Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 242

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Chapter 242 “I’m happy!”

“You’re evil.” Semel’s bantering voice came from the back of his mind: “Must you tease the poor girl so? I recall Old Chris gave you the ‘Eye of Enchantment’. Using that, you could have made her divulge everything without any resistance.”

Du Wei’s mouth curled into a smile, his answer was very simple:

“It pleases me!”

“The first question.” Du Wei sat upright, his face stern while looking at the little prisoner before him: “Tell me … … What training did you do to get such a great body?”

“……? ? ? ? ?” The female assassin was probably in shock because she never thought the first question proposed by this noble would be such a silly one.

Du Wei saw how stupefied the other side was so he continued: “My patience is not so good. If you don’t answer, I can immediately start my task of stripping your clothes away.”

“…… I practice a special type of Taijutsu.” Finally, the female assassin caved in. Listening to her voice, it was obvious she was gritting her teeth when speaking.

Once she was done, she stared nervously at Du Wei. Although her mask covered the majority of her face, the fear and worry in her eyes cannot be hidden.

But … …

Du Wei deliberately made a sighing sound: “I’m sorry … … The answer is too general, I’m not satisfied with it.”

Under the exclaiming cry of the female assassin, Du Wei casually flicked his fingers to remove the binding on the girl. However, before the female assassin can get her thoughts together after realizing her body was free again, a sharp ripping sound came from the location where her top skimpy garment should have been.


Next thing she knew, her upper garment was in shreds and her naked breasts were open for all to see!

Du Wei watched on with great interest as the female assassin squealed in great surprise. He really had to hand it to her. Seeing those breasts without any cover was a sight to behold: big and round, yet firm and bouncy, truly the definition of an eye candy.

Hmmm … … It’s actually the incredibly rare “Bamboo Shoot” type……

Du Wei’s laugh became even more devious while the female assassin struggled to cover up her breasts with her arms.

“You!!! Despicable!!!” The female assassin wanted to shout aloud but was interrupted by Du Wei’s threat: “Go ahead and scream. Come on. When my men outside hear the motion, they will rush in all at once. Let me remind you, all my subordinates are men. If you don’t mind flashing your body to two hundred men in their prime, then by all means, go ahead and scream!”

Sure enough, this intimidation was more effective than anything else. Upon hearing his words, the female assassin quickly closed her mouth and crammed herself into a corner of the room, all the while trying to keep her breasts covered from Du Wei’s lecherous eyes.

But unfortunately… … Her “natural capital” is just too good. By contrast, her slender arms are too small.

Enduring his urge to laugh, Du Wei sat in his chair and whole heartily watched on as the girl gave him a good show.

“Well then, why don’t we continue with the questioning? I believe with that lesson you will know how to properly answer me.” Du Wei coughed once to clear his throat: “Same question as before, where did you train your body?”

“… … Snowy! Snowy Mountain!!” Female assassin pressed down her voice and howled at Du Wei.

“Why do you want to assassinate Rugaard?”

“Because Rugaard killed Gold Wolf Head and betrayed the agreement between him and the people of the grassland.”

“What is Snowy Mountain and who is your leader?”

“Snowy Mountain is the Holy Land of the Shamans … … Our leader is the great Shaman King.”

The female assassin has been pletely defeated.

“The last question.” Du Wei smiled: “Your name.”

“Eir… … Eir Aoi, my name is Eir Aoi.” Female Assassin’s voice was full of weakness.

(To make it easier to read, I will just call her Aoi.)

Du Wei laughs a little and suddenly stood up, his eyes beaming a strange light. Then gently lifting one of his fingers, he swayed it back and forth at the female assassin.


Under that ripping sound, the last cover to hide the female assassin’s most important part was forcibly removed from her body.

Following a loud scream, the female assassin’s voice already sounded like she was crying. Then in desperation, she used one arm to cover her breasts and the other to cover her lower part: “I … … I already answered your question, why did you … …” Her face full of humiliation as she asked this.

“Because I want to see!”

Du Wei showed an absolutely ‘for real’ face and gave a very scoundrel like reply.

