Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 229 part 2

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Chapter 229 “Semel’s real body” (part 2)

With one strong wake up call, Semel’s body began to gradually show signs of weakening. Surprised by this, Du Wei inherently looked towards her back where it was touching the crimson flag and saw that it was fading into transparency.

“Don’t worry about me. As long as you don’t die, I won’t die….. It’s just that this body I so painstakingly created will bee useless so soon….. Hurry and take out that bow of yours and shoot this damn thing!” She urged him in a hurry.

After a pause, Semel then suddenly curled her lips into a smile: “Boy, you better not have any more funny thoughts like just now when I show up in the future, otherwise, I will break those legs of yours!”

With that, her body finally dissipated into nothingness after shattering into numerous glitters of light.

As for what’s happening outside in the enemy camp, these brutish savages were all rejoicing with great pride. Earlier when Du Wei single handedly charged into their ranks and decimated their panions with the lightning strikes over their heads, these natives were already infuriated by this. Then just when they thought the lone attacker would get away from their hands, their own white robed Shaman finally took action and flew into the air to stop the assailant.

Towards these prairie natives, a Shaman’s status is not only mysterious and powerful, they symbolize hope. Now that the very figure which represented all this decided to make his move, these natives would of course believe the assailant is doomed for sure!

Nevertheless, the situation quickly took a turn for the worse. Not even a few rounds had passed; Ivory Teeth was already finished off by Du Wei. One really has to pity this old guy. If it was just a parison of strength between Du Wei and Ivory teeth, Du Wei would without a doubt be no match for this old Shaman. It’s just that Du Wei’s ability to pull off sneak attacks is simply too extraordinary. Even during the fight with Gandalf in the capital, Du Wei still managed to almost e out on top so how can this Ivory Teeth not suffer at his hands?

Seeing their own Shaman and the enemy falling to the ground together, the prairie natives immediately swarmed to their location. But unlike the victorious scene they had so hoped for, these natives only saw the crimson flag covering the two.

Falling into disarray, the native army was only able to suppress the chaotic situation thanks to their leader’s might.

“Scatter! Scatter!! Surround the Blood Skull Flag!!! Don’t let that guy get away!!! No one will be able to flee from the Blood Skull Flag!!!!”

Under this order, the prairie natives fanned out to form an enormous circle with the flag in the middle.

Riding a black steed, this dominating figure of the native army is not only majestic looking in the way he held his head high, he even wore an armor that was extremely rare even in the Roland Empire: an armor made of pure gold!!

Due to the lack of mineral deposits in the grassland, the majority of the natives could only wear some form of leather armor, thus making their defense very weak. To be able to wear a full set of metallic armor, they can only be of senior general rank or higher.

Therefore, one can only imagine how high this person really is when his armor is made out of pure gold.

Needless to say, this person in question with his signature gold wolf helmet is the leading general of this attack C Gold Wolf Head General of the royal court!

“Surround the blood skull flag! He won’t get away! Cut the bastard’s head up and turn him into a spiked skull!!!” Gold Wolf Head General’s roar was like a wild animal. In mere moments, all the native soldiers were obeying his orders without any sign of confusion or panic in their ranks.

As such, when they saw how the blood skull flag was shrinking in size, these barbarians were all grinning with contempt because in their eyes, none will be able to escape the deathly grip of the crimson flag, even if the person in question is a magician of the Roland Empire!

However, just when Gold Wolf General thought all will end as predicted, his smile suddenly petrified like something unimaginable just happened.

Instead of continuing to shrink in size, the blood skull flag covering Du Wei suddenly began to swell up like a hot air balloon. In no time at all, the size became so large that the nearby natives instinctively took a step back from where they stood……

Beating like their hearts were about to explode, every native at that moment was thinking: Can it be this magician of the Roland Empire…….

Just when they wanted to doubt this idea, a loud yet clear noise inside the crimson flag pletely shattered any fantasy these natives still had lingering in their minds.


In the very next moment, a subtle gold light almost the size of a needle penetrated out of the rapidly expanding balloon!

Like the sun’s ray, this light soared into the sky and continued to go at a speed like it could pierce the very heavens itself.

Then almost immediately, a series of cracks began to form around the small needle hole on the flag…… With an ear piercing boom, the balloon like flag finally shattered into hundreds of pieces!
For those unfortunate enough to be too close to the source, they were sent flying out of the crowd from the violent aftershock of the explosion.

Once the wave finally dissipated and the smoke cleared, the only figure left standing at the epicenter is the one and only Du Wei. With his bow in hand, Du Wei had one of his feet atop of the Ivory Teeth’s lifeless body!

Standing proudly, he gave every single one of the surrounding natives a victorious stare. Then without any sign, he bellowed out three big laughs: “Humph, what shaman, what blood skull flag, it’s nothing much!”

Once he said this, he scanned the audience like his gaze could zap them like ants in a thunderstorm.

As if taken aback by his eyes, the natives instinctively took two steps back like their life depended on it.

In their minds, these natives only had one thought:

Impossible! Impossible! Not only was a white robed shaman so easily killed, the sacred blood skull flag was even shredded to hundreds of pieces! This guy…. Is he even human?!

Though Du Wei may be laughing on the outside, he is in fact so weak that even standing is difficult for him. Feeling the pain in his chest, he didn’t dare delay his departure as he took to the sky and went straight for Anglia city’s wall.

Despite watching Du Wei leave before their very eyes, these natives didn’t even make a peep. Instead, their focus was solely aimed at the already deceased Shaman lying there on the ground.

Then out of nowhere, Gold Wolf Head General suddenly had a burst of cold gleam spewing out of his eyes. Grabbing his lance, this great general then jumped atop of his steed without mounting like he was readying his body for a powerful attack. Almost instantaneous, a searing flame erupted from the spear just right before he shot it out towards Du Wei in the sky!

