Law of the Devil – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 “Poor Aoi”

It was already the eighth day when Du Wei returned to Loulan City.

Originally he had a bunch of things to take care of first, like interrogating the female assassin he caught, but he was delightfully surprised to hear of Rodriguez’s arrival when he stepped into his home. For this reason, he tossed everything aside and rushed off to meet this famed Saint Knight!

It can’t be helped! Amazing people takes precedent!


Because the only two Saint Knight on the continent was now in pocket!

However, when Du Wei excitedly came to see this Saint Knight in person, his heart quickly sank when he noticed the undisguised disabled right hand hanging there before his eyes.

How can he be so heavily injured?

Why didn’t Hussein tell him about this?

“You’re looking at my hand?” Rodriguez calmly smiled as he pointed out Du Wei’s thought: “You must be thinking right: “It wasn’t easy to get such a good fighter to e, yet when he came the guy is crippled, right?”

Sighing, Du Wei smiled wryly as he sat down next to Rodriguez.

But it didn’t take long for Du Wei to notice something was different here.

Du Wei had seen this Saint Knight before. The first meeting was in a hurry when Rodriguez was still in service to the former crown prince. His impression at the time wasn’t all that strong for he was too busy dealing with that Death Mage, but the monstrous aura ing off from Rodriguez was undeniable!

Then the Second time was during the confrontation outside the royal castle. In front of thousands of people, this Saint Knight used his formidable strength to slay a ninth level knight in one strike…..

Such a scene cannot be forgotten even if he wanted to.

At that time, Rodriguez was like a sharp blade that’s deliberately hidden behind a sheath. But no matter what, the greatness could not be hidden behind a simple cover.

But now, the Rodriguez in front of him……

A strange feeling was growing inside of Du Wei. Seriously, is this middle aged man in front of him really the real Rodriguez that he once saw?

The dominating aura seems to have pletely disappeared, like a sword had lost its sharpness…. No matter how he looked at it, this person was nothing more than a pale, quiet middle aged man.

“I’m guessing you must be somewhat disappointed.” Rodriguez smiled.

“Not disappointed.” Du Wei shook his head: “Just shocked…. Your hand?” Du Wei coughed at his carelessness: “I think there shouldn’t be anyone capable of taking your hand in this world. If I had to think of someone, there should only be one guy….. But that old lizard is unlikely to appear anywhere near the empire.”

“It was I whom chopped off my right hand.”

Rodriguez’s answer really surprised Du Wei!

“You … … yourself?” Du Wei forcefully gulped.

For those that had reached sainthood, it won’t have too much impact on their fighting capabilities even if they lost a hand. After all, sainthood is at the point where the individual had already broken through the so called sheer strength and into the level where “control” is the key.

“I remember I asked Hussein to bring ‘Beauty under the Moonlight’ to you.” Rodriguez’s voice seemed to have a touch of loss in there: “When I gave up that sword, I was already ready to give up my right hand.”

Seeing Du Wei was still somewhat in a daze, Rodriguez continues to explain: “Beauty under the Moonlight never belonged to me. Years ago, my teacher only ‘lent’ me it to use. And today, this blade not only cannot help me advance, it became a chain that holds me back.”

Lifting his right wrist up, he rubs the end as he chuckles in a self-deprecating way:

“This was a difficult decision to make for me. When I wielded both the Ice Dou Qi and the legendary sword Beauty under the Moonlight, I had enough power to stand at the top of this world……Yet, I had to abandon all of this. I feared my own weakness. I feared I was going to fall into my own temptation! In order to end all attachment, I ruthlessly lopped off my right hand! Only by doing this will I be able to e out of the shadow of that sword.”

Du Wei couldn’t fully prehend the idea, but if Hussein was here, that guy would have pletely agreed with Rodriguez.

When you already had a mountain of gold, could you so easily let go of it?

Of course not!

Du Wei may not be able to fully understand their logic, but he had to give props to Rodriguez’s supreme perseverance. For this reason, he didn’t ment on it.

