Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 234

Night Mode

Chapter 234 “Victory and Alpha’s decision!”

Even though they only had a measly 2,000 Roland Cavalry troops to face off against 20,000 elite enemy warriors, but all of this no longer mattered when one side already lost all will to fight while the other is a well-oiled fighting machine in the form of a triangle charging formation.

Under the beating sound of the stampeding war horses, Guptad’s leading assault force had already pierced into the enemy’s rear end like a knife cutting through butter! With one hard hit, any semblance of a proper defense was shattered by their efforts.

As their bloodied lances continued to pierce into one enemy after another, many more were killed under the trampling hooves of their fierce steeds that knows no mercy!

Like that, this small force consisting of only 2,000 cavalry riders became the final straw needed in knocking over these prairie wolves by taking advantage of their heavy armor and overwhelming impacting charge,

Leading at the very forefront, Guptad had long thrown away his lance and resorted to using his blade to fight. With every native he passed, there would always be a head flying in the air!

Imitating their mander’s lead, the cavalry troops following close behind this mini 250 also threw away their lances that had long lost its purpose. Like a harvest field, the swords that were supposed to be a weapon unique to the battlefield somehow had its role changed to a scythe used for harvest, but instead of harvesting wheat like in the farm fields, what these soldiers were harvesting this evening is the heads of the native army!

Ever since the collapse of the main army’s battle formation, these natives of the grassland had already lost any hope of putting up a resistance, though some of the leaders tried their best to gather up troops to make a stand, but their efforts were for not.

With one loud shout, Guptad gave another swing of his blade, but unlike before where he would lop off an enemy’s head with ease; there was only air in his path. Looking up, this mini 250 suddenly found himself in front of the towering fortification wall of Anglia City.

Covered from top to bottom in blood and flesh of those slain by him, even his helmet was lost in the chaotic situation during that charge. Looking like an evil spirit with his disheveled hair and bloodshot eyes, the first thing that came out of his mouth was: “Come with me, we will give them a second helping!” He shouts this aloud as he turns his horse around.

At his words, the last drop of sanity finally crumbled within these natives. Many simply threw their weapons away and tried to flee, but for those unfortunate enough to be incapable of fleeing, these poor bastards could only kneel on the ground and beg for mercy with tears running down their eyes.

Meanwhile, Gold Wolf Head General was watching all of this happen before his very eyes from a distance. Earlier during the first cavalry charge where everything was a mess, some of the keener Tulip knights did in fact took notice of this leading figure amidst the large crowd, but due to the sacrifices of his loyal guards and his own remaining strength, this general managed to get off with only some scrapes atop of his earlier injury after breaking through the crowd.

Just when his remaining loyal guards desperately dragged their heavily injured general up on his horse, Gold Wolf Head suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood after glancing over at the 20,000 warriors that was once under his mand: “I let a shaman die under my care, I wasn’t able to take the city, I even let our glorious army fall into shambles, how am I suppose to go back and face our king?!”

After his words, this general already had his blade out and wanted to aim it towards his neck. Seeing this, all of his bloodied looking subordinates scrambled up in a desperate struggle to pull the blade out of his hand: “Great Gold Wolf Head General, the eagle must survive in order to soar through the sky again! Please go back to the king and beg for forgiveness, maybe then you will have another chance to get vengeance!”

With that, all of his loyal followers began to make their escape while keeping their leader in the middle of their protective circle.

At this very moment in the wilderness, all these natives were like rabbits fleeing from a predator. No matter the direction, one could easily find signs of these frightened animals.

When night finally took over for the evening, the Roland Cavalry unit has been divided into countless smaller teams in pursuit of the scattered natives. There are after all 20,000 enemy running across this vast piece of land, even if they were to stand idle on one spot and let you kill, it will still take time!

After this event, none would ever doubt Guptad’s title of mini 250. Using his incredible stamina, he and his squad of 50 men ended up chasing as far as 10 miles out from the original battlefield. By the time they returned, every single one of them were carrying loads of heads on the side of their horses.

However, like the merits that they so deserved, their physical body was so exhausted that movement was almost impossible, this was very clear from the crawling like pace their horses were moving at.

He wasn’t the only fierce beast on this night though. In the last moments of the battle, Robert had his men remove the blockading boulders from the gate. Then rallying the last able bodied men in his vicinity, he also rushed out to take part in the hunt.

Although the majority of the soldiers inside the city are prised of mostly infantry troops that wouldn’t be very effective against the enemy horsemen, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do anything. Knowing their own strength, Robert had his men scour the battlefield for any stragglers and exterminate those that tried to resist on foot.

All the while, Du Wei watched the entire situation unfold atop of the fortification wall of Anglia City.

Under the cloak of night, the battle outside the city was finally ing to an end. Though there are still some sporadic fights here and there with the constant screams of death, but it was over. All that remains now is the cleanup (finishing off the wounded with a knife to the heart) work for the defenders of Anglia.

When the last stubborn enemy was finally beheaded, the entire city suddenly erupted into wild cheers.

Despite the victorious atmosphere surrounding Du Wei, he only stood there atop of the wall. Quietly, he scanned across the battlefield littered with the decapitated bodies of friend and foe. No matter where he looked, the scene was either black or red, followed by the foul stench of burning flesh and blood.

It’s finally over … … This should be his first experience in the battlefield ever since he came to this world!

From above the city wall, about 20 something dark figures swooped in from the sky and landed on the ground just outside the city premise. These new entries is obviously Du Wei’s students, also known from here on out as “Decepticons”, each of these kids held their heads high with pride as their hands firmly gripped onto their brooms.

