Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 248 part 2

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Chapter 248 “It’s him it’s him it’s him!” (part two)

In the face of Du Wei’s sudden attack, Tartaglia can only feel a heat wave sweeping through his face and knocking him all over the place. Although minimal in terms of power, but together, the destructive force of hundreds of fireballs was still staggering. As a desperate countermeasure, he could only forcefully shield his body at the expense of depleting a good portion of his dark spirit fog.

While Tartaglia was busy fending for his life, Du Wei took advantage of the window of opportunity he created to sneak behind this dragon. Similar to the battle with the prairie army, Du Wei speedily began to summon a series of thunder strikes.

Almost instantaneously, the pressure in the sky became heavy as electrical sparks flowed through the clouds…….

By the time most of the flames were dispersed, Tartaglia already knew he was tricked! If it was really a forbidden spell, how can he still be alive? The spell may appear flashy, but the damage could hardly be called severe. Just when he wanted to summon forth a “Devouring Darkness” spell to counter C his heart only wants to turn this kid into an undead puppet at this point C his ears suddenly picked up a rumbling sound from above. Next thing he knew, a thundering bolt of lightning was already striking down at him from the sky.

Upon impact, this strike nearly sent the bone dragon crashing to the ground!

Enraged by this, Tartaglia forcefully holds on by pumping out all of his dark energy fog into the air for protection. Under normal circumstances, Tartaglia would have been able to take on ten Du Wei’s at once. However, he doesn’t have a rainbow energy ring to replenish his magic continuously.

After three loud bangs, although his anger was stronger than ever, Tartaglia had to face reality: his energy was slowly being worn away.

Yelling out in anger at Du Wei: “Let’s see how many more thunder strikes you can summon!”

In Tartaglia’s view, even an eighth level grand mage would be heavily sapped by the enormous magic consumption from three lightning strikes and a gigantic fire blast.

Different from his foe’s expectation, Du Wei instead laughs ha-haly and turns to distance himself from Tartaglia. Taking his Nirvana’s bow out in the process, Du Wei then intentionally slowed his pace and took a shot at the source of the dragon roar in the background.

How powerful is the Nirvana’s bow? To put it into perspective, the meteoric arrow was already in front of Tartaglia before he could even hear Du Wei drawing his bow!

Horrified by the sight, Tartaglia could only order his pet dragon to shield him out of reflex. Upon impact, one of the bone dragon’s claws exploded like fireworks and scattered across the forest. Seeing his pet howling out in pain, Tartaglia can only puke blood!

His precious bone dragon!

How can he not bleed inside? Through sweat and blood, every single bone on this dragon was painstakingly gathered by him personally.

Unwilling to let this slide, Tartaglia hurries his dragon to pick up speed. At the same time, a series of weird incantations began spouting out of the dragon’s jaw…..

Draconian magic?

Du Wei got a bad feeling about this.

As soon as the spell finished casting, a blast of dark energy violently charged towards Du Wei. Next thing he knew, Du Wei found himself fixed in mid-air, unable to move an inch from the spot!

This was not some typical “Cobweb” binding magic, it’s the genuine deal: Draconian Magic! Unless the victim was vastly superior to the caster in terms of strength, they can otherwise forget about breaking free.

Instead of panicking like he should, Du Wei showed a face of I don’t care: “You think this is enough to stop me?”

Feeling the veins pop on his forehead, Tartaglia and his pet dragon were of the same mind at this point. With one swift charge to get behind Du Wei, the dragon promptly loosed a mouthful of black flames at the kid.

But even after burning the sky black, no evidence of Du Wei could be found in the aftermath. Noticing this wasn’t right; Tartaglia immediately activated his immense spiritual senses to scour the surrounding terrain. Surprising himself, Tartaglia managed to locate Du Wei’s figure dropping nonstop towards the ground. How can he move when hit with Draconian Magic? But it didn’t take long for Tartaglia to repose himself for another attack. With one loud roar, his wand began to actively move again to summon a series of black whirlpools along Du Wei’s drop path.

“Why is it every time you get into trouble that I have to save you in the end?! Semel sighs at her own situation. The one currently dragging Du Wei through the sky and dodging the black swirling pools was none other than Semel. Of course, all of this was invisible to Tartaglia.

“Because my death means your death. If you save me then it means saving yourself.” Du Wei answers like it’s only proper.

Completely lost for words, Semel coldly smiles: “What are you going to do about that big dragon?”

Du Wei laughs aloud, his finger pointing to the front: “What do you see over there?”

Not far away was Watt City!!

Semel’s face turned gloomy: “Could it be you want to hide inside the city? That will drag the civilians into this!”