Like a way to mask his inner thoughts, Du Wei picks up a cup and wryly smiled: “Well then Sir Rodriguez. I heard from Hussein that you came to the Northwest to help me under advice from someone. I hope this is true, otherwise I will be greatly disappointed.”

Rodriguez smiled: “I may have lost my right hand, but I believe I wouldn’t fall so low to bee a useless trash. Duke, if you are willing to accept me, I’m willing to assist you in the ing future.

All right then!

Only like this can Du Wei truly be relieved. A Saint Knight is a Saint Knight, even if the person was missing a right hand; the power of a saint level warrior was still there.

“I still have a question.” Du Wei suddenly thought of one thing: “The question has been bothering me for a while now….. I’m afraid only you can give me the answers.”

At this point, Du Wei takes in a deep breath: “Your unique technique, Ice Dou Qi, and ‘Sigh of the Frost Moon’…….. Did you impart your skills to any other people? I recently met a young man whom also knows these techniques, and his Ice Dou Qi was at a considerable level already.”

What disappointed Du Wei next was the tightly knit brow that came out of his question. Shaking his head, Rodriguez answered: “No. My martial skills were all passed on to me by my teacher….. I believe my teacher didn’t teach anyone else either. Though my teacher has a lot of students, I seem to be the only one that learned martial arts from him.”

“Who’s your teacher?”

Rodriguez grinned: “Blue Ocean.”


The sound of Du Wei’s cup shattering into multiple pieces reverberated across the deadly silent room.

After Du Wei finished his conversation with Rodriguez, our main hero walked out of the room with eyes full of gloom.

“Bloody hell … … Ice Dou Qi, Snowy Mountain’s disciple…. Damn it, this whole situation is so damn plicated! Cybuster’s martial skills are actually that of the Snowy Mountain sect! What, so that Rugaard is related to the Snow Mountain?”

Things just got way out of hand…….

According to Rodriguez’s request, a separate courtyard was set aside for him to train. With that out of the way, Du Wei’s first priority now was to go interrogate that poor female assassin.

If this female assassin was part of the Snowy Mountain too, then what’s Rugaard’s relationship with that sect?

A disciple of the Snowy Mountain assassinating another disciple of the Snowy Mountain, now that’s rich!

Ever since Aoi was seized by this Duke Tulip back at Watt City, she really suffered a lot in his care C sealed inside a crate for eight full days. Aside from the cramp space and inability to move, things got worse when stacks of hay were dumped on top of her, thus making her feeling like a wrapped dumpling. Then there was the air. Though a vent hole was made to let her breath, she still felt like she would suffocate multiple times during the ordeal.

Damn this Duke Tulip… … What is he planning to do with me?

Eight days long, never once did he look at her. It’s almost like she didn’t exist in his eyes….

But … … Aoi’s heart does feel a little lucky at the oute of not being “interrogated” anymore. Though she’s been trained since small to utilize her womanly charms as a weapon, but…… Those eyes from this young man when he stripped her of all her clothes…….

Aoi wasn’t blind. Those eyes weren’t full of sexual desire when looking at her; instead, there were only a deep sense of mockery and contempt.

Like a cat looking down at a mouse!

Whether it was anticipation or fear, Aoi was psychologically prepared for whatever is to e.

Well, she may say that but that wasn’t actually the case. Rather than saying prepared, it’s more appropriate to say she had “given up”.

For this reason, when Du Wei first stepped into the cell where Aoi was shackled against the wall, he never expected the first word to e out of this seductively poised girl would be:

“You… … Finally came to XXXX me eh!” (It means he came to rape her)

Du Wei: “……” (Utterly speechless)

If not for the reason that he needed to maintain an “interrogator” image, Du Wei would have laughed so hard that he be rolling on the floor.

“What did you say … … XXXX? Did I hear you right, did you really mean ‘XXXX’?” Du Wei painfully tried not to laugh, but his move only made his face look awkwardly weird. As such, his goodwill only made this female prisoner even more unfortable.

“Am I not right?!” Aoi reluctantly raised her head high to retaliate. Only by doing this can she hide her fear: “Isn’t those methods the most efficient way for you to deal with a female prisoner?!”

