Law of the Devil – Chapter 239 part 1

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Chapter 239 “Refuse a toast only to be forced a forfeit drink!” (part one)

The atmosphere in the hall was cold. With the cup in his hand, Du Wei was stuck in an awkward position right now after being denied. Nevertheless, he didn’t show an annoyed expression and merely gave Rugaard a glance.

Sure enough, Rugaard puts on a pretentious face and immediately called out: “Shrek, why are you not drinking when the Duke gave you a toast?”


Nice name, nice name! Looking at this big bearded guy, he couldn’t help but sigh in secret: Why couldn’t he be green skinned? If it was green then it be perfect.

This Shrek grunted. Raising his head with confidence, he said: “My Lord, drinking is never too late. I’ve heard so much about Duke Tulip so there was always some thoughts irking at my heart….. If I can’t untie these knots then the wine wouldn’t have any flavor anyways!”

With that, this big bearded Shrek then stared at Du Wei and said his next words in a low muffled voice: “Duke Tulip, I heard from Guhuaduoluo that you were able to shoot an arrow as far as 10 Li’s out. I’ve spent all my life playing with the bow and have yet heard of someone shooting an arrow that far! Humph, likely some shameful magic used to deceive others!”

Here it es! Giving a suppressed laugh, Du Wei did not talk; instead, he stole a glance at the Generals seated in the room. Sure enough, everyone present had a faint smile on their face and even the words ing out of Rugaard right now had a strange meaning behind it.

Aigh … … Seems like they want to show their strength, but….. Do they really need to make it so old fashioned?’

Sighing, Du Wei said: “General Shrek, what do you have in mind?”

“I don’t believe someone can shoot an arrow 10 Li’s out !” Speaking aloud, Shrek continues: “I fear someone is playing a trick here. Duke Tulip, that day you managed to force our army to retreat 10 Li’s with a single arrow. If word spread, others might really misinterpret the tale and believe your Dukeship is capable of repelling an entire army with a single arrow! I’m unconvinced so I wish to ask for your advice in archery.”

Du Wei made a smirk as he lowered his cup, “Oh, what do you wish to consult in?”

Letting out a haha laugh, this Shrek then loudly yelled: “Bring out my bow!”

Under his manding voice, the side door in the room swung open and what came out are two splendid looking men carrying a bow in their hands. Based on the black sheen it gave off, this is clearly a bow made of pure metal with an pull string constructed out of a mysterious material.

Looking at how difficult it was for the two to haul it into room, the weight this thing held is most certainly not light.

Aside from the bow, the guy in the back also carried a quiver in one hand. Though there are only 10 arrows inside, but the makeup of these arrows are totally different from what you would find in an ordinary arrow.

Generally speaking, the shaft of an arrow is made using wood, the head using metal, the tail using feather plumes, but these arrows in the quiver…. Every single one of them was forged out of pure metal and was double the size of an ordinary arrow. Even more shocking, the tip of these arrows were made out of a metal that had a golden sheen to it!

Seeing it was the right time to make his move, Rugaard picks up his cup and stood up:

“Du Wei … … This General Shrek here is our number one marksmen in the Northwest Army and the ‘Black Gold Tread Bow’ you see before us is famous even in the Northwest! Once upon a time, Shrek here used this very bow to shoot down another army’s flagpole with a single shot! If only talking about archery, you can say he is the number one man in the Northwest Army.” With that, he turned to this Shrek and said: “General Shrek, have you forgotten the Duke’s status, how can you ask him to pete with you? Hurry and sit down. There will only be fun in this banquet and no other.”

Du Wei was laughing inside because he found their act absolutely amusing. Clearly this was all a set up.

He immediately made a laugh: “General Rugaard, I’m very much willing to see General Shrek’s archery. Consider it my contribution to the banquet’s entertainment.”

With that, he looks at the big bearded guy: “General Shrek, how do you want to pete?”

Using one hand only, Shrek lifts the bow and firmly grips onto it: “My bow here can be called the strongest in the army, but even then it can only shoot as far as one kilometer. When it es to a bow, the stronger the pull string, the further the arrow will go. My bow may not be some legendary artifact, but in terms of strength, it is definitely hard to e by even if you scour the entire continent! In the Northwest Army, there are only five people that can handle this bow so to be able to shoot 10 Li’s out, I Shrek, will not believe such farce!”

So that is what this is all about!

Before Du Wei arrived, Guhuaduoluo explained in detail about how he was forced to turn back 10 Li’s and it was because of one arrow. When the upper level heard of this, especially this Shrek, they took it as a great insult and didn’t believe it!

To be able to shoot 10 Li’s out… … How strong does the bow needs to be? How tough does the wielder needs to be? There is no such thing in this world!!

They immediately concluded that Du Wei used some kind of magic to secretly achieve the feat.

Since everyone decided on this point, it’s only proper for them to show off their might.

Shrek then had some of the men open the room’s main door. Then in big strides, he walked outside and cried out: “Duke Tulip, you and I will pare our archery!”

Du Wei only smiled: “And how do you want to pete?”

Shrek then points to the main gate leading to the outside: “Commander, let’s move the banquet to the training field. This way the Duke and I can truly settle the matter!”

Rugaard seems to glance at Du Wei before breaking into a laugh: “Okay! We soldiers aren’t the type to care for these customary practices anyway. Let’s move the party into the training field and enjoy the show and wine!”

Since this was all premeditated, of course Rugaard’s subordinates aren’t going to object; instead, the room erupted into loud cheers.

Subsequently, some soldiers came and moved the stuff away.

As the head of the army, this Rugaard would naturally have a private training field in his manor. In only a few minutes, the entire crowd was relocated to the training field.

Under the mand of Shrek, a large number of soldiers immediately brought out target boards to scatter across the field. Both close and far, the shortest being 50 meters while the furthest at a staggering 200 meters.

In front of all eyes, Shrek suddenly picked up his Black Gold Tread Bow and jumped atop of a war horse that was brought over earlier. This big bearded general really is capable because the moment he got on, he not only neighed the horse forward, he also straightened himself into a standing position to draw his bow. Like this, shots began to fire from his hand as he made his round across the field.


Releasing nine shots in a single breath, not a single miss and all were bull’s eye!

Then before anyone could break into cheers, he suddenly switches his bow to a back drawing position and began to shoot.


When the final shot went out, the arrow was so powerful that it pierced through the first target board and landed on the one behind it.

Applauding at the result, even Du Wei called out in amazement because this Shrek truly is a good marksman!

It was at this moment an eagle was circling in the sky. Letting out a muffled laugh at the sight, this big bearded guy suddenly rushed up to a target board and unplugged the lodged arrow. Then redrawing his bow again, this Shrek managed to pull so hard that the Black Gold Tread Bow in his hand was almost the shape of a full moon…..

Under the humming sound created by the vibrating bow string, the shot was released and flew straight towards the eagle…..


What came next is a loud cry of pain from the eagle as it dropped out of the sky.

This finishing move created a deafening applause from the crowd.

This Shrek landed all 10 arrows and even took down an eagle in the sky! This is just WOW.

It wasn’t just Du Wei that was amazed; even Hussein that was standing in the back was moved by the sight.

If it was only talking about martial skills, even ten Shrek wouldn’t be Hussein’s opponent. But archery…. It’s not something one can learn by just cultivating their Dou Qi!


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