Thinking about it, the battle just now can technically be called their virgin fight. Considering the impact they had in turning the tide around, this new air force will most definitely bee the worst nightmare an enemy can have, that is of course until an effective counter measure is found.

Looking down at this batch of young faces, Du Wei can see the baptism of war had washed away the tenderness that had plagued these kids. In its stead, every one of these “men” had the look of determination carved onto their faces.

Suddenly, Du Wei shouted aloud using his most powerful voice at these exhausted looking students: “Nicely done, Decepticons!”

Pretty much like reflex reactions, all 20 something students straightened their backs and lifted their right hands in a slightly tilted upward direction:

“All hail MEGATRON!”

“Megatron?” Knight Robert curiously peered over at Du Wei.

In his own defense, Du Wei scratched his face and gave an odd smile before explaining: “This Megatron battle cry is my title for this air force unit…..”

After cleaning the battlefield and going over the casualty count, the result is as following: the 20,000 native army was pletely defeated with about 10,000 enemy killed and 3,000 taken prisoner. What’s worth mentioning is that half of the enemy’s death was caused by the air force bombardment, but it wasn’t due to the exploding bombs they used, it was due to the trampling that ensued due to the chaotic rush. In other words, a good number of the natives were killed by their own rades.

And on Du Wei’s side, Guptad’s Cavalry team numbering at 2,000 is only left with 1,000 people. As for the reinforcements that came from the Nuling Province, Knight Yaluoer reported he is only left with 80 soldiers, way smaller from his original 500.

It would seem Governor Bohan may have exceptional administrative skills, but his capability in training cavalry troops is much lower than Longbottom’s.

Nevertheless, Du Wei still firmly announced his gratitude to all the soldiers that gave their lives today C this included the friends from Nuling Province.

Despite the heavy losses, Du Wei still thought it was fine considering it was war, but there was one thing that saddened him: he lost one of his magic apprentices with 9 other injured during the fight. Fortunately, the injured will heal with time, especially under the care of the magic healers.

It’s worth mentioning that among the wounded, one of the Decepticons really is unlucky. During one the kid’s bombing dives, his skill was far from mature, and therefore, he wasn’t able to pull up in time and nearly broke his neck in the crash against Anglia City’s wall.

Aside from all this, there’s also one more thing that worried Du Wei a lot.

After giving a head count, he noticed there is one person missing.


Captain Alpha is missing!

Good news is that Alpha’s body isn’t among the dead and Guptad confirmed he saw Alpha during the battle. But after everything is over, the former loyal retainer of the Rowling Family is gone!

Somewhere else under the scorching sun, a small party of prairie natives had never hated the sun so much in their life.

Maybe even the Gods are against them because the current season is only spring, but unlike the mild weather of this season, the sun was exceptionally hot today like that of summer.

Their party wasn’t always this large. Along the way, they had gathered any stragglers they met and raised their number from the original 300 to 600.

Leading this small force in the Northwest direction is Gold Wolf Head General himself. With his feeble body, he was leaning against his horse without any spare strength to keep his posture. Adding in the fierce heat, even the blood that had stained his skin turned in scabs of dried blood, making him look even more pitiful. And due to the fracture in his shank bone, he had to reluctantly strap himself to his straddle, though this will speed up his pace during the long track back home, but it also made his journey ever so more painful because he would feel every bump along the road. For three nights and day, he had endured this torturous ride!

However, these defeated souls no longer had any sign of the famed elite army of the prairie natives. With many unarmed, practically every one of them could barely keep themselves going.

Even more unbearable is that they are too few in numbers. More often than not, they are either injured or suffering from some kind of physical exhaustion. In the three days since they fled the battlefield, none of these men could go to a nearby village for aid; instead, they could only take the quietest road without any supplies to replenish their bodies.

That’s not the worst of it for them. Every now and then, there would be groups of pursuers from both ground and air nearby, thus giving these people horrendous psychological damage.

Without food, water, or medicine for their wounds, any normal person would fall apart after so many days like this…. Even for their mounts, these animals could only graze for short periods along the road to sustain their bodies.

Also, about a dozen of their rades with serious injuries died along the way without ever making it back home.

With the sun hanging high above their heads, one of these native horsemen pulled out his water purse and pressed it against his lip. Try as he might though, not a single drop of water came out. In frustration, this guy tossed away his water purse and muttered something to himself.

Gold Wolf Head General really was bleeding inside. Looking around at the dire state he and his men was in; his hatred towards that Duke Tulip grew ever more so strong.

“Once I’m back in the royal court! Back in the royal court! Even if the king wants to kill me, I will still beg for a chance to avenge this humiliation! Even if it means joining the suicide death camp, I will still do it!!!”

More than 600 horsemen continued to make their way home. The more they traveled, the longer their ranks stretched. For those in the back, they were the first to fall and once they did, they will never rise again.

At this time, the wolf like characteristic in these savages began to reveal themselves because not a single one of their rades decided to lend a helping hand to those that fell.

Unknown to these natives, a lone figure was quietly stalking them from atop of a hillside. With eyes like that of a hunter gazing down at his prey, this mysterious person had his focus firmly placed on General Wolf Head’s body.

Spending a good moment like this assessing the enemy, Captain Alpha then sat down and pulled out his water purse and drank a mouthful. Currently, he is also feeling the fatigue hitting his body.

During the battle that day, Gold Wolf Head thought no one noticed him fleeing, but Alpha did!

Under the chaotic situation, Alpha simply had no way to inform his allies. Without any options left, he could only pursue on horseback by himself. After two day and two night of constant pursuit, he finally caught up with the fleeing soldiers.

His goal is obviously the head of the enemy general!


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