This girl may have the greatest body out there….. But this girl seems to have a screw loose in that head of hers.

Du Wei sighed. Are they all crazy up there at Snowy Mountain? Sending a simple minded girl to perform such a task.

With keen interest, Du Wei deliberately approached Aoi to the point where his nose nearly touched the girl’s face. Then with a malicious grin, he carefully looked over the attractive body before him…….

Those eyes looked very picky…..

Aoi’s first reaction was this weird thought.

As if there’s no appreciation … … But picky! Like this damn noble was using a critical, or dissatisfactory gaze to look at her amazing [email protected]!

Such eyes suddenly caused Aoi’s grievance to erupt after suppressing it for so many days.

He’s actually dissatisfied? What qualification does he have to not be satisfied! It took a lot of work and training to tone her body into this work of art! Even those back on top of the mountain considered her to be a true beauty! Yet her seductive and alluring pose right now isn’t enough to satisfy him?!

Although these dirty thoughts kept popping up in her head, Aoi still tried her best to hide her bottom part with her legs from Du Wei’s forceful eyes.

“Your assets are really good.” Du Wei deeply sighed.

Listening to this “praise”, Aoi’s eye suddenly began to tear up. Somehow, those words gave her a sense of humiliation that she couldn’t figure out where it was ing from.

After being stripped naked that day, this blasted noble tied her up and then threw her into a crate like a dead dog. These days, all she had was the same dirty red dress from that banquet. Both stinky and smelly, she never felt so dirty in her life from all the dust and stains….

Even if he wanted to execute her, couldn’t he at least let her take a bath?!

“You are lucky today.” Du Wei crossed his arms and took several paces back: “My mood today was really bad after receiving some really bad news. Before I came here, I was planning to punish you hard to vent my anger and frustration. However…. Your luck is good. When I walked in the door, your first sentence made me very happy. As a reward for pleasing me, I can now let you go. But……”

Du Wei gently raised his hands and made a snipping gesture with two of his fingers. At that, the shackles binding Aoi instantly cracked and split apart.

“I’ll give you a chance, an opportunity to suffer less. Now you can make your body feel better while I get someone to bring you a pen and paper. I want you to write all that you know…. Your history, the Snowy Mountain behind you, I want to know it all. One by one, I don’t want a single piece of information missing by the end of it. If you are smart, you will do as I say. And I mean everything and anything you know, even if the details are…… uhumph, dirty and elicit, including how they go to the toilet and how they pee, I want to know it all! I’ll give you three days to write them all out. Then when I e back in three days….”

At this point, Du Wei deliberately paused and looked the female prisoner in the eye: “If, however, three days later, I’m not satisfied with what I get…. Dear Miss Aoi, you can expect some serious punishment from me.”

After saying all this, Du Wei took a step forward and gently pinched Aoi’s chin. Lifting her head up to face his, Aoi’s fear became blatantly obvious.

Subsequently, under Aoi’s low shrieking voice, Du Wei’s hand quickly slipped from the chin and made its way down to the girl’s mountainous breasts….. From there, all sorts of groping actions began to take place!

“This … … bastard! He’s not only touching me, he’s even pinching my tit!!!”

Retracting his hand back after satisfying his desire, Du Wei pulled his hand up to his nose and sniffed it with great pleasure. Then watching the pathetic and pitiful prisoner, he lets out a deep sigh in a very obvious mocking tone: “Ahhh….. Dear Miss Aoi, I must remend you this…. It’s time you took a bath!”

After saying that, Du Wei left the cell while cheerfully laughing his way out. And just before he closed the door behind him, Du Wei made sure to leave behind a word that left Aoi somewhat puzzled.

“Humph, 35D*Breast Size*… … Remember, you have three days to satisfy my demand….. If by then you can’t meet my demand, I guarantee your suffering will be ten times more tragic than whatever ‘XXXX’ that you spoke of.”

In a loud thud, the cell door heavily closes to leave behind the terrified looking Aoi.

What does this jerk mean by that “35D”?


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