The answer nearly caused this girl called Aoi to faint.

“You see … … Isn’t this much better?” Du Wei’s mouth curled into a broad smile: “Someone once told me a woman usually tells the truth when they are naked. And … … Your body is not only very tempting; you also seem to know how to show off your charms in the best light. During today’s banquet, you clearly used your body to seduce the audience; in that case, I will look as I please.”

Aoi no longer called out; instead, she gave Du Wei a hateful stare: “You….. Are you done looking yet!”

“No.” Du Wei made no attempt at hiding his scoundrel like thoughts.

Meanwhile, Aoi wanted to puke blood as she struggled to keep herself from fainting.

In a shameless smile, Du Wei continues to press on: “Your body is in great shape, the best I’ve ever seen. As I recall, whenever a man es across such a fine body, they usually want to do something else besides just looking…..”

With that, Du Wei stood up.

Female assassin really is frightened now: “Don’t you e here … … I-I will kill myself!” Though she says this, but the hiccups in her voice wasn’t very convincing.

The truth is Du Wei really wasn’t afraid of the girl mitting suicide.

Just when he wanted to say something else to mess with this female assassin, a discontent voice came from the back of his mind: “Enough, this much is enough. Are you really going to use such means to deal with the girl?”

Du Wei did not reply, his sight landing on Aoi’s slender leg.

Although the room’s light wasn’t very bright, but under this degree of light, Aoi’s long legs was even more alluring as she tries to curl herself into a body. Her action may not had been intentional, but moving her legs like that is a perfect way to entice a man’s desire to conquer!

Suddenly, Du Wei spoke again, his gaze focused entirely on the female assassin: “You must think my methods are very despicable, right?”

“You … …” Female assassin hatefully replied: “You’re a contemptible scoundrel!”

“Oh, so I’m a contemptible scoundrel for using a ‘woman’s’ asset against you.” Du Wei stretches out his voice and pretends to sneer in contempt.

Pointing his finger directly at the female assassin’s face: “You, did you not use your womanly charms to carry out your assassination attempt?”
Aoi was at a loss for words.

Du Wei really was sneering this time: “So it’s fine for you to use your womanly trait to kill others, while I’m a despicable scoundrel for doing the same? Let me tell you, its woman like you that I hate the most! Hypocrite, a total hypocrite!! You listen and listen carefully…… If you use your assets as a bargaining chip, then you better be prepared for others to do the same to you because the choice is yours! Don’t shamelessly scold someone for your own decision, understand?!”

After saying that, Du Wei points to the window behind the female assassin: “You can pull down the curtain from the window and cover your body. Don’t worry; I’m not interested in you.”

Despite his goodwill, the female assassin suddenly rolled hers eyes and passed out on the ground.

Du Wei was stupefied for a second: “Semel, you see? She at least has a sense of shame for passing out like that after my scolding.”

From the back of his mind, Semel seems to sigh at his ment: “Your thought pattern is really hard to understand.”

The event of an assassin appearing in his room caused those down below to bee tense for a good while. But instead of making a big ruckus out of the whole ordeal, Du Wei ordered the event to be hushed up and to have the girl stashed away into a crate.

“Don’t give her food or water. Two or three days of hunger won’t kill her.” Du Wei doesn’t seem to have a sense of kindness to the opposite sex: “Just keep an air hole open to not suffocate her.”

The enemy is the enemy. Regardless of the gender, they are all the same.

“Snowy Mountain… … Interesting.” Du Wei sighed.

The room only had him and Hussein inside: “What’s your take on the matter?” He asks the Saint Knight.

Hussein thought for a moment: “I don’t know. We have close to no information on this so called Snowy Mountain.”

“Wait till we go back, this female assassin will give us some information.” Du Wei sighs again at the troublesome situation: “But then again, I’m beginning to feel lucky that Alpha didn’t take the native general’s head. Letting the Northwest Army take credit for Gold Wolf Head ended up saving us some trouble.”

