Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 257

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Chapter 257 “Fatal beauty”
“Hanyue” is a very beautiful name; likewise, Hanyue herself is also a beautiful girl.

(Her name is a direct translation, meaning “Regretful Moon” which will fit nicely with her role in the story. If you guys remember where I said this story has a rape segment, she’s it!!)

However, like the old saying goes: “beauties don’t live long”, Hanyue is destined to not live a happy life.

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Hanyue is sixteen years old this year; she does not have milky white skin like the girls of the Roland continent

Roland city girl so milky white. But slightly suffused light wheaten colour, like a satin smooth. People who like Hanyues, considered her eyes really like Moon so bright in the night sky. However, such a beautiful face, brought her nothing but disaster.

Hanyues mothers and fathers do not Roland, although she was born in this city, on the continent. With very little time, and told her parents, who are from the South, in the beautiful depths of the sea, in the distance, is a rich and beautiful place, that place, Roland on the continent, it is known as “South Pacific”.

Parents are in their youth by the Imperial expeditionary forces looted back. Father is said to be the son of a tribal chief, and the mother is not beautiful, can only be regarded as an ordinary woman. But this was lucky, because is superior because it does not face, makes the mother of Hanyues, Roland as well as other slave and slave owners on the Mainland’s plaything.

With a very accurate Word, mature slave pletely summed up with Hanyues of identity.

She was born in the city of Roland, although skin and appearance with obvious characteristics of Nanyang, but she says that city, Roland, Roland city for even simple text to write their own name.

However, being a slave child Hanyue originally was destined to be slaves … … And it is sad that, she was given a revealing a stunning beauty. And slave gathering place. Hanyue when young, unable to understand is: why they’re better than the other kids look good, but those people always to look with pity and a shame to her.

After slightly grown up a little, Hanyue and finally understand the meaning of the eye.

Beautiful, it did bee her biggest sin!

At age 12, Hanyue was from a slave sold to another slave hands. She was forced to undergo training … … The shameful practice. You can imagine, a 12-year old girl, began pulsive deprived of their dignity. Every day to learn how to … …

…… To please men.

If you follow the normal life of a beautiful slave girl, Hanyues since the age of 12, had silently see their future fate:

Yes, because of her beautiful body, her future will be bought by a wealthy Aristocrat or businessman, and then became a plaything of letting men ravaged. After master tired, being thrown to others … … In future, if we let her autumnal day. Any appeal had been well, she might have just been married a also a slave driver or in the plantation and slaves … … And then have a child if she had not been men tortured to death.

Then again … … Her future offspring, are also expected to continue to be the slaves, gave birth to a son, will face a lifetime of endless toil. If it is a daughter … … If she is beautiful and Hanyues repeat the tragic fate!

This is the slave.

So, when the Hanyue and after a girl was sold to the Northwest army of Doro. She has despaired of life as a child, mother whispered to her about the beautiful Southeast Asia, exactly the same as Pearl on the distribution in the blue sea of the island.

Pearl … … Hanyue well seen in this life.

Subsequently, the fates and the big joke on her and is two.

The first time, she was told, that he would be ‘ rewarded ‘ give a hand heavily to the Northwest army generals. What is the Northwest army, Hanyues do not know, but she knew. She is about to say goodbye to his career as a young girl, what they were trained for many years … … Going to practice. Also, she may not do anything to upset their future master things, otherwise, her parents will suffer a miserable fate.

A day later, things have changed, she and the other girls, thrown into a dark cell. That was full of terrible foul taste cells. She didn’t even see the bones and remnants of shackles on blood. Then many girls are there also has been a whip even tortured.

Hanyues of this time, also did not know. Because the party “kill” their slaves, had been the Northwest Army Commander in Chief General Rugaard, were sentenced to death.

Another day, naked girl children were locked in the cage, brought to the outskirts of the forest. Their plaything, became “prey”.

The second time she had thought he was dead, those rude barbarian soldiers with shining on them waving the knife, as identical to drive animals into their Woods. All those horrible soldiers proud and cruel laughter.

When running in the Woods, her beautiful legs were scratched by thorns, manual how can quickly drain not drain it? well she has a day and a night to eat well drink.

Hanyues is ready for great dead … … Perhaps, to die here, his is a good thing. At least, death, always more reassuring than the tragic fate of the future.

However, when listening to the Woods around other girls scream ing from the far, Hanyues cannot suppress their fears. At this moment, as if the desire to survive was rekindled from the human instinct to e out.

She struggled to run, supple bare feet had originally cut by sharp stones, but she seems to feel no pain … … At last……

She fainted.

No exaggeration to say that this twist of fate twice, with Hanyues brought a pletely different “the future.”

Wake up when she and several girls together … … Let her cry is, with more than 10 girls are kept in a cage, leaving only six, including her own.

Q: can survive? is still … … His hand also was handed over to a new owner? plaything became a new owner?

Hanyues and her girls are put into the cart. Then ride, well people tell them where to go. However, luck is that the new owner, seems to be more humane, or at least gave them clothes and gave them food and water.

Eight days later, the Hanyue came to a big city. Her surprise was. In the Northwest over the years, she has never seen such a big city!

Carriage carriage is not sealed, containing Hanyues huddled in the corner, from the small holes can be seen on a Board outside. She saw the walls of Xiong Wei, was seen wearing strange clothing prairie people, see herds of livestock herds, see gallant soldier, saw the satisfied smiles on those faces on the street.

At last. They were brought into a castle.

Here and did not mistreat them, and Northwest Army pared to the rude soldier, bodyguard here serious and quiet, was locked in a room after a day, even at night time. Hanyue a piece filled with aroma of hot bread.

