” Aoi shivers uncontrollably.

“Haha, I think you seem to have forgotten the warning I gave you…… If you dare lie to me in this statement, I will perform things ten times worse than the XXXX stuff you mentioned as punishment.”

“But-but… … I didn’t lie.” At this point, Aoi’s voice also begins to shake and her head lowers even deeper into her breasts.

“It’s true you didn’t lie, but…. You intentionally left one thing out.” Du Wei smirked: “You mentioned the Shaman King’s name is ‘White River’s Sorrow’ and there are two hundred shamans atop of the Snowy Mountain? And this…..” He also picks up the other sheets of paper and scrims through them: “And this, you said you were under orders by the Shaman King to assassinate Rugaard, you kidding me? If the Shaman King sends such a stupid girl like you to kill the head of the Northwest Army then he can only be an idiot!”

“Ah!” Aoi began to shake even harder: “You… … You……”

“Me what?”

“You dare insult the Shaman King!”

“So what?” Du Wei curls his lip like she’s an idiot: “Sending a brainless girl like you to carry out this important task, how am I not right in saying he’s an idiot? Yes, this ‘White River’s Sorrow’ is definitely an idiot, right?”

“You… … The Shaman King is omnipotent and is regarded as a god by the people of the grassland! How can you spat such words! The shaman King will definitely know of this!”

Du Wei laughs at her: “Really, so godly? What a joke! What, he has the farseeing eye? That beastly? That omnipotent? Humph…..”

Du Wei then shakes his head: “Quit dreaming and quickly confess why you would go assassinate Rugaard. I don’t believe this Shaman King is that big of a fool like you are making him out to be.”

Aoi remains silent for a while before drooping her head without indication: “Kill me then.” She mutters like the end was near.

“Kill you… …” Du Wei sighed: “What a boring set of lines. Can you not e up with a more imaginative phrase? Seriously, you think I would kill you so easily?”

Eyeing this female assassin a couple of more times, Du Wei sighed like he can only resort to drastic measures: “I in fact have easier methods to make you talk, but honestly, I feel those require no technical skills whatsoever. If you won’t talk then don’t blame me for it then.” With that, he swiftly presses his hands against her shoulders.

Surprised by the sudden advancement, Aoi felt her legs going numb at the next thought: is he going to e XXXX me now?!

Mercilessly pining Aoi against the bed sheet, Du Wei slowly raises her chin and deeply peers into the girl’s eye: “Look into my eye.” His voice soft and persuasive.

In the face of such aggressiveness, the only thing in Aoi’s mind right now was how handsome those eyes were. Like a black whirlpool, her soul slowly felt like it was being sucked out of her body and into endless darkness while peering at it.

Hmm, why does a man look so good?

And his eyes … … How can a man’s eye be so charming… …

“Now, tell me, why did you try to kill Rugaard.” When those words reached her ears, Aoi’s body suddenly shivers like she was resisting some unknown force. But under Du Wei’s captivating gaze, that struggle gradually faded away from her face. In its stead, the only emotion left in her eyes was a melting gaze only found between loves: “I…. I don’t want to get married…..”

“Getting married? Marry who?”

“Ru… … Rugaard’s son. Cy-cyb…… ”

Struck by lightning, Du Wei hurries his voice to continue his interrogation: “Your identity?” His voice remaining as sweet as ever.

“Eir, Eir Aoi… … Eir Aoi Linna.” With the last bit of resistance disappearing from her eyes, Aoi suddenly throws herself into Du Wei’s embrace.

“Your identity!” Du Wei’s voice rises even more.

“Eir Aoi Linna… … White-White River’s Sorrow is my mentor.” As her body melts away, Aoi’s arm took the initiative to wrap around Du Wei’s neck while her breasts desperately tries to cling onto his.

In a soft moaning voice, she es up close and began whispering into his ear, “Love … … Love me…… Hurry, hurry and make love to me……”

Du Wei wanted to say something again but was suddenly attacked with a sweet set of soft lips: “As expected, this enchantment eye is powerful!” He plains inside.

Just as he wanted to push this woman away, Du Wei’s hand incidentally grabbed h old of something dangerous. Tender, soft, and full of volume, those mountain like melons are indeed Aoi’s breast. Wiggling at his slightest touch, Du Wei was taken aback by the fact that this woman somehow managed to loosen her upper wear without his notice.

“Love me … … I want you to love me……” Aoi kept rubbing herself against him without any intent of letting go.

From those flaming red cheeks and pleading watery eyes, Du Wei’s heart was having a very difficult time not breaking out in fire at that seductive body.

As a full grown man trapped in a kid’s body, Du Wei’s spirit was technically not a virgin…. Well, his spirit may not be, but his body was! Over the years, he had abstained from any sexual relationship and honestly speaking, he did feel like he’s been too harsh on himself. Nevertheless, a child’s body can’t satisfy a man’s urge even if he wanted to.

Then as he grew older from a kid, a silly little lass known as Vivian appeared in his life. Maybe it’s his child like body at work, but over time, he unwittingly became addicted to that foolish girl and the urge to vent his sexual desire gradually dampened. In his heart, he planned to wait for the girl to grow up and tie the knot. That was his plan…..

Besides, he’s a practitioner of magic. Whatever excess energy he had to begin with were used in meditation so it’s no wonder he didn’t have the urge to find other women’s.

Otherwise… … With his status as a Duke, would he still lack women circling around him?

But now, this female assassin in his arms really was hypnotizing. Days ago he already had the pleasure of witnessing her dance moves. From that unbelievable curvature and amazing display of flexibility, it’s like a passion of love incarcerated into this shy girl’s body.

So, how can he not be tempted after abstaining from sex for so many years?

Holding his impulses in check, Du Wei forcefully removes that peachy lip from his and wheezed out his next words: “Hey, if you do that again then I won’t be able to stop myself from XXXX you in the wildest fashion!”

“Hmm……” Aoi’s only response to his threat was a love like hum before pouncing again at her prey.

Damn it! This is too bullish! You really think MR HERE is a eunuch and can’t XXXX you!

If the evil inside a man is lit then no man can possibly blow it out again!

Under the effect of Du Wei’s devil eye, Aoi pletely lost control of herself and fell madly in love with him. Therefore, Du Wei can only do what the situation calls for. Pushing this female assassin down to the bed, he pletely rips apart her upper wear.

Under the dim lighting of the jail room, this girl was like an exposed little lamb, shy and ripe for the taking.

It’s time! Push it! Push it! It’s time to topple it! Must tear it down!!

It’s already at this point, how can I be a man if I back off now!

Du Wei takes in a deep breath, his pair of evil claws already reaching out. Just as he was about to reach his target, a low whispering voice came from Aoi……

“You-you-you-you-you … … What are you doing…… You-you-you … …”

The familiar voice, the familiar words, instantly iced Du Wei’s brain.

Very quickly, the evil fire in the air dissipated to less than half of what it was. And as result, an elegant figure with a pure, innocent shy face appeared: “Please, please, please god, bless poor, poor little Vivian.”

At once, the figure of that stuttering girl clogged up his mind and destroyed any sort of charm from the female assassin under him.

Du Wei breathes in deeply and swore at the heavens: “Fine, fine, fine! Consider it me having no balls this time then!!”

With that, he hatefully stands up and mercilessly wrapped Aoi up with the bed sheet.

Frightened and unwilling, Aoi screams and flings around in order to struggle but were swiftly knocked out by a chop to the neck.

Looking at the fainted captive, Du Wei could only sigh at himself, “Consider yourself lucky today that god watched over you.” He whispers like a deflated balloon.


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