Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 262 part 1

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Chapter 262 “Topple” (Part one)

Indeed, the nomadic natives of the prairie had a practice of living in tents. Following the flow of the river, they’ve led their lives following the grazing route of their livestock’s with no fixed address…..

However, for someone like Hamuye, a distinguished individual, his tent must be of lavish quality. Even pared to a home in the empire, his tent wouldn’t be too different…… Yet the tent provided by the Tulip House was merely those used by the army. At best, one can stuff three to four people in there for a night if needed.

Originally Hamuye wanted to wave his sleeves and turn away at the insult, but thinking of how hardline the Duke was acting, he pressed the flames down once again: “If this Duke is so firm in his stance, it’s apparent the little trickster wants to irritate me.”

Thinking of this, Hamuye does what he does best and managed a difficult smile: “In that case, please give my thanks to the Duke!”

Once that was said, Hamuye did not say anymore out of fear of losing it and attacking his host. Lifting one of the tent curtains, he headed in to his “abode”.

Unlike him though, the attendants Hamuye brought along all had faces of great displeasure at the sight of the place. Not only were there not enough tents to go around, the tents were drafty for goodness sake! Regardless, they couldn’t do anything or plain because as servants, they mustn’t speak before their master does.

Longbottom on the other hand only stood there smirking his ass off: “Well then, please rest well while I excuse myself.”

Meanwhile in the tent, Hamuye attempts to quell his anger while going over the agreement and figuring out what the Duke really wanted. Of course, it took a lot of effort to not shred the paper to bits in the process.

It was originally close to the evening when Hamuye and his convoy arrived. Aside from the horrible reception, he never would have thought the Duke would go so far. Sitting in his tent sulking over the whole ordeal, he waited and waited, but no servant ever came to serve dinner!

Seriously, don’t mention food; there wasn’t even a drop of water in sight.

Eventually, hunger and thirst got the better of him: “Someone e!”

At the call, two young warriors came in: “Yes your lordship.”

“What time is it? Is it dark already?”

“…… Yes.”

Hamuye knits his brow and immediately walked out of his tent. Looking up at the starlit sky, he could not help but ask: “Why are we having dinner yet?”

Up until today, whether small or large, he would always be weled with feasts on the dinner table despite the constant bickering in the negotiations.

“Why is no one ing to invite him to dinner yet?”

Think up to this point, a crazy idea emerged from his heart:

“Damn this Duke Tulip… … He-he, it couldn’t be that he’s not taking charge of food, right?”

At the thought, an ominous feeling took hold of him. Immediately, Hamuye sent someone to find a person in the Duke’s residence for answers.

This time around, the one to e meet him wasn’t Longbottom, it was the housekeeper Marde.

Politely ing in front of the prairie personnel’s, Marde gave a courteous bow and smiled, “Honored guest, is there something wrong?”

Hamuye hesitated for a second because the question he wanted to ask was somewhat indecent for a guest. If he rushed to the point, it would be improper on his side. Who knows, maybe the other party was already preparing the feast and was simply not ready yet. After all, he did arrive a bit late….. But then again, it shouldn’t be this late for dinner to be served.

“Uhh……” Hamuye whispered, “Housekeeper Marde, I like to ask….. Does the Duke’s place not eat dinner?”

“Dinner?” Marde showed an innocent daze like appearance that left no doubt about how harmless he was: “What is sir saying? How can people not eat?”

At the answer, Hamuye could only feel his stomach rumbling uncontrollably. Nevertheless, he became relieved that dinner existed in these peoples mind: “Then, I like to know when the feast will begin. This way I can freshen up before heading in.”

Marde seems to bee even more confused at the question: “This…. Guest, what banquet? Everyone in the Duke’s castle has already used dinner.”

“…… What?!” Hamuye really couldn’t take it anymore.

“This bastard Tulip’s really not going to care about his food! What, he wants to starve me to death?!”

Brimming with the impulse to draw his sword, he grits his teeth and whispered: “Oh, everyone inside have already used dinner? But me and my people are still hungry after the long travel.”

Marde became absolutely clueless to his words: “Huh? Honored guests still haven’t eaten yet? It can’t be that your customs are so different from us Roland people that you don’t eat dinner?”

“Bullshit! You don’t give us food so what are we supposed to eat? What, eat wind?” Hamuye plained inside.

Livid with anger, Hamuye explains very clearly to Marde: “We may have different customs, but we still eat dinner!”

Marde then replied with something that nearly caused Hamuye to puke blood: “Oh, in that case, please enjoy your dinner.”

By any standard, Hamuye could be called a man of culture but even he could hardly bare it anymore. Keeping his anger in check, he whispers again: “Then Mr. Housekeeper, please tell us where we should have dinner.”

“Ughh … … Is there a difference? If you like, the tents here will be fine.”

“That’s good then.” Hamuye continues: “Then I will have to bother Mr. Housekeeper to bring the food over here.”

Hamuye wanted to turn away after his mand, but Marde suddenly giggled behind him like an honest farmer: “Lord Emissary seems to be mistaken….. Ah, everyone inside the castle had already used dinner so the kitchen staff’s already went home. You see? It’s already so late. There should still be two restaurants open outside on the street though. If you are interested, you can go have a taste, they aren’t bad if I do say so myself. But you must hurry. If any later, they might retire for the night.”

He got it now! This abominable Duke really won’t feed him!

Bleeding inside, when have he ever faced such horrid hospitality as a prince? Pinning Marde like he wanted to pierce through this old housekeeper, he released an extremely abnormal shrill laugh: “Good! Very good! Thank you for your hospitality!”

Marde on the other hand did not bother wasting any words and simply walked away after a slight bow.

“… … Come! Someone e!!” Hamuye screams with unbridle fury.

At their leader’s mand, the surrounding people flocked over with their hands armed and ready to draw their blades: “Master, we will go chop these Roland pigs to pieces this instant for insulting your honor! They will atone for their sins with a thousand knives through their heart!”

“That’s right! Kill them all and we will return to the prairie!”

“Master, we will kill them!”

“My Lord, quit wasting words, we will kill these Roland pigs!”

Brandishing their blades, shouts of outrage came again and again. But unlike the rest, Hamuye suddenly turned quiet after a short period of cussing. Gritting his teeth, this political leader squeezed out these words:

“Send … … Someone to go buy food!”


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