Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 227 part 2

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Chapter 227 “Breaking into the camp alone!” (Part two)

In the eyes of the defenders, this hour seems to be exceptionally long, but at the same time, it was also very short.

Nevertheless, Robert knows that this time would likely be his end! Surrounded on all sides, he can’t even send word to the young master of what is happening.

From the camp of the prairie wolves, the sound of numerous horns began to blow out. To the people down below, this may have sounded like a mourning call to the dead, but to Robert and his men, this was like an orchestra of death! The reason is no other, once these people finish their ritual, they would undoubtedly begin their next assault. And this time….. There will be Shamans in the uping battle!

Finally, with the end of the ritual, Robert inherently puffed out his chest. Maybe it was because of his agitation, the wound on his arm and shoulder began to ache again. From below his bandaged arm, blotches of blood began to drench out again, thus making it very unfortable for the loyal knight.

Ha! He’s about to be a dead man already, why should he care anymore.

Knight Robert can only bitterly sneer at himself. Resting the tip of his sword to the ledge, rays of killing and death beamed out of his eyes.

With each buckling and clanking, large numbers of prairie riders marched out of their camp and filed into a somewhat orderly file. Then from the middle of the pack, dozens of bare-chested men carrying several huge stakes marched out of their ranks and began impaling their load into the ground.

These human tall stakes were all stationed outside of Robert’s reach. Unable to have his archers shoot the bastards, he became perplexed at their intent.

But then the ensuing scene sent unbridled fury through every inch of Robert’s body!!!

Slowly but surely, the prairie natives started to carry out large number of corpses from the back. With only a few glances, Robert could already make out these bodies were the corpses of his fallen rades. The reason these corpses are in the hands of these prairie wolves is because they had fallen off the wall after being shot by the enemy arrow or killed by the sword.

Beside his own soldiers, there are also the slaves!!

Maybe it’s due to the lack of ore and metal in the prairie, but after gathering up the dead bodies, the prairie warriors quickly stripped the dead of their worldly possessions. Left with only their natural born birth clothes, every single one of the corpses were left naked with their former armor being crookedly worn by their murderers.

Gathered up into a neat pile on the ground, one of the more bulkier looking native stepped out from the crowd and came right up to the corpses. Carrying a humongous curved blade, this individual loudly said a few words before doing something unimaginable.

From afar, Robert couldn’t clearly hear what the guy was saying, but after the end of the speech, the rest of the prairie warriors all raised their own blades and began crying out like wild animals.

“What are they trying to do?” Robert’s face went dark at what is about to transpire.

“My lord! They just declared … … The massacring of the city!” The nearby manding officer grits his teeth as he explained the next part.

“Massacring the city!?”

“Yes!” This officer suddenly punched the wall so hard that drops of blood were dripping off his fist: “They….. They are going to erect HEAD SPIKES!!” After his word, stream of tears leaked out the corner of his eyes.

Not waiting for Robert to ask for more information, a loud booming roar came from the bulkier looking native. Like they had just received an order, the dozen or so bare chested natives all took out their butchering knives and began their job of decapitating the dead Tulip soldiers.

Before long, isles of spiked bloodied heads were laid out before everyone’s eyes!

Such a move immediately sent fury and anger through all the soldiers up on the wall. If the gate wasn’t already sealed, some of the Tulip soldiers would have likely rushed out to avenge their fallen rades!!

It can’t be helped. Even for the usually calm and self-controlled Robert, his eyes were bloodshot red with anger and due to the rage boiling inside; his somewhat handsome face bee distorted. If not for the nearby manding officer insistence to stop him, Robert might have already jumped down the wall to charge the enemy.

“My lord!!!!” The officer had veins popping in his eyes at this point: “My lord! This is a mon trick used by the prairie natives to lure the enemy out into the open! We mustn’t fall for their scheme!!!!”

Robert knew his subordinate was right. Letting out a frustrate roar at the people down below: “Beasts! A group of wild beasts! If I get a chance, I will have you all turned into head spikes!!!!!”

Like Robert, Du Wei was also watching everything from the distant hilltop.

Using Eagle’s eye, he was able to witness the entire thing unfold like he was next to the event.

Though he didn’t quite show the anger swelling inside but everyone nearby can tell their lord’s body was trembling. Then when the part where the heads were finally impaled to the stake, an overwhelming chill erupted out of Du Wei’s body. This was no magic, it was just pure hatred.

“My Lord … … You … …”

Ziggy (the leader of the magic apprentices) tried to speak.

Turning his head, Du Wei looked over at this faithful student of his and said: “It’s a shame you couldn’t see what just happened…. I really don’t know if it’s a misfortune or a fortune that you didn’t.”

With that, he forcefully calms himself: “Gather up everyone, we will charge over!”

“We can’t!!” Ziggy immediately objected.

“What did you say?!”

Seeing the anger in Du Wei’s eyes, Ziggy suddenly had a chill run through his neck: “My lord, I was in the army for a while. In situations like these, the city garrison would usually seal the gate when they are vastly outnumbered! We are simply too few in numbers with only 800 riders to face off against 20,000 enemies. Whether we can pass through the enemy lines is one thing, it’s another problem of making it inside the city. If we end up being trapped outside the city with the enemy well on our heels……”

Du Wei was silent for a good moment as he went over all the variables in his head. Without delay, he quickly came to a conclusion.

