Law of the Devil – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233 “kill!”

With a blood red afterglow devouring the sky, 28 Decepticons immediately spread apart and began making their way over to the 20,000 strong native army using their new found brooms, each fully stocked with dozens of explosive clay jars.

As for the native army that could only watch this swarm of unknown flyers swoop in from the sky, none knew how to react…. In their minds, they only thought: what the hell are they!

Though Mages and Shamans are both capable of aerial bat, these individuals are usually equipped with enough power to not need assistance. Aside from that, who ever heard of a mage or shaman riding a broom in the air?

But very soon, the natives will never forget the following nightmare that is about to transpire.

By the time Ziggy first made his move, the kid was already a hundred meters into the native crowd. With one hand still gripping his broom handle, he was able to light the fuse on one of the jars using a ball of flame from his other free hand. Then without any hesitation, he pulls a dagger out and slit the dangling pot from his care…..

When the first explosive container came falling down from the sky, the following people down below didn’t even know what to expect. Out of instinct, some of the warriors only slightly raised their shields as a precautionary measure, which they would of course regret……


With the beginning of the first exploding sound, more than a dozen prairie natives were swallowed up in flames while many more were either injured by the shooting fragments or sent flying backwards due to the aftershock.

It must be mentioned that these makeshift bombs really isn’t that lethal. Even if it was tossed into a dense crowd of people, not many would actually be killed in the resulting blast.

However, what’s most devastating about this new form of weapon isn’t the explosive power it carries; it’s the shock it brings to the recipients!

Just when everyone was still lost in thought over what just happened, the rest of the Decepticons were already readying themselves for the first round of intensive bombing!

Due to the gravity of the situation, Du Wei never got the chance to properly discipline these kids in the way of aerial bat. Without the knowledge of using a proper bombing formation, Du Wei could only watch on as these kids sought out their own individual targets. It must be mentioned that this way of bat really isn’t all that efficient pared to a bombing raid Du Wei saw in the movies.

Nevertheless, the desired effect was still achieved today. The natives were already bunched up into thick crowds to begin with so it didn’t take much for the Decepticons to land a hit!


Under the ruthless bombardment, the native army suddenly found themselves in a panic as roaring flames enveloped the entire battlefield while any semblance of order was lost to the wind.

These men may be highly trained warriors, but humans are still inherently afraid of the unknown.

Tallying up the result of the first clash, the death count easily shot up to the thousands.

“Calm down!! Calm down!!!” Gold Wolf Head General rushed out of the crowd and roared. Without any remorse for his fellow brethren’s, he brandished his sword and mercilessly beheaded the two nearest disobeying soldiers: “Everyone spread out!!!”

After his order, he grabbed one of the poor soul’s head and raised it into the air for all to see: “Disobedience means death!!” He shouts with fury in his voice.

On one hand he kept pulling soldiers into his influence, while on the other he also urged the warriors to spread apart and begin shooting arrows into the sky.

Try as he might though, by the time a proper front could be established to retaliate against the swarm of locust like assailants in the sky; all of the Decepticons were already pulling away after the first round of bombing, leaving behind only an angry mass in the background.

Unlike the flying cloak, the greatest characteristic of these era defining Brooms are its speed!

With the retreat of the 28 magic apprentices, the one to appear next is Du Wei!

While his students were busy with the opening act, Du Wei had in fact, spent the first half of the day gathering up every bit of magic in the general area. Under the mand of his incantation, a mass of dark looming clouds had begun to gather overhead as sparks began to run wild. For those down below, the new figure wasn’t hard to recognize.

Why is that so?

It doesn’t take much for the natives to recognize the guy that had not only caused devastating damage to their ranks last night, Du Wei is also the nightmarish being that killed their all-powerful Shaman! In these savages mind, the sacred Blood Skull Flag should have been invincible!

Under the short recess of time gained by this reason, Du Wei was able to have an easy time finishing his spell. With a flick of his finger, a roaring thunderous strike came smashing down on the thickest crowd of ants down below.

This earth-shattering loud bang immediately woke the prairie people up from their daze; nevertheless, it was already too late for the targeted archers to react. Almost electrifyingly numbing, numerous enemy soldiers ended up being swallowed up by the thunder strike with many more crying out in painful screams due to being burned alive by the searing flames enveloping their body!

After the attack, Du Wei immediately found his body weakening to the point where it was getting dangerous to stay. Unlike last night where he had the rainbow colored ring to help restore his magic, he could only retreat to the back in a hurry to avoid any mishaps.

At the same time, Du Wei’s team of Decepticons was already readying themselves for a second wave of bombing after reorganizing their ranks!

Unlike last time though, the prairie natives came prepared as they screamed to their rades to scatter. Despite this, their ranks finally collapsed into a state of confusion after the resulting blasts.

This time, no matter how many deserters were slain by Gold Wolf Head General; none would listen to him anymore.

Intensive bursts of flames continued to wreak havoc among the enemy soldiers and unlike the first wave of bombing, the team of Decepticons had begun to change their strategy.

