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Law of the Devil – Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 “Everything is for the state.”

When Du Wei once again came face to face with Bohan inside the governor’s manor, their meeting was without a doubt far more enjoyable than the last.

After exchanging some polite greetings, Du Wei went straight to the point and expressed his gratitude towards the soldiers that gave their lives and was willing to assume all the pensation towards the deceased…….

Once that was out of the way, Du Wei picked up the honey flavored tea and took a sip: “Dear Governor Bohan, my aid, Philip, told me you have other requests towards my cooperation plan, is this correct?”

When Du Wei asked this his brow was vaguely wrinkled because he was slightly unhappy about it.

Reflecting back on his offer, there shouldn’t be anything to nitpick about. Although it was because his own territory lacked the needed population to conscript the required number of soldiers, he’s already offering a great deal of paying all financial costs involved. Sure, he’s taking half of the forces, but in name, they are all under Bohan’s name!

So what else does he want?

Du Wei’s certain Bohan will not refuse his offer because if he was in his shoe, he will definitely accept it. Compared to him, Bohan’s need for an army was far more pressing.

“I think the terms I proposed already expressed the sincerity of the Tulip Family.” Du Wei carefully treads his word to test the water: “Dear Governor Bohan, the people are yours, the soldiers are yours, all I’m doing is equipping them with equipment and paying their salaries….. I believe these terms will not be found in any other place across the continent.”

“But in the end you are taking people from my land.” Bohan rudely rebuked.

“No, the correct word is, ‘people of the empire’.” Du Wei softly returned the blow: “Last I remember you are but a Governor of the Empire, not a Lord.”

“This makes it even more imperative that I take responsibility for the people under my care.” Bohan picks up a cup for a sip.

Du Wei could only sigh at the answer.

Bohan’s tone really have some… … Exorbitant taste in there.

Regarding the new terms involved, Du Wei was really having some trouble with it.

Bohan asked Du Wei to provide additional help on top of the original terms: an excellent cavalry general to train the new recruits … … Meanwhile, he also needs Du Wei to provide magic assistant.

Magical assistance? Plainly speaking, he wants Du Wei to provide a magician!

“Cavalry general isn’t a problem.” Du Wei calmly answers: “Once conscription begins, I plan to construct a military barracks between our borders that mainly specializes in training. I may not have a lot of good talents capable in cavalry training, but I do have General Longbottom. I’m sure I don’t need to go over his merits and capabilities…. Although I can’t lend you General 250, I will allow your soldiers to train under him.”

Thinking it over, Bohan finally nods: “I agree that this proposal is feasible, but how are you going to solve the magic issue?”

Du Wei rubbed his nose and wryly smiled: “Governor Bohan … … Although I’m a magician, but please understand that I can’t e in person to help you.”

“But according to my information, you have over 30 mages gathered under your banner.” Bohan points out this key info.

“Most of them are merely magic apprentices without any real fighting capabilities.” Du Wei shakes his head and smirked slyly: “Besides, they belong to the magic academy and are only here for their internship program. Once that is over, the students will return to the capital to continue their schooling….. Even if I promised you, I fear both the regent and the magic council will not permit.”

“Duke…” Bohan stands up and closely looked at the closed door: “There are only two of us here so let’s put aside the charade. I’ll make it blunt; you have no intention of letting the twenty eight kids go back to the capital do you?”

“The correct number is twenty six.” Du Wei revealed a trace of sadness on his face: “Back in the battle at Anglia City, I lost two excellent students.”

“Yes… … But you won’t let these people go will you?” Bohan slowly uttered his words: “And, in addition to the twenty six trainees. I know you have a number of excellent magicians too…. For example, the eighth level grand mage Vivian.”

Du Wei’s eye suddenly turned sharp: “Governor Bohan, do you think I would send my wife to a place six hundred miles away from me?”

“…… Wife?” Bohan became slightly startled by the news.

Damn it! Didn’t the information say this Duke intends to marry those Lister girls? How did it end up like this?

“Then… … What about the two leading teachers from the academy? They should be adequate since they are intermediate level mages.” Bohan immediately gave up on the idea of asking for Vivian. As a man, he also knows there are some things he should go after and shouldn’t. Besides, Du Wei already brought out the word “wife”. He be damned if he doesn’t get the hint by now.

In this world, no real man would throw their wife into another man’s care!

Du Wei smiled: “Governor Bohan … … You may not know the identity of the two leading teachers. They are Master Alley’s disciple! Aside from being genuine members of the magic union, they are also outstanding teachers of the academy. In any case, neither institution would cede such great people from their ranks!”

This time Du Wei was telling the truth.