Du Wei lets out a cold laugh: “I’m not that despicable… … Besides, do I need to flee? He’s only a eighth level mage. Even if I can’t beat him alone, but with you, I highly doubt we will lose. It’s just that I’m too lazy to do it myself. Don’t worry. Once we are close enough to the city, someone will be there to help!”


Although Watt City was already in sight, but the anger blind Tartaglia could care less at this moment! His precious bone dragon just suffered a crippling injury to one claw, how can he just let it slide? Also, who knows how long will it be before he can find a replacement claw for his pet. His only wish right now was to shred this Duke Tulip into smithereens!

The only problem was that this kid is full of too many trickery. In their exchanges earlier, the one to suffer the most was always himself. How can someone run after every blow, does this kid have no shame? Seriously, who ever heard of a magician running in a duel? A magician’s dignity will be destroyed at this rate!!”

Hurrying his dragon to accelerate, another deep and draconian chant swept across the landscape…..

“Perfect!” Du Wei suddenly smiles at Semel. Hovering above the city sky, Du Wei sighed: “And here I was worrying about the guy not making a ruckus. Since he’s making such a loud motion with his bone dragon…. Then he can only blame himself!”

Sure enough … …

The moment the bone dragon’s roar ended, a monstrous roar that shook the very earth itself answered from within Watt City!

Given the devastating boom in the air, the sound wave was at least three to two times bigger than the bone dragon’s in terms of strength! And that’s based on Du Wei’s assessment while in the sky. Imagine what it must be like for those on the ground!

Suddenly, a golden figure flew out of Watt City and into the sky! Though covered in golden flames, but the draconic might this being gave off cannot be imitated!

Semel was shocked by the sight: “Dragon?!”

Du Wei sighs again: “Counting the days, this dragon prince should’ve long been here, yet he’s never shown himself up till now. I’m guessing it’s because I was hiding inside Watt City. Not bad, he’s not a fool like the last one. At least he’s smart enough to wait till I leave the Northwest Army’s stronghold before making an attempt at my life….. I really have to thank that Tartaglia for luring this lizard out; otherwise, I might have resorted to my alternative plan!”

The golden flamed figure turns to face Du Wei, although hidden behind that light, the sharp scrutinizing stare ing off from the dragon prince was unmistakable.

“Ha-ha, and here I was wondering who it might be! How kind of the dragon race to grace us with their presence!” Du Wei showed no fear in his words.

Horrified, Tartaglia also sensed the overwhelming pressure! As someone that spent most of his life studying the dragon race, it didn’t take much for him to identify the other party was not an ordinary dragon….. Such a strong presence, the being was definitely a member of the dragon tribe, and very high up in the chain too!

Following the arrival of Tartaglia not far into the distance, the golden figure turns to assess the Dark Mage. When this dragon prince first laid eyes upon the bone dragon beneath the human’s feet, a towering roar erupted to fill the heavens and earth itself!

“Who!! Who is it!!! Who dare use the sacred remains of a dragon warrior to create this vile creature!! This is a blatant insult to the dragon race!!!!” Under his enormous roar, the dragon prince’s body transformed into a humongous dragon that was parable to a small mountain!!

“Who! Which of you lowly humans here is responsible for this vile deed!” Gold Dragon continues to howl in rage.

Standing in an obedient fashion not too far away, Du Wei waited till the dragon prince finishes his rant before pointing to the horrified Tartaglia: “Him! It’s him! He did it! He’s the one who insulted the dragon race!”

Upon being pinned by the dragon prince’s eye that was engulfed in golden flames, Tartaglia felt like his world is about to end. Losing all shades of color from his already pale face, this once arrogant Dark Mage didn’t know how to react except muffling out these few words…..

Gold … … Gold Dragon?!

Towards any Dark Mage that was brave enough to create an undead dragon, the worst thing to happen to them was undoubtedly encountering a truly powerful dragon! For any member of the dragon tribe, they are inherently hostile towards any creature that defiles their fallen rades remain. To them, this was an insult not only to the dragon tribe, but to their predecessors as well.

As such, for any member of the dragon tribe, they will without restraint kill the person in question using the most ruthless and cruel method they can muster.

And … … Tartaglia himself understands. No matter how high his ability gets, he’s no match for an adult sized Gold Dragon!!

Da-Damn it! Why is there a dragon here? And not just any dragon, a legendary gold dragon!

Despite being in the face of the monstrous dragon prince, Du Wei had the relaxed look of someone going on a picnic. Firmly pointing his fingers at the shadowy figure known as Tartaglia: “It’s him it’s him it’s him!” Du Wei cries out like a little kid in a playground.


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