When the next day came around, Du Wei got up very late. By the time he did wake up in the afternoon though, he was quickly informed by someone that there was a messenger waiting for him outside. The messenger was already here by the morning, but because Du Wei was still asleep, the messenger didn’t dare wake Du Wei up and could only wait in the living room.
As usual, the person to e is none other than the fatty Totoro.

Totoro no longer looked as well as he was a few days ago. For an assassin to appear during the banquet, the pressure hanging over his back is more than what this fatty desire.

Although his peers wouldn’t believe Totoro is a traitor that colluded with some outsiders to kill the Army Head, but…… This charge of “failure” is enough to make the fatty suffer for a good while.

“Duke!” Seeing Du Wei walk into the living room, Totoro promptly stood up to receive the Duke: “General Rugaard sent me here today to invite your Dukeship to go on a hunting trip.”

“Oh?” Du Wei was slightly stunned: “Since its General Rugaard’s invitation, then don’t mind if I do. General Totoro, please wait a minute while I change my outfit.”

Pausing, Du Wei suddenly dropped his voice and asked: “One last thing … … Just wondering if the female assassin is caught yet. When I was sleeping last night, I could hear the clamping of soldiers running through the streets the entire night.”

Totoro’s face immediately turned ugly for a few seconds. Pausing in his words, he shakes his head: “This … … Not yet. Duke, this event outraged General Rugaard and because of that, the soldiers in charge of security were harshly whipped for their inpetence. Also, there are the people involved with the assassin and the slave girl themselves. Aigh, such a shame, those beautiful girls that I bought…..”

Du Wei blew a whistle: “Seems General Rugaard is not the type to be gentle to the opposite sex. Ruining a good flower is a true crime. I must advise the general today when I see him.”

Only then did Totoro show a smile: “Duke, the general’s mood is not very good. The people around him can’t speak up so only you can persuade the general. After all, you are an important guest; the Army Head must give you some face.”

Du Wei suddenly moved away from the subject: “For today’s hunt, the brave generals from last night’s party will be present right?”

Totoro smiled: “General Shrek offended you yesterday so he likely won’t be able to participate today. Since he’s being punished by washing the outhouse for a month, I can assume he’s there right now.”

Du Wei pretended to let out a sigh: “Such a shame… … General Shrek’s archery is truly superb, I didn’t want to offend him yesterday, but a bet is a bet, there must be a winner. Really, General Rugaard is just…..”

Looking at Du Wei’s face, Totoro thought: It’s all because of you! Yet now you are making yourself out to be a good guy.

The fatty may not think kindly of Du Wei, but Totoro is not brave enough to show it openly: “Duke mustn’t think like that. The Army Head is a man of right and wrong, everyone following him respects him for being unbiased.”

Exchanging a few more words, Du Wei then headed back inside to change his clothes. Together with Hussein by his side, the trio made their way out of the city and into a forest not too far from Watt City. To be able to find so much green in this barren landscape is a rarity in itself.

In the army there aren’t many activities to relax in; therefore, one of the most popular ways for a soldier to relieve their stress is by hunting.

The hunt had long begun this morning. Under Rugaard’s order, the one thousand soldiers he brought with him were currently making their round of driving the animals out of their hiding place.

By the time Du Wei reached the base camp set inside the forest, Rugaard was already ready to go in anticipation of Du Wei.

Surprisingly, this midget was abnormally tough looking on horseback. Strapping a long bow to his back, he had his black stallion carry his spear and sword on each side to make it easier for him to reach.

“Du Wei, was your rest last night well?” Rugaard calls out from afar in a loud booming voice.

Sitting on his horse, Du Wei faintly smiled and nodded: “Not bad… … There was just the late night sound of horse and men running through the streets.”

Rugaard’s face slight twitched but was promptly covered up with a smile. Turning to the people behind him, this midget orders: “Last I had you go catch the assassin, not disturb our guest! Today forward, any soldiers passing through the Duke’s residence are to make a detour.”

The people in the back immediately followed with a nod.

Exchanging a few polite words, Rugaard then points to a young man behind him, “Come Du Wei, let me introduce to you my son! His age is similar to you so the two of you must talk some more.”


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