Although Du Wei certainly would have wanted to stay the magic trainees in the Northwest, but Alley’s two disciples was beyond his reach for they still need to go back to the academy to teach more students for him!

“Why aren’t you requesting help from the capital?”

Du Wei got straightforward and raised this question.

In his view, Governor Bohan shouldn’t have much problem requesting for backup since he’s stationed in the Northwest. For someone as brilliant as Prince Son, it shouldn’t be hard to get several court mages.

Bohan smiled wryly, his face looking tired as he walked up to edge of the window: “Duke, you…. Seem to be unfamiliar with my background.”

After a pause, he whispered: “Years ago when I came to the Northwest from the South … … The man to endorse me was none other than his highness, the former crown prince. From a political standpoint … … I, he-he … … Can be called a part of the Crown Prince’s faction. Now that Prince Son is the Regent, it’s already amazing that I wasn’t immediately removed from office, let alone ask for help. Therefore, what do you think the answer will be when I ask for help?”

The answer was of course no!

Although Du Wei did not say this out loud, his heart already that would be the case.

Indeed, even if Prince Son was wise and generous, those under him would never allow such a thing to happen.

“Also…… Even if Prince Son did send a magician.” Bohan chuckles: “I’m afraid the people sent over will also shoulder the task of ‘monitoring’ me! If I have to worry about every move I take, how am I supposed to get anything done?! Court mages are out of the question and I don’t have connections in the magic union…..”

At this point, Bohan suddenly gave a deep bow to Du Wei; his eyes could not conceal the fatigue lingering in that spirit of his: “Du Wei … …”

He actually abandoned the official form of greeting and directly called out Du Wei’s name, this left Du Wei startled.

“Du Wei … …” Bohan slowly uttered his words: “I’ve stayed in the Northwest for years … … In my heart, although I was referred by the former Crown Prince, but, I never saw myself as a part of any faction. I, Bohan am an imperial official, a citizen of the empire! If I favored politics, I would have never came to this badland known as the Northwest! Back then I had plenty of ways to stay in the capital….. However, as long as the Northwest rebellion isn’t quelled, this will always be a cancer to the empire. Day after day, I carefully tread my steps to rein in the Northwest Army, but no matter what I try, there hasn’t been any tangible progress. One day things will spiral out of control here, this is a must…. But while I grow older, I remain powerless to do anything!”

At this point, Bohan grew sincere: “I know you probably still hate me for causing trouble when you first came to the Northwest…. I can apologize to you right here and then…. When you first came, I naturally had some grievances. To me, it felt like the capital was trying to trim my authority. Considering your age, I never thought you would amount to anything. For that, I resented you, hence the reason for my actions.”

After a pause, Bohan sighed: “In one year, seeing your every move in the Northwest, I was finally convinced by your ability to uplift the Desa Province. I thought and thought. We may have a barrier around us, but our goal is one and the same. That’s when I made a decision…..”

Reaching here, Governor Bohan came before Du Wei and deeply bowed with sincerity: “Duke, everything is for the state.

Looking at this old and tired Bohan, Du Wei’s heart shuddered with realization. Standing up, he also gave a deep bow of respect: “Five people and no more… Also, the group will rotate every three months. In addition…. I will try to get you a real mage. Govnernor Bohan….. Everything is for the state!”

Only at that response did Bohan let out a relieving sigh.

“Du Wei … … Our bond isn’t deep… … So let me say a word of truth. Even if this barren land known as the Northwest is cleaned up, I fear I won’t have the pleasure of keeping my post when that day es! I know Prince Son is a wise ruler…. But politic is politics. As long as he needs me here I will be safe from his ire. But when the day es when I’m not needed….. Duke, the Northwest and its people will need you to lead them in the future!” By the time Du Wei came out from Bohan’s study room, he was personally led by this loyal subject of the empire.

Without delay, he immediately left for his destination.

Inside the carriage, Philip couldn’t help but be touched by the story: “Lord…. You really promised him?!”

Du Wei nods and smiled: “Not only did I promise to give him people; I also agreed to give him our newly developed weapons from Anglia City. You remember those jars of gunpowder? He is offering to pay us for them.”

Philip knits his brow. After endured for so long time, he finally caved in and bitterly asked: “You….. isn’t that a bit too generous?”

When those words came out, even Du Wei couldn’t help but laugh.

Looking back at it, this really wasn’t a match of his style!

Whenever he does things, he’s always been hardheaded and wouldn’t give any advantage to the other side. Yet, he not only accepted the other party’s proposal, he even added icing to the cake.

Of course … … It’s one thing to spread the product; it’s another to spread the actual formula for the gunpowder.

“I help him because he is truly a good official.” Du Wei sighed: “Unlike those selfish aristocrats, he’s a good guy. Everything is for the state!”

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