Dive, roll, evade, these basic skills are starting to bee second nature to these fledglings and even more shocking, these kids began to spontaneously gather up into small groups to release a wave of indiscriminate attacks upon the enemy. Seriously though, this should have been expected. Back when these kids trained in the Hogwarts branch, one of the main lessons Du Wei taught them was TEAMWORK!

When countless numbers of prairie wolves fell victim on this wave, many of these ruthless savages finally had their survival instincts triggered and came out of the shock brought on by these new weapons.

Bringing out their bows, many capable of shooting an arrow began to show off their famed horseback archery at the annoying pests in the air!

Although Du Wei’s round of lightning strikes took out the main archery unit within the enemy ranks, this only guaranteed his team of Decepticons won’t be threatened by a strong wave of retaliation from the ground. However, when they dived down to carry out their bombing procedures, these defenseless kids in the air finally started to get into dangerous situations.

Eventually, casualties began to appear. When the first Decepticon was shot down by an arrow, this trainee decided to die than to be taken prisoner! Who knows how he pulled it off but before he crashed into the ground, this brave soul managed to pull himself together and forced his broom towards a heavily armed group of soldiers he noticed at the last moment.

With beads of blood dripping all over his body, he used the last drop of his life to crash into the crowd……

It must be said this Gold Wolf Head General really is unlucky because his personal guards were the only unit left with any semblance of order. As fate would have it, he just so happens to be in the middle of this 300 men crowd calling out orders to respond with bows and arrows……

Just then, a swift shadow came crashing down at him from the front!

Too late to dodge, Gold Wolf Head General suddenly had his heart skip a beat as he subconsciously jumped off his horse. Then the next moment, an intense BOOM came from behind him.

The Decepticon that was shot down still had eight-nine jars of gunpowder dangling off his broom. In his final act of bravery before his death, he lit every jar ablaze and charged directly at the very center of the crowd. In mere moments, a towering ball of flame bloomed into the sky!

Combing the power of eight-nine jars together, the explosive force was over ten times that of a regular blast.

When Gold Wolf Head General rolled to the ground, the very next thing he felt was a monstrous amount of heat ing from his side! This force was so immense that even the horse by his side was lifted off the ground and ended up crushing down on his legs. Not only that, his eardrum was also damaged by the shockwave, thus making it impossible for him to identify what was going on during the miserable wails of pain and blood splatter…..

This Gold Wolf Head really is a character. Knowing the crisis is not the time to be idling by; he forcefully bit down at his tongue to knock himself awake from the shock. Immediately struggling with his hands to push the dead horse off his body, it wasn’t until he managed to climb up did he notice the sharp pain on his legs. It would seem the pressure caused by the dead horse against his body has broken some of the bones in his leg!

Littered with the dead by his side, those lucky enough to live were constantly moaning out in pain as they struggled to survive.

Bleeding inside, Gold Wolf Head’s heart really was aching in pain….. This 300 cavalry unit is supposed to be his elite troops. In the years he’s been roaming the grassland; it was this special unit of 300’s that helped him defeat the countless numbers of hostile tribes!

But today without even the chance to confront the enemy’s main force, his most loyal followers were devastated by the enemy in the sky.

Using his blade to support his near crippled body, he kneeled there as he surveyed his surroundings. What he saw next nearly caused him to vomit blood due to how painful it was inside!

Is this supposed to be the greatest soldiers in the prairie?!!

A mess! Looking far and wide, the only word capable of describing this scene can only be this word!!

While some continues to resist with their bows, too many were simply trying to flee and in some cases, the efforts made by those brave enough to make a stance ended up hurting their own people.

Aside from human causalities, many tents and stacks of hays were churning out thick plumes of smoke due to the flames engulfing the main camp. Like this, even the sky was stained black by the overly thick smoke.

And exactly at this time, the last death bell rang out!!


A long blowing h0rn sound with unlimited glory and power drifted into everyone’s ear.

For someone like Gold Wolf Head that spent years in the battlefield, it’s only natural he would recognize this sound!

It’s the Roland Empire’s cavalry charge signal!!

Look over at a hillside far off into the distance, an unmoving black dot appears C this is clearly a knight sitting atop of his mount readying to make a charge!

Very soon, more and more black dots appeared by the first one’s side. Like a black tide, the entire hilltop was covered by these figures.

A Cavalry Brigade of the Roland Empire?!!!

Gold Wolf Head found his body quivering uncontrollably as his heart sank.

Sitting atop of his mount, Guptad held his lance as he overlooked the chaotic scene down below. Not only was the native army fleeing in all directions, blazing embers of flame had engulfed most of the enemy camp, leaving only death in its wake.

As a soldier, Guptad only found this to be a great surprise because this is the perfect time to attack!

The charging call is already nearing its end and his fellow knights have finished filing into their positions. With one loud shout, he points his spear to the natives down below and cried out: “KILL!!”


Several thousands of Calvary troops shouted in unison and caused the very earth to tremble.

Then without waiting, Guptad dashed out ahead of everyone and charged towards the enemy with his spear raised. Following in his wake are thousands of cavalry knights, each aiming to kill any whom gets in their way.

Like a dark cloud that sweeps through anything and everything, the earth drumming horse beat would make any men boil with excitement!


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