Law of the Devil – Chapter 252

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Chapter 252 “I can’t believe this!”


After hearing the name, Ziggy, and the other students’ only disbelief in their eyes as they looked at Rodriguez.

If Rodriguez was considered low key in the past, then after the coup d’état, his name had already exploded across the continent!

After all, there hasn’t been a Saint level warrior for over a century already. Hussein may be a Saint level warrior also, but that knowledge was hidden from the public eye so no one truly knows that.

Therefore, Rodriguez status as the sole Saint Knight on the continent immediately sent shockwaves across the entire continent, so much so that he was even considered the ultimate goal for the other martial artists.

Ziggy and his peers may be magicians, but they aren’t blind to a legendary figure like Rodriguez. And now, standing before them all was the legendary master. Because they weren’t ready for such an encounter, the kids didn’t know how to react and became stutter mouths like Vivian.

It’s just … … This Saint Knight … … His right hand … ..

Unsurprised by their reaction towards his right hand, Rodriguez smiles and said, “Mage Vivian, may we go inside? I would really like to meet his Dukeship…. Though we’ve crossed paths in the imperial capital before, but those encounters have always been in a hurry while not on the most friendly of terms. Nevertheless his Dukeship’s ingenuity still impresses me greatly, especially after what I witnessed today along the streets. For this day, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.”

Only now did Vivian regain her thoughts: “Ugh… … Mr. Ro-Ro-Rodríguez … … Bu-but, Du Wei, he-he’s not in the castle, he, went……”

Watching Vivian’s difficult appearance, Ziggy couldn’t bear it anymore and stepped in to take over. Using the most respectful tone he can e up with, he slowly explains: “Dear Sir, our Dean went to the Northwest Army’s stronghold. I fear it will be some days before he returns.”

Rodriguez was slightly taken aback by the answer: “Northwest army?” He knits his brow as he muttered the name.

Looking at Vivian’s concern face, he finally believed this was true. Giving a nod to indicate he understands: “Hmm, If his lordship is not around…. Then….. Is that cold guy here?”

Others may not know this, but Vivian did. The one Rodriguez referred to as the “cold guy” was none other than Hussein. Shaking her head, she smiles wryly: “He-he’s with Du Wei.”

“In that case … … I’ll e back in a couple of days then.”

“Ahh no!” Vivian hurriedly calls out to Rodriguez. She may be simple and innocent, but even she knew it would be inappropriate to let a guest leave like this. Out of desperation, her stuttering habits disappeared and her words began to flow: “Sir Rodriguez, you … … Du Wei, he, while he’s away, please stay in the Duke’s residence for the next few days while you wait for his return!”

Rodriguez hesitated for a moment before slowly saying: “Are you sure? Mage Vivian, I’m afraid you don’t understand my current situation … … Taking me in so casually … … I’m afraid this decision can only be decided by the Duke himself.”

Rodriguez’s tone was serious.

Indeed, he was not joking!

During the coup in the imperial capital, he not only sided with the crown prince at the time, he also made two flagrant attempts at Prince Son’s life. Looking at it from a reasonable standpoint, he should’ve been a wanted criminal like Hussein that was hunted across the entire continent.

Of course … … Any incapable ruler would have done exactly that.

But, Prince Son fortunately had a sane mind unlike some other people. When the suggestion was made to hunt down all fugitives, the first thing Prince Son did when he saw “Rodriguez’s” name on the wanted list was to kick the person responsible out the door.

“Are you a madman or a fool? Putting a Saint Knight on the wanted list? Do you think those normal soldiers can achieve such a feat? If he gets a change of heart and decides to e for my life after we provoked him, do you think you or those people out there can protect me?” Prince Son then began to swear and scold at the trembling official lying outside the throne room’s floor: “Scram! In three days, have your things packed and forever leave the capital! I am to never see you again in my sight! I can forgive mistakes, but I cannot forgive stupidity!”

Subsequently, Regent Son personally crossed out Rodriguez’s name from the wanted list. As such, no pursuer ever came into contact with Rodriguez after the coup ended.

“I couldn’t move fast enough to recruit such a strong expert, yet he wants me to go hunt him down……”

Prince Son may have been smart enough to not provoke such a person, but he’s not generous enough to let someone else recruit such a master!

After all, Rodriguez was still a member of the rebel faction in the coup. Changing it to any other person, would they be able to do such a thing?

