Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 229 part 1

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Chapter 229 “Semel’s real body” (part 1)

Like this, the trio continued to drop out of the sky. Despite the constant struggle made by Du Wei and Semel, the two simply couldn’t stop this Ivory Teeth Shaman. Knowing this, the duo was even more terrified by their situation.

The spell from this shaman really is scary!

What Du Wei didn’t know is that this shamanistic spell used by Ivory Teeth allows him to call upon the nearby earth spirits to e to his aid. Once gathered, the body of the caster would then take on the properties of a whole mountain, so how can he not be heavy?

Even for Semel, her usually crisp and delicate voice took a turn for the worse when she shouted out aloud: “I got an idea!!”

With a silvery glow in her eyes, Semel somehow managed to change the direction in where the trio was supposed to hit to a spot where a large haystack was located C likely left in the enemy camp to feed the horses.

With a loud thud, the trio landed into the pile of straws like a meteorite smashing through the atmosphere. For Du Wei, this impact could only be called earthshattering because the first thing he noticed was the crackling sound running through his entire body. Who knows how many bones he broke in this fall…..

On the other hand, Ivory Teeth continues to tightly grip onto Du Wei’s body like an iron clamp, refusing to let go for dare life.

Who knows where Du Wei got the sudden surge of strength. Instead of moaning out in pain, the first reaction he got was to pull the dagger out from the Shaman’s chest and aim it straight towards the person’s neck…..


With the dagger pierced into that frail flesh, a rain of blood splashed onto Du Wei’s face.

Knowing his end is here, Ivory Teeth had his eyes pinned onto Du Wei’s and said this in his dying breath: “You will die under the blood skull flag!”

With that, all life left Ivory Teeth’s body to leave behind only a hateful grin.

Noticing the burden above his body was starting to lighten up, Du Wei mustered up the last of his strength to push the load off of himself. Feeling the sharp pain that followed, Du Wei can already speculate several of his bones were broken.

Then abruptly, everything in the surroundings changed to a crimson red like he was in a sea of blood!

And within this sea of red, a pair of dark wide eyes was floating there across from his sight which was filled with the flavor of the person whom summoned it……

After being stunned for a second, Du Wei immediately regained his thoughts because the image before him is clearly the blood skull flag!!

Even before death, this bastard just had to release the blood skull flag to trap him and Semel inside it.

Du Wei would of course understand the danger this flag posed and sure enough, he immediately sensed the pressure that came with it on his body.

He originally wanted to stab his dagger into this annoying flag, but when he did try this little stunt, a sensation like an electric shock ran through his hand from the dagger’s handle upon impact. Quickly letting the dagger go to protect his precious hand, Du Wei found that he did succeed in stabbing his intended target, but in the end, his efforts did nothing to change the problem at hand. Melting away like cheese, the mithril dagger known to be exceptionally durable was quickly integrated into the blood skull flag and leaving behind in its wake is Du Wei’s somewhat charred hand.

Right now, Du Wei as a whole was covered from top to bottom in this blood skull flag. Knowing this, Du Wei began to curse: “Fuck, what the hell is this accursed thing?!”

“Blood skull flag.” Semel was also standing up now, and due to the limited room in this enclosure, Semel’s body was up tight against Du Wei’s.

Flicking up a brow, Du Wei cried out: “Quit it with the useless words, of course I know it’s the blood skull flag, but what exactly is this thing…….”

Speaking up to this point, a light fragrance suddenly wafted into his nose that caused Du Wei to jump out in realization. Giving Semel a weird glance, Du Wei is certain this smell was ing off from this woman. Then adding in the scene from earlier where Semel used her hands to help push his body in midair, he can only e to one conclusion: “You….. You have a body?! You have a body now?!”

This shock is no small thing because Semel was originally a magic creature that had no physical form. Yet, she not only has a physical body now, there’s even a sweet fragrance ing off from her?!

Semel coldly looks at Du Wei like she was looking at a fool: “You think this is the time to discuss such a thing?”

Listening to Semel’s tone, Du Wei suddenly had his emotions sink because her voice was very strange.

The truth is that ever since he came into the possession of this magic creature, there had always been many many secrets surrounding this woman. At the beginning she was only an illusion that could teach him star magic and would sometimes tease him with those pair of legs of hers. However, with the passage of time, she abruptly revealed her magical powers in the frozen forest and even managed to duke it out with Hussein for a good while…..Such a task is not something a mere illusion can pull off.

And it is exactly from that point on where things started to change. Though she would always e out in the critical moments to save him, but once it was over, she would forget the whole ordeal and would even make him describe the entire story to her.

Then later when she met Gandalf (the white one), her personality pletely changed. Not only did she stop responding to his calls, the number of times she appeared before him nearly went to nil.

It was as if the air surrounding this magic creature was starting to slowly change into the real Semel recorded in history.

As for the magic illusion that would flash those pair of legs before his eyes, she was starting to fade away like she was being overshadowed by the new Semel……

At this moment, Semel’s face was serious and her eyes carried a sense of majesty that left Du Wei somewhat displeased by how he was being looked at.

Giving this woman a deep glance, Du Wei thought: “she couldn’t really have bee the same Semel recorded in history, right?”

However, this moment is not the time to ponder over these issues because the blood skull flag was starting to tighten up around the two.

It was clear Ivory Teeth had used his dying breath to amplify the blood skull flag to a bigger size. With the death of the caster, this ominous flag began to shrink again and tighten its grip……

“So hot!” Du Wei frowns: “The inside here is starting to get searing hot!”

Grunting, Semel suddenly floated up to grab at the flag. From the palm of her hand, an obvious layer of transparent ice had formed to counteract the heat; however, the attempt was for naught. With a thin layer of white smoke, Du Wei can only hear the painful cry of Semel before finding her retreating in haste. Then with another glance, the layer of ice had already melted away without any sign of it ever being there.

“This thing wouldn’t really melt both of us in here, right?” Du Wei smiles wryly at his own words.

“I think this thing is similar to the empire’s death magic. Like how a dark mage would use a dark crystal ball to absorb the souls of the dead, this flag might be trying to absorb us like that too.” Semel’s expression was dark and gloomy: “Do you have any means to break it? Try your thunder strike spell.”

Du Wei bitterly smiled: “Sister, look at where you are standing! There’s not a cloud in sight, how do you expect me to call down a lightning strike?”

Little by little, the flag continues to encroach against its prey. Seeing this, Semel suddenly took a step back. With her arms open wide, she wrapped her body around Du Wei’s to shield him from danger.


“I what!” Semel looked cold: “I’m a magic creature and this body was only created by me for this situation. As long as you live, I live!”

Letting out a long breath, Du Wei suddenly found his back being pushed at by two soft mounds. Noticing his body was having a reaction; Du Wei had to keep reminding himself that this woman is the Rowling House’s ancestor so stop having such wild thoughts!!

Though he was thinking this, he still couldn’t stop himself from gazing back at Semel. When his sight met with the woman behind him, the first reaction he got from her was a wide stare and an angry bashing: “You….. What the hell are you fantasizing?”

Hearing this, Du Wei only then remembered this woman can read every inch of his thoughts, including the perverted ones he just imagined!


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