Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 239 part 2

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Chapter 239 “Refuse a toast only to be forced a forfeit drink!” (part two)

Under the applauding cheers of the crowd, Shrek dismounted and proudly looked at Du Wei: “Duke, your turn.”

Sensing everyone’s conceited laughter, Du Wei sighed and said: “General Shrek’s archery is amazing, truly worthy of being called the number one marksman in the Northwest Army! I fear it would be difficult for me to find another like you even among the prairie natives.”

After a pause, Du Wei looked at the crowd and thought: If he doesn’t display his strength today, these people might really look down on him.

It didn’t matter anyways. He knew they just wanted to humiliate him today in front of everyone and wouldn’t really rebel at the moment.

Thinking of this, Du Wei smiled and said: “General Shrek, would it be possible to show me your bow?”

Letting out a proud laugh, Shrek formally handed over the bow and smiled: “Does the duke also want to try my bow? Ha-ha!”

Following up, Guhuaduoluo that was standing nearby butts in: “Duke Tulip, General Shrek’s Black Gold Tread Bow is famous in our Army! Other than himself, General Rugaard, and our young general, there isn’t any other that could handle this precious weapon. Let’s not mention whether or not you can shoot with it, just being able to draw the bow is quite a feat in itself!”

Still smiling, Du Wei ignored the warning and went for the bow with one hand. Sure enough, the bow was seriously heavy because the moment he held it in his hand, he can feel the weight pressing down against him: “Oh? Even you can’t draw this bow?”

Flushing red at the ment, Guhuaduoluo was hit in the weak spot. His greatest asset had always been his cautionary and prudent personality; as such, his martial skills really can’t be matched in the league of experts. Forget about shooting the Black Gold Tread Bow, just drawing the string is enough to exert him of all his strength: “I can draw the bow, but if we’re talking about shooting it, then that’s beyond my capability. I’ll be open with you, unless your martial skills are above the third rank, you can forget about drawing the bow, let alone shooting 10 consecutive times at a distant target!”

Acting like he didn’t hear anything, Du Wei continues to caress the bow in an absent minded manner: “Oh, 10 times eh…….”

With that, he secretly pulls at the draw string when one of his fingers hooked onto it. As expected, the string was exceptionally strong. Considering his current arm strength, it would be an extraordinary achievement if he can pull just one-third of the way.

Seeing Du Wei’s shameless attempt at drawing the bow, everyone in the crowd broke out into laughter.

Not only is this Duke too young, but look at those puny arms, how much strength can he possibly have? Unlike Du Wei that have never used this Black Gold Tread Bow, just about every general present had in some way attempted to shoot with it. If even they cannot step up to the task, how can a pipsqueak like this kid do what they can’t do? It’s certain now; this Duke used some kind of petty magic trick to propel the arrow 10 Li’s out.

Giving off a gloating smile, everyone couldn’t wait to see Du Wei make a fool of himself.

“Truly a good bow.” Du Wei smirked and turned to look at the surrounding crowd with a strange light in his eyes: “General Shrek, your bow may be good….. But it’s only average in my opinion. To call this bow amazing…. How hilarious!”

Bursting into rage at the ment, Shrek shouted: “What did you say! Duke Tulip, if you can draw my bow 10 times then it’s your win!”

Du Wei lets out a laugh like he was stuck in a predicament. Shaking his head, he sighed: “let’s just forget about it….. I’m just a guest; it’s impolite of me to win over the general.”

Turning red from anger, Shrek grits his teethes and said: “Quit bragging! Tulip, if you win, then … … I’ll…… ”

As a reckless man, he was about to say something dangerous when Rugaard’s cough brought him back to reality.

Although Rugaard didn’t believe the kid before him can win, but he’s not someone foolish enough to be played by a few provoking words.

As a precautionary measure, he cuts in to take over: “Shrek! If Duke Tulip wins, you are fined a drink! HA HA HA HA … …”

A drink?

Du Wei makes a cold laugh, his finger pointing to a huge jar in the middle of the crowd. Standing at more than a meter high, this jar can easily store over a hundred Jin worth of wine. Looking at it now, there should still be half a jar left, which is still a whopping 30-50 Jin of wine.

(1 Jin is equal to 0.5kg)

“If I win, please drink the entire jar General!”

After watching Shrek nod in agreement, Du Wei smiled and begins to draw at the bow string……


Just like that, this famous Black Gold Treat Bow was snapped in half like it was made of rotting wood!!

This scene sent shockwaves across the crowd!

Casually tossing the treasured bow to the ground, Du Wei turns to Rugaard and laughed: “I’m sorry … … I used too much strength. Really though, this bow just isn’t up to par….. Since I ruined General Shrek’s bow, I will be sure to pensate him with a better one in the future.”

Staring down at his now destroyed bow in silence, Shrek looked like he can burn a whole through the ground from how intense his gaze was!

That’s a Black Gold Tread Bow! This is his Black Gold Tread Bow!! Just being able to draw the string is an amazing feat!

Yet in the hands of this youngster, it snapped like it was made of paper! How is this possible?!

Illusion! This must be an illusion!

Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, Shrek could only helplessly look at the tattered mess on the ground.

Du Wei sneered as he watched Shrek’s pitiful reaction: “General Shrek, are you trying to go back on your words?”

Flushing red like a beet, Shrek suddenly growled before turning to the giant wicker. Then with one fell swoop, he began jugging down the wine in big gulps……

“Humph! Refuse a toast only to be forced a forfeit drink!” Du Wei’s little mutter sounded like he was deliberately talking to himself, but everyone present can clearly hear it like they were beside him.

Poor Shrek, after only jugging down a dozen mouthful of this intense spirit, this big bearded guy was already having trouble keeping himself straight.

It’s to be expected, Even if this huge wine jar is half filled to begin with, there are still over 30-50 Jin worth of liquid inside! How do you expect a normal person to finish that much alcohol?

Fine, even if not alcohol, just water is enough to stuff a person to death in such quantity!

After a few more gulps of this intense spirit C a specialty of the Northwest C this Shrek finally caved in. With a slight slant of his foot, he came crashing down to the floor like all strength had left his body.

Some of the neighboring generals wanted to move up to help the poor guy, but when they saw Rugaard’s gloomy face and those burning eyes, not a single man had the nerve to step forward.

“Someone e.” Rugaard takes in a deep breath before pointing to the drunken mess known as Shrek: “Bring him away and pour some water on this buffoon! Our guest is still here so get this shameful sight out of here! As punishment for his lack of manners in the banquet, he is to wash the outhouse for a month!”

At his mand, several impressive looking soldiers walked up and took the drunken Shrek away.

As for Du Wei, he himself picked up another cup and came in front of another General to make a toast. With a relaxed smile, he said: “General, this second cup is my toast to you…… Hmmm….. You’re not going to make a bet with me again just to have a drink, right?”

This second General is none other than Guhuaduoluo. Upon hearing Du Wei’s somewhat threatening joke, this guy hastily picked up a cup and made a quick toast in return.

Faintly smiling at the result, he was quite pleased by this because he didn’t need to take the initiative anymore. When he finished pouring the third cup and was about to walk towards his next victim, the guy had already raised a cup at him.

“General Rugaard.” Du Wei sat there with a cup in his hand: “Don’t you think it’s a little bland for a dozen big masters to just sit around and drink? Isn’t there some other entertainment up your sleeve?”


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