Vivian was still too fresh when it came to these matters so such thoughts never even crossed her mind. Fortunately Ziggy was a mature and attentive guy: “Sir, I believe that if we let you go like this, I fear we will all be punished by the time the Duke returns….. And, although the Dean isn’t presently here, but Mrs. Dean’s word carries the same weight as the Dean. With her authority, no one will object to the decision!”

Whether it was this bunch of students or even the Duke’s bodyguards, and pretty much everyone by now…… They’ve all recognized the beautiful Vivian as the future Duchess.

While the Duke was away, the Duchess is king!

Rodriguez only needed a minute before nodding in agreement.

Meanwhile standing on top of the castle tower, the beautiful Marquise was peering out the window when she noticed a bunch of magic apprentices surrounding a middle aged man and the cute little Vivian. With only a glance at the group entering the castle ground, she easily recognized who the man was: “Eh….. He is, Rodriguez?”

Subsequently, Madam Lister fell into deep thought inside her room.

Du Wei … … How much secret did he hide? Even a guy like Rodriguez is knocking at his door?

The more she thought about it, the more helpless she felt.

Muse oh Muse … … I let you follow that guy around yet you achieved nothing. What shall I do with you if you waste my efforts like so…..

This Mage Vivian… …

Thinking of this, Madam Lister came before a mirror in the room and slowly touches her beautiful face. Made of crystal glass, this exquisite mirror finely reflects the impeccable image of its owner.

Towards the image in the mirror, Madam Lister was filled with pride at her own reflection because she was convinced that none on the continent can match her for the gods have graced her body with the immunity of time. Delicate and firm, what should have been a skin of some middle aged woman was peerlessly soft. If she wills it, thousands will submit before her feet…..

There was no doubt that this was the standard contour of the Lister bloodline. For generations, men and women of the Lister house have been subject to this extreme appearances.

For example: her father used his charming presence to succeed within the aristocratic circle inside the capital. She herself also used her peerless beauty to snag numerous dignitaries under her skirt……

Yet … … This Du Wei.

In this world … … Can there really be a person capable of escaping the Lister Family’s love spell?

Marquise chuckles. Looking at herself in the mirror, she whispers these words with her attractive lip:

“I don’t believe it! Du Wei, you will be my husband!”

Contrary to the Marquise’s wildish womanly thoughts, Du Wei could care less at this moment for he was currently hiding under the protection of the fortification wall of Watt City with Hussein.

At the mand of Rugaard, thousands of soldiers were readying their bows and arbalests for battle.

Meanwhile, Rugaard himself was leading a thousand cavalry troops outside the city, their sights warily looking off into the distance.

Cybuster on the other hand was already going full throttle into battle. From his regular silver Dou Qi to a faint gold shade, Hussein was pletely shocked by the sight!

“This young general is really that talented?!”

While he still haven’t broken through the biggest hurdle yet, but….. This Cybuster was at least in the ninth rank by the indication of it!

Not only that, a normal lance in his hands was like a flaming torch, red and searing hot under that pressure he emits!

Whoosh Whoosh

Sweeping towards the Gold Dragon in a brink of an eye, countless flaming Dou Qi spears shot out.

Still, the Second Dragon Prince made no efforts to dodge other than avoiding the fatal points on his body.

Though unharmed, he was annoyed by the fact that the masked man before him did have the ability to stand up to him!

From the beginning of their fight, his perception of Cybuster’s spear techniques was nothing but little pricks from a toothpick.

Therefore, the proud Dragon Prince quickly found himself in a predicament of his own volition.

Cybuster’s attack appears to be incapable of damaging his perfect dragon body….. But……

Dammit, this human’s speed was fast!

So fast that he’s like the wind!

When Cybuster’s speed reached the limit, the only people left capable of following their movement was Hussein and Rugaard. As for everyone else, including Du Wei, they were unable to keep up at ll!

Standing from far, the scene looked like a gold dragon was being suspended in mid-air while being blanketed by flaming red spears shooting out from a silvery fly buzzing all over the place.

Cybuster had already threw out a hundred or so Dou Qi spears at the Gold Dragon’s body: head, neck, chest, back, paws, feet, wings, just about every part you can imagine…..

Nevertheless, the insane defensive body of his foe was starting to grind against Cybuster’s mentality. For any other enemy, the amount of attacks he made and the ferocity of his Dou Qi would have been enough to blow the target to smithereens, yet this was not so. If this keeps up, he feared what would happen next.

In a flash, he instantly turned into a breeze of light and propelled himself a hundred meters away from the dragon. At this pace, Du Wei speculate it would not lose out to the instant transportation spell used by those high level mages!


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