Du Wei would of course hear the piercing sound of the spear ing up from behind him while in midair, but due to depleting both his magic and physical strength, he was unable to dodge this frightening strike….. Moreover, this Gold Wolf General is one of the strongest warriors in the prairie. An attack infused with the full might of this individual, how can Du Wei possibly dodge it in his current state when he can barely keep himself afloat?

Though he did his best to move his body in the air, Du Wei in the end simply couldn’t avoid being hit. Fortunately he did manage to avoid the fatal parts and had it pierce through his shoulder. Like a bird that had lost its wings, Du Wei began to stumble at first before finally falling out of the sky.

Good news is that Du Wei was already above the city wall when this happened.

Bad news is that when he came crashing down, he ended up breaking several stones along the way when Knight Robert jumped up to elevate his fall.

“My lord, my lord!!!” Robert heavily shook Du Wei in an attempt to wake his lord. As for Du Wei, he can only feel how life drainingly painful his shoulder was.

When he finally opened his eyes, the first image Du Wei saw was the emotional expression ing out of Robert’s face. With his heart sinking, Du Wei cried out: “Lift me up, fast!”

“My lord, let me send you down to rest!” Robert begged.

“Help me up!!!” Du Wei growled in a low voice: “I am the leader. After being shot out of the sky, the morale of our people will be gone if I don’t show myself!!”

With that, he suddenly bit his teeth. Who knows where Du Wei got the strength, but with one breath, he managed to stand upright with one of his hands leaning against the wall. As he peered out into the general direction of his attacker, it was obvious to him where this Gold Wolf General was located among the flames based upon the brightly lit gold helmet he wore.

Mustering up his immense spirit, Du Wei straightened his body and began to loudly scold at those down below: “Who was the bloody bastard that attacked me from behind?! If you got the nerve, e out and let old sir here have a look!!”

Seeing how this guy was clearly shot down by his spear, Gold Wolf General was somewhat perplexed by how this person could still stand there and scold him in such a booming voice. Nevertheless, he is still the strongest warrior in the royal court. Riding forward to leave his men in the background, he snapped back: “Listen up boy; I am Gold Wolf Head General of the royal court. If you got the courage, report your name!!”

Laughing out in response, Du Wei gave Robert a signal by tilting his head a little Taking the hint, Robert immediately shouted back with the loudest voice he could muster: “Foolish barbarians, this is the famous Duke Tulip and the youngest most talented magician of the empire!!”

Once Robert’s word ranged out, many of the defenders finally learned of the Duke’s arrival. Due to the darkness of the night, most of the people atop of the rampart simply couldn’t see what was happening out there other than the constant explosions running across the enemy camp. It’s not like everyone can just use eagle’s eye like Du Wei you know.

And now that Du Wei’s identity has been made clear, the defenders were only silent for a moment before breaking out in a full blown cheer.

The Duke is here! The Duke is here to save us!!

Unlike the rising moral of the Tulip defenders, Gold Wolf head General’s expression can only be called dark. With a trace of worry in his eyes, he asked again: “Oh! So you’re the Duke of Tulip?”

“Aigh!” Du Wei suddenly sucked in a deep breath. Slowly, he took out his Nirvana’s bow and aimed it right at the Gold Wolf Head: “The one that assaulted your men was I. The one to kill your Shaman was I. Just now you attacked me from behind, for that, I should just kill you here and then. However, I believe I’ve already seen enough blood today so I will let you live for now. As a little interest, I will let you have a little taste of what is to e tomorrow!”

With his words ing to an end, a silvery light came flying out from his bow and flew straight for Gold Wolf General’s direction.

Before one can even react, the gold wolf helmet that was made out pure gold was knocked out of the wearers head by the powerful force.


With that sound, the helmet was already on the ground.

Running a sea of cold sweat on his back, Gold Wolf Head General never thought this Duke could be so skilled. He is known as one of the strongest warriors in the prairie and his archery skill is top notch, but even he could never pull off such an amazing shot from such distance.

If that kid had shot his vitalss instead of the helmet…..

Just thinking of this left him scrambling to hide. In a low and somewhat panicking voice: “Retreat, retreat back to camp!!”

Watching how the native army was retreating, the Tulip defenders were all cheering aloud with great joy.

Like them, Du Wei could almost finally let out a sigh of relief.

The truth is he really wanted to finish off the enemy general in that one shot too. It’s just that due to his lack of energy and a painful wound on his shoulder, just the feat of knocking the enemy’s helmet off is a miracle in itself, let alone actually hurting the guy.

With a face as white as a sheet of paper, Du Wei barely manage to keep himself standing as he made a few steps down the stairs with the help of Robert by his side. Nevertheless, he soon found his body going numb as his consciousness slowly began to fade away.

Both sharp and quick witted, Knight Robert immediately moved up to black off the onlookers’ line of sight with the help of the surrounding guards.

Gasping for breath, Du Wei whispered his last words: “Fast…. Take…. Take me to Solskjaer’s place…… Hurry!”

With that, he finally fainted away as his head titled to the side.

Right before he fainted, Du Wei only had one thought running through his mind:

Damn it, a hero really isn’t easy to be! If there’s a next time, I definitely won’t pull another one man charge into the enemy camp thing again…..

Being emotionally moved, Robert hurriedly ordered his men to send Du Wei down.

All the while the defenders were still waving their banners as cheers run rampant.

“Long live the Duke of tulip!!!”

“Long live Tulip! Long live the Duke!!”

In tonight’s darkness, the Tulip flag finally bloomed under the burning flames!


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