“Let’s do this then, I will charge into the city alone. I’m a magician; I can fly through the air and make it inside…..” Not letting Du Wei finish, Ziggy already wanted to object to this proposal; however, this kid was silenced with the murdering gaze from his lord: “Ziggy, this place is too close to the enemy camp so have them gain some distance, about two mile should do. By the break of dawn, Guptad should be here with reinforcements….. When I give the signal atop of the gate…. You and everyone are to charge out at the enemy, understand?!”

Hearing his orders, Ziggy still wanted to speak despite the consequences: “But my lord, you are only one person……”

“I’m asking do you understand!!” Du Wei suddenly cried out this sentence, his eyes tightly aimed at Ziggy: “I’m the Duke, all decisions are made by me, now obey!!”

“My lord, you are the leader, the Duke, but….!” Ziggy continues to try.

“Ziggy, remember my words.” Du Wei takes in a deep breath before saying his next words very clearly: “There are things one cannot do….. But there are also some things one must do!!”

Just as the barbaric prairie wolves were celebrating under the gruesome presence of the heads spiked, a dark gloomy cloud was quietly drifting over their heads without anyone’s notice.

Suddenly, a loud boom like a thunder’s strike came down from their backs.


With a loud explosive sound, the sky above their heads released a burst of thundering strikes, all landing right at the heart of the native’s camp.

In a flash, many of the tents succumbed to the rapidly spreading fire with numerous casualties caught in the blaze.

Riding on his brave steed, Du Wei stood alone as he charged at the enemy camp of 20,000!

Just now, the thunder magic he used is the highest fifth ranked spell of that element in his possession. If not for the magic ring on his finger which he can tap into for replenishment, Du Wei would have already been drained by his little stunt.

In the midst of the burning flames, many of the prairie wolves were already aware of the sudden intruder. Not needing any orders, dozens or so of the riders had already let their arrows loose in an attempt to kill the solo rider.

Facing the shower of arrows ing his way, Du Wei did not want to take any risk. With one hard tap of his feet against the saddle, his entire body was already high up in the air. With his arms opened wide, he began to chant his next range of spells.

Wrapped in a silvery glow, his open arms looked like he could embrace the entire sky itself! As the pressuring dark clouds moved in under his guidance, bolts after bolts of lightning began to spark around the looming mass.


With one point of his finger, another bolt of lightning came hammering down at the thickest crowd down below.

In mere seconds, flames began embroiling the entire terrain!!

As if he was the very incarnate of the thunder god, Du Wei’s musical hand seems to have the mystical power to control nature itself. So long as he wills it, bolts of lightning will continue to rain down at the enemy on the ground; this was the very impression the prairie wolves had of him.

Mixed in with the loud bangs, there would always be the screaming cries of pain and panic; What’s more, mounds of burnt corpses would always lie in the lightning’s wake.

After sending 10 consecutive strikes down to the enemy, a two meter ravine was blasted out of the flat terrain by sheer force that went dozens of meters deep. For those that were lucky enough to survive Du Wei’s punishing assault, just seeing the aftermath of what he did sent shivers down their spines.

As expected of a fifth ranked thunder strike spell. Thanks to Du Wei’s five colored magic ring, he was able to release such an intensive blow in one single go! Nevertheless, such a stunt had pletely drained the ring’s magic reserve he had so painstakingly built up. Under normal circumstances, Du Wei knows he would have already bee a mummy by now from over exhausting himself.

Giving a quick scan of his effort, Du Wei believes the casualties should be no less than a thousand people. Satisfied with the result, he began heading straight for Anglia City’s wall after drawing out the last remnant of energy from his ring.

Both angry and surprised by the sudden turn of events, many tried drawing their bow in an effort to shoot Du Wei out of the air. However, due to how high he was and the recoiling air blowing off his body, no arrow could even e close before being knocked off course.

Just as things looked like nothing could stop Du Wei at this point, a strange voice suddenly echoed out from one of tents on the ground. The way this voice sounded was almost like how a mage sounded while chanting a spell, but it was exceptionally slow and piercing.

When the voice reached Du Wei, his mind inherently became upset. Realizing this, Du Wei became shocked because out of nowhere, a huge blood-red flag suddenly appeared before his eyes. Panning dozens of meters wide, the symbol of a red skull is clearly imprinted on this thing.

A Blood Red Skull flag?

Hard pressing his body to a halt, Du Wei was barely able to stop himself from crashing into this weird flag.

Following a fragile intermittent sound, the strange voice seems to be able to pierce right into Du Wei’s eardrum without any way for him to defend himself.

“May I know which Magician of the Roland Empire made his presence today?!”

Before the sound could even die down, a white robed old man charged right out from the ground and came up to the same height as Du Wei in the air. With long grey hair, most of his face could not be seen, but Du Wei can make out one feature, this guy’s skin was way too pale.

Like this, this person is casually floating atop of the blood red flag. Matching the red with the paleness of this old man, it almost gave off the vibe that this person is a ghost!

“I’m his grace’s direct subordinate, Ivory Teeth shaman. Dear Roland magician, please state your name!”

State my name?

“Your MOM!” This is the only reply Du Wei gave.


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