Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 253 part 1

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Chapter 253 “Perfect Body” (Part One)

With disheveled hair and a rapid fluctuation in his chest, Cybuster’s current condition wasn’t doing that great for even the spear in his hand was constantly shivering at his own inability to keep hold.

Though he already cut off the flow of Dou Qi into his weapon, the spear was still a blazing red after the series of fire lances. He knew very well, if he took another spin with the same attack, the metal inside would not be able to bear the heat and melt!

Luckily Cybuster’s spear wasn’t one of those average first class goods you find on any shelf; otherwise, his ninth level Dou Qi would have already shattered the damn thing.

“Pathetic human!” Gold Dragon may have been infuriated by that assault, but his powerful body received no substantive damage thus far. Arching his body up, he angrily watches the person responsible for his fury…… Heck, the opponent’s strength cannot hurt himself, but he’s simply too fast! How was a human able to achieve such speed? Even those exiled races cannot pete and that’s including the wind elves of old!

(Just in case anyone didn’t know. Elves in this story got wings like the fairies in western mythology.)

But … … He’s clearly a human!

“No matter how fast a bee fly, it cannot sting an elephant to death!” The Dragon prince actually uttered such a “humanistic” analogy.

After a short period of puffing, Cybuster suddenly smiles and tossed his spear away.

“Honorable Sir Dragon……” Cybuster loudly yells out: “You really are strong, but … … Based on my asssesement thus far, I’m certain of one point despite not being able to harm you…… You!” He raises a finger and points at the Second Prince: “Haven’t reached your adult form yet! Although your body is incredibly tough, but it’s still not at the point of perfection! There is a weakness, and I shall find it!”


With the sound of his lance touching down the ground, Cybuster slowly unsheathes the crystal sword from his waist. Within moments, a layer of ice began to form across the surface of the blade.

Imprinting the image into his eyes, Du Wei exchanged a look with Hussein.

Oh … … Finally showing his specialty?

Naturally, Gold Dragon hasn’t the slightest fear towards the human before him, but, the speed he witnessed did incite his curiosity.

Nevertheless, speed was speed…. Using it to flee was plausible, but to harm him, that’s impossible.

“You’re correct human! I indeed haven’t achieved the state of perfection yet.” Gold Dragon roars with mockery in his voice: “But with just you … … No matter your speed, you cannot possibly hit my weak points.”

After calming his breath, the coldness from Cybuster’s sword began to intensify to the point where a thick layer of frost covered the ground under his feet.

“Oh … … Is that so? If one of me is not enough…. Then, what about a thousand of me?”

As soon as Cybuster finishes his words, he turns to wave at the people atop of the city wall.

At the signal, all of the readied soldiers began to operate the arbalests…..

Under a roaring whoosh, the first dozen of catapulting arrows shot towards the Dragon Prince hovering in the air.

Du Wei knew how powerful these arbalests were. Although not as powerful as true cannons of the modern age, but the penetration strength of the giant arrows were enough to slam through a wall if done right!

Despite having a monstrously big his body, it didn’t mean his movement was slow. Second Dragon Prince knew the siege arrows wouldn’t be able to harm him, but it wouldn’t be wise to confront so many with his flesh.

The first reaction he had was to avoid!

However, Cybuster did not give him the chance.

Matching the sound of the arbalests, Cybuster instantly rushed in front of Gold Dragon to stab his icy cold sword at the Second Prince’s eye!

No matter how strong a dragon’s body bee, the eye remains relatively weak. With one angry roar, Gold Dragon’s claw promptly swiped at the thorn in his face.

Just when the two were about to make contact, Cybuster suddenly twisted his body in the air and propelled himself backwards in the nick of time. Immediately after dodging the claw, Cybuster swung his sword again and released a powerful blade of Dou Qi towards the Dragon’s eye again.

At such close distance, plus the Ice Dou Qi of Snowy Mountain, the attack would have been lethal if landed…… In desperation, Second Dragon Prince could only close his eye lid for self defense. For the king of dragons, their eyelids are also covered in golden scales.


Roaring out in pain, Gold Dragon was knocked a few feat back in the air by Cybuster’s attack. Then following the first blow, a series of siege arrows drastically pounded against his massive body. Together, the dozen or so arrows may not be enough to finish off a gold dragon, but it was certainly enough to knock the Second Prince out of the sky!

In a thunderous BANG!! A gigantic being crash landed onto the ground and carved a deep crater into the earth.

Gold Dragon may not have been blinded by Cybuster’s sudden attack, but it’s inevitable that he would suffer from some painful bruises for a while.

Adding in the pounding he got from the siege arrows and the drop from high sky, Second Prince really was feeling the pain right now. Out of anger and spite, he immediately opens up his jaw and spewed a mouthful of flames at those hiding atop of the city wall.

By the time Cybuster noticed what the dragon was up to, he had long recovered his balance. Dashing through the air, he quickly drew his sword and swung it to form an ice barrier. At 10 meters in diameter, this blockade was immediately dissolved upon contact by the flames.

Opening his eyes, Dragon Prince now knew his humongous body wasn’t going to give him a real advantage in this battle. Angry at the thought, he cried out: “Fine! Human, you forced me! I didn’t want to do this!”

With that, the golden flames around his body suddenly intensified to the point where it was blinding to watch. In seconds, Second Prince’s body shrank and eventually took on the form of a human!

Even looking at it from a human perspective, the body he had almost reached the state of perfection.

Stretching a head higher than Cybuster’s stature at almost two meters in height, his proportions were practically symmetrical without a hint of being ungainly in terms of muscle strength or elasticity.

Following the transformation spell of Second Prince, the golden scales also took on a new form more befitting of his new shape. Covering all the vital parts, an extremely extravagant armor was the perfect pany to the blonde wavy hair of his highness.

Growling a low roar, he raises a hand above his head to form a golden spear the length of his body. From the tip, one can vaguely sense a monstrous killing intent radiating out of that spark of flame trapped inside.

“Pathetic humans, let us have another go!” none could make out his face under that fierce golden flame, but that voice was clearly filled with confidence.

Cybuster also felt the change in his opponent’s momentum. While the power may have dropped for the Dragon Prince, the advantage he had up till now in terms of speed greatly diminishes against this new form……

After all … … His strength was still far below the dragon!


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