She huddled in a corner, like a greedy little mice gnawed desperately, then night holding knees sat by the window, looking out at the moon.

Another day came to the Castle. Hanyues finally see their own “new owner”.

When the young people with a faint smile on your face when you walked into the room, he looked so young … … As if age does not have its own bar. But can feel with Hanyues, stood behind the young man’s bodyguard, to the lesser nobles, worship and veneration of the eyes is no doubt.

Heartbeat is more Hanyues, this young man … … The way he smiles, really nice … …

“From now on, I’m your new master. You can call me master. Or … … Duke adult. ”

This is the first time I hear the sound of Du Wei.

“And, starting today, you will find that I am that you’ve met the kindest master. But … … Being a return, you must give me satisfaction. Because I give you a chance to change the fate. ”

Du Wei looked at it six frightened rabbit before the same girl. His words are slow, very clear, “here with me, you can get fortable clothes, delicious food, and appropriate freedom. But you must understand that. Your life is mine. I won’t you casually give some guy wantonly spoil … … But as your master. You must always be ready to die for me. Who in return, I will meet you requirements … … However, just one chance. ”

Here at the time, Du Wei have noticed that Hanyue.

There is no doubt that, even if her face is filled with tired, even though her leg is also carrying an injury, even if she just kneels down in obscure corners. But with Hanyues of beauty, is still all these “prey” among the most outstanding.

Her beauty is like a flower growing strong in the mountain rock crevices of snow Lotus, feminine, is full of the beauty of life.
“What’s your name?” Du Wei looked at the girl smiled, his smile was gentle.

“…… With Hanyues. ”

In a low voice, but has a beautiful voice.

Du Wei nodded: “tell me, what is your greatest wish?”

Du Wei’s eyes calm, but Hanyues suddenly instinct gives birth to a fear to! although the young owner is very nice, although the way he laughed, people can not help but have a feeling of wanting to get closer. But…… His eyes, really scary!

“Speak, my child. “Du Wei suddenly went through several other kneeling in front of the girl’s side, Du Wei’s hand gently on the shoulders of a Hanyue, he has a soft voice:” tell me, what is your greatest wish? ”

Although his age is not large, but no one hears the tone, exactly like it felt very natural. It seems, the young master, was born to be so high.

“I……” Hanyues suddenly raised her eyes, her beautiful like a Hanyue in General eyes, Du Wei sighed a bit.

“I hope … … No longer a slave. ”

After you finish this sentence, Hanyues had closed his eyes. She did not know where it came from this courage. But experience tells her that dares to say so, the next encounter, I am afraid, is a mercilessly whip!

For a long time, expected to whip well, Du Wei’s hand gently under her face, on her face gently, and then Hanyues heard in my life. Since 16 years of her life, the most wonderful voice!

“OK, so starting from today, you’re no longer a slave. ”

Hanyue’s mind immediately mercilessly beating up, she looked up, watching the young master.

“But … but … Your life is still mine. “Du Wei light way:” can I let your father and your mother. Your family, your friends … … Take off the slave status. But in return, your life is mine, at any time, any place. Any of my words, it will be your highest mission. ”

Finally, Du Wei tapped her forehead: “from now on, you are their boss. ”

Out of this room, Du Wei can obviously feel. Shut the door the moment, call that included Hanyues of pretty little slave in the door that, from that hurts the eyes.

Enjoy breath, Du Wei pondered the question for a moment, both on the side of the good manners Division issued the mand.

“Q: see these girls?” Du Wei before watching a 40 years old woman, this woman is the etiquette of the Rowling family divisions, other than at court even had work experience.

“Starting from today, I will receive the best education and training … … I ask that all of the girls here. Future also possess temperament could be parable to the aristocratic girls…… “Du Wei said, smiled:” that girl called Hanyue … … I ask you to turn her into a Princess! q: understood? Princess! ”

As head of the ups and downs of life in aristocratic circles etiquette teacher, two middle-aged women what not seen? immediately guessed the young Duke’s intentions, quickly with the most humble tone.

Du Wei sighed: beautiful, has always been the most deadly weapons.

Xyster! invisible knife, sometimes even better than thousands of bikers!

Hussein faces apathy as Du Wei left, ran out of the time, and met with other guards. The Paladin was suddenly cold tone: “Du Wei. You…… ”

“How do I?”

“Don’t think I don’t know what you want to do. “King Hussein slowly:” Du Wei, do not believe that the use of these poor innocent girls I…… ”

“You?” Du Wei suddenly laughed: “or do you think such a move a bit dirty … … Rider conduct inconsistent with you? or. Am I evil? ”

Hussein did not speak, but his eyes had replied to questions Du Wei.

“Hussein. “Du Wei took a look out at the sky, above the gray sky, a miserable:” you see! Northwest of here! well, bright sunshine, well soft spring breeze! it’s just cruel and cold! ”

Then he turned, Knight looked at before: “I Du Wei what? my strength better than robust high! in the Northwest than the Foundation of Bohan! my powers as the prairie people! mages far not much snow around me witch! in this place … … But I must survive! I’m not alone! there!, I, Longbottom, Robert, Dardanelle … … And so on and so on, all the people! Tulip family behind me there are tens of thousands of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of people! and my family! I loved ones! everyone must survive! ”

Hussain picked up an eyebrow.

Du Wei very dignified tone: “I don’t think I’m mean or evil … … If so, I wouldn’t mind doing more evil thing! in order to survive here … … I’m not a rider, I’m reluctant to do a demon! ”

Finally, Du Wei gently enjoying the breath, but his tone more firm:

“If you think I’m evil … … So congratulations, you guessed it, is because I sure am!! ”


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